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Found 101 results

  1. Post your funny or creepy YouTube finds here! going to the store Halo: Reach Fanboy Orgasm.
  2. I'm curious as to what your thoughts/ opinions are on this show? I'm just about finished watching it and I'm sorta on the fence. I feel it missed it's potential. It could've been a very good show, I have much respect for Carrell and many of the other cast but I just felt the show fell short of the mark. That being said, I still enjoyed watching it. As the season got on I found myself becoming more and more entertained by it. I kinda hope they make a second series but do it the right way, they could have a hit on their hands!
  3. Approximately 5 billion years ago, there was a supernova. Supernovae occur often throughout the universe, and are believed to occur somewhere on the order of once every 50 years in our Milky Way. Supernovae help illustrate the stellar circle of life. When one star dies, it can bring about the birth of many more. It may be odd to think of such a violent death bringing forth life. Indeed, if a supernova occurred too close to the Solar System, it would be lights out for us Earthlings. And yet, it was thanks to a supernova occurring reasonably close by that our solar system exists at all. Our story begins at the end, with a star dying in a massive explosion. The explosion generates a shockwave, this shockwave slams into anything in its way... Like a cloud of dust and gas, for instance. This shockwave can result in the cloud "clumping" together in places, and these clumps begin to attract more gas and dust. This process continues until they begin to heat up. As time passes, a star is born. Like this one, for instance: This is our sun. Some call it Sol. It is from this name that we derive Solar System. It may look quite brilliant now, but the sun is actually a relatively dim star! Here is what it would look like from about 40 light years away: It's hard to believe that speck is responsible for life here. And yet without it we're nothing. There are 8 planets (that we know of) in our Solar System, all born from the same cloud as our sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. But that list says nothing of asteroids, comets, dwarf planets, ices, or moons. It gives no indication of the immensity and relativistic small size of the solar system. There is so much to talk about, but we must start somewhere. So why not start close to our Sun? Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, the smallest in the solar system, and as of this posting, the least explored planet in our stellar neighborhood. At approximately 46.6 million km (28 million miles), Mercury completes an orbit around our star once every 88 days. It boasts extreme temperature differences, little to no atmosphere, and an unusually strong magnetic field for its size and history. Did I mention its also quite toasty on the day side? The side facing the sun enjoys a warm 700K day. This works out to approximately 427 C, or 800 F. And yet, on the night side things are not so hot. In fact, they're quite cold! Bone chilling, even. The side not facing the sun is usually around 100K (-173C, -280F). The poles are always below 180K. (-93C, -136F). These temperature variances are the most extreme on any known planet in our solar system. So, quite hot in the sun! The hottest in the solar system for sure, right? Wrong. Mercury may be the closest to the sun, but the hottest planet in our solar system is this beauty: It's Earth's sister planet, and the second from the sun, Venus. Named after the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus is often considered Earth's sister planet. Before we got around to further studies of it, there was a popular theory that Venus' surface was a gorgeous and comfortable paradise of water, extraterrestrial grass, insects, animals and just life in general. It was, we supposed, a beauty both inside and out. Venus' surface is rendered above. Not a drop of water. The temperatures are a scathing 462 C (863 F, 735 K), atmospheric pressure at the surface is 92 times that of Earth, it rains sulfuric acid, and as of early 2020, evidence has emerged that Venus is volcanically active. Due to some type of uncertain event in its past, Venus is the only planet in the solar system to rotate clockwise, and it rotates so slowly that one day on Venus is longer than its year. With extremely hostile surface conditions, a remarkably slow rotation, and a toxic atmosphere, survival time at the surface of Venus unprotected would most likely be less than two minutes. There is a reason Carl Sagan referred to Venus as "the planet most like Hell." Our next stop is going to be a place you may have grown somewhat familiar with. Earth! (You are here) What is there to say about Earth? Well, do you have the whole day? No? You've got things to do? Well, in that case, let's just talk a little about it and a little friend of ours too. Spoilsport. The Earth is the veritable Goldilocks planet, in the Goldilocks zone. This basically means it's got just the right temperature for liquid water to exist, just the right magnetic field to help protect it from the solar wind, and just the right satellite to help stabilize it on its axis. Earth's official name is Terra, but its most used name is Earth. And nobody's quite sure who named Earth "Earth" for that matter. The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is a cozy 150 million km, or 93 million miles. Because