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Found 7 results

  1. Do you want the mane 6 to find their special someponies like Twilight getting together with Flash Century or Cheese Sandwich getting together with Pinkie Pie or do you want the mane 6 to stay single
  2. Well guys... the road to graduate studies has passed one hurdle. I've been given a conditional acceptance to University of Toronto's Graduate Pharmacology Program. I just received it in the mail today after months of stress of where I'll go after undergraduate studies and moments of worthlessness after being rejected from medical school. It'll put me one step closer to living my dream of being involved with the pharmaceutical industry when I complete my education. Now you may wonder what a conditional acceptance is. This is where the next hurdle comes along. I need to find a supervisor to work with on their research on drugs. It's huge because there's a whole new world to find when it comes to drug research. There's so many unsolved and new problems we face when it comes to removing drugs safely from our bodies and ensuring their effectiveness while minimizing their side effects. I'm sure many of you have experienced someone who underwent chemotherapy with drastic consequences. I want to be among the researchers to help alleviate the side effects of such therapies by better understanding how they operate in our bodies. Finding a supervisor will not only fund my education through grants, but also provide experience through which I can operate drug research at the industrial level. If I don't find a supervisor though, the admission is nullified... The most amazing thing about my acceptance is that the University of Toronto is among the best reputed and established universities in the world, and I'm just delighted at the fact I got accepted at such a competitive program in pharmacology. Now begins the search for a supervisor who fits well with my research interests in improving drug efficiency while also being open to potential areas in cancer and/or neuroscience research... I passed a big hurdle getting accepted, but now I have another one to pass... plus, I have other supervisors to talk with from other universities, so if I can't find one in U of T, I can always look back to the other universities . At the end of the day though... wish me luck .
  3. So every so often I see art and memes of Rarity on the internet, and she is often presented as a sexual deviant. I mean, I don't see Rarity as that... I see her as romantic, and this common theme seems pretty far from it to me.
  4. Decided to answer these, because why not. 1. Any scars? - Few, one over my right eye brow not too visible. Big one near my elbow, is fading though and will fade. One on my hand that wouldn't really count as a scar and probably a few just around my body. 2. Relationship status? - Single. 3. Crush? - None, unless Fluttershy. 4. Kissed anyone? - Nope. 5. Coke or Pepsi? - Why not both? 6. Someone you hate? - Don't want to answer. 7. Best Friends? - Many people, you know who you are. 8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? - Nope. 9. What's your dream job? -Not sure at the moment. Still sort of trying to figure it out. 10. Ever been in love? - Nope. 11. Last time you cried? - Yesterday. 12. Favorite color? - Midnight blue/dark blue. 13. Height? - 169 cm or 5'6,5" though I do prefer saying 170 since that way I can say 5'7", I like the number seven. 14. Birthday? - 14th of March and I was born 1994, the same year as Toyota Celica GT-4 94'. 15. Eye color? - Dark green. 16. Hair color? - Dark blonde. 17. What do you love? - Cars, ponies, trucks, engines, history, cartoons, computers, video games, food, cooking, baking, driving. I love driving the most and watching cartoons and movies, playing video games I love a lot of stuff. 18. Obsession? - Cars, ponies and history. 19. If you had one wish, what would it be? - To own a Lamborghini Aventador or just a lot of money. 20. Do you love someone? - My family and all of you. 21. Kiss or hug? - Hug. 22. Nicknames people call you? None I know of, once it was Flutters I liked it. 23. Favorite song? - Galaxies - Owl City. 24. Favorite band? - Not sure, I listen to a lot of music but haven't chosen a favorite. 25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you? - Not sure, if like accident and stuff I guess it was back when I was a kid I got sick and was in hospital for a long time. My stay there was awful and I hate hospitals because of it. 26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? - Getting my drivers license. 27. Something you would change about yourself? - More muscle and maybe a bit more height. 28. Ever dated someone? - Nope. 29. Worst mistake? - Stupid decisions. 30. Watch the movie or read the book? - Often both, but it depends. Now I don't read books like I used to. 31. Ever had a heartbreak? - Nope. 32. Favorite show? - My Little Pony g4. 33. Best day of your life? - The day I got my drivers license. 34. Any talents? - Can draw, have good memory, good at learning, fast reflexes, I guess imitating voices as well.. Kind of. Lots of talents. 35. Do you wish you could ever start over? - Depends, yes if I could do things differently.. If I just had to experience everything again then no thanks. 36. Any bad habits? - A few, not any worth mentioning though. Maybe that I do tend to do random facial expressions for fun. 37. Ever had a near death experience? - Few. 38. Someone I can tell anything to? - TheFluttershyGuy. 39. Ever lost a loved one? - Yes. 40. Do you believe in love? - Yes. 41. Someone you hate/Dislike? - Yes, plenty of people. 42. Are you okay? - Random question is random.
  5. This is my OC (I call 'em Hazel), and he took me about 3 days to do, more accurately about 15-16 hours. I've never drawn a pony this detailed before in regards to colors so I'm sure there's flaws but whatever, I did my best! It's not in the best quality since it was just a basic free drawing program, I just used autodesk sketchbook express. I used a Bamboo Wacom Pen/Touch tablet (pretty basic) but I do hope to upgrade some time in the future. It's only about six layers and on each were the eyes/tail, base color, darker shadowing, colored shadowing, mane (in that order) and then the background where I put the initial sketch that I used as a reference and then erased it once I had most of the coloring in. Alongside my tablet, I also hope to upgrade programs like photoshop or maybe a full version of sketchbook just so it's a higher quality and I have more tools to go nuts with. Hope you like it, I'll maybe try and do more, if not Hazel than something/somepony else maybe...K Thanks!
  6. Again, searching my computer, and found some stuffs that I drew in the past.. not sure when in the past, but in the past non-the-less. Enjoy
  7. I was goofing around, and decided to make some very, very, very simple pictures that attempt to display seom sort of emotion. here they are ... betrayal is my least favorite -_-