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  1. I heard people say that the leaks said that there will be entirely new main characters for generation 5. This is what this person said: "Okay, there is one BIG problem with this piece, and I've noticed this problem persisting almost every time Gen 5 gets brought up. The Mane Six are NOT the main characters of G5. It was stated multiple times in the leaks that G5 will have a whole new cast of main characters. The only significance of the Mane 6 redesigns featured in the leaks is just to test out the new artstyle, since they haven't even created the new characters for G5 yet. Now, it could be possible that the characters that were once the Mane 6 will show up as supporting or background characters in G5, but it has already been reiterated time and time again that they will not be the main characters." It was comment on an EQD article about G5. This is the one: Edited just now by heavens-champion
  2. Judging from the emails and recent info from Equestria daily. MLP Gen 5 will Be the most ambitious for the entire series. Inspirations for Gen 5 seem to be, Stargate, Sliders, Gravity Falls, Star vs The Forces of Evil ect. One of the plot heavy concepts in this might be "dimensional fusion" a way to combine the dimensional plains together. Something the villains would want.
  3. As you all know, Star Wars 9 teaser trailer is out! This thread is for discussion about the movie. What do you guys think?
  4. -WELCOME TO SOMNAMBULA FAN CLUB- Long ago, the once-unnamed village fell under siege by an evil Sphinx that demanded most of their crops as the tribute. To keep the poor villagers from giving up hope, Somnambula used what little she had to give them food. Prince Hisan, the son of the pharaoh, was so moved by Somnambula's compassion that he stood up to the sphinx to free the villagers from her tyranny. However, the sphinx captured Hisan and told the pharaoh that she would only set him free if someone solved her riddle. Somnambula volunteered to try and solve the Sphinx's riddle: "I shine brightest in the dark. I am there but cannot be seen. To have me costs you nothing. To be without me costs you everything." Somnambula correctly answers "hope", enraging the sphinx. Fearing that the sphinx would go back on her promise to release Hisan, Somnambula asks for another challenge and tells the sphinx to leave the kingdom forever if she completes it. The Sphinx challenges Somnambula to walk across a bridge to Hisan—blindfolded and without the use of her wings. Guided by Hisan's voice and the power of hope, Somnambula succeeds, and the sphinx flies off into a rage. The pharaoh replaces Somnambula's pearls with a string of glowpaz as thanks for saving his son, and glowpaz became the village's symbol of hope from then on. RULES Rules of this thread;-Do not post pictures of other ponies in this thread (except the images with other ponies including Somnambula). They belong in their respective fan club threads.-Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting "Apple Bloom is better!" in the Princess Luna thread.-The global forum rules still apply, of course, so no NSFW pics. Shipping is fine, but keep it appropriate.This is the Somnambula thread, please only post here about her.
  5. Now, I know there has been various threads regarding the show's fate and its fandom and I understand that it'll likely get a lock, though I want to voice my saying regarding the fandom's fate. And if Season 9 (or Season 10) will mark the end of an era for the popular show, then who knows if the fandom will strive on. I've read that BronyCon, and other pony-cons, may close for good as the number of attendees are slowly but surely diminishing, mainly due to expenses becoming increasingly expensive (not just hotel accommodations, but also merchandises and flight tickets, which add up to thousands of dollars). Although, even before the show would've ended beforehand, there are notable events that left a pretty large gash on the fandom itself. One of them happened to be the once-popular Everfree Network, which was formed in October 2011. It was very amazing and filled with shows and even live music played as well, including Saturday Night Songs with none other than Michelle Creber and the gang, led by FInalDraft, the founder(?) of Everfree Network. There was also a show by DustyKatt, with special guests aired as well too, along with the Cutie Art Crusaders, known for giving each art critique and such (all which were pre-recorded). The other was Elements of Harmony, which is was a live show consisting of remixed songs made by other artists. And OsakaJack as well, who lives in Japan before handing over his show to Dolcetikky and SakuraCheetah, who are both native Japanese, in order to keep said show going. And things had started to gradually go downhill for the Everfree Network. Saturday Night Songs were no longer aired, most likely due to Michelle's career holding her back, including other real life things. Afterwards, the show ended silently. And as mentioned, OsakaJack was still around for a good while with his shows, but with his