distances in our solar system become quite vast, I will also include AU measurements from here on out. An AU is an Astronomical Unit. 1 AU is equal to 1 Earth-Sun distance. Our Earth is a beautiful place, and life is quite strong as our home is quite durable. But even our mighty Earth can be wounded or changed forever. Lest we regret it, it's in our best interest to do what we can to preserve its beauty, preserve its health, and protect its ecosystem. Except for mosquitoes. They can go. In the distance towards the bottom, we see Earth's most famous satellite: The Moon. It was given the name "Luna" by the Romans, and "Selene" by the Greeks. It is from the former that we derive the name "Lunar eclipse" or "Lunatic." The Moon is responsible for our tides and is also known to help stabilize the Earth's axis. If the moon was not present, Earth would wobble much more than it does now. It has been suggested that, the last time the Earth's axis altered a tenth of a degree, the Sahara Rainforest became the Sahara Desert. This, however, should be taken with a grain of salt. Bold claim! The moon is essentially tidally locked to its parent body. This means the moon rotates at just about the exact speed required to ensure the same side is always facing its parent body, save for the occasional libration. If it didn't rotate at all, we'd see the back on occasion! The moon's sunny side enjoys a toasty daytime temperature of 260 F, or 127 C (399 K). It's night side can dip to -280 F, or -173 C (This works out to about 100 K). The Far Side (not the comic) was first directly observed in c. 1959. The Moon's formation is likely to have been caused at least in part by the collision of a roughly Mars-sized planet with the Earth, known as Theia. We may cover Theia and the impact hypothesis in the future. For now, it's time to say farewell to our home and one of our best planetary friends, and say hello to our final inner planet... Mars. In the above picture we have the Martian family portrait- the planet itself, and its two moons: Phobos, and Deimos. Named after the Roman God of War and affectionately nicknamed "The Red Planet" Mars and Earth have a long history together. Mounting evidence suggests that, early in its existence, Mars hosted liquid water on its surface. But something happened to the planet, and it's now an inhospitable place. The mean temperature on Mars is around -80 F, -60 C, or 210 K. The poles can get down to -195 F, -125 C, or a little under 150 K. However, Mars has been known to get above freezing. Sometimes the temperature can be like that of a spring day on Earth! Mars averages approximately 142 million miles from the sun, or 228 million km. This works out to 1.5 AU, so 1.5 times the average Earth-Sun distance. We will cover its periapsis (closest point) and apoapsis (farthest) as well as go more in depth another time. In the meantime, there's more to this beauty we have to talk about! Did you know that Mars is home to the largest known volcano in the Solar System? This is Olympus Mons, an enormous shield volcano that makes Earth's own Mount Everest look like an anthill. At nearly 22 km (13.6 mi) in height, Olympus Mons is about two and a half times the height of Mount Everest at sea level. This is the volcano itself from a distance. Olympus Mons is a relatively young volcano, and it may still be active and have the potential to erupt in the future. This is the sky from the top of the volcano. I don't know about you but I spy Earth waving to us from the horizon! But we're not through yet! Did you know that Mars is also home to the largest known canyon system in our solar system? It puts the Grand Canyon to shame! This is Valles Marineris. It stretches more than 4,000 km long, 600 km wide in parts (average width is 200 km), and up to 7 km deep. For the imperial readers out there, that's almost 2,500 miles long, 372/124 miles wide, and almost 4.5 miles in depth. The Grand Canyon is around 277 miles long (446 km), 18 miles (29 km) wide, and its depth is a little over a mile (1.8 km). Valles Marineris positively dwarfs it! Finally, we have the moons. Phobos And Deimos There is an old myth that they were named such because their discoverer's wife threatened to keep supper from him if he didn't locate something interesting in the sky. So he named them after his wife: Phobos, meaning fear, and Deimos, meaning terror/panic. In reality, however, their names are derived from the chariot that the Roman God Mars was said to ride into battle. It was guided by two horses: Phobos (again, "Fear") and Deimos ("Panic"). Phobos and Deimos are two irregularly shaped objects whose origins remain controversial. Some think they accreted together, and others believe they are captured asteroids. Phobos has a radius of approximately 11 km, or 7 mi. It orbits very close to Mars at approximately 6,000 km, or 3,700 mi. Deimos is smaller and considerably more distant. Its radius is around 6.2 km (3.9 mi) and it orbits at an average distance of almost 23,500 km (approx. 14,500 mi) from the Martian surface. Both Phobos and Deimos are orbiting too close to Mars, and are expected to either collide with the Martian surface in the next 30-50 million years, or will be torn apart by tidal forces into a ring system. This whole thing has gone on for quite a while, wouldn't you say? I think it's time we call it for now. But above we see our first visit for the next entry. Some call it Earth's big brother... I hope to see you guys then! Until then, keep looking up!
