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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I'm Vlazamal, and I need singers for an original song. I have a song composed and lyrics written, but I want you to sing it. I am looking for two singers who can sing to B5 (which isn't high at all) for a relatively short song. If you're interested, PM me, and I will send you the lyrics, and sheet music, anything. I look forward to working with you. Thanks! First position - Second position -
  2. I need help with this parody of Meghan Trainor's new hit "No ". I have no intentions of making the singing category, my voice sucks, but I'm willing to give this song to any brony(or pegasister) singers, as long as they give me full credit for creating this song. (Because some ponies are complete dicks and will take the song as their own. ) My voice is only there to give the demonstration of the song. If there's anypony who will sing the song the same way, with the lyrics as I sung them, execpt with a better voice. Thanks Sweet Pinkamena Diane Pie ( A No - Megan Trainer Mlp Parody ) .wav
  3. Well hello there everypony! In recent date, I have noticed that there really are not many female pony musicians and since I write songs regularly, I have decided to take on the challenge and I love what has come from it! Also, the majority of Pony songs are electronic or rock and since I tend not to write either (although my boy friend does do electronic pony music, his name on youtube is OfficialFacade, and I have written lyrics for some of his pony songs that are at a WIP stage) I thought that my singer song writer style would be a bit different and so far people agree which I really appreciate. So bottom line, here it is! Here are the lyrics: Oh Spike, I need you now, But you gave to Rarity, Your heart I found. Oh Spike, Where are we now, I'm lost with out my best friend All I know are frowns From the moment of your birth I've been right by your side Your the only one who's stuck beside me When I closed up in my mind You've never left me so alone But today I saw that you were gone And though I smiled right at you You know I went and cried I guess I've got the others The elements of harmony I'll be alright with them at my side But you still broke a part of me I'll find a way to win you back You're all I want and thats a fact Rarity is good for now But I'm not gonna just lay down Thank you so much to anyone who listens <3
  4. Hello everyone! My names Locrois and I'm new to this site well so new I just started today infact but when I found this section I wanted to share something I've made it's kinds terrible and very rough but I feel if anyone could help me its you guys my fellow fans! now then I'm very nervous about posting what I have because I just feel like it might be awful but at the same time feel like if I can get the help I need it could be a great song that I just want everyone to enjoy so before I post my awful work who's interested?
  5. I desperately need a song for Alora to help get me started. Anything will do really, just put the lyrics here and the best song(s) will be chosen. Reward: * free artwork * a free specially made OC (your prefrences) * the chance to hear me sing your song * full songwriter credit