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Found 38 results

  1. What things are you looking forward to? Tomorrow? Next year? Next decade? My birthday is coming up and I'm realizing how different the world is than it was just 10 years ago. In 2007 today, Portal and Team Fortress 2 had not yet been released. SpaceX, the company that landed the Falcon 9 rocket on a barge, had not yet launched the Falcon 1, and was an aerospace corporation on paper only. 3D Printing was still an infant technology. Youtube still had its original look, and Facebook had not yet been purchased by Microsoft. George W. Bush was still President of the United States. It blows my mind how different the world could be in 2027: The world population may yet exceed 8 billion. SpaceX may yet land humans on Mars, and Hubble will be replaced by the James Webb Space Telescope. VR headsets will replace movie theaters? Three more MLP movies due to the phenomenal success of the first one? What are you looking forward to in the future?
  2. Just curious, what is one of your biggest peeves about society?
  3. I was thinking about opening this thread with a boring thesis statement on the way society has developed gender-based advantages and disadvantages, but in this case I think the title says it all. As a man, I think women have the upper hand, especially in the romance department. Assuming heterosexuality, it seems like the pressure is always on the guy to ask permission to advance a relationship, be it a dance invitation or a marriage proposal. And even though women now have equal employment opportunity, it's generally assumed that we should pay for dates. I have to admit, though, performing acts of chivalry feels undeniably sweet. What do you think?
  4. first of all I want to clarify that this is a topic that, in my opinion, is delicate ... so I want to highlight the fact that it is not suitable for children (if there are any on a page), I also want to highlight that I expect tolerance in the opinions because we are supposed to be adult enough to be respectful to each other, that being said we can begin. I do not know what you think about it ... I may be wrong but really this is an issue that has been overwhelming me because it is the only thing I read and I am angry at the lack of intolerance that exists at a social level ... I do not know what to think ... this is more an outlet, if you want to say something or not, it's fine ... if I offended someone I apologize for it, it's not my intention.
  5. Why do people look down on us, are we weird, are we wrong, do people think were the problem in today's society? I'm here asking a question, and I demand answers!!! Post why people hate bronies, your own stories of how you came to be, what were your obstacles, your motivations, did this show( or Forum) help you get through some rough times?, is life hard, should I come out or not, should i keep my brony life on the down low or put it out there and risk being bullied? Tell me your thoughts, I want to hear YOUR stories, not a friend, not a relative, YOURS, and yours alone.
  6. Do you think sea serpents, minotaurs, chimeras and other sentient monsters/creatures of Equestria and nearby lands have their own societies, cultures, countries, etc.? We already saw the dragons’ land, griffin’s settlement and changelings’ lair. I also remember a comic about Diamond Dogs kingdom (the comic is recommended for Trixie fans). So what about the others? Do they just live among ponies or as lone predators, or can some of them form their own societies?
  7. This makes me notice transhumanism in a new light. What happens when otherkin and such want to be other species when we have the tech for it in a couple hundred years? You could ask alot of the same questions then. But there is certainly a line where surgery is the next step to become more feminine. Also truth has power, if you presume you are more feminine than you really look you may end up disappointed even if you stave off sadness momentarily. And why that's relevant and realistic is because they have reassurance in the form of what they already have going for them to make them look more feminine and they were certainly less feminine before, it'd be overestimation of their looks and lowering their own standards. In the future there will always be more to do, and part of that habit is actually the issue why plastic surgery can go so wrong, people don't know their limits. I think those more educated can figure out and heed advice better, and int he future safer and more diverse techniques will be available. Also its related to goals and dreams and wishes that are unattainable presently. Alot have them. And just because its not plausible now doesn't mean it will be impossible in the future, and it'd be a shame to not develop such further just to prevent risks. Also coping is a strategy, alot may turn to drugs or get depression, especially since they aren't as accepted as others. But I think what causes that depression, is something that Buddhists would prolly know, which is wanting it in the first place. It causes a feeling of urgency underlying daily activity, always in the back of the mind wanting to be attained, accepting defeat would be simpler. Like the pressures of an anarchist in a dictatorial society story (think final fantasy 7), it would certainly be emotionally easier to not face the world and challenge it. It'd also be safer, but for idealism people will anyways. What do you think of those transgenders living in tribes without electricity, or in third world countries. They just accept they are different, and don't even realize it might be possible to change, maybe dress up or imagine dressing up in secret. What I mean is, society has functioned before and can function before, the more society is capable the more people's desires will be realized, which causes more pain from inability to attain. Humans won't be satisfied, but I think that's a good thing. It helps us strive for more. Source: Is a person still a transgender even if he/she does not have treatments?
