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Found 26 results

  1. This is the part where I greet everypony, say my name, which is Woohoo, and welcome you to another edition of Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes. Here's the part where I ramble on how long it has been since the last entry, what I'm going to be doing different in this one, and how much I hate rambling. Great, I'm rambling again. Anyway, on to business. It's been God knows how many months since the last entry, which was probably my most difficult MMS since the very first one. With most of the previous entries of MMS, I ripped apart a single song in (mostly) great detail. This time I'm ripping multiple songs at once, just like my Christmas entry, albeit much more condensed and contain just my overall thoughts on a song with little, if not any, lyrical commentary. Welcome to the first volume of "Mini-Slaughters." In this volume, I'm tearing apart four songs from mid 2010s. Alright, I've jucked and chived enough. Let's break it down. The first song on the chopping block is by one of the most reviled artists of the current decade. Straight outta Canada, it's music's favorite whipping boy, Justin Bieber! Because it's not like any other music reviewer has ever talked about him before. What song of his am I shredding? Definitely not "Baby" as that song has been shredded beyond any form of recognition. I'm shredding a more recent song of his... his 2015 hit "Sorry." Believe it or not, this is the song that made me hate the Biebs. Why do I hate this song more than "Baby"? Let's find out. My first problem takes place after I press the play button. I hear this... Whoa-oh oh! Whoa-oh-oh! Whoa-oh oh! Whoa-oh-oh! Really? That's how you want to start your song? With that annoying-ass whooping? Is this the infamous "Millennial Whoop" that's taking over pop music? I guess so. It's also heard during the damn chorus too. If you remember my "10 Things I Hate About Music" blog, you'd know how much I dislike non-lexical vocables, especially 'whoa-ohs.' It's almost as annoying as "Shape of You's" bing-bong. Was it really necessary to include the whooping? *sigh* My next problem, and this probably my biggest problem with this song: It's an apology song. I absolutely can't stand apology songs as most of them sound whiney and unbelievably desperate for forgiveness. This song is no exception. Why would you put so much effort into a song just to apologize to some girl? Is it really that hard to just say "I'm sorry"? Also, what did you do to her? Did you spit on her? Call her a whale? Piss in her mop bucket? Eat her tendies? Shit, this song is making me crazy. Other problems with song include Bieber's overly-breathy vocals during the verses where I could barely understand him, and this song being OPAF (OverPlayed As Fuck.) I still hear this almost everyday at work. In fact, every song in this entry is/was OPAF. Now for the final score. Even the score sheets are mini-er To answer your question, Biebs. "Is it to late to say sorry?" Well, for your um... unbelievable contributions to the music and entertainment world, I dub thee unforgiven. Next on the chopping block is from someone a little lesser known yet their song still manages to get OPAF somehow. Also from the Great White North, it's Alessia Cara with her 2015 'empowerment' anthem "Scars to Your Beautiful." *inhales sharply* Do I have some issues with this song, starting with the damn title. "Scars to Your Beautiful," what kind of title is that? Sounds like a Marylyn Manson song if you ask me, like a sequel to "The Beautiful People." Oh boy, I haven't even scratched the surface of the tip of this iceberg. My next problem with this song is that it's so mind-numbingly... generic. The lyrics are just your typical "be yourself" song laid upon on some slow plodding beat. It's like we don't have a million of these songs already. I do give this song credit for touching on self harm and eating disorders, but aside from that, it's just generic. Now you're probably thinking 'Why are you ranting on this song when it's so generic?' Frankly, I would've written this song as generic... if it weren't for this line in the chorus... You don't have to change a thing, the world could change its heart. Have you ever heard something so... unbelievable that you're not fully sure on how to even talk about how unbelievable it is? This is definitely one of those instances. It's also an instance where I need a second opinion. Hey SpongeBob, how do you feel about this lyric? Thanks, SpongeBob. This lyric is quite possibly the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. Why? Because for most people, that's NOT how the world works! Do you really expect a world of over seven billion humans and trillions of other life-forms, of which 99% have never met you, to change their heart? Short answer: You can't! Look, I get what they I get what their going for, but this particular lyric comes off as extremely selfish. Hell, I think this lyric would