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Found 40 results

  1. Gallus the Griffon sabotaged the Hearth's Warming tree with a purpose, so that he didn't have to go back to Griffonstone and face the loss of his family. Now, with the help of Twilight and his fellow classmates, he must go to Griffonstone and face the tragic circumstances surrounding that dark day in his life.
  2. Spike, you really deserve more. One reason behind my sudden love for Starlight, was because you were so supportive to her and helped her when needed. You really do a dynamic duo. I'll enjoy every time you are on the same scene for sure. Not only it makes Starlight more likeable, but encourages your character to grow and improve by helping others. That's the reason behind supportive characters per se and after all. Cathy Weseluck has a lovely voice, we don't want it to go to waste, do we? All the cheers today goes to the Number One Assistant Spike. Twitter! deviantArt!
  3. Does anypony/body else think Twilight Sparkle is the embodiment of ALL the elements, after she became an alicorn? I have some evidence on it below. After Twilight's transformation Celestia tells her she's demonstrated each of the elements... The alicorn is an Earth Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasus all in one. The mane six has two of each race. Twilight's cutiemark also represents the same point (As explained in the chart, I made, below)
  4. Just out of curiosity. Is Twighlight the chosen, in some way?
  5. I started re-watching the series from the beginning...again, and got to MMC. While I didn't care for that episode, or the alicornization of purplesmart, I'm gonna be honest...the feels during that scene with Sunbutt's ballad and Twi's ascension still pull at my heartstrings. I'm proud Twi has gotten that far, and that causes feels, but so does the fact that we'll never see unicorn PurpleSmart again. I liked her design without the wings and swan neck syndrome. Bittersweet feels. Are the feels of MMC still fresh with you guys? What causes the feels? Like or hate that we've seen Twi longer as an alicorn than a unicorn?
  6. Does anyone recall way, way, waaaaaay back in season 1, in the very first episode, in fact, where Twilight was without friends, still living in Canterlot, and a few ponies wanted her to go with them to a get-together that Moon Dancer was throwing? I do. And now that the map of Harmony has the Mane 6 going all over Equestria and reconciling with both old enemies and making friends out of them, along with meeting new friends and relying on them to get a job done while the mane 6 take back seat, I can't help but wonder.....will we be getting an episode with Twilight being summoned back to Canterlot and meeting up with Moondancer (who we really only heard of in mention, never actually got to see), and Twilight making a friend out of her, grabbing at the opportunity that she turned aside, once before? *Silver Quill voice* CONTINUITY!!!! I think that's a pretty good lesson to being in, actually, and one that ould play off of "Make New friends but keep Discord", where Discord gets jealous of Flutterbutt's new friend, but learns that his friends could have more friends than just him, on the flip side, Twilight could learn that sometimes opportunities present themselves more than once, allowing her to make a friend that she might've missed out making in the past. (and maybe, at first, Moondancer holds a bit of a grudge against Twilight for missing out on her get-together in season 1, but eventually comes around?) What do you guys think about a potential Twilight and Moondancer friendship episode callback in season 5?
  7. There's been a looooot of chaos happening in Ponyville since Twilight Sparkle moved into town- much of which has been a result of her using her magic as a solution. Parasprites literally eating every pony out of house and home, magic duels that put the Ponyville populace in danger, bringing a dragon who- if not watched carefully- could go overboard on his greed and grow to enormous sizes, destroying their town, mind-controlling the townsponies with a spell so they'd fight over a doll, causing damage by using magic during the Winter Round Up, creating the mixed up chaos in the town, with the switched destinies of her friends, by reading Starswirl's spell aloud, nearly allowing Discord to claim Ponyville as the chaos capital of the world, giving the CMC a book to cause chaos to ponies- who ended up contributing to the destruction of the town- with a love poison, not keeping a closer eye on Discord or getting info out of him sooner, to stop the plundervines from invading Ponyville (though Celestia's partly to blame for allowing the mane 6 to let him out of his imprisonment again). Also, in the recent teaser for the 100th episode, we find out that poor Amethyst Star has had her role stolen from her by Twilight, and nopony bothers to ask her for help organizing events, since little miss Canterlot privileged ascended alicorn teacher's pet, Purple Smart came to town. Wonder if Amethyst has any resentment toward Twilight stewing, because of it. (and I'd love to see the relationship between her and Twilight explored in future episode, building off the development Amethyst gets and what we learn about her stolen spot, in the 100th episode) So what do you guys think? Would Ponyville and its populace have been better off without Twilight ever coming there? Do you think they've adjusted to the constant chaos that the Mane 6 (mostly Twilight, though) brings through their neck of the woods? Could Amethyst Star ever share the spotlight with Twilight? (she seems to have things under control with the other townsponies when monster attacks or some such happens, and claims to have been the best organizer before Twilight stepped in).
