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Found 7 results

  1. Being an artist, i'd hate to live my life without color. Now out of the list, tell us what your favorite color is, and how other colors are viewed by you. Fill out your opinion about each of these simplistic colors below! Pink: Red: Orange: Yellow: Green: Blue: Purple: Brown: Gray: White: Black: My opinions:
  2. Below is linked to a poltical spectrum quiz. Take it and post your results. I'd like to see where everyone else here leans. Also the image below are my results to the same quiz. I would also say I do have sveral anarchist tendencies. And I lean somewhat towards Individualist Anarchism.
  3. I have to admit, i didnt beat the Game because it really was difficult and depressing for me and also my downloaded Rom crashed when i was trying to enter a certain Room, not even able to beat the Game, unless i download a different Version, but since this is not my Computer, i really dont want to risk anything. Okay, but really, even if it had worked, i would have probably stopped. Its to difficult for me. The Game is a kinda 3D Adventure Game, but it has this weird perspective, that sometimes doesnt let you see that well, if you are gonna hit something. Also some of the Jumps, have to be perfect and you really have to step on the very edge of your Plattform or else you are not going to make it. That and the difficult Puzzles and not being able to defend yourself against Enemys, makes the game really hard. The Story is simple, Robin got captured by the Joker with help of the Riddler, even though none of them appear in the Game. In fact, all of the Enemys are just random things that arent even from the Batman Comics, im pretty sure. Also this Game is apparently based on the 60 Television Show, since it has the same Theme and Batman has a similar Costume, even though the rest of the Game has nothing to do with it. Enemys include Dogs, Heads with an S on the back, Plattforms that kan kill you, smoke that can kill you, a Pirat Head, a Yeti ( or something ) and some Dude, could be the Joker...maybe. You have to find 7 Parts of the Batcraft to win the Game. have to find 7 Parts of the Batcraft, than walk to a few Rooms again, that you have already been, so backtracking and then actually find the Room in which the than completed Batcraft is. How are you supposed to find that out? And what does the Save Function bring me, if everytime i load, some of the Super Powers are missing which makes going to certain Rooms impossible? So you have to restart the Game anyway. And why do you sometimes get an extra Life called " Dog Life " ? And what has this to do with Batman? Anyway...and now Spoiler Alert, if you manage to assemble the Batcraft and jump into it, you simply get a Screen that says : Batcraft completed. Or something like that. Than it just jumps to the Game Over Screen. The same Screen that you get, when you die. What about rescuing Robin and defeating Joker and the Riddler? Well, nothing. Nothing else happends. You assemble the Batcraft and then Batman saves Robin by himself...i guess, because you dont get to see it. .....okay? Can i not get an Winning Screen, in which Robin is with me, so that i know that i have saved him? Anything? Okay... Well all in all, the Game is not bad, it looks good for the time and goes on for much longer than the first 2 Superman Games, but you move sooo slow and you have to jump picture perfect or you die, that combined with backtracking, losing your Super Powers when you load a save, which makes saving pointless and the sometimes confusing perspective of the Game makes it hard to aim for Jumps or even see where Objects go. Even Enemys can hide behind Walls and then kill you with a surprise. I would give this Game a...5/10. 5 Points for being a good Game, but it gets no Fun Points. That doesnt mean that the game is bad, because its really not, but i dislike it. Its not my Type of Game, its frustrating, difficult, slow and sometimes unfair. And i really dont have the Motivation to play this game for half an Hour, just to get a Game Over Screen anyway. Its a good Game, but its not my Game.
