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Found 6 results

  1. ★ FAVORITE ★ Soul Eater Opening #2 Song: Black Paper Moon Artist: Tommy heavenly6
  2. ★ FAVORITE ★ Soul Eater Ending #3 Song: Bakusou Yumeuta Artist: Diggy-MO'
  3. Hey there guys, I'm back with a new project I'm really excited about. If you're like me, you absolutely love the work people like Little Kuriboh do, or Team Four Star. I've always wanted to get into the action of editing and making an abridged series, but I was always disheartened that I couldn't ever find people to help me out. Well, now my problems are over. I'm looking for a team of voice actors to team up and make something we can be proud of. The show we will be abridging is called Soul Eater, which you can inbox me about if you're not so sure of what it is. All characters are open, and I am looking forward to seeing auditions! You can post them below, or simply inbox me if you're interested! I will be taking nearly all applicants (if your mic isn't too awful). Have fun
  4. Hello there, everypony After watching all 50+ episodes of the anime 'Soul Eater', I can now call myself a HUGE fan of it! I loved the show and I adored the characters. So, I figured that I would create a thread dedicated to the show because I couldn't find one that existed already. Favorite characters: Soul , Death The Kid, Stein, Spirit, Crona, and Excalibur. Favorite episode(s): All of them! They were all awesome. Favorite Introductions: Resonance: Black Paper Moon: Favorite Ending:
  5. We all know at least one funny Soul Eater moment. What is your favorite? If you can, please post the video so everyone else can see, we will all laugh together then! Here are two clips... Watch the bartender in this one... And you only need audio for this one...
  6. Since I joined the forums back in July, I saw that others were making signatures/avatars for others on here. After seeing some of the work, I was amazing & made me interested in learning how to make them. I started looking up Photoshop tutorials etc. since I had never used photoshop before. So these are some signatures that I have made since I have been a member here In order from the first I made to the most recent First signature 2nd Sig. 3rd Sig. Soul Eater stuff 4th Sig. I made for another user named Black Star 5th Sig. Another Soul Eater sig. 6th Sig- first pinkie pie signature :3 7th Sig.- this one is probably my favorite of them all 8th Sig- my current AC/DC signature 9th Sig- My most recent signature of Fluttershy <3 Thanks for checking them out! If you liked any of them tell me which one you liked? :3