schedule being awfully tight (since he lives in Japan), he's handed the show over to the other two natives and after that, just like Saturday Night Songs, that show also ended silently; OsakaJack still tweets MLP stuff from time to time, though as for the show itself, it's long gone. And even other shows had basically stopped altogether and abandoned them entirely (including Elements of Harmony, whilst the Cutie Art Crusaders had soon migrated over to Picarto stream. Soon after in 2014, Canterlot Hill took over the Everfree Network, and the Everfree Network was as good as discontinued as a form of an "upgrade", or so it seemed, according to FinalDraft himself. Canterlot Hill went off to a bad start, with notable shows being completely left out and pretty much, with Saturday Night Songs having ended altogether, Canterlot Hill was no more. Not only was it a huge shock, it left a huge blow in the fandom; it formed a scar that will never heal, no matter how many years it's passed. The last show that remained standing was the Cutie Art Crusaders, which aired exclusively in Picarto, until the final episode (known as episode 189 in 2016), which officially marked the end of the last remaining shows aired in the MLP fandom. I loved their shows, as well as the other shows, but the finale left a hard pill to swallow for me. And their updates have long been ceased as of this year. Even though the show itself is still ongoing, it seems many of the popular shows had stopped airing and moved on. So that's that. Even though the show itself is still going, along with the fanbase, I'm deeply reminded that the popular fan-made shows made by dedicated people had stepped down and stopped airing shows altogether as a result of either mismanagement or that they weren't getting much satisfaction despite their amazing effort. Sure the fandom is still going on, but as mentioned, it left a scar that's rather difficult to heal after the unforeseen events that has happened to them, which resulted them to close their livestream site indefinitely. You are free to opinionate regarding the fandom's current fate, and what its future will hold.
  6. What would it feel like sleeping in Pinkie Pie's tail
  7. It's 5 years since Twilight became an alicorn. The time Twilight being an Alicorn in the show is longer than when she wasn't. It might be way too late to bring it up again and analyze, but this might be a good time to do it because no rabid fan who would dumb things down would still be around by now. I also don't like the 'haters gonna hate' or 'they are stupid, they would hate anything' kind of attitude. It might be good for our mental health, it would be easy for someone to think that way, but it won't actually explain anything and won't get us anywhere. I don't like the stwaman argument. And of course I am aware of lots of people hates or likes something for stupid reasons. I just want to analyze stuff. I believe any open discussion would bring us to a better state. The most obvious reason why people hated Alicorn Twilight I think is because it was a decision made based on marketing, not by prioritizing the storytelling. Hasbro toy department had a pressure to make a pink princess toy (we all know the infamous pink Celestia and how Luna was treated because she was too dark for kids) and for them, the fact that the princesses didn't appeared that much on the show, and the main protagonist was not a princess was a problem requiring an improvement. To delve into it deeper, it's also about the female princess fantasy. There is nothing wrong about it, it has been working well long enough among human history and it still will be, but the show was about 'there are lots of ways to be a girl'. And lots of the adult fan base was into the show because the show had good story, surpassing expectations by being more than a cliched girly cartoon. Fulfilling the princess fantasy was exactly like being a cliched girly cartoon for them. And also, prioritizing anything but story would definitely turn them off. We can also see, even how good the season 3 finale was, how rushed it is. Equestrai Girls didn't help it either. It showed how the studio could be a total disaster and incapable of writing a good story and putting wings made the whole matter look worse. The reason behind Equestria Girl's premise was also marketing and to fulfill the female magical girl transformation fantasy. Again, there is nothing wrong about it, but making a good story should come first, and checking if it fits is also required. The other aspect of the argument is 'Twilight was a good character because of being a smart pony who is good at using knowledge and wits to solve problems'. And 'being a princess can obscure the nature of her'. Thankfully it turned out that season 4~7 were very well made seasons, but actually the show being good had less something to do with Twilight being an Alicorn princess. If she wasn't an Alicorn princess, it would still be great. It's more like the show being good 'despite of' her being an Alicorn princess. "The show is expanding" : Well, the show is being a more big scaled story, but I don't think