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Found 25 results

  1. I am surprised this isn't already a topic. What are your favorite animals and why? Mine are foxes and snakes! I find them both fascinating and intelligent animals, and are so pretty and cute too!
  2. Hoi hoiii my little chicken nuggets! I hope you are doing well today C: I am here to show you a few of the adopts I have done so far this year! I am really happy with what I have done so far. So lemme show em! They all belong to a Semi-Open Species called Northlings. If interested in the Species, let me know ^^ I am really happy how they have turned out and I am proud! Also the base used is made by me and is only for personal use,sorry! Enjoy!
  3. The Kirin seem to have traits that’s seem to be pony-like, such as unicorn magic and they seem like the same physical structure of a pony, yet they can burst out into a flaming pony when angered. So are they some sort of pony subspecies, pony hybrid or are they there own species altogether? (Pics are for comparison purposes)
  4. So a few weeks ago I had watched "The Parent Map" and talked to my friend about it. She said it was annoying because the map at this point will call anyone and from the looks of it that seems to be true. I mean you have characters like Sunburst being called all the way from the Crystal Empire, the young Cutie Mark Crusaders, and even dragons can apparently be called made evident by Spike's scales lighting up. I started the question what is the point of all of this? Why make episodes for different ponies to make things better. Things that could kind of be considered none issues. Well then I thought about it. What message does the show offer if it shows only 6 pony from the same species and age are the ones seen as the only ones that can solve friendship problems and spread the message of love and friendship? Children have imaginations and with the wide array of species that the show presents I wouldn't be surprised if they made non-pony OCs, and the all gender and age appeal of the show, to only have adult female ponies solving problems and never presenting creatures like dragons, males, or young children? I've started to believe they're going to start show a wide array of species, creatures, and genders going and solving multiple not only friendship but other issues like the episode "Surf and/or Turf" where the episode could easily be seen as very loosely about divorce. Maybe at the series finale that picture that gets shipped off every season in the opening is shown with a bunch of ages, species, and genders that have solved a wide array of problems. Maybe this process will start with the Studious Six. In the end the message will be, "No matter who you are, how old you are, or what you are, you can help solve problems and help others." But what does everyone else think?
  5. Hoii sweet buns! So I am doing this post to show off some art! Most examples are just Character Designs of adopts I make, so that's why some of them have the same pose since I sell the design and not the rest. I draw mainly anything Many of them belong to a semi closed species known as Northlings, if interested let me know ! Art is my full time job so please do understand that I do not do requests I hope you enjoy Do let me know what you think!
  6. Just another poll I wanted you to awnser! PLZ COMMENT AFTER YOU FINISH THE POLL!
  7. This was a concept for an idea for a pony species that I made in late 2015, but decided to scrap in the end. It was centered around these spores which would make their way into the bodies of ponies and infect them. After a period of time, the host starts to develop plant like traits in both behavior and appearance while losing consciousness as ther spores take control of the body and turning it into a zombie of sorts. As time goes on, the host both blind and deaf, and are reliant on smell and the the rose that grows on their heads which acts like a sensor of some sort. Eventually the host become immobile with the loss of limbs and becomes rooted into the ground. From there, a mutation occurs and the body then gains the ability to produce new spores, all while living off of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals of the host. Eventually the host,s body starts to decompose and the spores must find a new host, and the cycle repeats. I took influence from the Flood from the Halo series, and Vault 22 from Fallout new vegas, when I first made this. The reason why i actually scrapped it was because my ponies in footed onesies line ended up being so popular and because of that, I wasn't feeling gun-ho about going into horror territory. So in the end, I scrapped it in favor of more light hearted material. The name planter pony was a placeholder name and its official name would have been Spore Pony. I found the sketch while I was cleaning my attic over the weekend and decided to show you guys something I did , but never fully implemented
  8. Just pick your favorite below! :3 Inner Instinct: PICK ME IMMA CHANGELING PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME NOW pwease? :3