  4. So there is a "what is your favorite planet thread" so why not your favorite moon? Mine is Io, because it is a very geologically active world and it just looks cool. What is yours?
  5. Space is endlessly fascinating. In our galaxy alone there are hundreds of millions of stars, many most likely containing their own planetary systems, with those plans potentially having their own systems as well. With so much potential wonder and mystery, it makes me think of what it would be like to visit at least one of these far away places. Even somewhere in our solar system would be pretty far. So my question to you all is this: Out of what we know about space, what one place would you love to visit? Provided we had the technology to do so safely of course. I 'would' pick Jupiter's closest 'famous' moon Io, particularly because it just sounds quite alien compared to most moons or even planets, but also because it is the closest of the more famous moons to Jupiter, potentially allowed us to see that behemoth of a planet at a fairly close distance. The only problem? Io is absolutely littered with tons of volcanic activity. However, if I could I would definitely go there. If not there, then Pluto.
  6. Hey y'all, heres a Mind Blower for you! If a pregnant woman gave birth to a Human Baby on a different planet than Earth, would that make the Baby a Alien, since he/she did not come from Earth?
  7. The second part of this little trio of themed readings will be "Now I Know In Part" by Cynewulf. A story of Twilight, and repetition. As always, it will take place in the Poniverse Discord, in the Storytime voice chat channel. You can join us beforehand, during and after in the Library Lounge text channel as well - I'd very much like to know if you enjoyed it, or have constructive criticism. Hope to see you there, Quinch
  8. Tell us your thoughts on how you guess the future is going to be like. I'm hoping we can start colonizing the solar system in my lifetime, wouldn't that be awesome? I don't know how many people like me are out there, but I just absolutely love the idea of colonizing other worlds. I would really like it if every planet in our solar system had humans living on them or in orbit around them. Do you think humanity will ever do that? How about teraforming planets like Mars, or colonizing other solar systems? I sure hope so. On earth there are potential technologies that can save our planet's environment and ecosystems and other amazing things. Fusion is the technology they are working on that you should keep your ears on, because if it ever becomes a reality it's going to be a huge change.
  9. I don't know if there's already a Star Wars thread I can merge this with but I just don't know about all these post-Disney Star Wars spinoffs. I'm probably going to see the Solo movie but the franchise is starting to wear thin for me. I didn't like the Last Jedi, Rogue One was just okay, etc. I feel like they're running it into the ground at this point. They retconned the Expanded Universe and the new sequels feel like more of a rehash than anything else. I'll always be a fan of the original trilogy but it just feels so gimmicky at this point. Thoughts?
  10. Just wondering if anybody here watches or used to watch Star Trek. I've seen a considerable amount from each show except for Deep Space 9 which I can't stand to watch. I would say Voyager was my favorite since I've seen every episode and used to watch in on a daily basis. I think Enterprise would come in second. Both my Dad and my Step Dad watch the show quite often so exposure to this show has been unpreventable in my case.
