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Found 33 results

  1. Yes, I realize this is pretty much old news, but apparently, this whole "Ponies in Socks" things is kind of well known, and I'm not quite sure why. Basically, it's fan art of, well... what the name implies. I think it also had a whole section of "Drawfriend Stuff" on Equestria Daily. What are your views on this? Do you like it, don't like it, or do you just not care? Me, well the art is nice, but its nothing too special for me...
  2. im just asking, not going to do anything about it besides role-playing, im still a noob on vector so yeah, if you don't want to post here you can post in my discord server [still under construction by roles lel help me] or maybe i'm in the wrong forum? *sigh*
  3. I see a lot of pictures of ponies wearing socks, but I find ponies in hats more adorable. Which do you think sounds cuter?
  4. Okay, so ponies wearing socks has been a thing for a while now (since mid 2011). WHY SOCKS- and How did this all start?!?! Ponies already have hooves!!. (I know that goofiness has to be at least part of the whole socks thing) Supposedly in early 2011 EQD posted a picture of some random MLP socks for sale at Target, which inspired someone to make this picture: Which launched the fandom's pony sock factory explosion... But WAIT THERE'S MORE... Supposedly G3's pony Minty (Voiced By Tabitha St. Germain) really liked socks in some Christmas movie... Tabitha currently voices Rarity... ...WHO... HAS SOCKS!! ??????? (Shown in Sisterhooves Social, which coincidentally aired at the beginning of the fad, but was animated before it.) SO... why am I bringing this up now? Well, It's something that I've wondered about off and on for a while. A couple days ago I was watching a blind reaction by someone new to the fandom who currently doesn't look into much fandom stuff to avoid spoilers and this happened... And I was like THAT'S ENOUGH ALREADY!!! ANSWER TIME! Personally I don't care for the ponies with socks thing. I just find it visually jarring and weird looking most of the time, with some exceptions. I don't hate it, I've always found it really odd. Part of it is a carry over from real life. Long socks, tights, stockings, etc, on girls for whatever reason are just like nails on a chalkboard to me. I just hate how it looks- major turn off. The funny thing is I have no idea why either! Oh, and I just HATE those socks with the individual toes. Enough about my ranting: So do you know anything more about how the fad started? What's your opinion on the sock thing? Has your opinion changed over the past couple years?
  5. I made bacon pony with socks in winter, yay me~ In all seriousness, I haven't uploaded anything here in ages. I'd like to wish you guys all a very Merry Christmas to come and hope you guys are all doing well. I got a tablet quite some time ago and didn't upload a butt load of pieces, 'cause I'm paranoid about my art like that. This one however, felt right. Might have something to do with the candy cane socks... might. Hope you like it! Feedback/ Constructive Criticism is always welcomed. Link to DeviantArt page.
  6. Ponies with socks are a thing so I gave it a shot
  7. Anyone know a good place to buy MLP socks online? I can find normal ones in stores - Hot Topic, FYE, stuff like that - but I'm looking for a good mix: calf length, knee high, thigh high. Help, please!
  8. You know those colorful tall socks that people like to draw ponies in? Would you ever wear them yourself? Like, maybe around in your house watching MLP, or out in Public?
  9. Hey there everyone! About 3 days ago, I finished a drawing of Derpy and I though you may be interested I wanted to make something in the same style as my previous drawing, which was called ''Good morning Fluttershy'' For reference purposes, here it is: I developed the concept as I worked on it, and I felt like playing with warm colors for the occasion. And like I said in the description on Devianart, I feel like the journey of a brony artist has to contain a drawing of a pony in socks at some point. And this concept came to mind! I'm not much of a fan when it comes to socks, but I can definitively see why they're popular, it was pretty fun to draw ^^ Anyway, here it is! Source: Some people said that her little beanie look like pancakes, and I have to agree Like always, if you guys think that something doesn't work or anything, feel free to shoot! Helps me to get better ^.^ On that, thank for checking!
  10. So I've finally broken the ice and started to actually post my pony art, figured why not here too. He's a new guy in my line up, obviously a bat pony. And thats about all I got, Can't really tell you his back story, or his name, dont' know either, but he's spunky, and got eh? expect to see more of him as time goes on. Thanks for looking. -you can also fav him on my DA- he really needs a name. -and rp partners-