  9. Herro! I spam a lot around here don't I? Haha nah :v Well I have been working on new pony species and I'd like some advise or a little help on what I could change or could add! Pictures of a Rare pony will be down below! So Here it goes ✿ I still have no name for them,if you want to help with the name just go ahead. ✿ So far these ponies are usually shorter than regular ponies. ✿ Males sometimes tend to look like a female,sometimes it confuses straight males. ✿ Their ears are very diffrent looking . They can be feathers,thin skin,diffrent shape. ✿ Some have glow bulbs on their head and butt. ✿ They always have gradient har colours! ✿ Their tail are long like dragons but they have smoke and spikes on one side. They are so thin it looks like fur. ✿ They usually have looking wings on their butt and spikes on it too like on the tail. ✿ The spikes are usually very smooth but if they get scared it might actually hurt someone and becomes hard and poisonous. ✿ They also love flowers! Meaningly they become friends with plant ponies very easily ✿ They also have sharp teeth! ✿ Common traits: ✿ Feather / Very thin skin ears 2 Gradient hair colour/smoke Looking wings on the butt Spikes on their butt. ✿ Uncommon traits: ✿ Diffrent shaped ears. 3 Gradient hair colour. Vibrant marks on their body that glow in the dark. (Only vibrant colours! And to keep glowing they eat small gems that match their mane colours!) Glow bulbs on their heads. ✿ Rare: ✿ 4 + gradient hair colours. Light bulbs on near their butt wings. Spikes on the tail. More than one head glow bulbs. So heres a few examples~ (Btw they are all adoptables :DD) Enjoy~
  10. For me as an mlp fan I have seen some pretty interesting species so far. Griffons, Minotaurs, Diamond Dogs, Dragons, and then the Yaks. Yet I can't help but feel we are severely lacking in the department of carnivore species in this world aside from Diamond Dogs and Griffons. Something like a species of Gators or Komodo Dragons. What are your thoughts on this matter? Post below.
  11. If the mane six weren't ponies, what types of animals do you think they would be? This could be animals specifically found in Equestria or ones from our world. Here's what I think, personally- Twilight- Owl Rainbow Dash- Cheetah Pinkie Pie- Bunny Rarity- Cat Applejack- Dog Fluttershy- Mouse So, what animals do YOU think they'd be? You can name other ponies in your lists too, if you'd like.
  12. My Little Theory: Ecology is Science My theory is that the ponies of the show are actually of the extinct species of hypohippus. My evidence is that the hypohippus has three toes, allowing for the dexterity that our favorite ponies. They are also significantly smaller than modern horses. My final piece of evidence is that the hypohippus has rounded features, just like My Little Ponies. Any thoughts on this theory? Are there any other theories as to what species our favorite ponies are? Feel free to share them here, and remember that when you watch My Little Pony, you are really watching My Little Hypohippus.
  13. As you might guess from the question, some species (Ponies, Breezies, Donkeys, Dragons, Buffalo) talk because their societies require them to do so. However, others like the Diamond Dogs and cows talk as well. Do you consider it strange that Applejack's dog Winona doesn't talk while the diamond dogs can, even though these are technically the same species? Why is that so?
  14. I'm not too sure if this is considered a headcanon or a theory. You may or may not know about magic placement. I don't know if that's canon or headcanon, but unicorns have magic on their head, pegasi have magic on their back, and earth ponies have magic on their hind legs. This is my headcanon or theory: sometimes, magic can be split or misplaced. An example of split magic would be a unicorn who has magic on their head and hind legs. Said unicorn would show earth pony characteristics. An example of misplaced magic would be a pegasus with magic on the hind legs and none on the back. Ponies like this may appear one species but are actually another. Misplaced magic can be dangerous if a pony is supposed to be a unicorn or pegasus but does not have a horn or wings. For example, one pony may look like a regular earth pony, but they are actually unicorns without horns. The high concentration of their magic in one area without any way of expelling the magic can cause major problems, and ponies like that rarely live to make it to school. Mixed magic isn't as dangerous, but if a pony has part of their magic in an area that cannot be expelled, it can cause them problems. Ponies who have magic on their head without a horn may have headaches, and ponies with magic on their back without wings may have frequent back pains. Those with earth pony magic who do not appear as earth ponies are also at risk, but they can live much longer and often live average lives if they develop the muscles in their back legs. A pony with a horn may never use magic, and a pony with wings may never fly. This probably makes absolutely no sense.
