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Found 69 results

  1. Mine it's from Legends of Equestria called "Serenity". This is sooo relaxing and very cute soundtrack from this game.
  2. As i get older, some feel need talk abut the past with my unger generations and something want to pass on is some nice soundtrack i heard in my youth. So here you go with some samples. Alundra Soundtrack - PS Ceasar III Soundtrack - PC Zaus: Master of Olympus Soundtrack - PC Shadow Man Soundtrack - PC/PS Unreal Soundtrack - PC System Shock Soundtrack - PC If you are also an older guy our lady, feel free post your game music you experienced in your youth.
  3. So the OST is starting to drop depending on your region and purchase/streaming platform. I just went through all the film songs twice and so far I have to say that Daniel Ingram nailed it for me. Some quick hits and spoilers We Got This Together feels like a song you would expect from a long big episode on the show, and it highlights several of the traits of the Mane Six. Spike talking with his mouth full made me smile. I'm the Friend You Need has some 90's style Disney elements to go along with Taye Diggs smooth voice. People are going to pick up on that and feel it's familiarity. For me it is reminiscent of Friends on the Other Side at times due to the singer. Time To Be Awesome was hot fun and I suspect will be the fan favorite here. For a song that appears to be a motivational song pushing the Pirates to betray the Storm King ... it was unfortunately a bit on the short side (and I hope the sudden change of heart isn't just tied to this song because brevity is not a good thing with shifting allegiances) but the song is great and Rainbow's best song period. One Small Thing is a duet between Pinkie and Skystar. I'm biased as all hell because Chenoweth is a Broadway goddess to me. This is my second favorite song just for that, though it is probably going to be everyone's least favorite. I don't care ... It's Glinda singing in Pony. Open You Eyes ... Tempest's song ... ok. This was the highlight outside of Sia and Lukas. Emily Blunt sings about her rage, disappointed, and disillusionment from being an outcast among her own kind. Her motivation seems powerful and likely what sells this song. The two huge songs are Rainbow and Off to See The World. Both are rock solid, and my thoughts about Rainbow have already been shared ... the other songs are fine fluff. Rachel Platten does well enough. Anyway, this is a solid Soundtrack and worth the price. It needed some more orchestra pieces though. Most of the songs minus Off to See The World (album purchase exclusive) are available on Hasbro's official YouTube channel.
  4. Let's face it, video game soundtracks can be pretty badass, so what's your favorite? My favorite badass soundtrack would probably be the soundtrack for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Ezio's Family from Assassin's Creed 2, for very obvious reasons. And Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix for them intense feels in a specific boss.
  5. During the song One Small Thing when Princess Skystar sings "it's true" near the end of the song is different in the soundtrack compared to in the movie? soundtrack 2:19 movie 2:29
  6. So, with Pokemon Sun & Moon heading towards us, I'm personally looking forward to another wonderful soundtrack from the games. I don't think there's ever been a Pokemon entry where I have felt dissatisfied with the musical score, Junichi Masuda does an amazing job and I have little reason to fear that won't be the case here. So with that said, what are some of your favorite music tracks from the games? Doesn't necessarily have to be from the main series either, the spin-offs have their share of it too. One I've been listening to recently is the Cipher Peon Battle from Colosseum. Might be a synthesizer, but I still love that guitar riff.
  7. I know the movie didn't went to theaters yet but the soundtrack has been release so what's your favorite song? Mine is Off To See The World by Lukas Graham A perfect song for the ponies adventure outside of Equestria.
  8. I'm talkin' soundtracks from games that aren't from giants of the video game industry, but rather people of small teams. Post your favorite indie game soundtracks, preferably via YouTube, but text is fine too. I have many favorites, but here are three of them from three different games just to keep the post from going too long. Transistor - The Spine Rimworld - Waiting For The Sun Bastion - Mother, I'm Here
  9. The last one was Pinkie Pie's Party Playlist, which contains most of the rest of Season 4's songs, and some Season 5 songs. The most recently released songs were all of those from the Season 6 episode, "A Hearth's Warming Tail", on It's a Pony Kind of Christmas. There's also the Friendship is Magic Collection, but it only has almost all the songs from Seasons 1-4 (show's entire first era). Will we ever get another soundtrack?
  10. The soundtrack of the show sounds so generic and generated (without minding alliteration), that I sometimes wonder what computer program did they use to generate their music?
  11. I know there's a thread about this topic buried somewhere that I could be bumping, but this thread isn't about entire soundtracks. It is about individual scores developed for the soundtracks. For example, I'm currently listening to (as I type this) BrawlBRSTMs3 X's upload of "Grasslands, All the Way" from the soundtrack of one of my favorite games of all time: Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. What are your favorites of these, and why? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My List (from quite a few competitors... I did a lot from the same games, couldn't help it...) 1. Anthem of Braves, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness- Literally, perfect. It's the perfect tune to bring back nostalgia. I also find it encouraging. 2. In the Final, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story- Gets everything right for a final boss theme, and the fight didn't disappoint either. 3. Brine Cave, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2- Sounds like a post-rock band came in from the sea. 4. DK Isle, Donkey Kong 64- Even better than Dire, Dire Docks at the same thing. 5. Dark Crater, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2- Sounds like the nuclear apocalypse (that may be incoming...). 6. The Giant, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story- So Epic. The battles themselves let the theme down in my opinion... 7. Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars- Captures the spirit of a forest pretty well, of course a dubious one. 8. Pokémon League (Nighttime), Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum- Extremely sad and extremely musical. 9. Waltz in the Lake (Inside Bowser), Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story- Sounds like it ought to be Nautilus' (LoL) theme. HM. Ray of Light Into the Future, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness- Another inspirational theme from Anime turned into a strategy RPG (Other way around actually...). HM. Fungi Forest (Day and Night), Donkey Kong 64- Both do well to capture each time of day. HM. Witch Hunting, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness- Sounds like we're burning some folks at the stake today! Most of the links go to times... Whoops. Too lazy to fix it. Oh well.
