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Found 413 results

  1. CloserToTheSun

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    Not sure if anypony has done this yet, but it's a game I really enjoyed in some past forums. In this game you have to use one word of the previous song title to use in the new song title. While you don't have to, bolding the word from the previous song would be helpful Example: "Back In Black" by AC/DC "Black Sheep" by Metric "Sheep Go To Heaven" by CAKE "Monkey Gone To Heaven" by The Pixies "Gone Away" by The Offspring ....and so on and so forth. UPDATE: No just using the word in part of your response, like such: "Mother" by Danzig "Motherboard" by Daft Punk This does not count However, the following is okay: "Let Forever Be" by The Chemical Brothers "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince And The Revolution Now let's start with the following song: "Welcome To Paradise" by Green Day
  2. (Please note this isn't the same as the topic about what songs get stuck in your head a lot. This is what is stuck in your head at this very moment in time) This is a very random question, but I am wondering what song is stuck in your head right now at this very moment you read this sentence. This does not necessarily mean you like the song, just wondering what song is stuck in your head. There is always one song stuck in your head. For me, I always have single song stuck in my head for each day. It switches each day for me and is completely random. Right now, the song "Spies" by Coldplay is stuck in my head. What about you?
  3. In this game, all songs are in list of "Endangered". The purpose of the game is to put one song from list "Endangered" to list "Saved". Last song witch stay in list "endangered" will be eliminated from the game. After that, all songs from "Saved" will be moved back to "Endangered", and over and over, until we get winner song. You can save only one song in day for one season/movie/etc... (saved list will be one for each season, movie etc..., later, all winner songs from this list will compete in this game, until we get ultimate best MLP song!) P.S I recommend you to copy-paste list from last post with list posted in this topic. But if you can't, because you are in phone or something, just post a comment with one song from Endangered list and I will make a update post. Title will be updated according to season/movie that is saved So, let's start with season one: Saved: Endangered: - Laughter Song - Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song - The Ticket Song - Hop Skip and Jump song - Evil Enchantress song -Winter Wrap Up -Cupcake Song -Art of the Dress -Hush Now Lullaby -Cutie Mark Crusaders Song -You Got to Share, You Got to Care -So Many Wonders -Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram -At the Gala -I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala -Pony Pokey Removed:
  4. I was inspired by SveciaDash,'s thread of Have you ever cried during an episode, and thought that "Yes I have, but more so from the songs.". I have downloaded and regularly listen to various songs from the show and the movies and there are some that, even though I am not watching it on the screen, make me tear up or flat out sob because of the emotional cord they strike with me. Mine are below, please tell us which ones have made you emotional and why!
  5. Jokuc

    Infinite Song Title

    I have no idea if this exists cause it's hard to know what a thread like this would be called. I know there's something similar, but I don't think there's one exactly like this.. Anyways, The game works like this: The user above you posts a song. You look at the song title and look at the last word in it. You take that word and find your own song that has a title that starts with that word. If you can't find a song title that starts with the last word (or if it's like a number or something), you post a piece of lyrics from a song. Though, I am pretty sure you will be able to find a song for each word. (And of course you don't have to reply with a video if you don't want to.) Example: User 1: Oingo Boingo - Little Girls User 2: Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun User 3: Queen - Fun it Now when you know the rules... (yeah you guessed it right, the word is Started)
  6. Saw plenty of song based games on here why not a new one. Pretty a song the avatar above you reminds you of. Put a video up if you wish. I would go first but there isn't anyone above me. I shall look down on you peons till it is my time @Duality @Trottermare Galamane @The_Gobo are to be targeted for crimes against me
  7. Vintjack Greasymane

    "We'll make our mark" song (Season 5)

    Hey, hey! Listen here! Today, after my training, something came to my mind, without any apparent reason: I thought I could ask you here if during the song "We'll make our mark" someone poured some tears... I did...many times... It just felt like it was a magical moment. I was seeing the CMC realizing their biggest dream, and I guess I got commoted!
  8. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Music Equestrian National Anthem

    Is this the Equestian Nation anthem? Or at least the closest Hasbro will get to making one?
  9. Nature Tune

    Post a random song lyric

    So you just basically post a random song lyric. Lemme start ”Ay mamma don’t stress youre mind, we coming home tonight”
  10. Lately I keep getting a single song temporarily imprinted on my brain. This time it's "Do You Believe in Life After Love" by Cher, and prior to that it was "Love Me Cheerilee". What I do to get it out of my head is let it run its course... and by that I mean listen to it once or twice a day until it's out. you believe in life after love? after love, after love, after love, after love... I can feel something inside me say, 'I really don't think you're strong enough now.'.... Anyways yeah just tell me what you do. XP
  11. Vainamoinen

    Lyrics game!