  15. Officialy endorsed by Artemis. "Make a thread." - Artemis ~~~ What is MLPForums' Species Relations? The Species Relations team is a specialized force of MLPForums users dedicated to the goal of ending species inequality and horse superiority. We're a dedicated staff that aims to help everyone be equals and have a good time on the forums. "Geez, that sounds sweet! How can I join?" All applicants can fill out the form below to help the Species Relations team in the fight to end speciesism and species inequality. Name: "How can you help the Species Relations team?" : "Are you a horse or not a horse?" ~~~ I'm looking forward to seeing all of the motivated and proud activists who are willing to join the new revolution! See you all on the political battlefield! - O~
  16. This entire thread is dedicated to the discussion of how Earth horses (including actual ponies) and Equestrian ponies will interact with each other. The following fictional/mythological species of horse will also be included here: Houyhnhnms, Greek pegasi, classical unicorns (the bigger ones with no magic on their horns), and Diomedes' mares. Tell us, how will each of the five species of horse interact with the Equestrian ponies?
  17. What's your favorite fictional alien and mutant species in video games? Alien: Mine are the Krogan from Mass Effect, they are the most interesting one imo because of the whole Genophage thing and their culture, and Wrex. Second for me would be the Salarians (Mass Effect) though, they are also interesting because of their short lifespan and their intelligence, and Mordin. Mutant: The super mutants from Fallout are pretty cool, but I like the ghoul more for some reason.
  18. Would xenophilia take place in their world? What is xenophilia? It's the partnership of two sapient beings from different species, dating and whatnot. Think about it, there's more than one sapient species; like Diamond Dogs (I'm sure not all Diamond Dogs and their clans are jerks) griffons, dragons (I'm sure not all dragons are anti social) living on their planet. Of course, this is a kid's cartoon and not show like Mass Effect to deal with issues like this. I think xenophilia would happen if there's one than one sapient race on a planet, that or the strongest, most violent and warlike of the races subjugates and eventually commits genocide on them all.
  19. Okay, this is a bit random of a topic, but oh well. Anyway, my question is this: if the Mane 6 happened to be snakes, what types of snakes should they each be? Post which type of snake for each member below, and post why. Me: Fluttershy: Common Garter Snake Well, Common Garter Snakes sometimes have yellow on them, but that's not the main reason I chose this type of snake for Fluttershy. I chose it because this type of snake's behavior reminded me of Fluttershy. When they are disturbed, they may coil and strike, but they usually just hide their head, and flail their tail. This reminds me a lot of Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie Coluber Constrictor The main reason I chose this type of snake for Pinkie Pie is because they are fast and curious snakes, like Pinkie Pie. That's about it, really. Twilight Sparkle Eastern Indigo Snake Another simple reason for a snake. But in this case, I guess that works considering how Twilight Sparkle likes being practical. Anyway, the main reason I chose this snake is because it has a blueish-purpleish color to it. Also, it has indigo in the name. Rarity Banded cat-eyed snake Well, cat-eyed is associated with liking shiny things (like gems), so that name struck out to me as a snake Rarity would be. Rainbow Dash Golden Tree Snake Now, the colors don't match, but since this snake can fly/glide, I think it would be a good snake for Rainbow Dash to be. Also, a flying snake is pretty cool, so that is another reason why this is a good snake for Rainbow Dash to be. Applejack Bullsnake Well, bulls remind me of cowboys/cowgirls, and Applejack is associated with cowboy/cowgirls, so this seemed like a snake Applejack would be.
