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Found 10 results

  1. If somebody were to describe me in general, they would say i'm feisty, nice, helpful, generous, or cool. That's about from what people have called me. ^-^' You?
  2. It is one of the most iconic repeated phrases in the show, (there are other similar words like somppony obviously) being a pun for "anyone"/"anybody etc." is clever, but how would it translate in other languages? In English, it is easy to replace "-body" with "-pony," however in other languages it would be morr difficult to have am equivalent it seems to me. I have heard the Japanese version some, and they say "ponitachi"/ "ponytachi" in it, which works very well. Poni is the Japanese loan word based on how it sounds, so it means pony. Tachi is a polite added word to make it plural or rather collective. So pretty much the same, and works just as well for it. Of course not just anypony, but other pony puns would be nice to know. What do you think?
  3. Hello! if somepony gave you a link to this blog then you are in the right place, there's a message that this person or a group of person decided to gave you for a reason. i decided to make a series about special someponies to express my opinion and my own personal advise, with that in mind lets get started. Have you feel that you are never gonna get a girlfriend/boyfriend because you think you are ugly, with bad breath, shy or with non attractive interests? Let me tell you that is completly understandable, is like being nervous if you are gonna get hired in a job, even if you fulfill the requirements you always have to look the bad things about yourself and try to correct them, (or not and give up finding love) and dont tell me "hey Balareth! is not the same thing! a job than love" well, is a example am using because the X factor is nervousism. Tell me why do you think that you dont have a chance with the pretty girl of the Forums, or near your house? she have a boyfriend that maybe good looking, rich and popular but let me tell you is not enough to make happy a girl. To all boys in the audience lets make an excercise: i want you to imagine that you are a pretty girl, imagine that your hair is long, you have a pretty figure and boys are mad about you, well, lets say "persons" you have persons that are crazy for you. Is not easy to be a pretty girl, you have to keep an image to the rest of the persons, be the most popular, imagine this: you have to wear the expensive and fashion clothes, you have to use the best accesories like cellphones, a car, a nice purse etc. you have to always have makeup to look more pretty that already you are, your moves, your manners all must be perfect to be popular and attract all persons and because it feels so cool (and there's nothing wrong about it because we are humans and as such ALL persons without esception want to be popular) Now why i bring you to this excercise? because you need to understand that a girl's life is being difficult to add more troubles like a bad boyfriend. So you the girl need love, and this is when the magic happens, once they feel happy you just need love, and for that being a pretty girl you can pick any of the boys that is after you, is simply to pick but hey! there's something special about it, since your life is already being difficult you need some understanding, care, something for real, you may have a lot of guys after you but you need someone that knows you deeper so you feel confident, safe and free, to not be judged and somepony that love you for who you are, the person, not the look. there shall be girls that may like the good looking rich boy but it doesnt really mean anything if he is a j*rk, there'll be a few girls that doesnt care if the boy doesnt behave or have strange habits, he is just another accesory of their own perfection but the rest of the girls wants something real, so they can find someone that if he is not a model, knows how to listen and understand, you see when you want some love you gotta understand that you are not gonna satisfy YOUR need, but also you must be ready to satisfy the girl's need as well, everypony wants to love and be loved, i understand but i want you to remember this when you talk to a crush, it doesnt matter how you look, its all about how you treat her, they deserve to be respected, cared, loved, listened and likewise. if you do that you will have no problems to find your special somepony. Something i noticed, is that some people i know doesnt know how to pick up girls, me? am not a professional seductor or whatever, but there's obvious rules, allow me to tell you a personal story: i started an account on another page about bronies, i make all my profile BUT i didnt complete as well, then i received a PM from a guy saying "h-hi..." then i said "hello! how are you? am very happy with your visit!" then he did this: *kiss* I love you so much, i want you to be my special somepony and i was like *...Ok...