even make Mr. Rogers cringe. "You don't have to change?" Once again, bullshit! In life, you need to change in order to adapt to this ever-changing world, otherwise you'll get left behind. This single line single handedly destroyed any credibility this song ever had. Empowerment anthem? More like entitlement anthem. This is one of the worst lines I have ever heard in a song, right up there with "Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on" and "I'm madly in anger with you." And just like the last song I shredded, this one also features annoying-ass whooping in the chorus. What's the point of including it? To make the chorus longer? Like I said in my "Shape of You" entry, long choruses are boring and have no place in pop songs. "Scars to Your Beautiful" is practically the "Shape of You" of 2015! *sighs* Alright, I'll stop mentioning that song. Now for the final score. I think this song had good intentions, but the execution was done so poorly. Plus, I don't need to beautiful. I prefer to heed Manson's warning about the beautiful people. Well, I'm half way there, but no amount of prayers can save me from these next two songs. Things are about to get ugly. So ugly that the Ugly Barnacle will die. This time, we're going back to 2014, the same year a certain song that nearly destroyed me was released, with a song by an artist from the far away land of Australia. From the same country that gave us AC/DC, Kangaroos, Nicole Kidman, and Steve Irwin, it's Sia with "Chandelier." For this one, I'll be talking less about the song and more about the artist in choice. This will be a doozy. I'm going to be really frank here... I absolutely cannot stand Sia. I hate her almost as much as Taylor Swift. I don't understand why she's so popular. The main reason I hate Sia… her voice. She sounds like she's getting an oversized rectal probe inserted whilst screaming with a mouthful of peanut butter and marshmallows. Quite unpleasant if ask me. That's the best word to describe Sia's voice. Her voice is so unpleasant, she makes a grindcore vocalist sound like Freddie Mercury. Not only is her voice unpleasant to hear but also unintelligible. Seriously, can anyone understand what she's singing? I sure as hell can't! Her diction and enunciation are so bad, I can't even make up misheard lyrics. She even puts Kurt Cobain to shame! Why is she so popular when we can't understand what the fuck she's singing?! On a somewhat related note, Sia is also one of the reasons I refuse to watch the goddamn MLP movie. Worst celeb self-insert ever! Just why, Hasbro? As for the song... well, if I actually liked this song, I wouldn't have included it on Musical Manslaughter. This song is so unpleasant, unintelligible, nonsensical, OPAF (especially in 2015), and it makes me want to hang myself from a chandelier. What this hell is this song even about, anyway?! *sigh* I would rant further, but I need to conserve my energy for the last song. Here's the final score. It just baffles me how an artist with such an unpleasant and unintelligible voice could be popular. In my opinion, Tom Araya of fuckin' Slayer sounds eons more pleasant than Sia. One more song and I consider this one the worst of the worst. Going back to 2015 for the third and hopefully last time, it's Adele from merry old England with her smash hit "Hello." *inhales sharpiestly* Out of all the songs in this entry, this is the song I hate the most. I mean, practically everyone I know likes this song. Seriously, am I the only one in the world the universe who hates this song?! I have some major problems with this song. Time to use up this last bit of anger as this entry's going out with a bang. My first problem with this song: It's OPAF. Not just OPAF, but astronomically OPAF. Much like "Shake it Off" was back in late 2014-2015, "Hello" topped the Billboard charts and was played practically everywhere in late 2015 and most especially in 2016. Trying to get away from this song was like trying to dodge rain in a thunderstorm. Every time I hear this song, I feel my happiness being washed down the drain. I could go on about this song's overplayed-ness, but I have much bigger problems with this song. My next problem is the same problem I have with Justin Bieber's song. It's another goddamn apology song, and dare I say, it's even worse than the Biebs song. Why? Just listen to the damn chorus! Hello from the other siiiiiide I must have called a thousand tiiiiiimes To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done But when I call you never seem to be home Hello from the outsiiiiiide At least I can say that I've triiiiiied To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart But it don't matter it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore Wow... just wow. The desperation is strong with this one. This doesn't just take the cake, it takes the whole damn bakery! I know the "called a thousand times" is a hyperbole, but really? If he didn't answer the first few times, why did you keep trying?! He