  20. If you could choose what species/race you could be if you went to equestria (besides human) what would you be? And if you choose pony, what type? Personally, id want to be a griffon. That way I could still eat meat, I still have fingers, and I can fly! How about you guys?
  21. Unicorn~ Unicorn Ponies~ Unicorn Marines, like average ponies, have one magic-wielding horn. However, webbing from this horn connects it to many fins that make it's way up along the pony's back from it's hip to it's forehead directly up the middle. When in use, the magic is more concentrated and visible, resulting in an almost fire-like appearance. When using their abilities, the eyes of unicorn Marines also release magic, which generally flows off of the corners of their eyes. Unicorn Marines only specialize in one element (ice, water, fire, lightning, shadow, etc..), becoming a master of the subject. Unicorn Marines pose a unique adaption, because their hair is unable to sprout the way it does with average ponies. Instead, their hair tends to develop in more interesting manners and forms around their fins. Pegasus Ponies~ Pegasus Marines don't actually have wings. Instead, they have somewhat dragon-like webbed fins that extend from their shoulder blades and mimic the appearance of traditional wings. They're generally the fastest swimmers around, using their "wings" to propel themselves through the water. When on land, they are unable to fly, but are capable of gliding and hovering above ground if desired. Their legs, while still more muscular and longer than that of average ponies, are somewhat weak, but still stronger than that of the general pegasi ponies because their bones aren't completely hollow. Rather than folding their wings, the fins just overlap over one another, and the webbing corresponds. Earth Ponies~ Earth pony Marines often have the strongest legs. They generally keep to the depths of the ocean or lakes, and take up most of the duties concerning agriculture and much of the duties involving animals. In retrospect, they are very similar to average earth ponies, aside from the the addition of webbed fins and their obvious multi-colored coats. When on land, their leg strength makes them exemplary runners. Alicorn Ponies~ Alicorn Marines are incredibly rare, and sport features from all 3 of the different Marine types. They are incredibly tall, and are known to be somewhat more expressive than the average Marine, due to the fact that, over time, alicorn Marines can develop facial fins as well, which typically close and open based upon their mood. Marines as a whole~ All Marines sport webbed, immobile fins. Generally, these fins only sprout from the hind hooves, but on occasion can be seen on the front hooves and even the ears or flank. Marines have incredibly thin fur, and tend to be more colorful than average ponies as a result because their skin can be seen through their coats where the fluff is shortest. Their skin tones can range from the normal pink or grey, to more exotic colors such as orange or blue. On rare occasions, they can have up to three body colors, if the skin underneath is spotted in any way. Marines are normally somewhat taller and sleeker than average ponies, but come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, on rare occasions, they have even been known to be shorter than their earthly counterparts. Female marines are known to be somewhat taller than males, and have designs that generally sprout from their bottom eyelash (swirls, teardrops, anything really). Males, on the other hand, have a bulkier build and wider bodies, as well as somewhat broader faces and the addition of naturally colored hooves. Marines do not have hair. What appears to be hair is actually just thin external gill fragments that allows them to breath under water with ease, Marines that do not have large amounts of "hair" (or have no "hair" at all) tend to have gills to either side of their throats (male) or beneath the rib cage (female). Marines are unable to stay out of water for long amounts of time, because their skin is incredibly delicate and will dry out after a while. The webbing of their fins is incredibly thick and is not see-through, it can be basically any color. During rituals, such as weddings or traditional events, the Marines generally paint their fur and fins with the colors and patterns of native fish. There are both fresh water and sea water Marines. Marines are capable of interacting in different biomes, but can become sick if kept in the wrong water type for too long. Fins can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are two-toned. Marines towards other species~ Marines and Ponies can generally get along fairly well, but tend to clash with other species such as griffins due to rivalries over hunting grounds. Marines are entirely omnivorous, and generally tend to prefer fish over seaweed (they have fangs that are visible when the mouth is opened). Since Ponies are herbivores, this has never really been a problem. Marines and Ponies can, in fact, breed, and their offspring have a 50% chance of being a Marine or a Pony. This is the same with any other species that is capable of breeding with others. Getting your own Marine OC~ You must apply for your OC with a full-detail explanation of your character. Rules~ * You can only CREATE 1 Marine OC, all other OCs must be adopted. * Only Admins are allowed to create designs for adoption or create multiple OCs. * If you would like to breed your Marine, please contact an admin. * You may NOT create or own an alicorn Marine. * You MUST credit me for the creation of the species. * You MUST join the group before creating or adopting a Marine. * You MUST link back to the group whenever you create artwork of any form including a Marine. * DO NOT STEAL Group~ Link~ PLEASE REMEMBER TO JOIN BEFORE CREATING OR ADOPTING A MARINE Marine Ponies © NEKROMANTIAFOX NOTE: My scanner like...really hates me some of the colors might be dulled and the transitions might be messed up.
