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Found 7 results

  1. So I'm definitely not a fan of the current US Pop Scene (I know she's Australian). I don't live under a rock either though. Even before the movie I've heard of her. She had already adopted her iconic 2-tone wig/bow by the first time I saw her. I thought she was another name on the list trying to get more fame/attention by being a moron. (recalling Lady Gaga wearing RAW MEAT). Other than that I didn't give her much thought until I saw that she would be in the MLP movie. I became more interested and looked up some of her bio/songs/interviews. She seems to be A LOT like Tabitha St. Germain from what I've found, especially in interviews. They both seem to LOVE colorful weird stuff are both pretty much like Pinkie Pie in human form. As for the wig thing, the big reason why she started wearing it was due to her growing fame. She's actually kinda shy and has it so she can go out with it off and not get mobbed. Opposite of what I originally thought. This avoidance of fame also spawned her Mini-Me-Proxy portrayed by Maddie Ziegler (This I do think is kinda weird.) It's actually genius because Sia really isn't into the performing/fame aspect, so the arrangement works out. Overall I think she's is one of the more interesting pop stars at the moment. She also seems to be a genuine person. As for Songbird Serenade in the movie- I thought it was kind of funny to put her in there, but the movie would have been exactly the same without her. Her music is not the norm of what I usually listen to, but I think she has a great and unique voice. She is extremely talented in coming up with catchy pop songs and isn't shy about how easy it is for her: My favorite thing she said is "I just basically write pop songs for pop stars (in like 30 minutes), sit at home on my sofa with my three dogs, and like make a million dollars." I LOVE IT Some of her songs I like are Rainbow, Cheap Thrills, You've Changed, Clap Your Hands, Thunderclouds, and most of her Christmas album So what do you guys think of any of the below?: Her personally Her as a pop star Her music Having her in the movie Her wig Her Mini-Me Does she like the show/movie? (I think she would- but I don't think she has much free time)
  2. What do you think of this possible ship? I think it could be quite sweet and it gave me the idea to headcanon Twilight as bisexual, as well as having a celebrity crush on Songbird since she was a teen. In an AU I thought up, after the defeat of the Storm King and everything dies down, Songbird had grown to admire Twilight for being the big hero. She comes to visit Twilight to ask her to hang out. Their relationship grows from there. By the way, can someone explain to me why Twilight and Songbird looked at each other twice like they were speaking without words? When I watched some clips to get screenshots, I think in the last screenshot above, Songbird did a downward motion like she was winking and Twilight nodded in response. I don't get it.
  3. Alright folks, I've got a question for you! I just got curious and wanted to ask you if you have got a crush on a mare or a stallion from the whole MLP show? And why exactly? My crush would be Songbird Serenade from the MLP movie, I love her introduction, her main, her voice, the way she's singing, frankly she's absolutely stunning. I also love, at the end of the movie when she's singing the "rainbow" song the way she's flapping with her wings, aswell as ready to take off, up in the sky, spreading her wings, it's so majestic!
  4. My review of the first of 4-5 issues introducing the new characters from the movie. Comments are Welcomed
  5. ^ my blog! welp heres some drawings i did over a few weeks uvu~~ enjoy
  6. Do you think Sia is a pegasister? She was voicing in the movie, and songbird serenade was a pony version of her, obviously. Most of the voice actors are bronies/ pegasisters now, so I was just wondering. What do you think?
  7. It's the first theatrical My Little Pony movie in 31 years! Was it worth the wait?