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Found 19 results

  1. Hey peeps. I wants to know if there is anything you can't stand the smell of. I can't stand the smell of: -Onions -Dirty diapers (I have to smell that a lot.) -Stinky shoes -And skunk spray (Gross!) So what can you not STAND to smell? Let me know!
  2. So I've been looking around the forums and other places and I noticed a trend in OC creation when it came to race this trend includes either Unicorns or Pegasus being the most popular for peoples primary OC creation While earth ponies are usually neglected but there are more than just those 3 as well. This is what I think Oc's are most often to least often (Again just my opinion based on a observation I made and I'm probably wrong.) Pegasi Unicorns Alicorns Earth ponies Changelings Crystal ponies Bat ponies What do you think that the popularity chart should look like Which being the most poplar? Which being least popular? Edit: according to the votes at this moment I seem to be mostly correct (To the moderators as usual sorry if this was already made or needs to be moved)
  3. Alright, for this thread, you will post a letter of the English alphabet and the next person will name something they like/love that starts with that letter, and so on and so forth. Ex. Person 1 - A Person 2 - Apple F Person 3 - Frogs U Oh, and multiple word answers are allowed. I'll start with: E
  4. Hello all. I am FM Synthy Bassilicious Poniest Ponypony Pony. I am a member of this website. Yay. Let's see how this goes... Ask me all kinds of stuffs! I am online very often.
  5. Nightmare Night has already hit these lands. And as a homage, I wrote something in ten minutes because I was bored as heck. Why, you may ask? I don't know, I was bored I guess. "A night to be remembered; dim, portentous, menacing. Gentle wafts turned into vicious blasts of air, threes were plucked from their roots, supernatural thunders branded a clear sky. Confused souls ran and stumbled upon each other, yet none could tell, none could understand what transpired, how grudges from past times unveiled into havoc. As a mere fabric the skies gashed, dismembered constellations covered the sky as the most obscure of voids emerged amongst them, concealing the brightest of moons; the whole crowd impregnated with the stench of apprehension, of utter horror. Whereas catatonic ponies and beasts anticipated the most hideous consequences, a cackle emerged; impudent, loud and pervasive, and subsequently followed an outburst of chaos. A blinding, yet mesmerizing beam slit the skies and embraced the world below. None was prepared, for the embodiment of spite had arrived, overwhelming as a storm, all-powerful as the skies up high and the most devastating tide. And a slender figure arose, its black coat merging with the new darkness that surrounded the firmament; orbs emanating hatred and pride surmounting the fiend, whose svelte figure was protected by unknown metals and was escorted by ethereal mist. The world trembled at each step, the grass and flowers withered with each step, untold atrocities arose from the depts of the world. A thunderous voice pierced the skies, and a warning was dispatched, for the Maiden of the Night had returned. Shall nary forget their deeds; for betrayal does not go unforgiven; for time does not seal the deepest wounds. The Nightmare was free." Enjoy the spooks lads. Have a good one.
  6. Here are some drawings I did using ink, while at school (this is also the first time I post in Non-Pony artwork).
  7. The old version doesn't necessarily have to be better than the modern version. Personally, I find CRT screens and muskets are cooler than flat-screens and modern rifles Oh and also old computer games, it wasn't just a bunch of good-graphics shooters that were on the shelves of the local store. What about you?
  8. My school bag is on it's last legs (Thanks to those darn textbooks =_=) So I am looking for a new school bag. I'm just wondering how sturdy Loungefly's MLP bags are. Oh and by the way, these are the two I have my eye on:
  9. Some old art I had lying around. I forgot about it and need to edit it when I have the time. =T /Edited Now we have line art! Just need to get to coloring and shading. :3 /Edited Here's the finished product. Hope you like it. :3
  10. As some of you may have been aware of, I was in a relationship with a girl from the Forums. I had met this girl some days ago, after Ashley introduced me to her. Given I had just suffered from a rejection, the girl Ashley introduced me to made me really happy. So happy actually, that I slowly fell in love with her. We talked and talked like we had known each other for years, responding almost immediatly after each other. I decided to tell her about my feelings towards her some days ago, to which she responded she loved me back. And we started 'dating', if you really can call it like that. But Ashley warned me of something: Infatuation. Infatuation is defined as a foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction toward something or someone. However, love had blinded me to the point that I decided to ignore her. A day or two passed, and I was extremely happy with how things had been going with her. But something happened. She told me that she wasn't ready to be in a relationship so soon, and she wanted me to leave her alone for a while. I cried maybe a little, and I got really upset. Maybe Ashley was right after all. But I couldn't bring myself to believe her, after all this girl told me she loved me a lot of times. I thought maybe I could wait a month or so and then try again. Infatuation. Ashley was right after all, and I felt destroyed. I cried like never before, I felt awful and why? Because love blinded me. You see, love is something really complex, that many of us still can't understand. Me included. But I decided to move on, since I may eventually find another girl that will make me as happy as I was. Maybe even more. Infatuation is a real thing, and it can really affect you. Please don't make the same mistake that I did, and don't fall for someone as rapidly as I did. This is what I learned today.
