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Found 24 results

  1. I always wondered how fast is the Sonic Rainboom that Rainbow Dash made?
  2. So my friend recently got a ticket for going 107 in a 65 (MPH). It got me wondering who here on the forums holds the record for fastest driver. Me personally, I've only topped out around 90 (MPH). I'll go ahead and toss in a poll, because why not? (If your answer is divisible by 5, round up in the poll)
  3. Title says all. I'm looking for racers in both games, so maybe you can kick my ass or I kick yours on the track? Now Regarding heat, please keep an open mind, it is a pretty good game so far, but do give your critics about it or who is into CTR NF (crash team racing nitro fuled)
  4. How fast are you on the ground at full speed? I'm 5'1, but I'm faster than most people! Feel free to post your 40 yard dash time if you like. Speaking of which, I believe mine was a 4.6 the last time I checked.
  5. I searched through a number of pages of topics and found nothing for NFS. Which is a shame since NFS is the pinnacle of all gaming (in my opinion). I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where people can talk about likes and dislikes about Need for Speed games and the franchise itself. This thread will also serve as a great place to exchange PSN names and whatnot. So I guess to start off, I got Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Not the newest of the series, but still a darn lot of fun. Surprisingly, the world and the flow of the roads are superior to Rivals, the newer version of Hot Pursuit. Aside from Slightly delayed controls and the online pass fee, I can't really think of many reasons why one should buy Rivals over it. Truly a brilliant game. Edit: The race called Vanishing Point is being stupidly hard to get gold... I might have just started the game, but when it comes to Need for Speed, gold is the only satisfying acheivement. Edit: Finally stuck gold on that challenge. Apparently I was only 0.36 seconds off from gold in the first place, cuz 1:22.00 is gold, wheras 1:22.36 is not.
  6. HI, me again! I'm looking for a good power pony name that has to do with speed & teleportation for my OC Citrus Blast, I mention her in my other topic here I know I made this topic overflowing with chat but I already wrote all the details about Citrus near the bottom so if you can just read that part & if you come up with anything, just comment back to me here please & thanks! Thanks everypony for the great suggestions but I found a power pony name that I'm using for Citrus.
  7. This is the thread where we post, rate and discuss Nightcore. I'll start with a remix I made a while back, it's a remix of Eurobeat Brony's Luna (Nightmare Mode) He even commented on it!
  8. If you're not sure how to change a video's speed, this explanation may help: The user above you will post a video and tell you whether to play it at half or double speed. Post your reaction after watching at that speed, and then give another video for the user below you, along with a certain speed effect to apply. Preferably, videos should be fairly short with their speed effect applied (10 minutes or less), though it's not so much a rule but a general principle I'll start with this one, then: Half the speed, if you please :3
  9. Speed is where it's at for me, and racing video games are my favorite genre in video game because of it. The sense of adrenaline, skill, and speed in those video games never cease to amaze me. I'm curious, which is your favorite racing video game series? For me, without a doubt the WIpeout series, no not that lame and stupid game show, the kick ass fast future like racing video game where you control ships of the future with weapons and gravity mechanics! It's so fast, so difficult, and so insane, that I only recommend this to the hardcore gamers with extreme skill if you want to master this game.
  10. Ok, this may seem a bit weird. Here it is anyway... If you were a photon (a particle of light), would you perceive time?
  11. On the same day I got Arkham Origins, I also played the demo to Sonic Lost World. I've mentioned before that I've been looking forward to this game. But, after finally playing it for the first time, I've discovered that SEGA has made some highly questionable changes that, let's just say, I'm not a fan of. First of all, Sonic's speed has been terribly butchered. You have to hold down the right trigger in order for Sonic to actually run fast. If you don't, Sonic will jog at a speed slower than that of Sonic 06. This change was probably made to help the platforming aspect, but I still find it weird that they would do something like this to the blue blur. Another issue I have is the enemy placement. The enemy placement in this game is SUPER jerkish. I'll just be running along and, all of a sudden, a badnik appears directly in front of Sonic. As a result, I have no time to react to it, I take a hit and lose my rings. That happened to me about three times throughout the course of the level. Though, that's not to say that this game is completely terrible. This game's presentation is top notch and the level design looks pretty good so far. I'll have to get the full game before I can have a solid opinion.
  12. Decided to create my first poll, you have it. Some of the most well known speed demons in cartoon history. Who do you think will win in a race to the finish?
  13. I don't know what it is but yesterday morning and night my wireless speed was acting up, the speed NOT SIGNAL kept fluctuating. But only if I plug it in directly through ethernet, it maintains a constant speed. It wasn't like this before! I use wireless devices from my bedroom, since it would be very impractical to have wires going all over the house. Plus my iPad, 3DS, etc. don't use Ethernet... The wifi was fine when I came home from work yesterday though, it also is working fine this morning as well! WTF is going on? Before anyone asks, I have tried different channels, and have also had it on auto channel scan. Is this due to failing hardware?
