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Found 26 results

  1. So as I am still thinking about what happened with Roseanne lately, here's an SFM video of Spoiled Rich trying to perform the National Anthem. And if anyone asks, the audio is from Tiny Toon Adventures: The Grossanne Sketch with Tress Macneille as Babs Bunny as Grossanne.
  2. This is a Source Filmmaker video that I did involving Flash Sentry as the Heart and Hooves Waifu Thief. Little does he realize, someone wants to make him his Husbando
  3. For those of you who have Garry's Mod or Source Filmmaker, I'm announcing the Kick the Sentry Collab. It's similar to the Kick the Blueblood collab, except that it's Flash Sentry that you get to give the big bad boot to. This video has details on what you need to do. And as a little bonus, here is my first entry into my little collab, featuring Megatron from the Transformers(Voiced by yours truly) Now if you need the Model file, go to for more information.
  4. This was just something stupid I did: Have Fluttershy act as if she were Gilbert Gottfried.
  5. A while back I was commissioned to make a few animated Dota cards. Here are all the ones with ponies in them; enjoy. Feel free to see my other work if you are interested:
  6. Last night I started to use Source Film Maker. I am totally new. So I have been uploading my progression on learning how to use this. So I made two videos. Tell me what you think C: I feel they...aren't too bad #1: The Derp Walk: #2: Sparkles of Glory: also if you have any ideas :3 please share I would love to hear feedback/new ideas.
  7. VIDEO ANNOUCEMENT Hello guys, Darkie4646 here and today, I'm here to present a all new collab dedicated to Pony Sketches and Ponies being funny in the tradition of collabs such as The Pony Idiot Box, Kick the Blueblood, and of course, Kick the Diamond Dog Collab:) Anyways, here's the rules for my collab 1. Video must be either funny and/or be a parody sketch 2. Must be 10 Seconds to 3 Minutes long 3. Try not to use Copyrighted music (Or send me a musicless version of the submission and I'll add some song to it) 4. Deadline is February 1, 2015 5. Feel free to use any character from any other show or game in your submission if you want 6. Lets not forgot a ID watermark on the bottom right of the video 7. Submit either a link to your entry through posting the link on the video or through sending me a message either on YouTube or here with a link to your video (Or a download for your video if your hosting it on a non-video site)
  8. Voice of Trixie: Ditzy Dubs Original Voice of Bender: John DiMaggio Bender assumes the role of the Great and Powerful Trixie(From ). But little does he know, the One and Only Great and Powerful Trixie is watching, and she's not amused.
  9. And thus, Bowser becomes the victim of a tribute to both Spy can't decide and Pinkie Pie can't decide by ZavCoyote/Ezecoyote
  10. I made this image/thingy in Source Filmmaker? What do y'all think? I'm not very practiced with the program but here is my attempt at a Mane 6 envisioning.
  11. so to anyone who actually sees this, i kinda need your help. ive been looking for an mlp sfm video and i cant seem to find it. dont remember the name, but it had a short haired pony, sneaking into a grave yard to steal somthing from the dead ponies for a product that you see in the opening of the video. the pony stealing things was a he, and he was singing
  12. Hope you guys like these! It took a while but I think it is worth it! I think I will do more, only if it is requested! So PLEASE: feedback will be greatly appreciated! Feel free to do whatever you wish with these wallpapers! I don't consider myself an artist, but in my spare time, The Source Film Maker fulfils my needs. ENJOY! - WunderWaffen! -This was my first work, not very good.- -This was about No.5, Practice makes perfect.- -This is my latest, The Sniper is pretty bored.-
  13. Hello, and welcome to the home of my Source Filmmaker posters! This thread shall be filled with both pony and non-pony pictures made by me. A lot of these images that you will see are just random ideas I get and just go with. I've been working with SFM since November, 2013. Even though I had it since July, 2012. These images and future work shall be uploaded to the forum roughly a week before they are uploaded to my DeviantArt. Lastly if you want to check out any of my animations with Source Filmmaker, check out my Youtube channel. Dr. Robo Medic Hard at Work Applejack and Rainbow Dash Foolin' Around Hillbilly Engineer Versus Assassin Spy Sniper Overwatch An Apple Sunset Engineer Approves The King Fights His Own Battles Road Trip! Isaac and Carver Pyro Rockin' Sniper Sniping with a Bow Standoff Learn From the Best Garrus Doesn't Understand Valentines Group Photo
  14. I have released the completed Shadow Got Owned Collaboration on Youtube. Special thanks goes to 10 participants who submit their entries to me(Double special thanks to wMTF2, tails230 and WittyUsernameSA for allowing me to provide the voice of Shadow the Hedgehog for their projects. Note: While there are Ponies in this video(Ex: Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Derpy Hooves and Cheese Sandwich), this is a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed video that focuses entirely on Shadow the Hedgehog. Therefore, this video is posted on this here forum.
