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Found 14 results

  1. Personally, I am kinda against the ship since I find Spike to be too young, him to be of a completely different race and because I personally don't think that Rarity is interested in him :/. However, what are your thoughts?
  2. Is it just me, or does Simple Ways contain one of the best portrayals of Spike yet? I mean, we all know how he feels about Rarity. The episode even touches on it and the fact that Rarity doesn't feel the same way about him. Yet he doesn't let it get to him. He continues to be there for Rarity and support her pursuing happiness, even if it means letting her be with somepony else. He wants to be with her, but making her happy is far more important to him. He handled unrequited love with far more maturity than Rarity did. Dang, Spike, whoever you do end up with will be the luckiest pony, dragon, or whatever in your entire universe. Maybe Twilight was on to something when she gave him the Element of Loyalty.
  3. Hello, I am one of those people who want to wait to watch Season 4 and I was wondering about Spike and Rarity's relationship and how it is in Season 4? is it like that one episode in season 2/3 where spike gets greedy or whatever? or is it more of a friend thing now? I am dieing to know! (No spoilers about episodes tho)
  4. I hope he gets over rarity because it's getting really annoying.
  5. Ever thought about what it would sound like if Spikes feelings were put into song. Well this song answers that... Second Track from my "Equestrian Serenades" album I had the first version up a while ago but the vocals were too strained... this new one should have less strainy vocals
  6. So...I wrote this song from Spike's perspective; he seems rather left out in terms of fan music, so I thought him the honours . Lyrics, download and all that jazz are in the vid description. Ciao, Strig
  7. Okay, so, title is a little cruel for both characters involved. It would make Rarity look like a real flank hole for taking advantage of and toying with Spike's feelings to get him to do manual labor for her or to take stuff from him. At the same time, Spike is a kind, generous and selfless little guy that I personally couldn't stand to see heart broken because he doesn't deserve it especially because of the stuff Rarity (and the other ponies) puts him through. I'm not saying its true or inevitable. I'm saying its not impossible. If Rarity really doesn't like Spike back then she's a douche for keeping it ambiguous. Plus Spike's not stupid. He'll figure it out eventually and I can imagine it would be an unpleasant experience for him.
  8. I never got a chance to show this one off. I am SLOWLY trying to get back into my groove, but my PAST keeps coming back to haunt me... :okiedokielokie: So starting today I'm hoping to get back on the trail of drawing, and plotting out my fan fiction. I'd love your critique of the above piece and will later link you to my Fanfic thread, where I am in need of assistance. Thanks everypony! Have a wonderful afternoon.
  9. It's no secret that many members of the fanbase have been...shall we say 'displeased' (for lack of better word) with the current show writing staff in terms of how Spike has been written and characterised both in his own episodes and just in the show in general. As a strong spike fan, I can say that while I certainly have no intention of making death threats to writers and crying on the floor because of how a cartoon character is written in a show about ponies, I can say that I am somewhat disappointed and confused with how the writers have been treating Spike this past season. This isn't exactly a new topic, as it has been stated many times before as to why it's odd that Spike has both been out of character, neglected, and/or only used to be the posterior of jokes. This is all stuff that's been discussed before, so my question here is, how should he be written in future to improve on past mistakes? Now in all honesty, and I do speak for myself here, that I honestly find Spike to be a very interesting character both by himself and in a supportive role. His very intimate and affectionate relationships with all his friends derive realistically from the fact that he literally has no other family, so his interactions with his friends are always heart-warming and intriguing to watch, as we understand why his relations to characters are held incredibly dear to him, primarily seen through King Sombre's mirror in "The Crystal Empire". He has child like tendencies, yet people seem to enjoy him most when he is acting either maturely as a voice of reason or snarkily as comic relief. His constant quick snarks and remarks are what made him both a comical and relatable figure in the show's introduction, and although he can be devious and mischievous, his good intentions towards his friends are always apparent. His mysterious origins and dragon nature create a great undercurrent of tension for his role in Equestria, as is the fact that he himself is often oblivious to his own skills and maturity. His love for Rarity also offers a dynamic relationship between two main characters not really seen prominently or as frequently in the show. As season 4 goes, I believe "Inspiration Manifestation" to be the best example of how Spike stories should be done. But should the writers just try and replicate stories like that in future, or are there other areas to explore? Like I said, his origins, his history with Celestia, and his capabilities as a Dragon are the most ambiguous parts of his character, that may be more interesting to explore. Should his strength as an advisor and sidekick to other characters dictate his future episodes to always be a co-star with someone else? Should is just be about him and Rarity from now on? Or is there something else completely different they could try? I honestly did find Spike's greedy and jealous nature to be quite emotionally justified in "Owl's well that ends well" and "Secret of my excess", and I enjoyed those stories thoroughly because of that. And while I found the moral of "Dragon Quest" to be a bit flawed in it's presentation, I was still rooting for Spike throughout, and found his quest for self-discovery to be worthwhile watching. Yet, in "just for sidekicks", his main motivation and moral dilemma centres mainly around a cake.......well, that's just not very investing at all, regardless of what character lead that story. So hopefully you'll understand what I'm saying here in that I do think Spike has potential and is very interesting, but the writers just seem to be a bit....misguided shall we say. They have shown to listen to the fan community before, so if you were to approach them and give them advice on how you as an audience member would enjoy the show more, how would you recommend they structure future spike-centric episodes? Because, I don't think they need to stop being made. On the contrary, some past Spike stories have been great, but there's potential for something greater to be made. Whether you are a fan of Spike or not, please express your thoughts below. Maybe if you don't like Spike, what would you have them do so that you would like him more? Have fun!