* then he continue with kisses and cuddlings until he ask me "but you are a girl right" and i was like "aaaahhhmmmnope" poor guy... he was obviously embarrased and i said "is ok dude, just dont go that quick". what am saying that that you have to keep a balance to keep your love interested you cant just say "hiya! *kisses* how are you wanna be my special somepony?" and either "hello" because in both ways there's gonna be trouble, if a pretty girl is watching this entry (and theres's thousands here X3 ) your beauty is not always gonna help you, you may have more option to choose yes, but even so you need to choose wisely and is not easy and you know it! if you are a girl reading this let me ask you It never happened to you that you have a a group of guys with unique styles, good looking, with special talent and you have to choose one depite from the rest? have you not wanting to gather all their benefits and make just one perfect boyfriend? well like i said, girls are also having some difficulties choosing the man of their dreams and is not always like you dream, sometimes there are really honest, loyal, sweet boys but not good looking, so question is you prefer appereance than personality? leave me a comment with your answer Now going to picking you love, i noticed that some people just want love despite if the other person is interested or not or gonna abuse of your kindness, i know having a girlfriend/boyfriend must be really cool but come on! we are talking about your soulmate! you dont really need a handsome guy or a beautiful girl, you just need someone who understand you, thats all! if that person is good looking, cool! a person with good feelings and beatiful is a blessing, trust me, i know, but listen to my advise, dont let your emotions possess you, okay, you need a guy/girl but you must have a plan, something, your crush is cold, you are hot, is just a way to say that she/he is cool but you are desperate in a way, a cool head thinks better, control yourself, think what he/she likes, what words, interests, music all details, and those details are gonna worth to her/him. finally i would like to end this first part of this series of "about special someponies" with a quote i said in the Finding your Special somepony thread, try to not be shy, defeat shyness, it is the true enemy, the wolf with sheep outfit, is not a defense method, it is a evasive way of selfishness, if you reveal all about your likings the chances are gonna be less but the ones interested are gonna worth x100 more than a fake relationship with mask and lies only to win a pretty girl/boy. if this you like this entry please comment, is a way to receive a feedback, and let me know what are your thoughts, i dunno if you are agree or disagree! if you wanna open a debate, PM please
  4. S4E13 - Simple Ways: Trenderhoof (18 votes) S4E14 - Filli Vanilli: Pinkie Pie's Behavior (54 votes) S4E15 - Twilight Time: Other (13 votes) S4E16 - It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: Mane Six breezification (26 votes) If you had just ONE top reason as to why you disliked the episode or thought was a flaw of the episode, which was it? NOTE: This topic doesn't mean we hate the episode or the show, it's merely a point of discussion to talk about the episode in a different way. Applejack's overprotection was a bit much, but it was kinda funny in a way. I lost it at the double helmet. The fight scene was kinda nightmare fuel-ish for a younger viewer and kinda seemed a bit beyond the atmosphere and environment of a usual MLP episode so I picked that.
  5. What do you think are the chances of a heroic character dying? And I mean a permanent death, no cheap revivals. Who do you think is most likely to die? It doesn't have to be one of the Mane Six, any positive pony character will do. In case you're wondering why I'm asking this, I just feel like hearing the opinions of others on this topic.
  6. i would like to have an OC for my avatar please i can draw or anything arty like that so i wounder if any pony can help me out thanks in advance my OC needs to these things: to be a Pegasus black with a blue mane a awesome mane style (preferably the mane go's over the eye kinda like a goth) ripped kinda wings and fangs (like a vampire) CM = fangs with red and blue blood warping (twisting into one) dropping into an potion bottle BUT the blue and the red are separate one is on the top and the other on the bottom OR one on the left and the other on the right. evil looking eyes BUT this OC is not evil it just looks evil thanks mystic
  7. After going through the forums tonight, bored as buck, a question suddenly popped into my head. Who else could turn into Nightmare Moon? Therefore, I decided to come here and ask you good people. Who else, do you think, could become the Nightmare? By the way, be sure to include any possible characteristics about the pony you choose, that could be exploited. Fire away chaps!
  8. Who or what would want to do this to Butter Bean's defensewess marshmellows?! her marshmellows are are in somebody else's tummy wummy, and not in Butters.. :c
  9. Cadance is pink, Shining Armor is blue. Out of all of the ponies, I choose you. You've got that extra sense, Like feelin Pinkie keen, Like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Wed make the perfect team. Ill stay by your side like loyal Applejack, Id love you more than apples love Big Mac. You're more amazing than Rainbow Dash, Luna, or Daring-Do, Out of all of the ponies, I choose you. <3. What do y'all think? Could I win a handsome bronys heart?
  10. Someone who has been devoted, and/or posted meaningful stuff, can be the forumer of the month, having their names listed ceremoniously on the front page. Well, it might be embarrassing and pointless But it could also be a huge honor. Got this idea from one of the threads.