  4. EDIT : I AM A GIANT IDIOT, THE MANUAL ACTUALLY EXPLAINS EVERYTHING PROPERLY. I just didnt pay enough Attention...just ignore this Review. So...before someone says that there is also another Game called Superman 3 that was programmed but then never released, than yes. There is a Game produced before " Superman - The Game ", which would technically be the second produced Superman Game, that was based on the third Movie, but i didnt found an Emulator for that Game,so i just watched someone else play it. Its basically like Missile Command, you control Superman and you can fly around the different City Parts ( little Groups of Buildings ) while having to stop the Missiles that get shot from the evil Computer. ( in the middle of the screen ) You either have to block the Missiles by going trough them or use your Heat Vision. So you use your moving Keys and one shot Key. You cant use your X-Ray Vision anymore like in the first Game, but you have a little Mini Map on the Top i think, that lets you see anywhere. ( i guess it could be a replacement for the X-Ray Vision Power ) The Game looks like fun, but its really just, block the Missiles until all the Buildings are destroyed and get a Highscore. The Missiles go faster and faster every Round, until you lose. It doesnt have an Happy Ending, its just a Highscore Game, so there isnt that much to it. As i said, i havent played it, so...i dont know, could be fun. Now to the real second released Game : Superman - The Game from 1985. I actually have the Game for Commodore 64, which includes all the Combat Zones, but since i didnt want to spend so much Money on multiple old Home Computers, i just searched for an Emulator. I could only find the Spectrum Version, but i have to admit, that i didnt searched that long, but i trust Emu-Paradise the most, since it seems to be the biggest Emulator Side. And well...the Spectrum Version is shortened and has only one Combat Zone. The Commodore Version has 5 and better Graphics I wish i could play that Version. So, lets make this Post shorter by counting Positive and Negative things right away: ( and hope that the Post Editor doesnt brake again. ) Positive Things The Game looks better and you have 3 Powers now, Flying, X-Ray Vision ( represented by the Mini-Map on the button, which lets you see, where People are ) and your Heat Vision. Two Playable Characters, Superman and Darkseid. ( Darkseid can teleport himself and can use his Omega Beams. ) 5 Combat Zones and 6 Town Zones. ( The normal Town and an Underground Area, both divided by 3 Screens. ) Now the negative Things ( based on the Spectrum Version that i played ) This Game is confusing ! It says it has two playable Characters, but even the Manuel doesnt tell me, how i can change the Character ! The Manual also only partly explains to me, how the Game Works. It basically told me, i could pick up People and Items by pressing the Fire Button twice ( since you only have the directions Keys and one Action button ), but many times, it doesnt work.I cant pick up People and pressing the Fire Button mutliple times until it actually reacts and lets me pick up an Item, is kinda annoying. Also its weird, that when you pick up an Item ( and it tells you by a Number that you have it ) its still on the Screen for a few more seconds. You also have to change some barriers, to aim with your Heat Vision, because it gets reflected from the Barriers. What the manual didnt explain to me properly was, that i also have to change the Barriers in a way, that they would lead the normal People to a save Exit. That wouldnt be so bad, but some Barriers never change and pressing the Fire Button again for mutliple times until it finally reacts is again : ANNOYING ! Also, everytime you try to pick up an Item or change a Barrier, you automatically shoot your Heat Vision. And you have limited Power, which means you waste your Power every time. Everytime you try to get to a new Place in Town, you enter the same Combat Zone, in which you have to destroy Grenades that get thrown by Darkseid. Okay...which means spamming the shoot Button again. I can describe this Game in 2 Words : REPETITIVE and FRUSTRATING. Might be, that the Spectrum Version is the worst one and that the Commodore Version is better, but waiting for a Tape to load and spend houndreds of Dollars for a used System and then again Money, for the Tape loader, just for one single Game and then buy again an Amstrad Cpc, an Amiga and a Spectrum for the rest of the old DC Games, just seem to me, like a giant waste of Money. I would buy gaming Consoles, because they are often cheaper and dont need that many special Items and have more releases on them, but Home Computer...nah. I played the Spectrum Version and that gave me enough. Its a nice try for a second Game, you have one more Power, an even cooler Enemy and more Action, but the Problems with this game are just to much. Confusing Controls and Manual, spamming the Action Key everywhere because it doesnt react correctly, nowhere dows the Manual or the Game tell you how to actually change the Character nor does the Manual show you your Buttons that you have to use. ITS A MANUAL!!! ITS SUPPOSED TO SHOW YOU, HOW TO PLAY!!! WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING??? And some Items just dont work correctly, like Barriers that wont move or spamming the Action Key over an Item and not picking it up. I know, i know, maybe my Emulator or my downloaded Rom is broken...could be. Sure. Than just see this as the Emu-Paradise Download Version Review. The Game is not fun. Not at all. I would give this Game ( Spectrum Version ) a 3/10. The Spectrum Version is just spamming the Action Key the entire Game and hoping that something happens. It gets frustrating and boring and i actually stopped playing after a few Minutes because its just not fun. Its not working correctly, some Functions arent included and the Manual doesnt even tell you everything you need to know. I didnt played the Commodore Version, but i would give this one a 6/10. Good Graphics, a good Variety of Levels and different Combat Zone Mini Games. The complete Version seems to be a good second Superman Game. I see, that it trys a lot of good things, but if its again just spamming the same Key over and over and over again, i would probably get bored from that Version to. It gets one Point in the good because it looks better and has more Content than the first Game, which i would expect from a Sequel. But the Spectrum Version is a whole Load of Bull. S***. Maybe its just not the Game for me. Anyway, this is all just my Opinion and maybe i just suck at the Game. Or maybe im just to stupid, to understand the Game.
  5. Something I threw together in Photoshop, because science. I do not own the Rainbow Dash and Isaac Newton assets, I just liberated them from Google Images and put them where they needed to be.
  6. Hello people! In celebration of Spectrum EP, I decided to do a remix of Spectrum by Zedd. I hope you enjoy for I am still very new in remixing and producing and am interested in some feedback and critique.(Maybe even some attention =P.) Enjoy! http-~~-//