  11. I feel it is very important to inform everyone about this product. The pegasus ones have little wings on them! I bought a pair of the Fluttershy socks from FYE, and though they look a bit odd on I think they would look more like the picture if I took the time to get them straight. They also seem to only come in one size which is disappointing. Still though, very cute :3
  12. I am researching about the psychology of an average Equestrian pony. I then threw four socks at him/her, one for each leg, and studied the reactions. What do these ponies normally do after they wear the socks?
  13. Wearing socks (do they even eat the socks as well?) Being painted in different colours You wearing a horse mask A horse/pony sized plushie
  14. I'm sure you've seen it all. From plushies to blankets and figurines to (yes, it's a thing) boxers, pony merch seems to be wide-encompassing. The actual quality and utility of the goods depend not only on the manufacturer, but the user's tastes and preferences. But this is a bit different; I'm asking for advice but I'm not but I am kinda... I received, from my loving mother, two pieces of pony merch that are a bit out of the ordinary: a Rainbow Dash snapback and a pair of Rainbow Dash socks, complete with streamers coming down from the back of the top rim. I don't want to be rude, but what does one do with snapbacks and such socks. I've never worn snapbacks before, like, are they treated like baseball hats, do you wear them indoors? Is it appropriate to wear them at certain times and places? And the socks...this may be me being self-conscious, but I think that rainbow socks with streamers is a bit difficult to explain in the locker room. I have to admit they look cool when the streamers trail behind when you walk. But alas. If you feel like responding, think about if you got these surprise gifts. What would you do with them? Any favorite merchandise? I want to know.
  15. Didn't post this yesterday decided to post it now This drawing is of my OC Luriel (sitting pony on the right) and my gf's OC Sweet Pen (on the left) I tried to draw grass, field, goal and a house just to practice it all. This drawing was pretty difficult, I barely got space left. Trying to draw 2 ponies on 1 page is hard, but I am happy with my work =P
  16. I was watching ponies on hub like everyone else, then I saw those Stompeez slipper commercials with the demonic moving animals and all. Then it sparked the idea of starting a thread talking about slippers and their respective variations. I'm a big slipper person during the winter. So, people of MLP Forums, I ask you, what do you wear on your feet at home that has a purpose of lounging, or to keep those vital and important digits on your feet (toes) warm? Doesn't matter if they're slippers, socks, Hobbit's feet, or moccasins. This is what I wear. I normally don't wear them this high because they ride low when walking, but I wanted to expose every single fiber of sheer awesomeness that these slippers are crafted from. (We also were in the middle of decorating for Xmas as well.) So post your slippers, etc.
  17. It seems like everypony draws their OC in socks, so I thought I would too! In retrospect, I suppose I should have explained how to use socks to Eightbit. Ah, well.
  18. WARNING: Prolonged staring at the provided photo might result in the following: - A rapid heartbeat - Melting of the heart - Heart pains Proceed with caution. - - - - By request of the picture provider, you must provide information on how well this picture was created, assuming you lived. Thank you.
  19. I went out on a boat yesterday to watch some fireworks (which were frigging amazing ) but, the wait before them was so boring So, I started to doodle around. Sorry if some details arn't too clear (mostly in the chest areas, I know ;-; ) I didn't erase my skeletons xD When I get a tablet, these will be finished.
  20. I feel like I have strong feelings about ponies in socks, but I am not sure what said feelings are. Like, literally, no idea. It is weird. And for some reason, ponies in socks are popular. At least while searching for images for this blog, I didn't run into any major clop. SO that's good.
  21. Jinx

    So... Socks?

    I've heard from a reliable source that people have a fascination with ponies in socks. This is the best digital art I've completed thus far. So how does it look?
  22. H-how did this get here? (Parents took my skype so I was bored and drew this, Lurry is so adorable! I think it turned out okay, some flaws but I'm not perfect. Do you think he's adorable? Because I do )
  23. more stallions in socks! I owe this to my friend @Nightfall a long time ago and I couldn't work on it until now! these wings were very hard to make! phew! I wanted to make more details on the socks but I became tired XD Enjoy!
  24. O hai. I decided to make yet another vector and share with all of ya. Who wants Fluttershy for Christmas? *Raises hand* Hope you enjoy. Constructive criticism is appreciated and welcome.
  25. my friend ponyEcho is temporarily banned, so he asked me as a favor to post's a gift he had for Vicke. long live to stallions with socks <3