  8. In theory this of course applies to various groups, but we all know bronies apparently are the new main focus group for movements/mindsets that felt in need of a new target. Does it disturb you how history repeats itself and such things can still happen with the same mainstream toleration as in past times in other cases? Is it 'the power of the internet' where anything you do anonymously is often considered legally not relevant? Are efforts against this trend just a little meaningless side show, or do you see it develop into the momentum necessary? I speak from own experience how such bullying (which sadly can also occur within the fandom!) can totally kill good spirit. MLP is the one thing that helped me somewhat push back the long depression mainly induced by encounters with people of rotten character, and those tellingly are the ones fighting it vigorously. And without that good spirit the one thing I do with a passion - wellspirited art and entertainment - is being sabotaged, and no matter where I seek something that looks like setting a better standard, as long as it is open to the public, there seems to be the typical erosion of virtue. Just recently, in the Star Citizen forums, there was an outburst of what fully qualifies as banding together to inflict psycho-terror on me based on ad hominem motivations, and after more than a week and people there trying to outdo each other with their incitment and hatred, I'm still waiting for moderators to do anything and wondering whether they have the character to recognize the severity of the incident. Yet another thing I invested love, passion, time and money into to help it succeed, and yet again it becomes unbearable due to the darkness taking hold of it. Nobody should be surprised about people being very closed-up and hesitant to socialize if they went through enough of such downers when the person they had a nice time with and thought was cool reveals themselves as a hate-filled monster. How do you cope? It feels like the only way I can maintain my sanity is by polarizing extremely, by treating people who behave like bacteria like just that so that my little energy is reserved for those who deserve the support. I used to practice understanding and compassion for them (á la "forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing"), but eventually I realized that so often they very much know what they are doing. In most cases it is, so to speak, a willing pact with the devil out of egoistical motivations, for personal convenience. ('Why have it easy when you can have it easier?') So I respect people's free will and consider it necessary to give adequate feedback based on the role they have chosen. But this leads to personal sacrifice, and there's only so much potential for that left. And I see it as a general problem that not enough people have the courage to stand up for the values and virtues that are necessary to build a better world, to not endlessly repeat the mistakes of the past. How much of your good spirit and energy is killed by this? If you are lucky enough to have powerful upsides in your life, then I guess it's easy to brush it off. I know that from own experience from the very few times where my spirit was especially powerful. But when there's no powerful upside, maybe because of said negative influences, what can you do? What are your experiences from other forums and such? Do you report it? Is it being treated appropriately? And is there maybe a need to organize more awareness-raising (Which kinda is what I am doing here because events have driven me to that.), or in a different way?
  9. DQ stands for "Daily Question". It is a theme I started recently. These days, you see inventions being made day and night on news covers and magazines, but where do these wonderful inventions go? Did they just, never happen? I think the problem is that our infrastructure in the current state that it is just can't keep up with all these numerous advances in science. We know about this problem, but how can it be fixed? Specifically I want to focus on power generation and all the alternative sources.
  10. While many people view bronies as "strange and quirky men who are obsessed with a girl's show about magical horses", how does society think of the average pegasister, any woman who loves MLP:FiM? Would they, for being grown women who outgrew the targeted audience of little girls and tweens, be treated like grown men who watch shows like Ben 10 and Adventure Time?