probably should've blocked your number after the third time. Also, what did you do to him? Did you eat his tendies? I can't even fathom what Adele and whoever wrote this were thinking with this song. Did they really think these lyrics sound sincere? Because to me, it sounds extremely creepy. In fact, "Hello" makes "Every Breath You Take" sound like fucking "All Star!" At least Sting admitted that "Every Breath" is supposed to be creepy. This song... *sigh* I need calm myself down before I explode twice... But I'm not done here, am I? Oh no, I have another major problem with this song: The production. Creepy lyrics aside, "Hello" is one of the most musically boring songs I have ever heard. It's just some sad and plodding piano ballad that we've all heard like a million times now. Not that I hate piano ballads, but this song doesn't do anything new or even interesting. Once again, boring! However, what really kills the song for me is Adele's "oversinging" in the chorus. I'm not sure if "oversinging" is the right term, but it really does sound like she's overly straining her voice. It really makes my vocal cords shrivel. Sheesh, I thought Adele would've learned to be more careful with her vocal technique after she blew out voice the first time. Nope, she blew it out again last year, likely for good. I find it pretty pathetic that Adele blew out her voice twice before turning 30 while Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson are in their 60s and they can still wail. I guess it is all in the technique. Now for the final score. Honestly, Adele, I don't know why you say hello when I say goodbye. And that concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. I was expecting "Mini-Slaughters" would be a lot easier to write. I was wrong. Maybe the next set of "Mini-Slaughters" would be easier For my next entry, I'll be tearing apart a horrible recent cover of a beloved 1970s anthem. This is Woohoo, signing off.
  2. this is just a massive dump of my furry art! i work really hard on it! vani.psd
  3. Hello! So I haven't been on here in a while mostly because I stopped remembering mlp was a thing I enjoyed and recently started it up again. I'm actually still very new to the fandom and I dunno, I just have some concerns that have been bugging me a lot lately. I've already mentioned my worries about the fandom fading, and I got plenty of responses to that that made me feel so much better. But I'm coming back again to this fandom and feeling that same feeling of wanting to be a part of the bigger thing. You know, to hang out with and talk to other fans and make art and go to conventions and such. But my past experience with attempting to participate and maybe get to know other fans (besides on here) has been kinda... well... just bad. Lots of people aren't very kind or welcoming and I felt out of place and kinda disappointed to see some of the concerns/complaints I've heard going around about this fandom are kinda true. And I'm sure that's not true for all the fandom! Which is kinda why I'm posting here. I'm hoping to meet some people that maybe are a little more welcoming. I'm kind of just stuck now between wanting to join in in something I like and wanting to stay away because of some unpleasant experiences. I thought I could try staying away from the fandom stuff and just enjoying the show on my own, but it's just really lonely. To be quite honest, I'm kinda scared to be posting here too (even though I've yet to have a bad experience on this forum, which is wonderful). I dunno maybe my concerns are dumb, I just am really wishing that there's some part of this fandom I was excited to be a part of that is actually a bit more pleasant to be around. I'm very sorry if this seems rude or stupid
  4. Yes, I waited until midnight to say this, but here's the special update. I've decided that I won't be writing RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails on Saturdays because I want to keep it strictly a weekday job. I know it's a bit abrupt and I actually never planned on taking a break. It's fun to write little stories about my mishaps in life, it really is! Don't worry about a thing, because I'll be back with a brand new story Sunday. After that, I wanted to tell a longer, more personal one before moving on. This next Sunday release is a doozy and will (probably) get me a warning, but... meh? It's got to do with Clop, but I've been making sure not to include anything suggestive in the actual story. IF you happen to want the full details, then I'd be happy to answer questions through Private Messaging. I'm hoping to extend this series as long as I possibly can. It will always have the same schedule. If not, I will do my best to catch up. New Issue Everyday with the exception of Saturdays -RealityPublishing
  5. I noticed yesterday one or two people came up with an idea of an apology thread so i did this for everyone just call your user and apologise just like this im sorry for losing contact with you do you accept my apology?