  8. (This was heavily inspired by AVGN & James Rolfe's youtube video of a similar name and nature. Viewing it is not required however.) Update: The slightly revised version. The version not good enough for Fimfic to accept. So hopefully some of you guys will find something to enjoy in it here The Chronicle of Super Mecha Death Sparkle In the year 2000 P.C., Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 prototype appears from future of an alternate dimension in the ancient preponypolithic era. Her destruction would come about through the joint efforts of the cave ponies, the norse gods, and Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus. Her initial appearance has been shrouded in complete mystery and her remains have been lost to the sands of time. 900 P.C. the remains of Super Mecha Death Sparke 2000 are found at the ruins of Everfree Castle. The next morning, Everfree castle is rebuilt as the industrial, cyberpunk utopia, Mecha Everfree castle. But as quickly as it appeared, the entire structure mysteriously vanishes at dusk. 565 A.C. the patron Saint Starswirl encountered the abomination Lord Tirek rising from the depths of Froggy Bottom Bog. He called upon the might of Zacherlyle the Allmother, but instead received the aid of Death Sparkle the first, who combated Tirek with a barrage of lightning strikes and atomic firebombs, driving the beast back to the reaches from whence he came. 476 P.C. King Sombra the CRYSTALLLSSSS...., was haunted by a vision of Death Sparkle. From this vision, or this delusion, he constructed Mecha Death Sparkle from the crude weapons, armor and technological advances of the Crystal Empire. She was sent to do battle against the Griffon Kingdom near the city of Buckarest. A vain product of unadulterated hate, she went on a killing spree, massacring the armies of both sides and ultimately beheaded King Sombra himself. For centuries, her whereabouts were lost to time… Until 933 A.C., when the Solar Empire unearthed the remains of Mecha Death Sparkle. 942 A.C. As part of her attempts at total conquest for her sacred reich, Furer Celestia ordered the upgrade of Mecha Death Sparkle to Super Mecha Death Sparkle. *Note: Not to be confused with the diamond record selling metal musician and former president of the United States, Dave Mustaine and his descendant, Super Megadeth Sparkle.* Furer Celestia at the time was searching for Equestria’s lost doomsday weapon, the Elements of Harmony. Her goal in the end was to mount or even instal the Elements into Super Mecha Death Sparkle and combine her offensive capabilities with the powers of Goddess Faust to forge the most diabolical and insane weapon to ever be conceived by Equinekind. 944 A.C., upon activation, Super Mecha Death Sparkle refused the orders of her furer and turned her offensive capabilities on Celestia, burtally assassinating the ancient alicorn. She goes on another killing rampage, massacring entire armies from both Fascist Germaneigh and Coltmunist Staliongrad before being finally brought down by a coalition of allied forces lead by the New Lunar Republic. 945 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle was reconstructed into Version 2 and upgraded in an undisclosed military base in Amarerica, the project secretly funded by the New Lunar Republic. She was installed with an electronic interface and given rudimentary wings for a flight system, as well as an artificial voice synthesizer. However, she could only gutturaly scream Germane obscenities. “WARUM ZUM TEUFEL HAST DU DAS UEBERSETZEN!” -Super Mecha Death Sparkle, 944 A.C. 947 A.C. the newly upgraded Super Mecha Death Sparkle Version 3 is given her first test flight over the Mojavneigh desert near Mosswell, Neigh Mexicolt. It was mistaken for a human. 955 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle Version 4 is upgraded with the latest technology. She initially malfunctions after crashing into a hayburger joint, mistaking it for a Coltmunist bunker. 960 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle is reconstructed into version 5 and equipped with exparamental state of the art weaponry that operated on laser physics. It failed horrifically as she and the hanger she was rebuilt in were both destroyed upon activation. 