  12. What is the most emotional track from a video game or movie soundtrack? I personally cannot help, but shed tears when I listen to "An End Once and For All" from the ME3 soundtrack.
  13. I wrote this music for a fan video produced by ILoveKimPossibleAlot and her team. You can download all these tracks for free. There is also a physical CD of the album available, which includes bonus tracks.
  14. :=: This is outrageous! Just noticed in iTunes store an MLP album (3 of them in fact), which I already own. There were two things about it: 1. It is counted as "New from Your Artists" 2. It is no longer "Purchased". It claims that I never bought it. So I took a look at this "new album", and saw that Daniel Ingram is no longer an artist. His name is replaced by names of MLP characters that sing the songs. Plus one of the song has serious typo! I went to my library, chose that album and clicked "show in iTunes store". ...It no longer exists! This...THIS IS FLIPPING INEXCUSABLE! They make typos, don't give the guy who made those songs credit he deserves, and HAVE THE GUTS to expect us to pay for what we already paid for! I am going to become a pain in Apple's neck until they fix that.
  15. I was searching iTunes yesterday for the Rainbow Rocks soundtrack and it seems to have been removed. I tried to find it using the "complete my album" feature with a song from it I already bought but it says that it is no longer avalaible. When checking today, one of the FIM soundtracks was taken down also. Does anyone know if there is a reason they are getting taken down?
  16. I know it's rather minor thing, but it kept bugging me for a while: why Daniel Ingram is no longer main artist in Friendship Games and upcoming christmas albums? Now they have "Various artists".
  17. Happy Nightmare Night everypony! I have a lovely little soundscape for your listening pleasure. I highly recommend headphones for a more immersive experience.
  18. As we all know, My Little Pony features plenty of fine songs. Unfortunately, not all of them made it on shelves, iTunes and other music stores. Only finest made it! So let us share our thoughts about the best, in our opinion, MLP Soundtrack Album currently available to purchase. I'll start, because...that makes sense. I'VE MADE THIS TOPIC, I'LL DO WHAT I WANT As you know (if not then KEEP ON READING!), there are 5 soundtrack albums, 1 compilation album and 1 remix album. I own them all, with the exception of 2015 Convention Collection because it is basically a compilation of best songs from previous albums, which I already have. DON'T QUESTION MAH LOGIC!!! 'Ahem' Anyway, despite the fact that they are all full of fine songs, I decided to give the cake to Rainbow Rocks Soundtrack. Why? Well, in other ones there are songs that I like and songs that...didn't really got me. Rainbow Rocks album had NONE of such songs. I love them all and never skip any of them. Alright, everypony. Your turn! Which MLP album is your favorite and why? What others are missing if so?
  19. Good afternoon everypony. The sun's out, the flowers are in bloom, so let's go on an adventure! Today's going to be a little bit different; the pieces I have for you today are taken from the wonderful world of soundtracks. One film, one game, both Japanese! My first choice is something which I actually heard for the very first time last night, recommended by our very own S.F., it's a lovely track from Final Fantasy IX, called You're Not Alone by Nobuo Uematsu. I've never actually played any of the Final Fantasy games, but this goes a long way to convincing me that I'm missing out! The next selection comes from an animated film which I'm sure many of you will know and love, and is taken from a scene which I think absolutely breathtaking. Procession of the Spirits from the film Spirited Away, composed by Joe Hisaishi. [vimeo] [/vimeo] If you have any recommendations please, don't be afraid to PM me! I'm always happy to hear music that gets you going. I hope you've enjoyed today's instalment!
  20. Just as a question, what was your favorite song overall in either of the EG soundtracks? Mine was Welcome to the Show, even though the Rainbooms' intervention was a bit rude, to be honest.
  21. My brother and I collaborated to create the music for ILoveKimPossibleAlot's latest video, which premiered at BABSCon 2015. Highlights include a ragtime rendition of Eurobeat Brony's "Discord" song along with some other musical references. Critiques are welcome. Enjoy!
  22. I love torgo so much. I made a remix for him at my sound cloud: I hope you all love torgo, torgo is my god! (the song is great and fabulous and this all a stupid joke except for the song, the song is fab but funny) In case you don't know who torgo is, just look up torgos crazy legs. Thanks you all
  23. Welcome one and all to the 2017 MLPF World Cup blog. Here I will be talking about the preparations I've been making towards the 2017 MLPF World Cup. Now one of the major things I will be adding for this edition is the introduction of a private live stream where I place the 32 World Cup Qualifiers into groups. The thing is: as I perform the draw, I need an epic soundtrack that heightens tension, so I narrowed my choices down to five. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to suggest them in the comments section. Now here are your five options! Let me know in the votes! Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
  24. I can't be the only one who thinks The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Soundtrack is the most epic series of music on the planet.
  25. This doesn't necessarily mean the best soundtrack. But which cartoon do you think has the catchiest soundtrack? Not including musical numbers, or the title sequence.