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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there! I'd like to ask if enter's behavior is set that way on purpose. You see, back in v3 when we pressed enter, it was just going to a new line, not new paragraph like it is now. Basically that means, that pressing enter now puts double spacing of some sort, that is kinda inconvenient to work with. I know this function can be avoided by holding the SHIFT button, but it gets kinda messy when it comes to images... Not mentioning all these special boxes... These paragraphs are going wild, when pasting complex contents. Generally it's much easier to double enter manually, than replace new paragraph with a new line, because you need to sneak in between contents like a ninja, backspace hoping nothing will break and then put shift+enter, so that it nicely connects. At the moment the double spacing is forced, with an option to avoid it. Instead of that I'd prefer being able to decide if I want to double enter from the very beginning. That way it all was just clear- I was the one, who was deciding how many enters I wanted to put. By the way from time to time I'm experiencing an issue, where I can't create a new paragraph. Literally pressing enter does absolutely nothing and copy pasting stuff all over the place is not fixing that. Sadly, though I had that problem multiple times, I have no idea what is causing this, nor how to recreate that. Anyway, Shift+Enter works though, so that's why I was just always using that workaround. I believe, that disabling that paragraph thingie would prevent the editor from having that trouble, but it's not a big issue, so there's no need to be bothered by this. So.. Would it be possible to change the enter's behavior? If that was set that way on purpose, due to personal preferences or something else, then it's okay. My preference actually was the single line option, so that's why I was thinking, that it would be at least worth to ask. Thank you!
  2. The minimum character limit text/box covers part of the text area. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is hard to see in that area, and can cause typing mistakes. The only way around it is to make a new line, but all of this can be avoided by moving the character limit box up.