it fits the show being that way. The show is most efficient at itty-bitty everyday Ponyville stuff. We got to see Dragonball Z stuff at season 4 finale, but it was too much of a fan service. (btw that's also fulfilling the male badass fantasy.) Now it got too big, it can't shrink down anymore. That's a risk of any stories expanding. Season 7 finale got so ridiculous, reviving all the legend pillars of Equestria like Naruto and making up a cliched villain to fight an epic battle, all 14 ponies gathering around for the fate of Equestria. Of course back then they wouldn't have known anything about these, but their concern kind of came true on some points. And it's true that we got more of the princess side of Twilight (as a device for expanding the surrounding) instead of the side of Twilight we knew and fell in love with in the first place (as a character itself). It wasn't 100% bullshit what some of them said. In season 1~2, if someone asked who that purple pony is, that would be answered by like "She is the main character in the show, likes books, good at magic." After season 3, the same question would be answered by something like "She is one of the four Alicorn princesses, who protects the nation." Making the protagonist famous and the special one and a celebrity is a big risk at storytelling. You can never go back, and later on, you might not know what to do with all of that. "She is still the same pony" : Well, it is and it isn't. Of course someone could say she is the same pony just sprouted wings and got promoted, but everything about someone represents a certain character. Being purple, being a bookworm, being a female, having straight long hair, living in a library, sometimes freaking out, everything. Pinkie Pie won't be 'Pinkie Pie' if she wasn't pink, and it's not just about her name, but also about her nature and what she represents. Twilight is changed. And it is something more than just wings and being a princess. It changes her character design, it changes her status, it changes her mindset, it changes what she has to face, and most importantly, it changes the premise of the show. People get concerned when they see something familiar turns different. The reason for watching MLP might be something about seeing the familiar, unlike the unsettling reality, and get relaxed, seeing the peaceful (or being cute-dangerous) environment of Ponyville. I just think if they could be a little more open minded, and see how the show goes, it could have been easier for them to swallow it. What are your thoughts about it? Let me know what you think.
  8. I'm worried that they'll get rid of Spike in Gauntlet of Fire, and of course Newbie Dash has me worried too.
  9. I just have to say, Autumn Blaze is the sweetest Kirin out there, with so much depth and also a great voice! Kirins are the best creatures in the MLP universe.. In my opinion! I'm in love. Autumn Blaze deserves a Fan Club. <33 Give her all the love she deserves!
  10. NOTE: I've seen a lot of posts from users on both sides with a vengeful attitude towards either fans or detractors both on this site (at least two of which I reported) and off. Wishing ill will at people or a group of people, calling someone or a group of fans "butthurt" (an ad hominem with homophobic and misogynistic implications), bashing fans, and verbal abuse to fan factions are vile and not welcome in this thread. For the sake of keeping discussion cool and civil, save this immaturity in your trash box and don't post it. On another note, even though this episode won't air in the U.S. until June 10, Treehouse TV in Canada will air it this Saturday sometime between 11 and 11:30am. Be prepared for spoilers! Title: A Royal Problem Air Date (Canada/Treehouse TV): May 20, 2017 Air Date (U.S./Discovery Family): June 10, 2017 Writer: Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco (a.k.a., The Sister Writers) Summary: "Starlight Glimmer is sent to solve a friendship problem between Princess Celestia and Princess Luna; when it's clear that the problem is that the royal sisters don't appreciate one another, Starlight impulsively switches their cutie marks!" This episode will continue the trend from Treehouse TV starting last Sunday with Fluttershy Leans In: Two episodes will air per week, one on Saturday, one on Sunday (and could air the finale early in the summer), while Discovery Family will air one per week. More than likely due to the Movie coming out in October. The airing timing isn't consistent, so if you plan to watch the episode via the stream, arrive early. When someone uploads the episodes on YT and DailyMotion, I'll link them to you here. A poll will be published after it airs. Canadian Airing Streams (links courtesy of EQD): Otaku Brawler Brony Network Lemonwalnut DailyMotion: YT (some audio issues):
  11. Found proof on Equestria Daily that the cutie map is indeed coming back! So we got Spice Up Your Life first with Rarity and Pinkie. i guess that makes the other two Twilight and Rainbow, and Applejack and Fluttershy. I mean, Twilight already had a map episode with Flutters so it's pretty much gonna go down like this.