  14. So, knowing that this is the internet, we all need a form of input to post our text on this glorious medium. I am here to ask which layouts you prefer to type. Why do you like that? Do you type faster? Ergonomic reasons? Lingual reasons? (Specify in post) Personally, I just started Dvorak recently, and am switching between QWERTY and Dvorak. I chose USA-Dvorak due to the large typing speed increase. Dvorak layout: EDIT: just found an extra keyboard *changes keys*
  15. Don'tcha just love Einstein? This is an OC of mine as he Squares the speed of light. He looks very energetic, wouldn't you say? I love science.
  16. *480p* for best sound* I have been wanting to make a PMV for a long time now and I got inspired from the Rainbow Dash - Your gonna go far kid PMV on youtube :3. I really like how this one turned out and would like your thoughts and etc on it. P.S. Rarity should have known better to fly close to the sun... as the saying goes
  17. So today after Superstar (song) overdose, I got shitty mood and with people telling me they can´t imagine how my pictures are drawn in MS paint, I decided to draw something (and record it) and well, I ended up with Pinkamena. My PC is an old poor thing so the video was lagging and my cursor was disappearing (so it was kinda hard to draw...).. and after the finishing, it would take ages to render it as it was... So I speeded it up in VLC player and recorded it again... and then speeded it up again in Sony Vegas.. 8 minutes were easier to handle than an hour. That´s an excuse for the quality... The picture: Yeah, the eye is weird.. again. And looks more like Fluttershy to me. The video (with that awesome song that gives me the feels.) : http-~~-// EDIT: I checked the video.. the final picture is too wide...
  18. Im sure many of you remember this awesome game! If you remember playing this years ago share your memories and more here! They just don't make racing games quite like this !
  19. Ok, I've been working on this for a long time, and now I feel like I can finally release it. I honestly think it sounds good, and I am proud of it.
  20. I looked for another thread like this and couldn't find one. Most unfortunate, because I was hoping to create some unnecessary work for NewCalamity, Chigens and Kay, or Chaotic Discord by making a duplicate. This is what I'm currently getting: My downstream used to be closer to 5, but there was an incident with Verizon regarding my leaving for Comcast due to no Verizon services other than POTS being available where I'm moving. My service got canceled early for some reason and they gave me a new line to hold me over until I moved in two weeks, and the service I'm now getting is about half as fast. Doesn't really matter since I'm leaving on Friday. Here's what I'll be getting with Comcast when I move to the new place: So how about you?
  21. There you go. Test yourself. Pics or it didn't happen. But really, screenshots are a plus. If you don't know how to take a screenshot on Windows 7 and Vista (sorry XP users), just hit Start > Search "Snipping Tool" and open the program > Click "new" on the window, if it is not enabled already > Drag box in area in which you would like to take a screenshot. This isn't a very fair score for me, as it is my best in a 5-time trial to get the best score. Average, I'd say I'd drop 6 words per minute, but here we go, screenshot. Bam boom bing bop, right down there in the spoiler.
  22. Trying out different drawing styles with Paint Tool SAI, here's a Fluttershy :3 Time spent: 15-20 minutes Edit: Got bored and made a high quality version Time Spent: around 25 minutes
  23. Hopefully I can be diligent enough to do one of these a day. took < 30 minutes to do so they are all speed paintings. Used: PaintTool SAI, Intuos 4 Large Tablet. Day2 - Yes i know she doesn't have her cutie mark, ran out of time :] I need to spend more time on the hair >.< Day1
  24. <p>My Little Brony: Friendship is Awesome Episode 1 To the side you see the scene where Pinkie gasps at Twilight in ep. 1. Then the camera begins to zoom into a normal PonyVille house to its door and then fades into the inside, where Diamond Dash and Shadow Star are talking. You can see Blue Jazz sleeping on the couch in the background. Diamond and Shadow are looking at two pairs of shoes with a lightning bolt on the side of them that’s on a table. Diamond Dash: So um, you invented shoes? Shadow Star: Their not normal shoes! If you wear them you can increase your speed ten-fold! Blue Jazz’s eye opens, looking toward the shoes. Diamond Dash: Do they actually work? Shadow Star: Of course they do! At least they should. Blue Jazz is off the couch and begins to make her way to the shoes. Diamond Dash: You haven’t tested them yet have you? Shadow Star: Um… no… Diamond Dash: I’m guessing you want me to test them, right? Shadow Star: I was hoping that... Blue gets to the table. Blue Jazz: Wait! I want to test them. Shadow Star: You want to put effort into something? Are you feeling okay, Blue? Blue turns to Shadow and squints at her then grabs them off the table and puts them on. Blue Jazz: So how do I get them to work? Shadow lifts her hoof and in it was a remote control with a big red button. Shadow Star: Just got to press this button. Blue Jazz: Okay then! Hit it! Diamond Dash: Wait! Blue Jazz are you… Shadow hits the button and Blue blasts off, going through the side of the wall, with a loud scream from her. Diamond Dash: Was it supposed to do that? Shadow Star: Uh, well, at least it did what I said it would, make you faster… Diamond Dash: Can you make her stop? Shadow hits the button, but it falls apart. Blue goes across the screen from outside the hole screaming. Shadow Star: Um, it broke… Diamond Dash: Terrific… …let’s go try to stop her. Diamond rushes out the hole in the wall, with Shadow following behind. So thats the start of the comicNOTE: This was going to be a animated series but due to financial problems I won't be able to buy the flash program I need.