  11. This might end up in the Debate Pit depending on the direction that it takes... but here goes. I like to imagine that I... for the lack of a better word, pride myself on having a healthy skepticism and distaste for a lot of the negative inflammatory uses of a lot of the words in the English language. Words that are designed to derail intelligent discussion and are just emotional tools. words that vary from all around the ideological spectrum: homophobia, gay agenda, sodomy anti-feminism, patriarchy, womanizer, socialist, socialized medicine, MRA, (an acronym for Men's Rights Advocacy) SJW (for Social Justice Warrior) and "feminazi" the lumping together and letter arrangement involved in the initialism "LGBT". Here's an explanation for what I don't like.. not about the concepts themselves, but the cheap emotional targeting when using some of these tired-out phrases and buzzwords. I consider myself to.. people would probably think of me as a bit of a right-wing person if they got to know my views well... But I don't like it how a lot of right-wing people constantly use the snide snarky phrase "Social Justice Warrior" or even SJW. SJW sounds like Social Jehovah's Witness, which makes an arbitrary cultural comparison, or it also sounds like Street Journal Wall, which makes them sounds like a jerky fourth estate superiority complex. using the phrase MRA in an antagonistic manner makes is sound like MRA is some type of Mirish terrorist group or some sort of virus that attacks people genetically. The word "homophobia" is so casually thrown around that it immediately turns my brain off when someone just casually uses it when no-one was even thinking of homosexuality. For example "My friends aren't very much into being physically affectionate" and then the person doesn't do anything to mention that their friends are all the same sex, or are the same sex as the person, or that the person is "homo". And then the person says "But it is not like they are homophobes". Yeah, I really doubt that people are going to gravitate toward that by default, that not being a very affectionate person physically has some deeper prejudice behind it, and that they will think that unless indicated otherwise. People should not gravitate toward that by default unless the person has suggested that. I also don't approve of the word "sodomy". Even a cursory knowledge of Biblical scripture should tell you that it is downright unfair to compare what people refer to when they refer to "sodomy", with what was actually being done in Sodom. Also, seriously, people in their twenties finding teens in the throes of puberty as attractive are not "pedophiles". That is not "pedophilia". It is "ephebephilia" for the cusp of adolescence and early adolescence, and "hebephilia" for the full swing of adolescence. Teens are not prepubescent kids. They are still in the process of maturing their bodies and brain development, yes, but any squicky age-difference has to be taken on a case-by-case basis. They are not helpless little kids who don't know what is going on, so I detest wording that suggests as such. Young people who haven't gotten a chance to fully get in the swing of physical development, and brain development... yes, generally older people who have been around for longer could stand to have more mature adult, reciprocal relationships with people a bit closer to their own age. But people should understand the difference between being a pedophile and being sexually attracted towards people who are no longer just kids, but that a person still has a great deal of seniority over that has implications on the type of situation you could realistically involve yourself with them. Also, for some words that don't have serious political implications: I don't like the word "twerking" or "tweet". when used to talk about Twitter. I detest that a lowercase word is being used to describe something that exclusively refers to the uppercase brand that is Twitter. That not everyone uses. unless maybe the word "tweet" ends up referring to any short public status update on any online place, not just Twitter. also, I don't like the word "bromance". It reeks of live-action sitcoms. Well, I hope that this discussion can distinguish between disliking a word or phrase and whether or not one also disliked the goal that is being attempted to be achieved with that wording. Sometimes I detest the agenda behind certain misguided language, but sometimes I can get behind what the core meaning is, but detest what certain connotations come with certain words.
  12. The "heart" shape, normally associated with love in Western cultures, shows up a lot in Equestria's (or Ponyville's) traditional art: you could see it atop roofs, on doors, on carts, and on a major railway express. Do you have any headcanon ideas on why the "heart" shape is a common feature in traditional Equestrian art, and a possible history behind the custom?
  13. If there are some pink-haired people who are actually born with pink hair (also proven with medical tests), how are they normally treated in society? How will you treat one of them? Oh dear, I guess I was inspired by EqG Pinkie Pie when I came up with the idea ...
  14. Warning, If you are easilly offended with the Occult or other such subjects, read no further. As the title says, what subjects are you interested in that others may find disturbing? For me, i am interested in strange or mysterious religions. More specifically, Cults. I find Neo-Pagan and other Cults such as the Warlocks very interesting. The Occult and the Satanic Church are all so fascinating. I am an atheist myself and don't actually practice or believe the religions I study, I just find them interesting. Anyway, what are you people interested in.
  15. In my opinion, Equestria is too perfect. And that is a problem. I think Hasbro could show the rise of Equestria, against the evil forces that ponies had to combat to expand the empire. It could be more interesting. Showing the perfect economy and society of their actual world would soon lead to boredom. One could say: "But Equestria still has conflicts". I know. But those conflicts don't delevop the story as well as showing the formation of Empire. Let's be honest, 90% of the show are still mystery, and that actual conflicts don't solve less than 11%. Just think about it. I will understand any critics around that topic.