  12. So I was scrolling through the comments of Derpibooru (I know, big mistake), and I came across people that were complaining that Rainbow Dash was OOC this episode. They claim she is OOC because she expressed that she liked going to the spa, but was doing it in secret in order to save face and maintain her "cool" reputation. The forums are thankfully more rational when it comes to this kind of thing but with how migraine inducing those comments were I feel I have to draw a line in the sand in what is "out of character" and what is "character development" When a character is behaving OOC, they exhibit traits and behaviors that have never been established and/or contradict their character and motivations entirely. Captain America saying "Hail Hydra" and secretly being a Hydra agent is a pretty solid example of something that entirely goes against what that character stands for. Nothing in his character would ever even hint that such a thing was the case, and everything we know about him would point that this is nothing but a false representation of who he is. For an in show example of OOC, I'd point to Somepony to Watch Over Me. Applejack has never been shown to be ridiculously overprotective of Applebloom, nor has she been that overbearing since. You could certainly make the case that she was behaving entirely out of character that episode. Rainbow Dash being secretly into Spa's on the other hand is bonafide character development. Unlike "out of character" situations, character development has a record of change over time. When the show first began, Dash was uncomfortable even setting hoof in a spa for fear of being seen as less than "Cool." Over time though she's been breaking down this barrier and indulging in the cuter things in life. Between her relationship with Tank, Her getting used to being in the spa with her friends, and other activities like getting into reading, she's been reevaluating what her standard of "cool" really is. She's even started to emulate her friends through impressions. So its not really that surprising that she has decided after two chronological years of in show development that she has become enamored with going to daily spa visits. They've been working her girly angle more and more as the seasons progress. That is character development. Again, most people on the forums know this, but it's headache inducing when you see people crying OOC over things that clearly aren't regardless of what site you are on. What are your thoughts on people calling OOC on things that are clearly character development? Do they have a point in what they are saying? What are examples of OOC you've seen in the show that you would consider to be the genuine article?
  13. Ok... So... We need guesses every pony, brony or pegasisters! We have Princess of the sun , Princess of the night , Princess of love , Princess of Friendship ... But what is this? Thought Skyla was coming as unicorn or pegasi, but we have Flurry Heart and as an alicorn? So anypony guess what Princess does she refer to? Princess of Innocence maybe? Comment your guesses everypony ! Hmmm... Looking serious to understand, spent 8 weeks thinking about it... :diamondtiara:
  14. The last time we saw Suri Polomare was Rarity Takes Manehattan and we haven't heard from her since, apart from a flashback from Season 5. Will she make a return as a full-blown antagonist when she would reveal her true self and whatnot after Coco Pommel left her. You get the idea. As for Lightning Dust, her first and last appearance was the Wonderbolts Academy in Season 3 after having been ejected by the Wonderbolts from her reckless actions. Who knows if she'd return as a Shadowbolt which would... basically warp her mind, maybe? What do you think for the two, and how will the two return as such for future MLP episodes?
  15. Note: Parental Glideance spoilers! Read at your own risk. Off and on, FIM used alicorn or pegasi wings for expressive purposes. The most traditional I've seen is to wrap them around another for comfort. Beginning in season 2, though, pegasi/alicorn wings were treated like a set of hands, the two examples from the back of my mind being Fluttershy opening her bag in the market and both Dash and 'Shy high-fiving following Hurricane Fluttershy's climax. However, these events are quite rare. The only other time I recall it is during Rainbow Falls when Dash and the Wonderbolts did wing pushups. Last week, Parental Glideance takes the hand wing and amps it up. Examples include: Windy and Bow plug their ears with a feather. Bow's wings spread his collar to reveal his Rainbow Dash undershirt. Windy and Spitfire wingshake. Spitfire and Fleetfoot salute with their wings. Bow hugs Dash with a wing (done before). Dash facewings after the CMCs and parents create a pyramid nearby. As Dash yells at her parents, she uses her left wing to count. Windy covers her eyes with her wings as she weeps. I'm shocked that DHX hasn't humanized their wings so much prior to this episode, and it's an excellent surprise. This use of animation really gives the medium and lore an extra sense of life. I don't know if Hamilton came up with the ideas himself or were recommended by them from other people (i.e., Big Jim or the Sister Writers), but given his past history from Avatar and Korra, it feels like a Hamilton thing. It'd be great to see it done more. What do you think of pegasi or alicorn wings being treated as a set of human hands? And if you enjoy it, any ideas you'd like to see DHX use for them?
