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Found 4 results

  1. OMG My old one got deleted! Super sorry. If you've seen Cadence, you'd know she is the most stable of the princesses but in the oddest way. She, unlike Celestia, is best known as the sole ruler of the Crystal Empire (despite being married but I'll talk about him eventually). In her short time Cadence help fix the broken Empire and restore it... wellll sorrtaaa.... The show has a status quo and seemed to ignore the fact that it was said that the empire's stability effects the rest of Equestia but we know the Empire is perfectly fine but the rest of Equestria is still... Basically the same when it comes to danger... Either way her sort time had a huge impact. So much so that it became peaceful... too peaceful- even to the point where she even gets bored of it and yearns for adventure. This is why her interaction with Twilight tend to be my fave. Although Twilight isn't "broken" she will know how damaged Twilight is at the time and offer her healing touch or words of eisdom to make her siser in law so much better... she is so sweet. Because of that, I place her as a healer. She fixed the empire after it dealt with the likes of Sombra, she brought the empire to one of it's highest points, helps Twilight as much as possible (when she can) and is just such a nice ruler. She is the healer that isn't the strongest or fastest but the best at what she does. Now... What about her Sonic class? Well... That is simple. Taking what the show has given us, she isn't a power type. Her amount of strength isn't her strongest attribute like it is for Celestia. She is a fast acting healer who is known to be quick to patch things up. She is fast and effective and before someone brings up the comics/books saying she was born a pegasus, not only did the show neglect to say it but it also contradicted it... If you're wondering how, Rarity mentions how they all thought ONLY UNICORNS could become alicorns through ascending. Cadence had the perfect opportunity to chime in and talk about how that isn't true due to the fact that SHE was actually a Pegasus and even though it'll detract a bit, it'll prove the fact that the main cast isn't awear of all things alicorn so when Celestia and Luna chime in about not knowing why Flurry was an alicorn, it shows that not all things are known about them... I know Celestia is said to have made Cadence an alicorn but at least this proves to the SHOW audience there is a lot more to alicornhood beyond unicorns and such.... XP That ending might have sucked but I hope you got the point. Either way, now that we have a full Sonic team, does that mean their a set trio? +++No, and you'll see why soon.+++
  2. Ah, Luna... Despite my hatred for her and what she represents (out of show), I won't bash on her here. I understand why thousands like her so there's no reason for a flame war here. The reason I brought this up was because I was debating whether or not to even do her at ANY point, but as my first month of weekly blogging I decided to make it (Special*) Princess theme! So let's go right ahead. Luna was tricky but for weird reasons. One thing is that she IS active but she just... sucks... Yeah Princess of the Night, controls over dreams, helps ponies out and all- but she's useless. Celestia raised the sun, moon and stars alone WHILE ruling Equestria on her own. Luna... She... helped a few foals directly, endangered thousands by making a demon that she accidentally let loose. Now I know Celestia ain't a saint by any stretch of the word but taking a look at what Luna does/did verse what Celestia does/did becomes muddy. Why make the comparison any way? I claimed not to want to make a flame war yet them words above are fighting words! What gives? Luna is tricky. She can be considered a power type but she is extremely weak, mentally/emotionally/physically- she had to have the help of other ponies to deal with the Tantabis, She pushed back the Timber Wolf problem so Celestia to deal with, we never see her helping Celestia with things like paper work (which caught Celestia going through hug piles multiple times) and to say Luna is a Power type just doesn't fit. What about speed? Has she dealt with any of her problems quickly? You can say she deals with nightmares quickly but we only see her deal with a few at a time. This leaves her with Flight and frankly it does explain some of what she does. One thing about flyers is that in Sonic Riders that HAVE to go above others and carry their team when the time comes. They are from the strongest but they have some crazy feats and I think that fits Luna well. She's pretty crazy but she is best when working together with the right people. She's needed for obscured things and despite you being able to reach your goals without using her, she can make things easier. Plus she flies a ton more than Celestia any day. She is a Flight type. Now what about her class? Well She's another ranger but one who is closer leaning to mage only because her specialized Dream Realm abilities. She helps ponies from disance but still manages to be more hands on then Celestia and seems quite adapt to it. Luna our Flying Ranging Mage... What I didn't say they could only be ONE rpg class did I? Now a quick run down for (Special*) Princess Month, The next entries will be as followed Cadence, Twilight, Wisteria (Gen3). Now I feel like some of you will be confused but I am covering all generations (gives me an excuse to watch lots of MLP) but I feel like some of you are protesting. Why Wisteria and not Flurry? One, Flurry is still WAY too young to get specific classes. She can fit into any of them because she's a foal and too inexperienced (This goes for all foals). So I just can't classify her. Now Wisteria isn't an official Princess because the Movies she was in, Princess Promenade retconed her status at the end but that story (like all stories) have plot holes and frankly it has the largest glaring one of how out of all ponies was she the one to wake Spike? I know Spike is just a confusing plot point as is but seriously. I always thought she was an actual princess and she only turned it down because Spike didn't really know what a Princess should/shouldn't do. Either way I am counting her as one- hense the astred (*) I put after Special.
  3. Celestia... ah Celestia. The princess that is the SOLE reason everything in the show happened. Whether it was directly, like giving her wings, or Indirectly, making Discord to try to capture Tirek which accidentally made Twilight lose the Golden Oak. She is someone who rarely ever directly intervenes on huge issues so giving her any class that does does so, like a knight is really unfitting. I was thinking healer but then Cadence came to mind and how she is the one who heals relationships and such. Back to Celestia, it is pretty hard to get a direct class on her. Because of that, I skipped to finding her Sonic class. This was SO MUCH EASIER. 1) She rarely flies. Fliers are known to do it super constantly and in Sonic Fliers are shown to fly when ever, not only to get around quickly but even when idling around at times. IE Tails and Cream. Since we rarely see that with Celestia, we can easily rule this out. Now what about Speed? When have you seen Celestia do stuff super fast? Yes when it comes to certain things Celestia may react fast, like the parasprite swarm thing but we never see her use her speed to the best potential. So Celestia is a Power Types. Now that we have that out of the way, How did I get ranger? Most of the shows biggest problems had Celestia in the back seat. She helped in some way but never directly. Examples: She sent Twilight to get friends, she didn't confront Nightmare Moon. She gave Twilight all her magic to deal with Tirek. So that's all I got. Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know below. The image was made by me but the Power Symbol and Celestia are vectors from Wiki (Or rather Google)
  4. I was trying to come up with an idea for a Drumstep song, and I thought the line "Blast away!" from Sonic Heroes was perfect! So what do you think? It's my first attempt.