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Found 24 results

  1. Here on this Valentine's Day/Hearts & Hooves Day, I want to discuss (unscripted/uncut) the various shipped couples that have come out of Friendship is Magic and even it's spinoff Equestria Girls Comments are Welcomed :Secret of My Excess Transcripit: #MLPFIM #ValentinesDay #HeartsandHoovesDay #MLPEGQ #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #EquestriaGirls #RaritySpike #Sparity #AppleJackSpike #BigMacSugarBelle #PinkiePieCheeseSandwhich #Rarjack #TwilightxFlash #Fluttercord #FluttershyxDiscord
  2. I believe as we approach towards the actual end, that is when the moments we hope for & want to see become official will occur. From ships cannoned in the show (RarityxSpike,,FluttershyxDiscord, etc,,) to Twilight's ascent , and other loose ends & questions tied up and answered, from just the clue/quote we get from the show staff, is "can't say what maybe or maybe not forthcoming..", along with their legit "NDA" reasoning, to fans like myself, it speaks volumes, and indicates they know 'something' will happen, like let's say with Spike and Rarity. Just those answers from the show staff, (writers, VA's), is the MAJOR and most OBVIOUS Clue/hint that moments we've been waiting to see and wanting to happen, will indeed occur, along with other questions will that still need answers too. #mlpseason9 #MLPFIM #SaturdayThoughts
  3. And this Valentine's day gift set where this is from is Copyrighted 2019 Comments are Welcomed #MLPSeason9 #Sparity #Spike_And_Rarity #Hasbro #AllSparkAnimation #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic
  4. In other words, could certain questions finally get answed , and certain theroies be put to rest. Well, with any kind of closuer on a franchise, the finale always seems to (at most times) open the doors to allow the writers to get a lot of stuff out of their system for themselves and for at most, the fans. But will the final season of MLP : FIM do that as well? Here I talk about what could be finally addressed, if that is the case. Now one of the first things that they (the writers) could finally address, is the whole Spike x Rarity situation. What I mean is, that if the writers choose to do so (IMO I believe they will), this will finally be addressed, and the outcome will be one that is a positive one, and yet be one that not a lot of the brony/pegasister community will agree on. And what the outcome will be, Spike and Rarity together. You may ask "How?" Well, it's quite simple, if you look at the fact, that they've been teasing this since Eps. 1, and throughout the show's run, they've had several episodes centered around Spike, that have also involved Rarity in some major/minor capacity, and with it being the final season of the show, like I mentioned at the beginning at the start, it opens the door for this to take place. And the reason being is, unless the series finale somehow ties into G5 and G5 becomes a soft Retcon/Reboot of FIM, then (IMO) this Spike x Rarity Deal will finally become a reality. 2. A Sugar Belle and Big Mac wedding will most likely happen. The reason being is the fact that this could be looked at as a 3 chapter deal, with the first happening in S7 , and So it only makes sense to tie this trifecta up with a 3rd and final chapter happening in the final season, which would culminate with a wedding between Sugar and BIg. Heck, for emotional sake, have the spirts of AJ, AppleBloom and Big Mac's parents appear to show their love and support, and thus have the kids and Sugar Belle seem as well. 3. Finally Addressing Celestria and Luna's orgins. Yes, before the show comes to a close, this has to be addressed, especially after giving them some moments to shine, first in the Premiere of S6 and most recently, not once but twice in S7, and This is something that finally needs to be addressed and I believe (IMO) that the writing staff of FIM will finally do so in the final season. Espiecally with the fact, that if you go back to the S6 Premiere, they both said, "That the birth of an Alicorn, is something Equestria has never seen", and that it was "Even beyond their understanding." Yeah, when they both said those things, that was enough of red flag, and more of a legit reasoning to wanna know about their orgins. 