  16. What did I do wrong ?, I just was born in a different world region and with a different culture? Well these days I really learned a very big lesson, not be Brazilian, (joke), I'll explain how it all happened, I left to travel to the United States in Los Angeles to make a part of my Course Animation and Illustration, was one week ONLY, and if someone already with me here on the forum know that my hobby is to draw what I like (mostly MLP), as was to be expected I had to use company computers (no biggie) not . I was quiet, doing some sketches, Well after a while a guy who should have more or less thirty years less, approached me calling monkey and primate and that I should go back to my country (I already expect that from some Americans) I ignored him, so he began to jeer thinking I did not understand their language (although I do not know how to write 100%, I can speak and understand the language very well American), I saved the file on the USB stick and goes into the bedroom where he had some of my acquaintances, I talked to them and they had already been approached by the same guy. The next day I was supposed to deliver the project for a teacher and friend of mine, and well my pendrive had been exchanged, I had no projects, was reset, when I saw that group laughing and I asked that such individual get up and give me my pendrive (I simplified this part was very tricky what happened there, I hope I never go back there) (right there started calling me again Under-Developed ever would have the ability to do something as well as he did and that my drawings were completely ridiculous) ... Oh you can imagine how was the rest of what was to be an interesting and fun week was a complete shit ... I lost my stick there, had some very good sketches, my teacher came to apologize and did not expect it, but I know it was only one event among a thousand, but all I wanted was to make friends with people from the same area I, but it seems that I have to leave for another occasion. I think it would be interesting to comb it all and think before getting attacking anyone who has a totally different culture from you, is a respect, something that should be taken into account ...
  17. Kind of a silly question. Considering where I asking it... But should we conform to society? As in be what is so called 'normal' and not be a Brony. I don't think so, because quite frankly I find society boring, if I conformed to society I would be watching some lame soap opera. So I say no, despite the 'social issues' that comes with being a Brony with rabid anti Bronies.
  18. Recently I’ve recently read that there are some social justice warriors that seem to just pick on bronies, and some bronies that seem to return the favor. I think both ways of hate are wrong, but complaining isn’t going to help that. This is a long post, but it describes how to deal with hate and what it means to be a better person. Being a brony, encounters with bullies, social justice warriors, or internet hate is emotionally draining and stressful. These people criticize every move you make, and thrive in misery. This sort of thing would make anyone feel depressed, sad for what humanity has become. However, understanding how to deal with people and why this behavior happens can help you develop better strategies for dealing with hate, and being a better person. Understanding Human Behavior First let’s talk about some basic human reactions to negativity. Realize that negative people may not be concerned with the effect their behavior has on others, but rather they may want to get rid of their own uncomfortable feelings in the fastest way possible. We learn from experience; from a very early age we learn certain ways produce certain results. For example, Let's say we're a toddler: If we are hungry and we cry, someone will give us food. If we throw a tantrum, someone will pay attention to us and ask what is wrong. If we throw a big enough tantrum, people will leave us alone. These behaviors stay with us throughout our lives. As adults we're expected to repress these feelings of stress and in a calm, collected manner. However, expressing ourselves in a more socially acceptable way takes advanced communication skills, and often times I feel like many peopl haven’t developed that. Consequently, when people experience stress, they may lash out in unexpected and unfriendly ways. Typical Reactions to Stress When faced with a situation that causes them stress, many people react in unproductive or unfriendly ways. Usually this is because it is human nature to go into ego-protection mode when criticized. Here are some of the most common responses: The “know-it-alls” who boss others and believe they’re never wrong. (“Forget it—let me do it—All you do is mess everything up!”). They take on a victim role (“I never do anything right”) or simply withdraw from the situation (“Whatever.”). They behave in a rebellious way (“No way! You can’t tell me what to do!”). They respond with insensitivity, sarcasm or inappropriate humor (“Enjoy your pony art, freak.”). Sometimes people react to a stress in a combination of these ways. It all depends on what behaviors make people feel the most comfortable at the time. Strategies for Dealing With Negative People So what can you do when you get a bully that’s really gets under your skin? Take a close look at how you react. Are you reacting (out loud or to yourself) in one of the ways described