  6. 碇 シンジン

    im sorry

    sorry=( i havent been so active these days i feel like just going away iweekend is really hard forum works against me and its getting harder to be here and my rehab makes it even harder in the weekends really depressed and lonely sorry
  7. The team behind Fire Emblem Awakening is making a new game for 3DS, Nintendo just announced. Though this game will be developed by Intelligent Systems, Nintendo says it'll play differently than the last one, including challenges "the likes of which have never be seen in the series up until now." No word on a name or release date yet, though it's called "Fire Emblem If" in Japan. The name "Fire Emblem If" seems to imply that it's gonna happen on an alternate timeline from the main one (the Akaneia series),and judging from the trailer,it's gonna be set on a medieval Japan time,while combining the most occidental traits,like the Pegasus and the Magic. At first sight,it shows the same graphical capabilities from Fire Emblem: Awakening,but it also has a big enhancement,which is that the background turns into a 3d one,which gives more realism to the fight scenes. Also,it seems that it's gonna bring back the Dual System that was first brought on Awakening,but I wonder if they'll bring back again the Marry/Children system,or it's gonna be just of Supports again.
  8. I need to leave MLP Forums intill school ends. I need to focus on school right now because my grades are not what I want. So I'm very sorry for people who requested stuff from me. I might check in time to time. See you guys then
  9. Can one word make you feel better? If it does why is that? I want to say sorry to people every time I feel that I did something wrong or something that made other people to work unnecessarily. It makes me feel better after I've said that. I want to forgive all things that happened to me but some of them are harder than others, because I don't want to hold a grudge. It just makes me feel angry if I do. I don't usually say thank you because I feel it kind of awkward maybe because I think that I should've handled this myself not needing others help me. But I truly appreciate if someone helps me I just feel I don't deserve it. Ok it lagged and made 2 threads sorry about that. I hope you can forgive thank you.
  10. As we promised last week, PoniArcade will be launching tonight! Using your feedback from last time, we'll be holding three gaming events this weekend. So for those feeling left out of BABSCon, here's a good way to mingle with your fellow bronies in time for Season 5 of FiM! Schedule Friday (April 3, 2015) @ 4 PM PDT (7 PM EDT): Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Saturday (April 4, 2015) @ 11 AM PDT (2 PM EDT): Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Sunday (April 5, 2015) @ 11 AM PDT (2 PM EDT): Garry's Mod (Gmod) Note that Gmod and CSGO have been switched, and that both are now at midday instead of the evening. Servers Currently, the following servers are in operation (more info here): Team Fortress 2 Server 1: [ONLINE] Server 2: [OFFLINE] Server 3: [OFFLINE] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server 1 (Classic Casual): [ONLINE] Server 2 (Demolition/Arms Race): [OFFLINE] Garry's Mod Server 1: [ONLINE] Server 2: [OFFLINE] Once again, for those without TF2, you can legally download it for free as long as you have a Steam account! One thing to keep in mind is that these games do depict some (unrealistic) blood, so some discretion is advised. TeamSpeak You can get TeamSpeak from its official site. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them below. We look forward to seeing you! MISC/UPDATES Be sure to check this thread regularly to receive the latest news! Events are planned to be streamed through (via Twitch) GMod game modes and maps are TBD. We'll announce them ASAP! PArc now has its own forum! Discuss events, ideas, reports, bans, and all things PArc!
  11. So yeah, the voting thread's up a bit late. Sorry about that! This month, we have 10 candidate banners! Voting will (tentatively) end at Wednesday, 11:59 PM PDT. However, if we don't receive enough votes by then, we can extend the voting period as needed.
  12. Can one word make you feel better? If it does why is that? I want to say sorry to people every time I feel that I did something wrong or something that made other people to work unnecessarily. It makes me feel better after I've said that. I want to forgive all things that happened to me but some of them are harder than others, because I don't want to hold a grudge. It just makes me feel angry if I do. I don't usually say thank you because I feel it kind of awkward maybe because I think that I should've handled this myself not needing others help me. But I truly appreciate if someone helps me I just feel I don't deserve it. Ok it lagged and made 2 threads sorry about that. I hope you can forgive thank you.
