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Found 6 results

  1. If that were even remotely true we would nee to psychoanalyze everything in the environment for what symbolic purposes they were made and for our interactions with them. Which makes it environmental anyways. I dare you to find a cause in behavior thats not environmental. Look up baby psychology. Existence though is fascinating, as is consciousness, but to presume without evidence is certainly fallacy. People who ponder such things have the TIME to ponder such things. This implies its environmental. Also depression increases with boredom, which proves its psychological. Regardless of environment? Please do as much research as I have into the causes of depression before you conclude IT MUST BE THE HEAVENLY FATHER! Your heavenly father drives people to suicide who don't know about him? How omnibenevolent of him. Nomads wondered less because they were more busy, its evidenced by the differences in their tall tales and myths, compared to sedentary society's. The difference being no dogma, its about understanding and learning their environment, it was made to be confusing to be easily remembered and pondered about in relation to tasks they needed to develop, thus it was beneficial to their survival. Just like its beneficial to be part of a community, even if they are wrong, it means more help regardless and who can compete against numbers of people all by their lonesome? Did nomads need purpose? Life simply was. Temples were not built til sedentary lifestyles emerged. And their stories and myths were to cause a deeper understanding. Its like combining confusion curiosity planning and possibility. And psychology dictates those feeling confusion hear contradictory facts. But it makes things more interesting if people only subconsciously recognize it as inaccurate, perhaps. Giant wolves and beavers fighting which formed the Mississippi and its basin? A story involving such forces them to imagine it, then when they see how massive the region is, it feeds into the idea of how great and massive they must have been. Its like stretching the imagination for better structure on working around those animals (both have to do with rivers, without wolves rivers change its been factually proven, and of course beavers make sense too, and a lot of natives loved wolves.) Originally the fact would be there perhaps, someone might have known it, then shared it. But remembering a fact is climactic. A story that seems impossible is not climactic, it continues to be shaped, and thus had social benefits to develop it over time, and to remember the more imaginative ones. Ones which could help the generations better. With the advent of religion that changed to dogma. Behavior is what determines the course of the village or town. Thus they tried regulating it severely. Even innate curiosities had to be stifled with threats to avoid danger against bandits and neighboring villages. They took up sheep, and their doctrine as early as genesis says the land is human property given to them by god to exploit. This justifies hunting off wolves, and raising sheep, despite it promoting dry-lands. Now look at the middle-east, does it look fertile to you? Thats the result of your 'purpose', to procreate, dominate, and consume regardless for the consequences. Just for one example that I am not pulling it out of my ass. Source: Life was just an accident?
  2. Source: SJW as related to religious naivete and charity scams, and how to solve it.
  3. Are you interested in participating in a research study about the brony fandom? Sociology professor Dr. Patricia Literte and her student Caralou Rosen from California State University, Fullerton are interested in organizing such a study to learn more about bronies and why we like the show. This is a neutral and unbiased study designed to objectively seek insight regarding this matter. They reached out to the MLP Forums administration team in the interest of touching base with members here who are willing to participate in an interview regarding this matter. They hope to conduct 50 interviews by the end of the summer, and you guys can help make that happen. These interviews will be confidential. Everyone's identities will be protected, and they will not use anyone's real names when writing about or presenting their research findings. Additionally, this project is approved by the United States Institutional Review Board, governed by Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 46. There are multiple avenues available for participating in this study. If you plan to attend BronyCon 2014, you could organize a meetup with Dr. Literte at a nearby public location that you would determine with her to participate in the interview. To set that up, you can email her at If you are unable to attend BronyCon but live in Southern California, you could organize a meetup with Caralou Rosen at a public location that you would determine with her to participate in the interview. If you do not live in that area, you can still participate in the interview over the phone. This would be a good option for anyone who isn't able to attend BronyCon and who doesn't live in Southern California. Either way, you should initially contact her via email to organize the interview: Questions regarding this study can be posted here and/or directed to either of them via email. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help them out with this. TL;DR version:
  4. I have been acquainted with the fanbase/fandom itself, and I enjoy researching things from their drama and behavior. Is this fanbase a good one to research about other fanbases?
  5. Many of us know the unsaid rules of eating, but we’ve never really seen what it’s like to go without them. I predicted that, because of centuries of development of proper dining etiquette, if I were refuse to use the proper utensils when eating, then I would face a negative sanction from the public, mainly in the form of a verbal response. I started out small; I decided to use chopsticks one day to eat a cheeseburger. Immediately I could see a reaction from the person next to me. She had this look of confusion and distain on her face. After I continued for a while, she blurted, “What are you doing?!” I then took the experiment home with me. My mother had made some soup and my step dad had made porkchops. I grabbed my soup bowl, held it to my face, and drank the soup. (Who needs spoons?) I got a few confused looks from my step dad and mom, but nothing really worth mentioning. So, I then placed my face on my plate and began to eat the porkchop using only my mouth. This yielded a perfect reaction from my mother, who took away my plate, told me that we, “are not animals,” and then sent me to my room for the rest of the night. The next day, at lunch, I had a bit of yogurt with my food. I grabbed a straw and began to suck the yogurt through it. It was kind of like drinking a really bad milkshake. I looked around, but there was nobody paying any attention to me this time. There was, unfortunately, no reaction. While I did this experiment, I felt out of place. We live our whole lives eating “properly” so when I decided to eat, “like an animal,” I felt extremely uncomfortable and out of place. I have learned proper dining etiquette from ROTC, I know exactly how to eat properly. So, when I performed these actions, I felt a reaction from myself as well. I felt like an animal, I was out of place and wrong. I think that our rules of dining make us feel like we are on a different level than the animal kingdom. I think I have found one of the reasons that we conform: it’s much more comfortable to do what you know, rather than to venture out and risk damnation.
  6. Hey everypony, just wanted to share something that I found to be quite an interesting watch. Iv'e always enjoyed listening to sociologist Professor Renata Salecl's theories on social behaviour. Recently, an organisation known as the Royal Society of Arts created an animation to complement one of her speeches, where she explores the paralysing anxiety and dissatisfaction surrounding limitless choice. Even if you don't particularly enjoy sociology, I'd still recommend you give it a watch, since the visual media is still pretty entertaining. Being a minimalist, I can't say I've ever encountered many of the issues highlighted in the video. Can anybody else relate to such problems? Do you believe that capitalism is partly to blame? Is self criticism and anxiety simply a component of human nature that can't be diminished nor amplified by anything but ourselves? Does the freedom to be the architects of our own lives actually hinder rather than help us? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.