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Found 15 results

  1. Before I start I want it to be known that while there were a few others threads like this one, I decided to make a new as those were quite old and lacked the "why" factor that I am gunning for here. To start I never really considered myself a hardcore sports fan, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some sports AND that I had some teams that I followed. Over the years I mainly considered myself a racing fan, but grew to like the more traditional team and individual sports out there. That said, what I want to know is this: Over the entire spectrum of sports from team sports like football, individual sports like archery, and even teams from various auto-racing series; which teams do you consider your favorite, and WHY do you consider them your favorite? Are they your hometown team? If not was there something that attracted them to you like a specific performance, a specific athlete, or something deeper? To start off I'll give my main favorite teams, as well as a few runner-ups. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) - The funny thing here is that the Penguins were not the first team that I followed in the NHL. When I decided to look into the sport it was the Montreal Canadiens that got me in, and the Anaheim Ducks that allowed me to experience what it was like for a team to win the Stanley Cup. However, being in the eastern US is was difficult to attempt to follow the Ducks' regular season so I was beginning to tune out. However, due to the region I live in I was able to catch a few Pittsburgh Penguins games, and they eventually caught my heart. I followed them to the Stanley Cup finals; which they lost to the Detroit Red Wings. However the team won me over enough that I followed their regular season and celebrated when they exacted revenge on the Red Wings to win the Cup. As such, you could say it was a dash of geography and genuine love for a team that I watched fall into despair, only to climb the mountain and reach the proverbial peak. Amazing stuff. Baltimore Orioles (MLB) - This one is a tad tricky to explain. It hasn't even been a year ago that I followed baseball, and even though logic told me to follow the Pirates due to my love for the Penguins, I was actually more interested in following another team, and it was that team that taught me to appreciate and enjoy the game of baseball. While the Orioles aren't the most successful of teams, nor the most popular, they have a lot of heart to them, and when it comes to cities, Baltimore is one that I can say my heart resides in. It was the very first BIG city I ever set foot in back in 1997, it hosted my favorite sport of IndyCar (and American Le Mans) on the streets of the Inner Harbor, and, of course, the first ever convention I ever attended was there last year. As such I have a certain connection to that city and as much as I enjoy the Ravens, it was the Orioles that really won me over, and I just want to support them as much as possible. McLaren Honda (Formula 1) - This one was a little tricky for a few reasons; amongst them being a lack of interest in F1 until mid-last year, Mclaren's ongoing struggles since 2014, and the fact that the American Haas F1 competes with some limited success. That said McLaren was a team I started paying serious attention to as a favorite team back when the driver lineup consisted of Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen; of which the former was my favorite driver at the time. They were fun to follow, though they were inconsistent due to either crashes or mechanical failures. In the end my interest in F1 faded, but returned last year. I still looked for a team and while McLaren was still my de-facto fav, it wasn't until the VERY recent announcement of Fernando Alonso attempting this year's Indy 500 with McLaren backing, as well as rumors of McLaren's possible participation in IndyCar full time in the future. Just the sheer thought of McLaren in both F1 and IndyCar has me giddy, and brings a new found respect and passion for them, and I hope they overcome their current troubles to climb the top of the podium once again. Oh yeah; they also have a basketball team. x3 FC Bayern Munich (Bundesliga, UEFA) - Just because I cheer for the most successful team in German football makes me a glory-hunter; eh? Well, no, that's not why I chose this team over all others; including any from the English league, as well as the Spanish giants in Madrid and Barcelona. No; Bayern attracted for a few reason. For starters, I caught the 2010 UEFA Champions League between Inter Milan and Bayern on broadcast TV, and even though