  13. For those who give a damn, you might've noticed my absence from this site for a couple of days. I...have been gambling. Not just any kind of gambling,but pokemon gambling. Ever since I signed up on a thread for pokemon avatars called Join the horde I decided to go around the internet and reminisce about good ol poke times. I went though pokemon childhood songs,pokemon commercials and then ended up on a Lord Helix song. Which then led me to TPP. For those of you who don't know about Lord Helix and TPP I'll explain a bit. TPP or Twitch Plays Pokemon is where tens of thousands got together to play Pokemon Red. All at the same time. It was chaos and it was so beautiful. It would take an hour just to get to the next town. There's more I want to tell, but I want this to be short. Go here for more info. I've gotten a bit off topic. The point is right now during an intermission of main pokemon games we(TPP) are playing Pokemon Stadium there are 2 teams where we bet on who is going to win and get to input controls. We use fake money called dongers and it's so addicting I can barely drag myself away to eat. I've gambled before and it's never felt like this before. The rage when someone trolls a match, the rush of happiness when Lord Helix wins or Bird Jesus Ko's an opponent, the frustration when fighting in fog and the ABSOLUTE SADNESS when you bet all your dongers on one match and go back to being poor when SOME ASSWIPE DECIDES TO GO AFK AFTER HE HAS TOP BID!!! The point is go check out the lore of Twitch Plays Pokemon. It's amazing.
  14. my mum has been in the Himalayas for the past two weeks so i have hod to go to work more often giving me less time to make my highlights. if you can all forgive me and give me your recommendations please i could do with some more ideas or i will end up stopping the highlights.
  15. my mum has been in the Himalayas for the past two weeks so i have hod to go to work more often giving me less time to make my highlights. if you can all forgive me and give me your recommendations please i could do with some more ideas or i will end up stopping the highlights.
  16. HexDex

    To Mods/Admins

    I snapped, and I lashed out on the mods/admins. I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I made accusations but didn't show proof, probably because I just didn't want and I was too lazy to. But that's not what I'm typing this for. I'm apologizing for what I said, and how I lashed out at them. So if you want to continue to hate me do so, but please, do a favour and don't comment then. This blog is the only place I can vent but yet I feel I can't even do that... But again sorry mods/admins for lashing out on you. I'm not doing this so I can get posts unlocked, or for people to start liking me again, I'm doing this because I took something that happened that was out of their control and got mad and simply just hated them. Some of my views still stand but not all of them. (Post was taken down because..Well you guys just made me feel worse for being angry.) So again sorry. I don't know if I'll continue to post or not, now that my schedule is being changed due to the National Guard and school is getting to the real serious point. But there's many reasons why I just don't feel like posting a lot any more. No I will not list them, it'll probably just make more of you angry. -sighs- But whatever... I will still keep posting art, which I will be requesting it to be locked once I have finished it so people who have missed the dead line for requests can no longer request. I guess that's where I'm ending this post.... I just wish I could vent here and not be judged or frowned upon for being angry... Because people snap...Mentally... And over 100 ponies saw it. So please cast your judgement or whatever... I most likely will read it and hate myself even more. I don't expect this to fix things but the longer this apology is delayed the more I fear that I will pushed out and shunned of this community. This is Hex...Saying so long..Not forever..But..For awhile...
  17. Sorry if my blogs arent that great and it's really late not midnight and i am sleepy so sorry if the blogs are a little messed up...(I mean messed up by me talking and making no sense). My dad forgot to turn off the wifi and he went too bed so i am online because the wifi is still on.
  18. Ok too my friends and people who care about me or if you're instersted too hear what I'm gonna say then you can stay. We'll i have been gone for a day i was with my big brother at grandmas house for dinner and me and my big brother wanted too spend a night over.We watched kca nick's kids choice awards today around 5:00 pm.We came home early from buying stuff i had a blast a little and i got this game i never payed since i was 11 year's old so i wanted too play it and it looks fun and if anyone thinks its childish who cares its not there life do you know that older people play old kid games?. I wanted too try playing famps because it looks cool and it was made when i was 11 year's old and no i don't use the pc version i use the 1983 too 2009 mac.