  22. Presenting the Thurpftrpp ~ A Thurpftrpp (thur-pfvvt-pvert) is a very sentient creature. It has the ability to mold itself into whatever the heck it wants. However, it never knows what it wants to become. It focuses mostly on how amazing the outside of the creature looks, but it likes so many things that it can't choose just one. However, there are a few things that apply to all Thurpftrpp: - All Thurpftrpp can swallow the bottom half of a creature, attach its brain to its prey's brain, an then manipulate its prey in whatever way it wants to. - It can fuse itself with water to grow larger and get more defenses, but its body will always be in the center of the thing it grew into. - You can eat a Thurpftrpp, and it is probably the best and smartest thing you can ever do. It is very nutritious. However, all light collected by your eyes will be intensely warped. - Its name is very fun to say.
  23. I've been working on a MLP species for a while, but I can't seem to narrow down the last of the details. So if anypony has a suggestion, that would be very appreciated! I also need to name it <.< >.> Official details: * Eye Details (SECRET) * Pointed Teeth (famales have sharper and longer canines) * Cutiemarks on shoulders Possible details: * Traditional unicorn tails * More deer-like tails? * Cutiermaks possible branching off into the wings Not much here.... Important questions to ask (for suggestion inspiration): How will I differentiate females from males, other than their basic facial shapes? How should their feet and ears form (hooves, paws, claws, fluff, ect)? Should I put their cutiemarks on their left cheek or on their shoulders? How can I alter their tail designs? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated, so please tell me any and all ideas you have!
  24. Now, this is a very simple question. See, I currently have three main OCs, so I'm making another two to total five. I want one of them to be a dragon-pony, but I don't know what species I should use for her. If anybody has any suggestions as to what species I should make her, it would be very much appreciated. Also, if you have any suggestions to make my dragon-pony more unique, feel free to tell me. PS: As a side-note, I'm also making a new species and I don't quite know what to call it.
  25. Hey everypony! I'm working on a new species (think changelings and torch hounds), but I need some help working out the kinks and developing the species. I want something unique, but I'm having some trouble coming up with ideas. So, instead of telling you all what I've got currently, I'm just going to let you all post random suggestions. In fact, let's make a competition out of it! You can enter as many suggestions as you like, and for every suggestion that I decide to use, you will receive one free request, using the style that I've developed for commissions and have yet to debut. Species I need help with: 1 MLP Species (because I'm only making one species for MLP, I will be more picky with the suggestions I accept) Species designed for my Website (based off of an assortment of different animals) Species designed for my book and art series, "The Viathyn Chronicles" (think modified fantasy creatures, like werewolves or fairies) Okay, I know this is some weird format for a competition, but whatever. FORMAT: Username: Suggestion(s): Request: Request Reference: You will be notified if I accept your suggestion. ALSO ACCEPTING SPECIES NAMES AS SUGGESTIONS I know all of this seems odd, but I truly do need the help, and this is the most interesting way I can ask.