above? Developing an awareness of how you deal with cynics will help you better deal with what you can control—yourself. When you become self-aware on how you react to stressful situations, two things happen. First, your awareness provides you with an opportunity to choose a different way to behave. Second, it enables you to maintain objectivity in the presence of stress. It helps you remember that other people’s negativity is not personal to you or to your situation. It is simply the way they express themselves when they feel insecure or uncomfortable. Creating and maintaining awareness of your own behavior and choosing to act in a different manner (i.e., not using your automatic ego-protective responses) prevents an encounter with a bully from escalating. It might not stop the person you are talking to from being negative, but it will provide you with control over your response to the situation. Your choice not to communicate in an unproductive way removes the likelihood that you will be replaying the conversation in your head for days or thinking of all the zingers you wish you’d said! Misery Loves Company Some people seem to thrive on making themselves or others miserable. Nothing you do or say can change that fact. After employing various productive communication strategies with a person like this and finding that nothing seems to work, ending your relationship might be the best thing you can do. This approach may not seem like an option, particularly if the person is "friend". However, there is usually a solution to dealing with negative people. Continue to talk positively with them and not see everything in a pessimistic viewpoint. If you find the person unbearable to be around even for a short time, keep calm and find talk with close family or other close friends more often. Above all, don't let them get trigger your ego-protective response. In All Honesty Dealing with critical people is difficult. Talking, working and even sitting by them can be very stressful, even when you try not to get involved with them. Take a break from that Tumblr or /MLP/ or any place where where people wants others to feel miserable. Develop ways to destress after an encounter with a negative person. I usually watch funny videos on Youtube or go outside and play a game of soccer., Try to find ways to release stress and diffuse your negative energy rather than perpetuate it. However you choose to destress, make sure you do it in a positive way. Going on a forum and complaining in public only amplifies that stress. ---------------------- I summed up my thoughts on how to deal with negativity on the internet. React calmly, be awesome, and find friends that support you when you feel down, not people who put you down when you're on your knees. Personally I've never had to deal with excessive brony hate, but it does exist out there. Don't give in to the satisfaction of misery. Don't lose your way!!! Brohoof /)
  19. A quick youtube video on something that has been bugging me for a long time and it is how people are pressured into being "normal", think of this video as my personal screw you to that notion.
  20. Ok so here is a thread we can talk about those types of people you just want go up to them and say: Ok so for an example, there is this annoying attention whore bitch who goes to my school who over-reacts to everything. I got into an argument with her over the summer. So i'm going to mention her instagram (I apolagize ) She makes a bunch of fake accounts like TBH (To be honest accounts) which is where you judge people (which is really sad) and she always ends up stopping the actual content and keeping the followers and turning the account into her own personal account. She does this like 10 times! (Which is extremely sad). I just ignore her mostly but still.
  21. In the year XX14, Princess Twilight Sparkle have overthrown Celestia, Luna, and Cadence to take over the Equestria with an iron hoof, turning it into a darker and edgier world of tyranny, betraying her friends left and right in the progress. Now, only the Element of Loyalty, Sun Pony, and Pony Brock Lesnar are left to rebel against Sparkle and her unhealthy reading addiction ways, but only one universally hated stallion can get the job done. *cue montage of 80s styled action scenes* This Summer, Flash Sentry, together with his newly formed crew of rebellions, are on the race against time to start a revolution to save the universe from Queen Twilight Sprinkles. Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger Twilight Sprinkles Sparkle Rainbow Dash Sunset Pony Pony Brock Lesnar with the The Secret Flashian Society as themselves The Rock as Tom and Applejack as That Guy Arnold Schwarzenegger is Flash Sentry; Savoir of The Universe I do not own any of the pictures. Flashians: ~Champion Anna~ Sir.Flutter Hooves DXSilverX LSP Champion Phyro