  11. So I was drawing a nebula and I was like, you know what, havent drawn my pony in a long while. So I drew her. It took me a bit to figure out the wings, I am so used to drawing them closed, so I think I spent an hour on drawing them?? Also....I LOVE THE MOON I DID!!! :3 Anyway I am gonna rest my wrist now oTL
  12. So SpaceX is looking to beat out NASA and their plans to send humans to Mars by the 2030's. SpaceX vs. NASA I find this very interesting. The space race challenge used to be a conflict just between nations, but now independent companies have been getting involved with many different ideas on the future of space travel and our place within it all. And although lofty, the idea that a company like Space X could possibly beat out NASA by 10 years or more on putting human feet on the red planet is pretty fascinating. Do you see it as possible? How about their vision of thousands or even millions of people heading off to colonize Martian cities? In a few more years many of us may have children signing up for such an endeavor and within a few short years after that, we may have grandchildren sending us computer messages from stations on Mars. It is a pretty exciting thing to consider. Where do you see us as a species by let's say 2050 when it comes to space, space travel and our place in the solar system?
  13. So, initially I wanted to create an Europa Universalis thread to discuss about the game, until I realized that it would be a bit more exciting to talk about all of Paradox's games in general (not to mention there isn't a thread about it yet, as far as I know ((If there is, please let me know below!)). Are there any Paradox Grand Strategy players here? If so, what's your playstyle? How did you get into the games? What was the craziest, best, or even worst game you've had? What are your favorite, or least desirable aspects of Paradox's games (apart from its DLC, we all know it's pretty horrid). Go ahead, don't be shy about posting how big, or small your blob is Basically, I started out by a friend buying me Europa Universalis 4 once it was on sale last year on Steam. I understood the game rather quickly, and was able to play the Ottoman Empire... sort of successfully! x3 Just recently I got Hearts of Iron 4 (never played HOI 3 or any previous installment). I didn't understand most of it, but I can't wait until I do, it really looks just as fun as EU4 does! (Still haven't gotten Stellaris, I'll get back to you on that >.<) And now, for an obligatory blob picture(s)
  14. *No movie night Nov. 25th due to Thanksgiving holiday* Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on eqtv, including our iconic friday movienight, where we watch movies voted by you guys. Unscripted saturday events, where we often do random livestreams, these can range from gaming events to comic readings. Our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest mlp episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Space...The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Millenium Falcon. It's continuing mission. To rebel against the empire. To seek out and train new Jedi. To boldly go where no Wookie has gone before. Friday Movienight Movienight starts in about 45 minutes All in the CMC_Clubhouse Star Trek: Beyond 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET Star Wars: The Force Awakens 8:00 PM EST 1:00 AM CET No Pone because Hiatus User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <--- FAQ (Non-user events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse)
  15. I've been following about on SpaceX's progress to a proper mission to start a planned trip and possible colony. They make a prediction as early as 2022! Incredible! I do surely hope that humanity will be able to begin proper space travel within our solar system within our lifetimes! And from the progress so far with their re-entry and landing boosters it looks promising. Though the cost at first flight is a bit... yeah. $10 mil is... well it is what it is. But I do understand as to why. The first of its type ever. Civillians heading to a one way colonization plan. And perhaps over the years as their success continues and the colony plans go well perhaps the cost will be reduced even to more affordable levels. What's your opinion on the topic? Like space travel? Excited for Mars? SPACE SHIP!??