4. Starlight Glimmer becoming an Alicorn? Yes, indeed, this is most likely the direction they are heading, and if S9 is it for the show, definitely expect the writing staff to go this route. And, why?, you may ask. Because it seems that's what they building towards with her. (at least in my IMO), and would make sense that they writing staff make this a reality. 5. Sunset Shimmer Returns! , and the recent "Mirror Magic" EQG special, she has never returned to Equestria on the "Friendship is Magic" side of things. So with the final season, I truly believe and hope, (like many do) that this will be the season that it finally happens. And all honesty, I feel the writing staff knows that as well and will make it happen. 6. I believe that a G1 character has to be brought in, with a G4/FIM update, and that character should Majesty. And if you want a reason why, well if you watch MLP-Silver Quill's and ILOVEKPALOT's Video they did on Villains in MLP, than you pretty much get your answer there, as to why she should be brought in. Basically make her a character, that believes she's doing the right thing, but in fact is not. Or as Silver Quill put it, make her a rogue element that believes that all villainy, even those that have been redeemed, should be disposed of. Than the writers can build towards something between her and Twilight, and at same time, they could acknowledge a history between Celestria, Luna and Majesty as well, and that could really build the tension between her and Twilight. But that's what I (IMO) feel the writers will/would do in the final season, should it be more freelanced. What are your thoughts? God Bless!
  5. I mean, honestly,the question I (along with other fans) have is, "What's the Difference?" Now, one could point out, that Applejack and Starlight wouldn't use any feminine charm on Spike and would be the kind of characters that would except him for who he is, and be down to earth with him. But I think Trent Osborne (Fellow Fan and Youtuber) said it best in the comments, (which for some odd reason were removed from audio/video on this): Now, he did go on to add more, but again those comments are were removed for some reason. But the overall take from those comments are, just because the show staff has yet to REALLY address this, and with the potential that S9 could be it, we (more than likely) will get the resolution there, and from some odd reason, (just a gut feeling I have), I feel that they will have an episode where Rarity x Spike officially become an item, however it will be done in a very subtle way, in other words, we'll see it happen, but come the following episode, it will be it didn't happen, but we (as fans and viewers) will know it did (I mean when watch the show, the episodes, while remaining in the seasonal timeline/continuity , don't always acknowledge moments from pervious episodes in that season, unless it's a two-parter or necessary , like in "Horse Play"). But despite that, again I ask , "What's The Big Difference"? Because if you're going by age difference, same applies to AJ and Starlight. And also, let's look at it this way, if they wanted to put this Sparity to bed, they would have done so a long time ago, but as you can see from this recent season, it's still as strong as ever. Also, remember this, Lauren Faust wanted to use Spike as our eyes/POV to see how beautiful Rarity was/is, I'm sure she didn't expect this whole Sparity thing to come from it, but yet here we are. So yeah, if you more on this, check out my audiovideo (located in the video fan art section of these MLPForums). But what's you take on it?
  6. In other words, (for the sake of argument) let's say they decide, that enough teasing of this ship has happened, and they want to go and make this ship a reality, how do you see them approaching it? In other words, if you were on the writing staff, and you were tasked with the job of coming up and writing a story for episode that finally made Rarity x Spike (Sparity) official , how would you go about it? Let's hear what you have to say on the matter.