  22. Alrighty, So Let us take a brake from the sorrows my readers, I will have posts regarding the next few days for those who have been following me. I just feel like not being sad right now. So this is another 15 min Rant brought to you today by the letter "A" "A" stands for app. What do you need? There's an app to assist with that. There is an app for anything and everything. It boggles me this dangum technology. I feel like I am having a mid life crisis! For goodness sake technology is advancing at such a rapid rate doesn't this worry anyone else?? We are going to wipe out the human race not with a bomb, not with over population (although I think this one is a valid contender.) We are going to destroy the human race via cyber wars. Technology will prove to be our greatest down fall. Before you know it I believe that we will owe our souls to the robot race.... This one gets me because people get their nickers in a knot over gay marriage... We are going to see robot marriage! People can already marry their phones... they will marry humanoids. And why you ask does it all lead to chaos? Because we are constantly evolving, becoming more efficient, more time consumed. We need more brain and man power to accomplish things. We hand our tasks over to machines. One day they will turn on us... It could be by our hand or it could be the Robopocalypse (<--- There is no right spelling for this... No Nazi's ) So after the zombie's be prepared for robots. This is all brought to us by the letter "A" as in "App" or "Apocalypse"
  23. ~Introduction~ So, the notion of destiny is one that I have always found interesting, due to the fact that my motto “Everything happens for a reason” pretty much reflects this idea- the idea that all things a part of a predetermined causal chain which is leading to something greater than any one of us. I first realised that this tied to MLP after watching Digibrony’s discussion of free will. Digibrony’s videos sparked some ideas in my head. And I also decided to watch Bionicle on a whim one day, which brought about more ideas. That being said, let us begin. ~What is Destiny?~ I feel before we truly dive into how destiny is applied to Equestrian life, it is important to note what “destiny” actually is. In any discussion, it is important to establish definitions early on, to prevent misunderstandings and smooth discussion out. As I normally do in discussion, I start with the dictionary definition: des·ti·ny ˈdestinē/ noun noun: destiny; plural noun: destinies 1. the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. This is what the dictionary has to say about destiny. It is a causal path which one must necessarily go down. Meaning, you have no choice. But there is another concept which you have no choice in, which is completely separate from destiny. ~Duty vs. Destiny~ This is a distinction which I feel must necessarily be made, because these two things are completely different, yet related, ideas. For anypony who is familiar with the Bionicle fandom, you will know what I am talking about. Duty and Destiny are two of the three virtues. They are interconnected, as opposed to the somewhat isolated virtue of unity. They are concepts which have similarities and differences, but they are so close that nopony who has not dealt with Bionicle would separate them. But to those from within the fandom, the difference is very clear. Duty and Destiny are very similar concepts. Both refer to an aspect of your life path which you have no control over. You have no choice with regards to your Duty and Destiny. This similarity is, I feel, the one that prevents ponies from seeing the subtle, but very important difference between the two. The difference lies in what the terms mean. Duty refers to the specific niche which you are suited to. This is your role in the big picture. This is where you fit in the machine of society. Destiny refers to some grander arc in the story of your life. Duty is very much in the now. It is where you are at as you progress down the path of life. Duties can change, depending on how things around you change. But Destiny refers to the whole plot. It covers a much broader scope than simply doing your duty to society. Your duty is certainly a part of your destiny, and it can even lead directly to the final destination of your life, which is the other common usage of destiny. But your duty is not always synonymous with your destiny. To best illustrate this point, let us actually turn to MLP. ~Duty vs. Destiny in MLP~ To better point out how this distinction applies, let’s cover the notion of cutie marks. Cutie marks are a very shaky thing, in terms of this discussion. They mark what a pony is best suited to do in their life. As such, cutie marks seem to outline a pony’s duty- their role in society. Yet, we see in Magical Mystery Cure that the ponies relate their cutie marks to their destiny. Is this truly the proper use of the term? I would argue that no, it is not. Here’s my reasoning. In most cases in pony society, we see the case where duty and destiny are pretty much synonymous. For most ponies, their sole purpose and path in life is simply to do their duty to Equestrian society. But we do see exceptions to this rule, in terms of the Mane Six, and the Celestial Sisters. In all of these cases, the duty of the character (defined by their cutie mark) has not been their whole path. The Mane Six are united in one destiny. They represent the Elements of Harmony, and their destiny is to be the protection of Equestria from the forces of disharmony. From the moment when they simultaneously received their cutie marks, it was clear that their life path was shared. Their duties all lead them to a common destiny. This is further shown in Friendship is Magic Part 1 & 2. All of the ponies were acting in their duty to make the Summer Sun Celebration happen, but they discovered a greater path which transcends their cutie marks the moment they united in the quest to save the Princess. This is a shining example of the fact that