  10. Since Meghan said that SpRarity isn't going to happen, seems the SpRarity episode she promised (and wrote) is going to start Spike down the road to getting over her. Well, we can always ship him with Flitter or something. What do you think? Will Spike being moving on starting in this episode? Or will we have to wait until season 5 for that?
  11. So I've seen Spike shipped with many ponies in fannon (when he gets older). From eventually becoming an item with Rarity to moving in more serious with Twilight. He's also been shipped with Sweetie Belle (makes sense, she's his age and maybe a more realistic companion than Rarity ever would be) and Apple Bloom. Of course all these are based on that the fact that fans are ok with him being with another pony when he's a dragon. Are you ok with that, should he start looking toward his own kind, or should we put this inter-species idea out of our minds? What to do about Spike? What do you wish?
  12. I have an idea for a fanfic, but need a little help with it. First of, I'll summarize the concept, then explain what I need help with. Basically, Spike finds out Rarity has a date with Thunderlane and wants to put a stop to it. Note that I am going to put Spike in the wrong here. And that's where I run into my problem. I want it to be clear that Spike is wrong and actually hurting Rarity emotionally with his actions, but I still want him to be sympathetic and in character. He is going to be the protagonist, after all. The goal is to develop him to the point where he understands and accepts that Rarity doesn't feel the same way about him as he does about her. I'm also uncertain what Rarity and Thunderlane's date should be. Should they be going to a big social event, like the Grand Galloping Gala; or just a normal everyday date? Or should I structure it completely differently? This isn't as big an issue as what I have to do with Spike, so I'm not as worried about it.
  13. Is this a hint? I have to say that this tweet cheered me up. I don't need to see them dating; or even marrying. But since the whole thing with Spike's crush on Rarity has been kept up during the seasons and even extended with "Secret of my Excess", the fact that Spike is a dog in Equestria Girls shatters my imaginations in some way. You see, I always thought that this shipping is not just the only canon-wise implied possible relationship of that kind between two of the major characters, but also a good possibility of bringing up the old "Love conquers all" or - in case they won't let it come that far - "Some are just not made for each other". Even though I think the latter is only half true. Yes, he is much younger and would outlive her, but at the same time he "is" greed and she is generosity. Yes, at some times they appear to be very out of character, but hey, that's just standard issues in continuity at show-writing, right? Right? So I asked myself, what if this tweet is really hinting a Sparity episode? What would that reference, if it is tweet-worthy, say about the way the writers see their relationship? And what could that reference be at all? Two movies nearly initially came to my mind. The first one is fitting if we just look at the motif in "Secret of my Excess" of the rampaging Dragon who has to be reminded of his very nurture. That would be extremely simple, but some way repititive. And only an early 90's reference is we just look at the Disney-Version, though. But then the second movie came to my mind and in a very crude, abstarct way this one fits even better. Let me explain why this reference would fit for me. 1) Many references in the show, as well as brony-shout-outs, are targeted at the older part of the audience and not all references were fully executed or dedicated to a full episode. 2) It would be the movies premise in a role-gender-reversal. Think about the last point. There were many scenes in the show that showed Spike as the one who would simply do everything for Rarity. And at the same time, she treats him in a nearly abusive way sometimes, but only because he let it happen. She is the rich woman, willing to push her career and he is the "naughty" guy who wants to be accepted in the end. I know this is highly speculative and only the way how I see the possibilities of both, that tweet and future Sparity-episodes. So I ask you. What do you think? Is this tweet a hint? Can there be development of Sparity in the future? Will there be Sparity at all or to this extent? Or am I just over-optimistic and read too much into that tweet?
  14. What's the funniest Pony-related picture you've found so far? whether it be a meme, comic, etc. I have too many to count on my hardrive. Well you could, but it'd take too long.