  16. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ||NNSpace NNSpace or Neon Space is a game i developed in a week so far, it's a retro style arcade game that consists in surviving as long as possible in upcoming waves of always harder waves, since the game is currently in development so there is nothing much to see but it's going to get bigger (i am NOT an artist so please don't commentate on the art style and such) dowload at: upcoming features: -enemies with smart AI (chase player) -small motherships (float around with small turrets) -big motherships (small bosses with multiple turrets and rocket turrets) -huge motherships (bosses that spawn every 30 waves and get stronger with multiple turrets rockets and spawn smaller spacecrafts, give an extra life if u defeat em) -scoreboard (scoreboard of current top scores) -more kind of meteors -more stuff that you guys can suggest as of version 0.6.2 -rockets are now slightly slower and easier to hit as of version 0.6.1 -rockets now destroy also meteors as of version 0.6 -added rocket turrets as of version 0.5.1 -added a turret on the space station (with player aim) as of version 0.5 -space station as of version 0.4.1 -solved small respawn bug -time counter as of version 0.4 -small enemy spaceships with no smart AI (don't chase player) -wave counter as of version 0.3 -red big meteors as of version 0.2 -blue splitter meteorices -light blue splitted meteorites as of version 0.1 -green normal meteories -lives -score (original game maker forum page)
  17. Hello i was wondering how many people can remember an somewhat old game called Spore Quick recap just in case you never played it or just forgot about it. Spore is a game that was announced in 2005 there was a teaser for it and from what we saw it was cells that just advanced and evolved and eventually into space aliens. A lot of people were hyped for the game because the concept was really good and because it was being developed by Maxis the creators of the sims. Eventually in 2008 the game was released and the critics enjoyed it and a lot of people bought it but people who were hyped noticed that while the game was good not everything that was shown in the teaser was in the game a whole game stage was missing the Aquatic stage. This lead to a lot of people wonder how much better the game could have been. That was a quick summary of release now for what the game is like. the game had sorta 2 modes "creator" and "story". Creator was were you make creatures, buildings, vehicles, and eventually whole game missions and you can make almost anything you can think of and this is were the game shined you can create whatever. Story is were you take a single cell and you evolve it with the creator and you go from cell to creature to tribal, civilization, then space stages and the what the games play style would change almost every stage. then first expansion came and it just was more parts in the creature creator. then second one came out an it added a mission creator and this you just put everything from the other creators into one mission that you can play in the space stage. The game also had a way for you to upload and down load anyone creations. With that summary done time for what you think What are your thoughts on the game Have you played it? Do you like it? Do you think of it as just a sorta goof game that you play for half an hour and watch on YouTube? Do you think i could have been better or was just good? Was the creator revolutionary? Should there be a sequel? Has the game been forgotten these are just some question but i really would like to see what everyone thinks about the game PS this is my first topic i have made besides the one i made saying hello to the community hope you like it thanks you ~ Moonstatue
  18. Would anyone like to see a log book/lp with voice of Oolite (elite if someone willing to help me get it) with ponies? It would follow my OC as he does space things.
  19. Title says everything, critique is welcome.
  20. So my sister let me try out her fancy pants art tablet and I made this. Now I want a tablet.
  21. Greetings, MLP Forums! My name is Bo Cherry. You may know me as Strat Attack, the name I went by before all my music was erased. I have here for you today some original ambient music inspired by Best Princess and outer space. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Bo PS: Use headphones for the best experience.
  22. I wrote this story to go in the space themed UK- Ponycon2015 convention book. The Audio Book is narrated by the King of Creepy Pasta himself, the great and powerful Wutten It had been a few days since her launch into the history books. It had gone well, with the huge catapult throwing her high into the air as the rocket motors lit. An immense roar from beneath her seat slammed all skyward with a force so strong her ears flattened against her head. The initial shock and noise had soon abated once the clouds had finished speeding past the port holes. From there on in it had become more like a silent dream, laced with an eerie dull black. She was literally 'along for the ride' at this stage of the mission, sat atop a huge firework of metal and hope. After that excitement her life was filled with daily routine of space flight. She checked air levels, fiddled with taps and took notes. As she floated around the cabin from task to task she took the time to peer through the port holes in wonder. Behind her Equestria shrank smaller and smaller while in front the moon began to grow. It was soon very large indeed. The next part was hers and hers alone. The small silver unicorn couldn't help but ponder how her attempts