  19. THIS IZ A LITTLE STORY SHIPPING I THOUGHT OF WHEN THE QUESTIONER WAS UNDERESTIMATING MY AWESOME SKILLZ. ahem. Chapter infinity: The Questioner was walking home from whatever stuff he does. He spotted a guy being kicked and abused. so Questioner walked over to the people and was all like "yo what u doin to dis poor guy mon???" and then they were like "u think ur so tough mon" and then questioner was like "innit bled" and then they went into COMBAT MODE. >Bully uses punch >Questioner dodges >Questioner uses magic missile >It missed >Bully uses roar >Questioner's MP decreased >Questioner uses confusion >Bully's stats are decreased >Bully tries to flee >It failed >Questioner uses kick >It is very effective >Bully is defeated The Questioner then shoved the bully out of the way and all the other bullies ran away like "Aaaaah". "I hast cometh to save thou! Art thou ok? What is thy name?" said The Questioner "i am Frozen_Pegasus.mp3" Replied the guy on the floor. The Questioner helped Frozen_Pegasus.mp3 to stant up. "ART THOU HURT?" asked the questioner "no" replied blablaaa "are you sure" said quesionr "yes. now that you are here i am fine" said frozenpegasus.mp3 "do you need assistaence" asked questioner "no" "r u sure" yes" "o my" "what" "your face" "is fabulous" they then started making out. the end.
  20. I'm sorry for writing this, I was having writers block, so I tried something I was not good at. I don't know it you can delete stuff or not, so....Yeah. I tried looking for a way, but I couldn't find one
  21. 123457


    so guys im sorry ive been gone is only cause I forgot my password so I joined a sonic board today I remembered it so sorry guys
  22. 'I-Im sorry... I wish I can change for you guys.....' Took about 25-35 minutes to draw Again, some of it was a base, but, like I said, my program is messing up Making this picture was.... wow.... Enjoy Critique? P.S Sorry the horn cuts off, I made the picture to big P.P.S Nothing is wrong with me outside the internet world This idea just got to me, due to my OC having a hard life, ect Nothing is wrong with me, guys ~Hugs~
  23. (Mods, If this needs to be moved to a more appropriate forum, please do so) I am writing this to you to help explain a few things that some of you may have heard about this weekend. As some of you know, when I am not trying to dispense helpful advice to my fellow Bronies, I started hanging out in the Forums Games Section. While in this section, I frequently found myself engaging what I thought was harmless fun with other members that involved asking what would I do if the member above me kissed me, or would I date the member above me, etc. Well, you all know the one's I am talking about. The thing is it would get a bit crazy trying not to get ninja'd by others and what not, so I would send a PM to whomever I was playing with and thank them for being a good sport and reminding them that this was all in good fun and not to be taken seriously, because I am married and have kids after all. Friday night, as I was preparing dinner, I received a phone call. This was phone call from an outraged father who informed me that I had been talking about kissing to an eight year old girl. This person did not divulge this information on her profile (and she's not required to, of course she could have lied anyway). He then proceeded to call me perverted and announced that he was going to call my local police and report me and go on Craig's List and "ruin my life". He has succeeded. As I am writing this, I am sleeping on the couch, because my wife has banished me here for putting her and my family in this situation. I know also live in fear that there will be a knock on my door and the police will take me away for playing a stupid game. What I want to say to all of you is: I am sorry. I have let my family down and I have let you all down, because in one parents eyes I have become one of the stereotypes that I sought to dispel: a creeper. I am not of course, but to him perception is reality and this means I have failed you as a community. There's an old saying that it only takes one oh shit to ruin a thousand attaboy's. My failure is as a result of my failure to check myself and my usage of this forum. So, for the foreseeable future, I will be taking a leave of absence from here. I had originally PM'd Feld0 and asked him to delete my account as I believed that I was no longer worthy of being a member of this site. SkullBuster intervened on my behalf and asked that I be allowed to remain a member. I would like to be able to come back and be able to contribute as before but I will leave that to Feld0 and you, the members of this forum, if you will have me back. Again, I am sorry that I have caused embarrassment to my family and to this forum. I really do care for all of you and I hope you will accept this apology. Good bye for now.
  24. I haven't come up with a good title yet and don't really have any format yet so this will just be a wall of text kind of situation. Again, sorry about that. Yes, this is another Brony in Equestria story but hopefully my style of writing changes it enough so it doesn't go by ignored. And, as with my last one, this is a WIP but I plan on continuing to work on it. Unlike the last. I think I'll still put one spoiler because I think this is pretty damn long. I'm mostly looking for feedback on grammar and format right now but any critique is appreciated. Oh yeah, this will make more sense if you've ever played Kingdom of Loathing. Just think of the Saucerer as a Sorcerer. That's the only term I can really think of. Good luck, troops!