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Found 3 results

  1. (I am reposting the review I typed down on Facebook. Enjoy) [TL;DR at the very bottom of this post. You're welcome.] First off, some of you may be asking "Why would a grown man like you watch a colourful kid's movie?" If my cover photo doesn't already give it away, I'm simply a Brony and I simply wanted to watch it for my absolute love for the TV show this film came from. Next, let's get to the nitty-gritty: Visuals - Very much worth the watch. This is by far the best modern 2D Animated Feature that has ever hit the big screen in years (I'm looking at you Disney and Dreamworks). Every scene was very pleasant to look at because of how marvellously-detailed the animation was thanks to the ToonBoom Animation software the animators used to make this film such a wondrous visual treat. Kudos to the animators, their hard-work was very rewarding. Sound - Even though the film has a Dolby Atmos mix, I sadly was not able to experience that in the theatre I went to simply because they do not have that setup. Other than that, the sound was very well designed, especially the catchy and adventurous soundtrack it has (thanks to Daniel Ingram for his outstanding musical abilities). Characters - We have the usual Mane 6 (plus Spike the Dragon and others of course) from the Friendship is Magic TV series as part of the main cast. Though the film definitely was more attractive with the extra supporting guest cast enhancing the movie even more so. And the roles those characters had, definitely fulfilled them really well (except for some, though I will not mention them due to the purpose of this review being spoiler-free. #sorrynotsorry). Plot - Now this is where it gets a little iffy. With the context of knowing that this is an official My Little Pony movie to ever hit theatres after the animated film of the same name back in the 1980's (and with the intended audience of not only the Brony fanbase but primarily the families with their kids), the plot was understandably mediocre and somewhat easy to predict. Don't get me wrong, however. The film is still enjoyable for all ages (no matter what the "neigh"-sayers will say), thanks to the appropriately-timed and clever funny moments that made us in the audience get a good laugh out of it. Moral/Lesson - I will not spoil exactly what it is, but I can tell you at a personal level, it was very relatable and I'm sure it will be relatable to everyone else, even though the mediocre plot as mentioned earlier, predictably laid it out for simplicity's sake. Final Verdict - with all of these factors in mind, I can say without a doubt, that this wonderful, modern 2D Animated Feature Film gets an 8/10. I know I might have used this score a lot in the past, but I am serious when I say that this film definitely deserved this score. TL;DR: With the factors of the Visuals, Sound, Characters, Plot and the Moral/Lesson coming together, this spectacle of a modern 2D Animated Feature Film to come on the big screen after years of absence was certainly worth the watch, even for just the stunning 2D visuals and soundtrack alone. Thank you for reading, and I hope you guys enjoy(ed) the film too. #MLP #MLPTheMovie #MLPMovie
  2. I apologize that I couldn't post this properly. Internet Explorer wont let me paste this from my Word Document. Hopefully the attachment wont prove difficult to use. Give it a read if you can, comment your thoughts, and let me know what you think about the new Godzilla film! Godzilla rant.docx
  3. Welcome to another film review! So Today I was fortunate enough to see the a film that is about a week old in cinemas (only gone through one orange Wednesday ) so lets take a quick look at the trailer before my thoughts: As you can see from the trailer, its set in 2154, earth has become polluted and the wealthy have build a massive space station to live on while the rest of earths population resides on ruined earth. The rich have the capability to heal ANYTHING completely and they don't want to let anyone on earth into "elysium". This is where the main character "Max" launches a daring mission to try and save his life after being given a death sentence by a lethal douse of radiation. Impressions: The whole dystopia aspect is laid out nicely in the first 30 mins. They don't go over the top with the dystopia aspect. In fact throughout the entire film they stick well within what you would expect a future earth to look like. There is no over the top technology, and they use the use of special effects throughout is done in a manner that makes it feel real and doesn't go over the top and break immersion like in some films. I would like to add hear that it is a 15, and the language is not great throughout but the main factor is that some of the injuries in the film are pretty horrific (and well deserved of a 15 title). If you don't like violence I would probably steer clear of this particular title. Overall the plot is good, maybe a little predictable overall but defiantly could and should be considered as a well constructed narrative. The main characters are introduced quickly,however there persona's are not really built on that much at the start and it takes a long time for the film to really give them any depth. The main issues I have with the film is that I didn't feel like I cared for the characters at all right up until the last 20~30 minuets. This me made the first 45min feel a little bit out of pace and disjointed at times and it just didn't feel right. It was almost felt a little bit jumpy for the first 20 mins until the film really go going and it started to explain some things better. The ending is defiantly the strong point. I really started to care for certain characters towards the end of the film and it really started to draw me in. The film is much better paced at this part, taking it much slower and everything just flows much more nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed the ending (so I'm not going to spoil it) and overall it made the film more then worth while going to see and better then alot of film's I've seen ! Overall, this was a slow starter, not getting into it until the last 20~ mins of the film, but wow are they full of feeling ! 6/10 Thanks for reading ! comment on what you think/ what your opinions of the film are if you go to see it!