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Found 9 results

  1. I just thought about this today for this forum site for a new setting. What if we add a notification sounds setting where ponies can choose different variations of sounds from the mane 6 or outside of the mane 6? ( Example: a notification sound where rainbow dash screams like the sound effect or Pinkie pie says "Party Time!" or everyponies favorite background pony Derpy saying "I just don't know what went wrong?" and so on and so fourth ) What does everypony thing? @Jeric @Ganondorf8
  2. I know it's a weird topic, but this just really interests me. Did you ever had the chance (probably in your childhood) to use the stethoscope to listen to your insides? I know that alot of pediatricians do that, because it takes the fear and mystery away from the examination. I for one never had the courage to ask my Doctor/Pediatrician. I was very shy to ask and even when he offered me at one point, i didn't want to, eventhough i wanted to do it. I guess i just felt very odd about it infront of other grown ups. What is your story? Something similar, or something different?
  3. Hey guys, so a lot of people out there have whole collections of music they have made on soundcloud, and, since I did a search and couldn't find a thread specifically for this, I thought I'd make one! So have you got a soundcloud page? Do you make tunes? Got a new tune on said page you'd like to share for everyone to listen to? Maybe a whole playlist? Post it here! I'll get this ball rolling.. Soundcloud page: Soundcloud Playlists: Newest Song: now your turn!
  4. Ok guys, so something happened to my friend and I back in March, and I thought I'd share it with you, just because it was so utterly bizarre, I'm not even sure what to make of it. It was around 1 AM one night, I was playing games with my headset on, and I started hearing something that wasn't in my game. I took my headset off, realizing then that the noise was coming from outside my apartment. I went out on the balcony, and heard the most creepy and unexplainable sounds I'd ever witnessed. They were loud enough to get my attention through sound proof glass, and over my headset. They also woke my friend up, who had his window open, and was listening from his room. The sounds soon died off, but we were both kind of spooked by it, because of how strange it was, so we stayed up watching TV for a while. Around 3AM, the sounds started up again. This time my friend had his phone ready to record it, and we captured a minute and twenty seconds of it from our balcony. Let me know what you think. There's a brief description on the soundcloud page.
  5. If you wanna see true brotherly love and grief please watch the whole thing
  6. Okay, so I need some help. Does anyone know of any good vst's or sample (preferably free) that sound like they could be used for a lot of different purposes? Like a good saw, square, etc? One of the problems I am running into as an amateur musician is the selection of sounds that I have. They are very limited and I don't know how to create a ton of sounds (and yes, I have looked on youtube A LOT). Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Now, onto specific sounds and examples: ArtAttack's "Remember You" in Serenity EP. At about 0:56, there is a really cool sustained note synth. I have no idea how to make that, but I would love to. I really need more synths/sounds for sustained notes. Now, I am sure that most have seen or heard about Hasbro releasing digital shorts to hype up EQ2. In music to my ears, I want to know how to create most of those sounds, but specifically the "distorted organ" sounds at 0:31. I may come up with more questions and post them. I can't find much help elsewhere so I thought I would turn to the loving community that I know of; you guys! Thanks for any help at all!
  7. I find most nursery rhythms to be quite disturbing, given the right sound behind them and rumored meaning behind some of them. That and alot of music that is meant to be calming and relaxing, just feel odd when I listen to them. So, what music/sounds do you find creepy?
  8. So which do you think is a better name for Pinkie pies cherry snack consisting of mashed up cherries wrapped in a tortilla then deep fried Help Pinkie solve this age old question.
  9. Recently I been reading about this a lot that a lot of people from all over the world have been hearing weird sounds that's been coming from the atmosphere and do not know what could be the cause of this strange event. And I was wondering if any of you guys have heard these weird sounds before and if so how did you react to them.