  7. I'm ready for the hate comments that come with this, so no worries! Sparity has become a ship before shipping became a thing in this show! It was pretty much the very first ship, and it was created by Lauren herself! This ship was pretty cute at first! A child dragon who has feelings for an older pony, it's happened before! Their relationship grew pretty much till Secret of my Excess, when he let out his feelings, and they've become closer then! It was super adorable, and it kept being adorable from the beginning all the way to Inspiration Manifestation! Unfortunately, when season 5 emerged, during Castle Sweet Castle, the ship stopped being cute. I mean the plushie was cute and all, but it was at that moment when I realized... ok this thing is still going on without progression? It's been the exactly the same all the way through, Spike has a crush on Rarity, and Rarity friendzones him, which is fine, except for when she uses the crush to get him to do the stuff she wants, which made me furious. So, what's going to happen with the ship in the future? Are they finally going to get together? Is he going to get tired of her and move on? Is the crush just going to get dropped and never be brought up again? Or is it just going to stay exactly the same how it is without any change whatsoever, yunno the boring way? It can go any way. Spike knows he's being friendzoned, but he stays by her side like the loyal and awesome friend he is. It can go either way, I mean anything is better than how it is now. I'm still waiting for Spike's relationship with Fluttershy to be explored a bit, cause other than Twilight, Fluttershy was Spike's first friend in the Mane Six, and yet their relationship hasn't been explored much yet; and yet we've been having too much Spike and Rarity interaction. What do you think? Do we expect any kind of change to happen to the Sparity ship in the future?
  8. Giving my theory on why this ship is teased by the show, and why IMO , they will go with it in the future. Comments are Welcomed
  9. This is my first PMV, and of course it centers around Rarity x Spike (Sparity) of My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic. Song used is "Hello" by Lionel Richie Comments are Welcomed
  10. So let me start off by saying that I do NOT intend to start a flame war here. I'm just trying to figure out what seems to be the most canon ship in the entire show. (then again, I've only just watched up to episode 10 of Season 2, so there's still stuff I'm still not aware of) There's nothing really wrong with the whole thing, right? But yet, there does seem to be a problem with it. I still can't help but think it's strange.Forgetting that they're different species (that doesn't really matter), I can't help but wonder; wait, Spike's a baby dragon, right? And I'm going to assume Rarity is a filly or something close to an adult, right?Now perhaps being a baby dragon means he could be closer to fifteen or sixteen when it comes to human years, since dragons in most fantasy settings tend to live for thousands of years. But even still, something about how small he is coupled with the fact that he is constantly referred to as a baby dragon kind of bothers me. All the innocent kissing is fine, but honestly after watching that episode it really seemed like it was a little more than that. I mean, he was going to confess his love to her right when he thought they were going to die. That was pretty intense.Bravo to the writers for doing something like this in what started as a children's cartoon. And honestly, I do like the whole Spike x Rarity ship. I love it in fact. But at the same time, I still can't help but find it strange.No flame war intended, and I hope I am not the only one who feels this way. I am still kind of newborn brony after all...
  11. Well, alot of people are talking on the "Will Sparity ever happen?" post, and a majority of you say it ain't happening. Well, how about this? Do you think Spike's crush on Rarity is ever going to END on the show? Or, do you think something else will happen like Spike will become a pony and grow older for a day to finally date her? I think the former is the logical choice. It's gotta happen sooner or later. It's been 3 years in-show time, and the crush is STILL going on, and Rarity is still taking advantage over it to make him do stuff he might not actually wanna do! Would give Spike some much-needed development on the matter, and I dunno if their relationship can grow any higher than just agreeing to be the best of friends! Whether Spike gets a new crush or not, Spike decides to let Rarity down, she decides to let him down, I don't care how they do it! I just know this subject will be mentioned! What do you think is gonna happen, and if you don't think Sparity is happening, do you think it's gonna end eventually?
  12. I know I complain about this alot, and after all, Spike's crush on Rarity isn't used very often anymore. You think he's finally going to get tired of her ever? I know alot of you really want them together, but this is show about friendship, not a show about relationships. This isn't EG! I mean alot of other people say that this is just a child-crush and that they'll never be together. Some of the staff say so too. Soooo... how about the next best thing? Have Spike move on? He's older and wiser now, and I think he knows she's not interested, and pretty much only uses his crush to get him to do stuff for her, which I don't like. This crush was cute at first in seasons 1-4, but after Castle Sweet Castle, I think it's time to end it. Don't get me wrong, I'd like them to be friends still! But Spike's too good for her anyway, and Rarity is only interested in the fanciest, wealthiest ponies, and even though Spike is wealthy since he lives with a princess, it's still not enough it seems. On the other hand, if DHX decides to actually have them together, then by all means do it! I just don't wanna see this one-sided crush anymore. I'm sure we can all agree there! Now bring on the butthurt comments! >
  13. Someone requested it on Deviantart, it was a nice practice... Even if that scaled brat almost drove me to insanity. I'm serious, sketching a pony is a thing, but he managed to emulate an inderscribable pain in the arse. Original: Super original: Any feedback?