    I thought of a game just now where someone starts off the words to a song, and someone has to finish the words. Like this "I walk a lonely road"- person one "The only road that I have ever known Now I know that I'm being used"-person too "But that ok man because I like the abuse"- person three I start XD We don't need no education
  12. As I recently re-watched Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 for the millionth time, I was wondering what scenes/songs are everybody's favorites? In each option I've included the name of the song, the composer, and a brief summary of the scene. I remember the last post I saw about a Disney-related topic was pretty well received...Please vote!!
  13. Mister Jack

    Your Episode Ideas

    If you got to write for the show, what are some episode ideas you'd come up with? This is a little different from fanfic ideas in that you have to work within the limits of the show. That means it has to be kid friendly, it has to be resolved in no more than two episodes (and one is definitely preferable), and it has to be something that would reasonably fit within the canon.
  14. ASAP Q

    Scream out song lyrics here

  15. who here thought the the song "Open up your eyes" was probably the best song, if not the most recognizable song after you were to watch the movie, I'd love to hear your thoughts?My Little Pony: The Movie Soundtrack - "Open Up Your Eyes" Audio Track
  16. Title says it all, really, since the finales for Seasons 6 and 7 didn't have songs.
  17. Marciblook

    Open up your eyes

    Today’s topic: Open up your eyes, from the MLP movie soundtrack. Now, I know you might be thinking, the theme of the song isn’t the most constructive in what it’s conveying, but there’s one line or two I think you can take something from, or at least, I know I can. “If you depend on others, you’ll never find your path” in the context of the song, sure, it’s about “being alone is the best” but if you take it on its own, there’s at least one other way to interpret it. If you depend on others to make a path for you, to pull you along, you’ll never be able to find what you need for yourself. In other words, be selfish once in a while, follow your own path, not someone else’s. Or, at least, that’s what I took from it. anyway, that’s all for now, maybe a part two will come one day. Bye for now!
  18. Out of all 7 seasons and the movie, what are the best musical numbers ever performed? My personal favorites: -Winter Wrap Up -- Winter Wrap Up -Love is in Bloom -- A Canterlot Wedding -Pretty much every song from "Magical Mystery Cure" (Morning in Ponyville, What my Cutie Mark is telling me, etc.) -You'll Play Your Part -- Twilight's Kingdom -Pinkie's Lament -- Pinkie Pride
  19. I know i'm not the only one to get Déjà vu from a few songs making you just think all about earlier in life, for me it would have to be the songs that came with a life changing time. Ahem* Most notably
  20. Doctor XFizzle

    Give a Character a Theme Song

    Basically give a character their personal theme song. Can be a pun like Tom = Rock You Like a Hurricane - The Scorpions, or something that fits the character like Pinkie Pie = Party Hard - Andrew W.K. Twilight Sparkle - Applejack - Rainbow Dash - Rarity - Fluttershy - Pinkie Pie - add your own to the list if you want Scootaloo = I Believe I Can Fly - R. Kelly Cheerliee = Hot for Teacher - Van Halen
  21. Gone Airbourne

    Modest Mouse ~ Float On "song review"

    An old nostalgic song that has helped me throughout a lot of hell as the years have passed me by. I've always wanted to do a review on songs I love. Songs have a different meaning to all of us and our take on them. Some of us tie songs to certain memories and experiences you know what I mean? I always like to say that "music is the love that keeps on giving" whereas with humans heh you can hardly count on at all. Float on is one of those songs that just takes away all of your stress and worries something you can always listen to when you are down and out. At the title of the song suggests it reminds you life is good and you make life how you want it to be 😊. Don't worry cause worrying does not fix anything and just makes you feel worse. "A fake Jamaican took every last dime with that scamIt was worth it just to learn some sleight of handBad news comes, don't you worry even when it landsGood news will work it way to all them plans" This part of the song reminds me that in any situation or circumstances good or bad. Never let the circumstances take over you. You can make the best out of negative experiences because you learn from them and in turn become much more experienced. When he sings he was hit with a scam then he sings well it was worth just to learn some sleight of hand. Don't let anything get the better of you just make the best of the experiences you have and just float on cause with time everything will work itself alright 💚 Band Modest Mouse Album ~ Good news for people who love bad news
  22. Was planning to release this on here earlier, but forgot to do it.'s my theme for Daybreaker: Dark Sunshine. It comes with lyrics divided into two sections. It has English and Latin versions. It is based off of two themes: my theme for Celestia: I took a pipe organ piece and converted the main melody to minor, and O Fortuna, it has the same feeling as the intro and the main fast portion of the song. Lyrics: Lyrics (English) Declaration: The sun has rose New day has come To rule them all With sun fire Plan: Your new princess Has come for you Eternal flames Of wicked reign The break of day No worthless nights I have it all Now bow to me! Lyrics (Latin) Declaration Sol rosa est Novo advenisse diem, Ut praeesset eas omnia, Ignis Solis Plan Tuus nova domina Venit ad te, aeterna flammae De regnantibus impiis Et aurora Non vile nocte Habeo ei omnia, Iam arcum me! Would like to get some feedback on this piece. Note this is a completed track.
  23. Yumekai

    Favorite Band?

    Hey, I looked around and didn't see a thread that is your favorite band, while there is one for someone's favorite song this one is the band because i have a favorite song but it's not made by my favorite band