  11. Maybe the user gave you the device, think of how you'd use it, or maybe they did give you an actual Raspberry Pie, what are you going to do with it? BEGIN!
  12. So this is a song a made a long time ago, just thought i would upload it I gone done used a Charlie Chaplin speech to express the new thought of Discord. Mind you This was based on when discord was first reformed ages ago XD luefhbdncsoyeqdr Tell meh what ya'll reckon!
  13. She's not perfect but it was still fun making it Also im not even sure what genre it is. I'm pretty sure its house tho.... meh. Hope you guys enjoy and feedback is more than welcome.
  14. Hey there everypony, I need alittle help writing something for a convention coming up this July here where I live. With the pass I bought, I receive a 60 second personal recording from Tara Strong and get to write a script for her and what voice I would like her to speak in. I already settled on having her speak as well..Twilight, but I have no clue what else to really include in it. If anyone can give me some ideas of what I could have in the script, please let me know. I do apologize if this doesn't belong in this forum.
  15. Ok, now i don't actually mean this literally(Atleast i hope not) but i just wanted to say that I feel like IRL and alot of other places i'm like the only one who isn't diagnosed with some kind of disorder or something. Don't get me wrong! Its not like i necessarily want one(Well not exactly, its complicated) and i also have lots of respect for those diagnosed with different stuff. I mean i already have enough trouble dealing with my "Normal" life. But like, i feel like i'm in the minority alot of times, it seems like all the people i know have something from a more common and known disorder, to a more abstract one. Again i mean not to offend anyone, i just feel.. Alone almost? Its a weird thing to describe. but like, i'm not the only one not diagnosed with anything? I'm pretty sure i'm not, but i just felt like it was the easiest way to express my feeling. I have kinda found the thought of having a disorder interesting to think about, but i know that i don't want one, because i'm sure they present many challenges. But you know, anyone who knows me knows i'm curious, so maybe its just that. So anyways, again i hope no one is offended by this, i'm just curious. Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts ;p. Have a great day!
  16. So, I thought it would be kind of nice if I left it up to you fine people what I would be doing next, so I made a poll. Just because I figured that letting you guys decide what you wanted me to do next would be a bit more interesting than me just picking something off the top of my head. Basically it works like this, whatever has the most votes by the first of September wins, and is what I'll start working on.
  17. Alright well since I was thinking about ODST's (Not a clue why) I wanted to make some monitor backgrounds for it. So here is a dual monitor set up I have just finished doing touch-ups on. I have it set up to change every twelve hours for day and night.
  18. Here is the Roster of MLPForums: The Series! :3 (In Chronological Order) Feld0 Kurtis RacoonBL Grendo Crispy Tom The Diamond Applebloom Evilshy Resuli Zoop Doctor XFizzle Envy Swoop FinestHour The Melodyman (RKA) Pinkazoid Lady Rarity Pony Misso Klopp Mailmare Colon LeftBracket Ezynell (\SBB64/) Marco23p Ace Attorney Ganaram Inukshuk Doggess Arylett Narutardedscum Tich Vicke Nevermore and Arya Mr. Nibblers (AKA: Jokuc) Aureity Kyronea Dusk Eninama Ace Attorney Midnightive Chigens and Kay Scootacool Hypno Jadefire Dragonshy Djenty TwileZorah letterONE Dizzy Ditzy Doo NASCARFAN160 Bohty Chaotic Discord Kriby N Harmonia My little pwny spas-ticShotty Now, I know some Worthy people aren't in it. But there already is TOO MUCH people in it already! In fact, The total number of people that I wanted to be in here are 77! But I had to skim it down to 49. I will give more Info as it unfolds.
  19. All this time, I've been having lot's of problems with my so called ''friends'' none of them like me anymore, not because I watch mlp, but because they are assholes. I don't even want to be their friends, but sadly, everyone is like that my age. I want friends that can be there for me, and not call me a faggot and laugh at me. If more people watched mlp fim, maybe they could learn something, and be better people, and friends.