  15. It has been ages since I first posted about Blue Spy on this forum, and I am glad to say I have finally made the biggest instalment yet. Blue Spy Episode 4 continues where the 3rd episode left off, with more pony characters and references than ever before. It is also the first in the series to be entirely animated with Source Filmmaker. So if you enjoy the show or at least a Rarity x Spy shipping, tune in for Blue Spy!
  16. I've finally released my collab to the public at last. Please let me know what you think of it
  17. I'm doing a Gmod/SFM Collaboration based on making fun of the Sonic character Shadow the Hedgehog(Mainly a regular on my Gmod videos, and I voice this character). The rules are basically: Your goal is to make Shadow look like a complete fool all while keeping it PG-Rated. And yes, you can use Ponies.
  18. Ever wanted to get back at the leader of the Diamond Dogs for taking Rarity and for everything he's done. Well now you can:) Thats Right, I'm starting a collab for everyone to beat the crap outta Fido the Diamond Dog (Or Rover depending on which name you choose to pick) Collab Rules 1. Video must be 30Seconds-3Minutes Long 2. Fido can not die in the video 3. The focus of the video must be on Fido 4. Entry can be done in either Source Filmmaker or Garry’s Mod 5. Entry must be submitted to me VIA PM 6. Entry must have your ID Watermark 7. The way Fido enters and exits the video is up to you 8. The Final video will be uploaded on my channel 9. The Deadline for submitting entries will be on March 4, 2014 10. Have Fun:) Official Video Annoucement can be found right here
  19. Animation made by me in Source Filmmaker. It's a remake of a scene from Rainbow Dash Presents: Bittersweet. If you haven't seen that, you totally should.
  20. right, since I can't think of anything to animate in SFM (source film maker) I've decided to ask the people of this forum for ideas, the only thing I would like to ask for is to be that it is only in the tf2 group of animations, since I've only truly started in SFM only making five videos, four of them being tests and one being eight seconds, so that is all I only ask for thank you all
  21. right here's the deal Im wanting to make a sfm version of the first attack on titan opening but i don't have any form of map that can resemble attack on titan's city so if you could point me in the direction of one or build me one i would be very grateful (if you build one you will be credited on your YouTube name and/or forum name)
  22. Oh wow! I've been gone for so long everythings changed! Hey guys it's CG here and It's been forever since I've posted here. I'm not dead! Anyway here's a video for everyone! ELAPSED TIME: 01:43:22
  23. I know I'm probably one of the few noobs who doesn't already know, but where is a safe place (as in no viruses) to download the ponies to use in SFM? Also, I'm still new to SFM so I could use some help installing them correctly to.
  24. Thought I'd you know make a video with ponies and gamegrumps, I'll slip it under, Slip it right here So, one of my first gamegrumps animations for SFM, I wish to continue with this, and TheColgateShow, and Sunchasers. BUT! I would like some feedback aswell. SO! What did y'all think?
  25. I was going to make a topic where people can show off Source Filmmaker Movies and Posters, but where do I put it? Is SFM considered a Game or an Animation tool?