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Found 9 results

  1. The question is pretty much in the title. Do you use mlp/brony social networks such as, ibrony, bronynet, pony/bronysquare? Which one do you prefer? why? If you don't use those, why so?
  2. Is there any memes that you just cannot stand, or memes that never get old? In my opinion I've never gotten over the "this is sparta meme," and still like it. However, at the same time I hate that dancing storm trooper one, just wrong.
  3. Have you seen anything posted on Facebook that you found bad or disgraceful? My Facebook account is deactivated now but during the times when it was active, I saw: - People kissing/making out with each other: I'm sorry, but I don't like it when people post pictures like that on social media. It makes me think that they're doing it for none other than the likes and attention. - Relationship Statuses: I hate relationship status updates because they violate privacy. Is it necessary to tell the world that you are in a relationship with someone? Shouldn't it be kept mostly personal? - Picture of someone in the hospital: I once looked into my mom's account and I saw one of my relatives posting a picture of her mom (who is very old and in serious condition) in the hospital. I found that extremely offensive and also makes me think that people want everything to be public. There are other things I saw but these three took the cake.
  4. These days, I'm sure that we're all on some sort of social network site. Whether it’s the microblogging site Twitter, the social networking juggernaut Facebook, or online communities for artists and their work such as deviantART or Tumblr, we all have some sort of account on these type of sites. But did you know that using these sites is the perfect way to connect with Poniverse as well? See, Poniverse and its sites (such as MLP Forums) also have accounts on these sites. So why not go ahead and join, like, or follow? You would be supporting Poniverse, and you’d get updates on these sites. It’s a win-win situation! But we don’t want you to just join, like, or follow Poniverse on these sites; instead, we’d like to offer you all the opportunity to make your own contributions to our community as well. Wherever you follow Poniverse online, be it Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., feel free to ask any questions you may have and to give whatever suggestions you can come up with for improving our communities on these sites. A healthy, vibrant community needs everyone to pitch in, so to improve and expand ours, we need you now more than ever. So go ahead - follow Poniverse and feel free to converse with us at any or all of the following sites! Twitter Accounts Poniverse MLP Forums PonyRoleplay Pixel Wavelength Facebook Pages Poniverse MLP Forums deviantART MLP Forums Fimfiction Poniverse Tumblr Poniverse Google+ Poniverse Steam Poniverse
  5. This is where you can list all the fun things you have an account on.. For example I have an account with: mlpforums Twitter Skype Neopets Pinterest Gmail Xbox (You can even post the usernames or links to the profiles if you want)
  6. What do you you think of Tumblr? Is it totally awesome, or a nonsensical waste of time? Explain By the way forgot to post it here is my own
  7. For people who don't know what Vine is, it is a website where users can post short videos and share them. Its like Youtube, but doesn't have a fucking argument about politics on every video focuses more on short mobile videos. Some people like to make funny videos on this site, so post those.