at landing would turn out? There was no second chance here and the moon looked awfully big in the pilot's window. The hands on the clock showed it was time to take another sighting of her distance from the surface. She held the device firmly while bracing herself against the walls of the small cabin, so as not to float off halfway through. From the numbers, she could see that it was time to start slowing down for landing. Pulling the check list from her pocket she glanced at its contents while adjusting various knobs and valves, readying the machine for orbit. Another distance measurement showed it was time to suit up, strap in and fire the retro boosters. The pressing of the boost button was followed by a huge jolt as the great rocket began to shake and slow to a suitable velocity. She held on tight, feeling the straps yanking her back into her seat. The moons gravitational force began to take hold, pulling them down to its barren surface. This was her time to shine! A dream come true. A dream from long before the rocket shaped cutie mark had appeared on her flank. The cardboard tubes and singed mane of her youth had all led to this point. As her first model rocket had streaked into the sky she knew where she needed to be. Reaching out a gloved hoof she cut the boosters, bringing silence to the craft. The next bit was going to be really hard. She activated the control thrusters and gingerly began to steer her way down to the dull grey land below. From a side window she could see the shadow of the craft, the dark outline making an ideal reference point to stop her crashing into the surface. But it was moving very quickly indeed. Instantly she was in flight mode, her mind racing as the moon came rapidly up towards her. "Not like this," she hissed through clenched teeth, steering this way and that. Blasting the retro-boost periodically, she was a blur of hooves as she fought to prevent herself slamming into the ground below. "Oh no, oh no, one last burn......." and touchdown. Within seconds it was all over, the metallic beast stood firmly and four legged on the moon. Inside, sitting bolt upright, with sweat pouring from her brow, was the most relieved pony ever! Regaining her composure she raised the radio arial to report to base. "Phoenix to base, we have touch down. Am making preparations to walk on the surface, over," she called out across the ether. It was now time to unbuckle herself, go through the shutdown procedure and open that door! A crackled voice sang form the speaker, "Well done, we are so excited, go get em' tiger, over!" A few minutes later the diminutive form climbed carefully down the steps with a glass helmet and a life support pack tied to her back. The moon felt weird, and none of the descriptions of low gravity prepared her for how light she felt. She half expected to feel like she did when she was a small filly, riding high into the sky on the back of a pegasus. She actually felt like she was supported by elastic! Bouncing along the surface she could travel huge distances in a single leap, landing gracefully on all four hooves with a giggle. Or at least, she could after a few attempts, her first steps causing her to trip and fall. After jumping around a bit more she collected small rocks and dust in a little bag before sitting down for a rest. There was a very good reason for having a unicorn as mission commander. Eating in the vacuum of space would be very difficult indeed, unless of course, you could levitate a carrot or two from an inner pocket. And no pony wanted to wander round a strange land without some sort of snack! It was at this point the magnitude of the sight above hit her. The distant blue and green circle in the black sky looked alien and not at all like the place where she lived. It was difficult to imagine her friends so far away living their every day lives? "Phoenix to base, are you still there, over." "Base to Phoenix, are you okay? Over," came a crackled and concerned reply. "I'm fine, it's just that you all seem a very long way away right now. I suddenly felt very small, but I'm okay now, over." She shook off the unexpected feeling of loneliness and returned to the task at hoof. "Oh well, time for a bit more exploring," she said to herself, before bouncing off to look in different craters. They all appeared the same apart from their size. But none had space flowers in them or anything exciting. Just more grey dust as far as the eye could see. There was the odd rock that was interesting, so into the bag they went with the others. Too soon it was time to go. Oh how she longed to stay on the moon. A day or even a few more hours maybe? But she couldn't. Stepping back into the space craft she closed the door behind her, checking its seal carefully to make sure it would be air tight. It would be a miserable trip back home if she had to spend it stuck in a space suit, her food and water tantalisingly close but beyond reach in the supplies locker. "Phoenix to base, am preparing to leave the moons surface. Initial rocket fire in ten minutes." Turning on the cabin lights she caught her reflection in the window, sad blue eyes looking back at her. No! She wouldn't let herself get like this. She was on the moon for goodness sake. This was the best day of her life. Strapping herself back into her seat she again reached for the main rocket switch. Slowly at first and then with greater speed, the moon shrank away into the distance. No denying it now, she was a space pony! The End Idris
  23. I can't choose whether to go with "Space, the final frontier" or "Spacey wacey big blue gas giant planet thing". One's cool and one's funny.