  14. Rarity: "OOOOoooooOOOOooooo!!!" Spike: "..." Adulthood did not solve all of Spike's problems. Not that Rarity seems to mind. Also, I think I finally figured out how to draw adult Spike. I go back to art I did of him from last year and I cringe a little bit. Sooooooo, yeah, DeviantArt, if you are so inclined.
  15. So...I wrote this song from Spike's perspective; he seems rather left out in terms of fan music, so I thought him the honours . Lyrics, download and all that jazz are in the vid description. Ciao, Strig
  16. I can't stop laughing at this. Oh, and there is a hint of sparity in this. So, laugh away!
  17. ...Don't say "maybe". So yeah: trying to get the hang of drawing humans while listening to music. Rara turned out a bit olderlooking than I intended, but what's a shipper to do? Might actually end up doing a folloup of the two at the concert. Might also end up colouring this, in the meantime all C&C is welcome.
  18. AND DANCE BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOON. Yeah, don't like how this turned out all that well. Aside from Rarity's eye. That turned out great. Will upload to DeviantArt/Tumblr in a bit after I've gauged reactions.
  19. Had fun doing the last one, so I made a less disturbing sequel. Spike: "Feeling better?" Rarity: "Whatever do you mean, dear?" Spike: "Yesterday you seemed pretty--" Rarity: "Oh, that? That was nothing, just a little releasing of steam. It certainly wasn't anything to be taken seriously as an affront to your character." Spike: "Is that all it was?" Rarity: "Why would you think otherwise?" Spike: "You threatened to do some very uncouth things with the blunt end of your sewing machine if I didn't make you more cookies." Rarity: "Details, darling, details." Here's the Deviant Art link if you are so inclined.
  20. Nah, just kidding, it's Sparity mood swings, lololololololol This was fun one to do. Decided that after all this time I needed to do something regarding these two, so I decided to try my hand at the surprisingly prevalent "Rarity is preggers with Seed of Spike™" genre, except without the cuteness and warmth and more of the insanity. I actually like how Adult Spike turned out, though he still sort of has a chubby face. Must be a genetic thing. With apologies to pregnant women everywhere. Will definitely vector when I have the time. UPDATE: VECTOOOOOOORRRRRRR... ...DEVIANTARRRRRRRRRRRRRRT... ...AND SEQUEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL. And yes, I totally changed the leg.
  21. Spike is not a Pony (duh) nor is he is of proper age to date Rarity. Magic fix him from growing to big, blah blah blah. By a specist point of view, shouldn't Spike be killed by an angry mob of bigoted Ponies against sapient interspecies relationships? The funny thing is that doesn't happen in the show itself. And Spike almost looks Human, therefor wouldn't Ponies not be xenophobic to Human and Pony partnerships? The controversy would be insane if they ever did this in the show itself. ---------------------------- If we don't want close relationships nor interspecies partnerships we could go all Imperium of Man genocidal from Warhammer on Ponies and other non Humans sapient species, therefor make anti interspecies relationships people happy . XD
  22. Made a track for all you Sparity shippers out there, with a light reading from my personal favorite "How to Woo Your Lady in Nine Easy Steps" by paleowriter (used with permission). Dig it. And here's a link to her superb fanfic if you haven't read it yet: Critiques? Comments? *gasp*....maybe even compliments?? All is welcome here!