962 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle is completely overhauled and rebuilt as Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000, or SMDS2K. She was fitted with the latest in stealth reconnaissance flight capabilities and was given a test flight. Unfortunately communications with SMDS2K went down during a sudden power outage and control was lost. Once communications were restored, SMDS2K was out of range, flying to parts unknown. She would not be rediscovered for another 40 years. The Super Mecha Death Sparkle program was discontinued. Funds were reallocated to a new stealth weapons project, which would later be known as the Shadow Bolts. 972 A.C., mining excavations on the moon’s surface by the New Lunar Republic uncover what was believed to be the remnants of the lost Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000. But what they actually found was the near 3000 year old scrap remnants of the Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 prototype. She was brought to Earth for rigorous testing. 981 A.C., incorporating the lunar remnants, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. was built. This version was equipped with the most up to date weaponry for the time, including but not limited to, fully automated machine guns, rocket propelled grenade launchers, bunker busting missile silos and state fo the art laser cannons. The upper body was mounted on an 20CI10SF Tank for maximum combat stability and effectiveness. 987 A.C. a movie script was written based on historical accounts related to Mecha Death Sparkle & Super Mecha Death Sparkle. Unfortunately due to copyright laws, names and locations had to be changed and the movie was put on hold until being re-released under the name 'Pacific Rim.' 989 A.C. Construction of Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 2.0 is completed. A laser array was mounted on her horn and she was given the capability to shoot energy beams from eyes. 997 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 2.5 was fully updated. She was equipped with a vocal synthesizer system. A product forged through years of intense study, educational cramming, late night library trips, frequent academic testing and regular friendship reports, had ultimately bred a mare of extreme aggression and undistilled fury. All she could do was scream in rage as she unleashed her wrath on the world around her. 998 A.C., amidst her path of vindictive decimation, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 2.5 was captured by Lord Tirek and reprogrammed for the goal of global interdimensional conquest. 999 A.C. after his reign of terror in the land of Generation 1 was challenged, Tirek unleashes the latest, most destructive weapon in his arsenal: the automated, cyberized, cold fusion powered, combat mech unit, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 3.0 Beta. Vocabulary was increased by 20%, in as quickly as ten seconds. “BOOKS!” -SMDS2KPCV3.0 Beta, 999 A.C. A new rocket propulsion system was added to her tank base for more efficient pursuit, catapulting her up to 2200 meters in the air at speeds of 514 wing power. But only for distances up to 2.5 kilometers. Her attempts to raze the entire world to the ground resulted in the slaughtering of many flutter ponies and guest celebrities such as Danny Devito, Venus Terzo & Chuck Liddell. In the year 1000 A.C., a dimensional shift occurred on the quantum level and reality as it is once known was reset. The events of Super Mecha Death Sparkle P.C. Version 3.0 Beta’s massacre are forgotten to all but herself, as she drifted through the fabric of hyperspace. 1002 A.C., the long lost Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 was finally discovered and recovered, having crash landed on Butterfly island deep in the south poncific ocean. 1004 A.C. the Amarerican military under funding and direction from the New Lunar Republic upgrade Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 to Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 the 2nd. During her first combat trial, she is possessed by Lord Tirek and becomes the next weapon in his arsenal of global dominance. Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 the 2nd is unleashed to unleash unbridled carnage upon the world. But right in the midst of her onslaught, a quantum singularity opens, and descending from the depths of hyperspace arrived Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 3.0 Beta. Having spent untold amounts of time upgrading herself, she merged as Super Mecha Death Sparkle P.C. Version 3.1. The two colossal weaponized marriages of mare and machine engaged in an all out war to the brutal death. The current and former weapons for evil incarnate battled in a back and forth duel that spanned all over the surface of the globe for seven long and bloody days. On the 8th day, harnessing the pure vengeance she desired to inflict upon her manipulator and channelling the inner spiritual essence of her foremother, Death Sparkle, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 3.1 defeated Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 the 2nd. Soon afterwards, Super Mecha Death Sparkle P.C. Version 3.1 used her overwhelming might to drive Tirek back down to the depths of Tartarus. After the battle's conclusion, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 3.1 layed Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 the 2nd to a proper final rest. 1008 A.C. Tirek takes possession of all the members of the Hasbro corporation's animation team and manipulate them to create My Little Pony: Once Upon A Pony Time, more infamously known as the latest guerrilla terrorism force of Lord Tirek: The Newborn Cuties. The defenders of the Generation 3 and Generation 3.5 faiths break away in rebellion and join forces to battle back Tirek’s army of atrocities. The battle had seemed to have no end in sight. But when the bell struck two minutes to midnight, a lion from the north emerged to tip the scales. The self upgraded, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C Version 4.0 Beta arrived to fight alongside the G3 & 3.5 defenders, completely decimating the forces of her ex-master in a vulgar display of power, sending him and the remnants of his tattered minions back to the depths of Tartarus. Later that same year, war erupted between Hasbro’s legal branch and DHX studios. The legal branch saw that they weren’t gaining ground thanks to the fervent support of the creative community, so they made a deal with the Centaur and channeled the power of Tirek to turn the tide in favor of dated copyright laws, court injunctions, gag orders and C&D notices. But the malicious summoning did not go unnoticed, and Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C Version 4.0 Beta entered the battle, shattering the spirit of the legal branch and permanently severing Tireks connection to the outside realms for good. Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C Version 4.0 Beta ventured to the skies beyond, her battle cries drifting across the wind forevermore. The future had finally been secured for DHX studio and they finally began to work on their plans for a new show, a show that had the potential to be magic… Moral of the story: The goodness inside one's heart will eternally triumph over evil, no matter how deep the corruption may lay.
  9. Thank you xOkamii for the cover ^^ (you da best you da you da best <3) Hello everypony ^^, this is my latest track I made which I had a lot of fun making. It was sitting on my FL Studio and I forgot about it (whoops) but I was reminded of it and finished it after I got me a Twilight Sparkle backpack (<3) it was my inspiration to finish it. Hope you all enjoy it! A song for Twilight that I made after I'd heard a few Radio Edits of electronic music. I like how they had no build up and instead had transitions that kept the beat going so I tried it and I really enjoyed how it came out. I also finished it because I got a Twilight Sparkle backpack I wanted for a long time XD I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you have a lot of fun listening to it! Enjoy! Remember, you can download it and do whatever you want with it just give me credit ^^ And if you feel you need to, any criticism is ok with me.
  10. Hey guys! How about an amazing picture? Here it is: I suggest using for wallpaper. Fits on 1366x768 monitors. Observation: I want some constructive critics. I am starting in the shading field of art, so tips would be great. And if you just made a drawing and want one parody, contact me! Pony Parodier, version 2.0
  11. My best work. What are your thoughts?
  12. So, members of MLP Forums, do you read books?
  13. Hello again, I'm back with another question that will get backlash opinion and hatred, what if there's a documentary on the criticism of bronies, why it all started based on the fandom and the cast and crew's response to the criticism of bronies? The criticism on the bronies have been mentioned in Bronies: The Extremely Unexcepted Fans of My Little Pony. (And if you seen A Brony Tale on Tribeca Film Festival, the topic possibly be on the documentary. Maybe.) Give your opinion and I will respond your opinions! P.S. Forgive me, this is just a question and forgive me for my grammar. I have autism and I can't think a lot of words in my mind.
