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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 6 results

  1. Thorgir the Mighty

    meme Le wuts ur fav meme m8?

    K m8 wuts ur favorite meme? a meme can b anything. let us discus owr fav memes here m8. Le RuLeZ Swear words allowed,just no F**K or God****. memes can b mildly offensive no nazis or swastikas unless its actually making fun of the nazis,proving murica is superior to them deep fried memes allowed dankness allowed spicy memes allowed no religious memes,that’s for another thread no rage comics video memes allowed have fun and get rekt my fav meme is all of them but my most fav is 1967 spoderman,trump,political memes,and infinity war memes i won’t post infinity war memes m8
  2. To better expose my "bad life choices", I'll tell this one to you: The school year was great, yeah? For me, I went to a new school. Private and Japanese with the occasional white-kid car fanatic from Alaska (not joking). So to "prove" myself to these "ruffians", I chose to eat all the wasabi they had on hand. Now, at the end of the day, that was equivalent to around... one teaspoon a day. Not bad, right? Well, one of those guys got smart, and issued a challenge that I was in no mood to deny. The very next day, he hands me a plastic tube of wasabi paste and tells me to down it in front of a camera. Now, being as ignorant as I was, I'd never seen wasabi paste. All I knew was that it was some kind of low-quality wasabi company that washed ashore Giligan's Island in search of selling to the locals. Reluctantly, I opened the tube, just a bit bigger than my hand (around five or six inches tall), and swallowed as much as I could without gagging. Of course, it was on tape, and everyone in the room (10 people tops) was just as shocked as the guy filming. No one would do it, but me. After I ingested the paste, I could only describe it as a chunky, watery, cheese dip-style... uh... well... all I know is that afterward, you'd be plagued with migraines, stomach aches, and a lingering flavor of rotten Matzo Ball soup in your mouth for longer than you'd ever wish for. Sure, I did get a good reputation at that school for... being myself... but... just don't do what I did. So in short, I hated everything for about 2 days and wanted to throw up for a week. Lesson? Don't eat plain, low-quality manure for recreation. (I'll finish the story tomorrow with "real snorting") -RealityPublishing
  3. LiraCrown

    Pink Spice

    This has a low framerate for the animation, only 3 frames, but when I started I never planned to animate it in the first place. So ya, If I had done a 6 frame I could have smoothed it out nicer. So Spice.
  4. Due Diligence

    Living Spicy

    Howdy from the spicy South! I've got a project in life to find a hot sauce for pretty much everything, and sometimes that involves swapping recipes. I just finished a fatalii-mango hot sauce (Sriracha consistency) that is cooling down right now, and I've got a bhut jolokia-pineapple salsa that is the second hottest thing I've ever attempted to eat. Sriracha-lime cupcakes have also been baked, though I seem to be the only one that liked them. Have any good recipes, spicy finds or stories to share?
  5. Blue Moon

    Nurse Spicycheeto

    Well, since you guys have cursed me to make cheetoponies, I have made Nurse Spicycheeto. Why do you guys hate me? (Except , he/she loves me.)
  6. Fox

    How I turned into a Fire Pokemon

    When I was in high school, I had been asked by my troll friend to swallow a spoon full of hot sauce. I was up for the challenge, and ready to go. I stared at the malicious sauce and thought to myself it'll just be spicy for a few minutes. I was bit worried and hesitant before taking it. I had gulped it down with no fear. I awaited my bodies reaction. My throat, burning. Stomach, burning. Everything, burning. It was horrible! I felt like I had just embodied a volcano. I tried getting some sort of liquid to cleanse the burning within my throat. My friends were slow to act and didn't get me water as they were troubled with their laughter. It had been a good 5-10 minutes before one of my friends went inside their house to bring me water. I felt paralyzed, drooling mindlessly out of my mouth, with a ever lasting burn withing my digestive system. I had to wait an hour before my body could function well; without the thought of my body being on fire. I had claimed the $5 I had been promised for committing myself to the challenge. I told myself, "Never again."