  16. So that scene when Twilight snaps at Pinkie... I keep seeing A LOT of people saying that the scene bugs them. I figured it's worth discussing. Think about it; Twilight DOES NOT DO WELL with FAILING or F@#&ing things up. Now add on top of that the fact the princesses are stone and it seems more likely by the minute that she's going to be next. Then bye bye Equestria. She also really doesn't know what to do anymore at that point in the movie. As their journey has been going on, friendship seems more and more to be an Equestria only thing. So she's backed into a corner and now it seems like her friends are starting to go against her too... BOOM- Involuntary magic reflex. I found the scene fine- But I actually think they could have gone a little further. There could have been more of a magic buildup. She could have been walking more towards Pinkie (with Pinkie crouching down more) and then when she was just about to "zap" her, Rarity could have stepped in, forming a magic shield or something and then yelling at Twilight. I think it would have taken the scene up a notch. I don't think it would have really "realistically" (aka beyond the TV Y rating) been out of character for Twilight given the circumstances. I also think it would have been an even more powerful scene when Twilight realized what almost happened. Too Dark? So what did you think of the scene? Did they go too far? Did you think it was fine? Should they have handled it differently?
  17. So, consider season 8 is officially a go, why not some fan clubs! Let's start with the bubbly hippogriff Silverstream; who is apparently related to Queen Novo. Man, I am digging the continuity with the film! Source:
  18. I talked about this in an earlier status update, and you know what, I wonder what the evil versions of the Mane 6 would be called. We know that evil Princess Luna is "Nightmare Moon", and evil Princess Celestia is "Daybreaker", but what would the evil versions of the Mane 6 be called...? @PiratePony Suggested "Midnight Sparkle" for Twilight Sparkle, which I think sounds pretty good. But what about the others...?
  19. So if anyone has seen the season 9 trailer, we see that something destroys the Tree of Harmony. Now, many are speculating that the student 6 will be the new pillars for the next tree's generation. They'll plant a seed, imbue some artifacts (like we saw in season 7) with their essence, and carry the harmonic lessons of friendship and teamwork to their own lands, and the story will wrap up with its nice little bow. BUT hold on!!! When the show of FiM ends and we get the reboot, I think it'll blend even more seamlessly into FiM than a lot of people realize. If the leaks we got a while back are true, and this reboot does, in fact, involve traveling to different worlds where different species reside, then it could go a little something like this- the ToH2 that was planted by the various races and cultures (Changeling, Griffin, Yak, Dragon, Pony, and Hippogriff/seapony) then the tree like its predecessor, could have had its roots spread out all over the lands, and be something akin to Yggdrassil, where different branches lead to different worlds. The original TOH already has had quite the number of references to and comparisons with Yggdrassil, as it is, so why wouldn't the TOH2? I speculate that this is how we'll start the new reboot.
  20. Does anypony else want IDW to bring back FIENDship is Magic with an issue 6 focusing on Cozy Glow? We pretty much know nothing about her. I would love to know her backstory, how she became a villain, when/how she met/got in contact with Tirek, etc.
  21. Title: A Trivial Pursuit Air Date: August 17, 2019 Written By: Brittany Jo Flores Synopsis: Twilight's hopes of keeping her Trivia Trot winning streak alive are waylaid when she is paired up with Pinkie Pie, who has never been to a trivia night before.
  22. Anyone who read Doomsday Clock may have noticed a hint of DC possibly referencing their old rivals. Bold hints to be sure. But then the second issue of the new Thor comic comes out. There aren't any allusions here. Each side has all but name dropped the others heavy hitters. We have not had a large scale DC/ marvel crossover since the four part JLA/ Avengers in 2003. And it wasn't just the comics that maybe an indicator. There maybe some discontent over at AT&T, the owners of Warner Media. Comic sales are declining across the board. The big budget films are producing mixed results. DC didn't have as big a presence at Comic Con. There's talk of reducing the frequency of comics, going all digital or even selling off the publishing end completely. There's even some talk of DC pulling what Marvel did in the 90s and license out some of their characters and properties. A big crossover event with Marvel could be seen as the first step in boosting their profile back up. Though I doubt that it's the first step of a merger like some are saying. Disney has a lot of money, but not that much money. There's also the question of anti-trust laws if they even attempted it. Still, the thought of a new crossover is exciting. But what do you all think? What is this all leading to? How will the story play itself out in the comics? Which Marvel/DC parings have the best story potential? Discuss!