  14. made an angry vivid visions pony idk if she is angry at someone or something but it was fun to make xD
  15. Hehe, it's just a wallpaper.... Full size it pleez. I just made it while in the car earlier so it's pretty simple. Dimensions are: 1920 x 1080, in case you're wondering. Made in Procreate app for iPad. If you need any more random, irrelevant information, just let me know.
  16. ...Twilight Princess GEDDIT? So I don't know why anypony hasn't done this before, the pun totally wrote itself and as we all know, ponies love puns.
  17. It must be clear from people who say me post often a month ago, that I have so much less time at the moment then what I used to have to browse the forums. At one point I was posting many times a day effortlessly and spending many hours enjoying reading all of your topics, but nowadays I seem to have barely any time at all! Lets face it; I'm struggling with both time management and just a massive lack of time for everything. Currently I am trying to juggle: 1. My course 2. My church/reading my bible 3. Societies 4. Catching up with friends 5. Playing games like Pokemon and Dota 6. House Work/cooking and I just don't currently have the time management skills to be able to do it. But there is a pony I know that does, Twilight Sparkle. So how would she do it? Make Lists! The thing that Twilight does more, and quite possibly better then everyone, is make lists! It's defiantly something that I have started to try out more and more, in fact I even have 3 notebooks purely for different types of lists! Without lists I have a feeling Twilight would struggle . Time Table! Second to her list making is here ability to make time tables. Multiple times we see her with her diary, time tabling in everything about her life! I mean, she never ever doesn't have time to do anything and manages to fit everything in. We see this especially in lesson Zero where she even seems to be able to make other people around her conform to her time table. Having a detailed diary is defiantly a good way to achieve this and I will defiantly be taking a leaf out of Twilight book and buying a diary and finning it in! She maybe over does time tabling to an extent, but can you blame her? Go to the Library! (so I wrote it out and them my pc crashed and deleted this paragraph, writing it again sucks) Twilight sparkle lives in a library. So surely there must be a reason for this? So 2 days ago, I actually decided to takes a leaf out of Twilight Sparkles book, and went to a library. Now I have not been to a library ever in my life, and I really had to force myself to go. Once I was in there though, I was amazed at how the atmosphere allowed me to work for almost 3 hours straight (sadly my laptop died as I forgot the cable), and I got so much done I couldn't believe it! The fact that I was surrounded by books also made me feel funny... like I wanted to read them..... Read Books! This seem's to be the one thing that Twilight loves doing the most, and I can see why. She know's so much about everything that she knows what's going to happen in a situation before she has even experienced it. I have to admit, if I read more then many aspects of my course would be a lot easier (maybe if I read a book on time management I would even be able to manage my time better to read more ! If Twilight found a book on making schedules then I'm sure there is one for this). I always want to do more reading, I mean even Rainbow Dash does reading! So Thank you for reading, I hope you have learned a little bit, or at least thought about time management. But overall, if all you took out of it was Twilight Sparkle is awesome, then that's OK to !
  18. Well guys, it seems we're getting close and closer to the final reveal of Equestria Girls. As I said last time, I was impressed on the later details of EG, however, now I'm having second thoughts about this. Now, it REALLY looks like a parallel copy of monster high. What do you guys think? PS: Turns out, this will be direct to dvd instead of the theaters!