their destiny, while connected to their duty, was not synonymous with it. This is also seen in the Celestial Sisters. Their duty of raising the sun and moon are not their destiny. Their destiny was to find the pony who would learn the power of friendship, to change Equestria forever. To go into headcanon territory for a moment here, I think that the EoH did not work properly for the Princesses because they did not fully grasp how the EoH worked. I think more so that it was just the Princesses’ raw power being channeled through the EoH which made things happen. This would also explain why the EoH did not work the same way for the Mane Six as they did for the Princesses. This is opposed to the use of the EoH being used by ponies who actually emulate the true power of the artifacts. The Princesses were acting outside of their niche when they used the EoH, so they did not function properly, like how a Bionicle wearing the wrong mask cannot use its full power. The Princesses had to find a pony who emulated pure magic, because only such a pony could be the 6th element, and truly understand the EoH. But their first attempts at this failed. Starswirl the bearded and Sunset Shimmer, while good at magic, were simply not destined to understand the EoH. If there weren’t something beyond cutie marks, why couldn’t these other star pupils figure out the EoH? The answer is destiny. Despite Starswirl and Sunset having the duty to serve as ponies who are good at magic, they could not utilise the most powerful magic of all. No amount of knowledge and study was enough. So cutie marks alone do not define a whole pony’s path. There is something more, and that something is destiny. So clearly, there is a distinction in Equestria between destiny and duty, despite the fact that it is unacknowledged. But where does that leave us? ~The Big Picture~ So, we have established that there is a difference between duty and destiny in Equestria. So what? So, it adds a whole new layer to Equestrian society. When you make the distinction between a grander destiny versus a mundane duty, the story has a whole new element of “where will their cutie mark lead them?” or “what great things can we expect from this simple pony?” This distinction also adds to the idea that everypony has a purpose. Even if a pony doesn’t have some grand arc, or big involvement, they still have a purpose. If you simply stick with cutie marks, and that’s it, it kind of removes some depth from the characters. But if you accept that their is something beyond simply pulling a plough, or bucking apples, the whole thing acquires a new level of awe and detail. In summary, the distinction between duty vs. destiny takes us even deeper. It becomes even more clear that in Equestria, everypony has a reason for existing. One point Digibrony makes is that being bound to a cutie mark would, in a realistic situation, result in some ponies just being screwed. But if you accept that there is something beyond the cutie mark, that problem vanishes. It is a very liberating notion when we accept that everypony has a purpose. I don’t get the whole opposition to determinism in our society. Isn’t it good to believe that everypony has a reason for existing? That nothing is without purpose? That is why I love the notions of duty and destiny. It means that there is something more… something beyond us. And when you find that meaning, life just seems so much more awesome. You get a whole new eye for existence. If we accept that all things have purpose, it can breed notions of tolerance and understanding. If we accept something greater, we become a step closer to knowing that existence really is a stunning work of art… With everypony playing their part in the symphony of life, and accepting that everypony has a major role, we come that much closer to a transcendent Harmony, and greater Peace. What are your thoughts everypony? I know this was an enormous waffle, but I had a lot to say. I look forward to reading your ideas and reactions!
  24. Hello everypony ! Today I would like to ask a little something to you. A little something related to a big problem that cannot be truly resolved. (in my opinion) Happiness. How does this word sounds to your ears ? What ideas does it bring to your mind ? Does it make you think of those moments where you are happy because something nice happened to you (or someone else !) Or do you fall in deeper reflexions about the sense of that word, in an empirical way ? Does happiness represent something to you ? Or is it represented by something ? The discussion is open (I'll share my thoughts a bit later )
  25. I've done... a LOT of writing on MLP... Probably about triple the amount of writing I did for my English Honors Thesis. For my 100th post I'll share another set of my writings. My essays. I have my fics I've mentioned before, but I also have a lot of essays. I have an essay series I'm working on as I get ideas, called "The Deal With Bronies" -- another soul frantically attempting to explain to naysayers the reasoning and defnes of the fandom. Currently, there are five parts. Not So Anomalous TV In the RW Era Isn't It For Kids? We're Not So Different (Final, whenever I'm done)Why It Matters I have also written about my two main critiques of the show to date. Aaand... My criticism of my least favorite episode. I know... essays... like... homework... except I totally do them for fun. If you're interested, please check it out!