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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there! So I've noticed that a fair amount of people on this forum, probably like 90% have autism, most of the time asperger autism. And that's kinda interesting to me, since in the normal world, only like 0.2% of people have have asperger autism. So I wanna know, who here is autistic, and in what ways does in affect you? I for myself have asperger autism, and it probably cause me to not be interested in relationships for the first 17 or 18 years of my life, so I more or less have to learn everything about dating now, which kinda sucks, but.....yeah.... I'am also just really bad in social situations in general....and I often overshare personal stuff which can be kinda awkward for the other person sometimes.
  2. I've noticed a lot of people have a problem with fluttershy for the reason that she never seems to get over her shyness. But I'm here to defend fluttershys honor. Being someone with social anxiety I can completely understand her fear and why it isn't easy for her to get over it quickly. And even after an episode targeting her shyness she goes back to being shy. I think her improvement is happening at a good pace and if they rushed it and she just suddenly wasn't as afraid that it would be unrealistic. Maybe I'm biased but I'm curious about everypony else's opinion on this topic.
  3. A scientific study has been done on those with social anxiety and it turns out that most of them are empaths. And it's because they are empaths that they get social anxiety. What is an empath? in a nutshell an empath is someone who can feel other peoples emotions even if they keep it hidden. They can understand peoples state of minds and powerful empaths can strongly influence peoples emotions. Great if you wanna convince someone to like you For more info on this study see this link in thread:
  4. Or is it only for beautiful popular socially perfect folks ? Serious question. I ain't that pretty, no bronies in this damn country (that i know of) and I try to meet new people to talk to on Skype, meet up maybe etc etc. Social anxiety sucks and i'm pretty scared of going on FB too. What do you guys think ?