  19. Before I begin, it’s rather important to note that the subject matter of this entire article contains very large spoilers for Equestria Girls, the theatrical Friendship is Magic movie. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to skip this analysis. Go ahead. I can wait. This whole thing was written up beforehand, so I’ve been waiting since before you even got here. Good? Good. Now I’ll just say it- I liked Equestria Girls. I did. As someone who despised Magical Mystery Cure and thinks Twilicorn is a serious step in the wrong direction, I think the movie whose premise sounds like a bad fanfiction is top-notch. The writing is clever, the plot retains its surprises despite being somewhat predictable, the jokes are funny, the songs are up to snuff, and there’s a surprising amount of world- and character-building for a feature that takes place almost entirely in another dimension. And that’s exactly where I plan to focus. Equestria Girls brings to the table four incredibly important revelations that have the potential to rock the foundations of our favorite equine-themed cartoon from this point forward. Or at least, a couple of them do. But we’ll get to those two in a bit. First let’s explore the two rather minor revelations. Interestingly enough, they both have to do with the Elements of Harmony. In Equestria Girls, Twilight goes into the suspiciously familiar world of humans in order to retrieve her tiara. Without this tiara, which doubles as her Element, Celestia explains that the other five Elements will not function. So not only does the use of the Elements require the necklaces and tiara (or “artifacts,” as I will call them), they won’t work if one of them is missing. Furthermore, the only beings who can wield the Elements are the Mane Six. Not even Celestia and Luna can harness them; it’s all up to the six protagonists. Equestria Girls completely destroyed those two bits of information. Because not only do Twilight and the rest of humanized Mane Six wield the Elements sans artifacts, the Elements are wielded with only one being established as a wielder. (No, I don’t consider the alternate dimension-Mane Six-minus-Twilight to be the same as the Equestrian Mane Six-minus-Twilight. They have different memories, different cultures, and exist in a completely different setting. They are different characters.) But those two won’t really come into play all that often in the future. It’s still going to be the Mane Six wielding the Elements, and the fact that the circumstances behind their use has changed will only matter for a small number of episodes. No, the really important revelations will almost assuredly be relevant to the show as a whole. First of all, Twilight is now confident with being a princess. She feels less trepidation and anxiety than she did prior to the movie, and this is important. The show never treats character building like this lightly- it always comes back into play. Coming to terms with her newfound position was a natural place for the story of Twilight Sparkle to go, and this confidence and calmness will most definitely play into how Twilight acts in the seasons to come. Clearly, this is a factor that I’m ecstatic about. People familiar with my analyses will know that there’s almost nothing I like better in fiction than natural, organic character development. This next revelation, though, is one that I’m still not sure what to think about. And given the history of the show and how it deals (or refuses to deal) with such subjects, I’ll put it as bluntly as possible: Twilight Sparkle has a crush. With the very special exceptions of Rarity and her decidedly shallow desire for a prince simply to complete the royal package, Shining Armor and Cadence because that was their entire point, and Cheerilee because she’s frankly unimportant, Friendship is Magic has refused to touch the subject of crushes and romance with a ten-foot pole, and with good reason. Earlier incarnations of the My Little Pony cartoon fell all too easily into the trap of many girls’ programs, depicting conflicts in the form of crushes as incredibly shallow and insipid as perhaps possible. Now suddenly, all of a sudden, our main character has a crush on somepony. Needless to say, this development must be handled with extreme caution. If the writers handle it even slightly poorly, one of the de facto tenets of the show (“We will not portray girls’ fiction as shallow”) will be thrown utterly out of whack. Because when you get right down to it, there are three primary places this revelation could take us, all but one of which will prove catastrophic to the show. First and foremost, it could be handled well, and prove to be beneficial to the show as a whole. Twilight and her crush, Flash Sentry, could mesh well together, and Flash could transcend his role and prove to be a clever, likable, relatable character that serves only to strengthen the show’s dynamic. On the other hand, it could be handled poorly, and prove to be a detriment to the show. Twilight’s character could become insipid and shallow whenever Flash is present, Flash himself could prove to be as worthless and filler as King Sombra, and the Bronies would collectively groan