Bayern lost, their style of play caught me, and I wanted to see more of them. While my access to German football is a tad lacking, I followed the best I could and found a team that not only had success, they also had a smart business sense. Whereas many other European teams spent themselves into debt, I appreciated Bayern's attempts to stay strong financially as such. Yeah, it's a silly reason, but it's an approach I appreciate. That said, I would be lying if I didn't enjoy that success; the highest of which came in 2013 at the UEFA Champion's League final against Dortmund in Wembley, and BOY was it a dramatic game, and one that I will NEVER forget. Like with the Penguins, Bayern's ability to come back from a stinging Finals loss against Chelsea the previous year to ascend new heights was amazing. Of course they have struggled in Europe recently, but I still love to follow them. Andretti Autosport (IndyCar, GRC, Formula E) - This one will be the most difficult to explain as I can't really pin down any one reason why I follow them with passion. They are owned and ran by IndyCar legend Michael Andretti, have some great drivers like Hunter-Reay in their stable, and have expanded to Global Rallycross and Formula E in recent years, but it's hard for me to really say what attracted me to them. However, that said, even if I can't explain it I can still say they have been a fun team to follow. They won the Indianapolis 500 last year, and will have Alonso in one of their cars this year with McLaren, so that is a plus. In the end maybe it's a combination of all of these factors. Whatever the case I can say that out of all IndyCar teams, this is only one that holds my heart to this day. Honorable Mentions: Baltimore Ravens, New York City FC, Flying Lizard Motorsports, Corvette Racing Favorite Sports with no favorite team: MotoGP, World Rally, Cricket So; anyone else?
  2. So, I just wanted to know if there was any real professional sports in Equestria, not including the Equestria Games. There isn't really anything besides Buckball, but that was never really called a "professional sport", since all it was called was a "Apple Family Tradition". Plus, there is proof that Football is a professional sport, since in the non-canon comics, at least one, there was Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo playing Football when Discord tried to help them find their cutie marks, and in "Fall Weather Friends", there was a kicking (or punting) contest between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. So now, I'll just add a poll so I know what you guys think!
  3. We are 3 months away from the kickoff, of the most watched sportsevent in the world, the fifa football world cup, taking this time place in russia. I thought i start this thread a bit early, since we can also already speculate what will happen, how our favorite teams will do and if there are any players you look forward to. And it's kinda fitting that i open it, since i come from the country of the current title defenders. Let the hype begin.
  4. Derpy Man

    World Cup 2018

    Who will win the World Cup? England, I always choose England. Why other team. Sick hearing other teams and England not going to win the World Cup. Other team I look to? Japan, it more of a what nation I look to. Cos of Hatsune Miku, Babymetal and anime. It be also USA, but they not in the tournament. Team I despise ? Germany, everyone prise on them, I despise anything on them. Also Argentina, Brazl, Spain, Portugal & Turkey & France. Player I think be star of the tournament? Rashford, always think of him as next Bobby Charlton but no pressure. And Kane.
  5. While there is a great number of fantastic artists, musicians and advisors on the forums, it seems that there is a distinct lack of sports related threads that discuss what us fans do to keep ourselves both entertained and fighting fit. So what kind of sport do you participate in? Do you even like sport? This is where people can discuss what positions they play in on their Sunday football (soccer) team, how far can you hit a golf ball with a 3 iron and how many times you've accidentally hit somebody in the face with a basketball while trying to pass it to them. Enlighten us with your sporting experience! It doesn't matter if you do it regularly or not, if you're professional or you just kick the ball around with a few mates at the local part. As a good host I shall start! I go to a kickboxing class about 3 times a week. I absolutely adore it, it keeps me fit and I love going to events and competing. I'm not brilliant at it but I've won many fights with my clubs own fight shows and a few county tournaments. Now you go...
  6. (I think this is where I put this here, sorry if I messed up!) If Ponyville had a football team, who would you pick, and what positions would you put them in, and why? There are 2 things I would like to point out for my choices, but of course, this is not mandatory. 1 - I'm gonna use the classic 4-4-2 formation to keep it simple 2 - I'm including attributes, but not species specific powers. For example, Rainbow dash being able to fly would be cheap to include, so her flight doesn't count, but her speed does, does that make sense? In the same way that unicorn magic would instantly be impossible to beat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 - Goalkeeper: Lyra - They only reason I thought of this is because of the fandom introducing that she is obsessed with humans, even though most of the fanart or jokes is based around human hands, and goalie is the only position that wears gloves with finger holes. Maybe this could give her a boost in confidence? I dunno 2 - Defender: Bulk Biceps - My thought processes went exactly like this: "Defenders need to be big and bulky...Wait, that's it! Bulk!" Maybe his soft side would be his downfall, but I'm willing to take it for the giant wall he is 3 - Defender: Big Mac - I like how when I thought "Big and Bulky" I thought of Bulk Biceps instantly, but it took me a good 20 minutes to think of *Big* Mac, literally the other half of what I was looking for. Again, his size would help, as well as probably having strong legs from bucking apples, so good for tackling? 4 - Defender: Royal Guard - Its only as I'm typing this that I realize this was an awful choice. Yeah, I just figured "They protect royalty, technically their job is to defend." I dunno, I guess I could've gone with Shining armor or Flash sentry, but I'll stick with my single generic royal guard 5 - Defender: Tom - That's right, Tom the boulder. But, picture this. Rarity would never play. Well, not on the pitch at least. What if, Tom is the physical side, and Rarity helps him move with her magic! Did I forget about my rule of not including unicorn magic while I was dazed with a high temperature when I thought of this idea earlier? Maybe, but that's none of your business...Ok, look, I only kept it cause I liked the idea of 2 in 1 kinda player. 6 - Midfielder: Discord - With types of tricks he can do, he could easily confuse and trip up his opponents. And I don't mean the kind he uses in the show, I mean football tricks, like showboating! Yeah, it's only wordplay, but I could see it working! 7 - Midfielder: Pinkie pie - Unpredictable. The element of surprise is strong, especially when it comes to Pinkie. She could easily make it seem like she was gonna do one thing, but instead do something completely different. But nothing wall breaking like in the show, now THAT would be unfair 8&9 - Midfielders: Spitfire and Soarin - Think of the speed! Think of the pace! Think of the chemistry these 2 would already have on the pitch! Not in a romantic ship kinda way, just since the Wonderbolts have chemistry with each other, now how each other performs, these 2 would be perfect together in midfield, being able to read each other so well. 10 - Striker: Rainbow Dash - Like I said in the example, she's fast. Like, it'd take something special to catch up with her. On top of that, anyone who's seen the first equestria girls knows she can score goals, so she's got decent accuracy too! 11 - Striker: Applejack - Like before with Big Mac, she's probably...scratch that, we KNOW she has strong legs from bucking apples. Could you imagine how powerful her shots would be? And if I remember rightly, when she was racing again RD with the barrel obstacles, she did very well, so I think it's fair to say she got pace too. TL;DR: Lyra Bulk Biceps Big Mac Royal Guard Tom + Rarity Discord Pinkie Pie Spitfire Soarin Rainbow Dash Applejack And maybe Celestia as manager? You know, because of leadership
  7. Beckenbauer (also known by his nickname "Der Kaiser") is still considered the greatest german footballer of all time and one of the all time greats in general. Beckenbauer made his Bundesliga Debut for Bayern Munich in 1964 with 18 years of age and won his first title 2 years later, when he won the german cup. He went on to represent Germany in the 1966 World Cup in England, where he was voted the best young player of the tournament and finished 2nd with Germany, behind world champions England. The years after that, Beckenbauer was winning one title after another. He won the european cup winners cup in 1967 with Bayern Munich, won the German championship in 1969, won the german championship 3 times in a row between 1972 and 1974 and won the european champions cup between 1974 and 1976. His career highlights though, must have been winning the european championship in 1972 and the world championship in Germany in 1974, against the "total voetbal" team from Holland, that was captained by Johan Cruyff. In 1977, Beckenbauer ended his active Career at Bayern Munich and the German team and went to New York Cosmos in the US, with his buddy Pele, where he won the North American Soccer League 3 times (1977, 1978, 1980.) It was a promotion tactic to spread the sport around the US. After that, Beckenbauer returned to Germany and played 2 more years at the Hamburger Sport Verein in Hamburg, where he became german champion once again, in 1982. This was the end of his active playing career. Beckenbauer took a 2 year break, until he took the job as coach of the german national team in 1984, eventhough he had no official coach license. To the surprise of all, Beckenbauer took the germans all the way to the World Cup final in Mexico, where they lost to Diego Maradonas Argentina. After that, Germany played in the euros of 1988 in Germany, where they lost to arch rivals and later champions Holland in the Semis. Beckenbauers greatest hour as coach came, when Germany won the 1990 World Cup in Italy, facing Maradonas Argentina again and getting Revenge. Beckenbauer is with Mario Zagallo from Brazil, the only man who became world champ as an active player and as a coach. Beckenbauer left the German team afterwards and coached Olympique de Marseille in France for one year, where he even reached the European champions cup final, which they lost to Red Star Belgrade. After that, he went back to Bayern Munich where he became Vice President and 3 years later became president, holding that position for 15 years. Besides being President of Bayern, he was Vice President of the german football association from 1997 till 2010, was member of the FIFA executive Commitee from 2007 till 2011 and was responsible for bringing the World Cup tournament in 2006 back to Germany. Some people might love him and some people might hate him, but you have to respect what he did for the great sport of Football, especially here in Germany. Alles gute zum Geburtstag Franzl.
  8. Even over one year after, this game still seems like a dream for me. It's true that winning the world cup final against Argentina was the most important game. But this game will forever be remembered in football and sports history, be it in a positive or a negative way. What an incredible summer that was.
  9. Anyone a fan of any club in any league of the beautiful game? I personally support my home town. Liverpool FC, even though we haven't had alot of major success in recent years, but you gotta stick with it. So what about you guys? Any opinions? stories? favorite players? favorite matches? And remember guys, it's all in good fun. Let's not start any violent debate between club rivalries.
  10. Does anyone here watch European football at all? If you guys do, this is the place to chat all about the European clubs you want to see succeed! From Arsenal to West Ham, from FC Barcelona to Real Zaragoza, and from Bayern Munich to Dortmund, all things European football are here! Personally, I'm a huge Gunner. I first loved them when I played FIFA Soccer 2003 (yes I had the NTSC version) and saw the Arsenal FC logo. I just loved them ever since. I watched the game winner from Olivier Giroud today against Tottenham and know about their embarrassing defeat at the start of the season against Aston Villa. I also know about Arsenal's tough draw with Marseille, Dortmund, and Napoli in the UEFA Champions League. They've certainly got it tough. So how about you? Do you watch European football with a fervour? If so, who do you root for?
  11. Now I know there is already a thread for the my little pony world cup tournament but since it is based on football(soccer) and soccer is a team sport why not put the ponies on teams of 3 for a tournament any suggestions on what teams they would form no more than 1 of the main 6 on a team
  12. Making some prototypical soccer jerseys for the Mane 6. Would I order these if they were real? Maybe. The designs are pretty simple and self-explanatory. Nothing too fancy.
  13. Does anybody watch it and what's your favorite team. I know not that many americans watch european football ''soccer''. My team was Manchester United but they got knocked out sadly I think Real Madrid are going to win this time (they usually lose).
  14. Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood Skoogles here with a question... Are there any other bronies on the forums that play FIFA?? I kind of doubt it, but it would be great to have some bronies to play against. (preferably on the Xbox, since that's what I have it on ) So, if any of you are out there throw me an invite (GT: Skoogles) and we can have a match or two! I'm not very good, but it should be fun!
  15. I really love that team! And if any bronies out there like them too, we can discuss them! Personally, I am deeply upset that Pep Guardiola is leaving the club, and my heart goes out to him. Tito Vilanova was his assistant and he's taking over. I believe he's the best substitute.