as the show that had previously withstood the grasp of unbecoming girls’ fiction traps suddenly finds itself up the river without a paddle. And then there is the possibility that the show would not handle the development at all. That is, all mention of the crush dropped, all hints at the crush silenced, and Flash Sentry himself made to be as canon as shipping between Lyra and BonBon. At first, that might not sound so bad. We’re back to the status quo, right? Only this time, we have ourselves a shiny new Twilight, brimming with confidence! But it’s imperative to understand that this approach would thrust the show into another trap, and it would be caught between a rock and a hard place. If you ignore the crush but still maintain Twilight’s new confidence, as if everything in the movie besides the crush itself actually happened in canon, you find yourself with an ending to Equestria Girls that goes absolutely nowhere, a potentially great character that never gets mentioned again, and a chemistry that could have worked that will never see the light of day. To put it simply, that would be terrible story-telling. At best, it would be as if the writers are admitting that they wrote Equestria Girls without thinking ahead well enough to utilize the potential, and at worst it would be as if the writers have no qualms establishing a character before completely forgetting about him. The fact is, Equestria Girls can’t be canon in one aspect but not in another. Either you accept Twilight’s confidence along with her crush, or you reject both of them. Cherrypicking which aspects you choose to become canon is incredibly cheap writing, and I’ll be very disappointed if the writers have decided to go this route for Season Four. Alternatively, the writers could take a similar route and pretend Equestira Girls never happened. That is, never bring up the crush, but also write for Twilight as if she never obtained that confidence boost. Essentially, treat Equestria Girls as strictly non-canon at any cost, which includes those revelations about the Elements I talked about above. Honestly, aside from rolling with the crush with good writing, this is the best option. This way, there is no cheap story-telling, no canon-cherrypicking, and Season Four can start with a clean slate. This would come at the cost of having to re-establish Twilight’s confidence, as well as having to consciously forget the new rules about the Elements, lest they be used in a way that doesn’t fit with established canon. But this doesn’t come without its own shortcomings. I know there are fans of Friendship is Magic that look upon Fluttershy-centric episodes with exasperation, as they believe, perhaps correctly, that Fluttershy is just learning the same lesson in confidence over and over again. To them, this makes those episodes cheap. And if the writers ignore Equestria Girls, this is probably going to be a common reaction when it comes time to make Twilight comfortable with her position again. Sure, the movie wasn’t exactly canon, but it’s a piece of character development that we’ve already seen before. It would be acceptable if not painfully redundant. So what are looking at when it comes to Season Four? Potentially some really good things! But then, also some potentially horrendous things that would really dampen the feel of the show. And I hate to say it, but no matter how good Equestria Girls was, Magical Mystery Cure still left a foul taste in my mouth. I’d hate to see it followed up by more disappointment. But I’ll give the writers more than a fair chance. After all, Magical Mystery Cure is literally the only episode of the show that I dislike overall. And no matter how you slice it, that’s a pretty fine track record.
  20. My very first proper attempt as well! A massive 24 bit full HD PNG for your desktop needs XD
  21. Hello, I am Midnight Dragon. I am making my very own spiritual successor to the Luna Games! (The one thing that makes it different from any of the others is that you never know where the game is going, because it directs you to a random level from a certain selection of levels--if that makes any sense. :/) Anyway, the point is, I need a picture for this one jump scare part. If someone would be willing to make a custom grimdark pic of an evil Cadence torturing Mrs. Sparkle (Twilight's mother), that would be perfect for a certain level! (If no one wants to, that's ok--I just wanted a fitting pic for this one part...) If you'd like more details on my game that I'm currently making, please let me know!
  22. So, I was bored one evening so I thought I'd just draw this because ponies . Watching pony reruns on YouTube a lot. And just thought I'd share this drawing with you guys. MLP for the win. Edit: I know it's upside down.
  23. I saw a bunch of ponies doing this so I figured 'why not'! Go ahead and ask away!
  24. I need a cutie mark, sort of like (sorry that it's so small ) the +s are stars, the dots are sparkles. I need it to look more, mlp, instead of 8-bit... Thanks!
  25. Ok, I made another wallpaper. I must say I like how this one came out. Yet again, if you see anything wrong with it tell me. So here it is. (thank you @Vexx3 for the pointers) DA Link: