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  1. So the OST is starting to drop depending on your region and purchase/streaming platform. I just went through all the film songs twice and so far I have to say that Daniel Ingram nailed it for me. Some quick hits and spoilers We Got This Together feels like a song you would expect from a long big episode on the show, and it highlights several of the traits of the Mane Six. Spike talking with his mouth full made me smile. I'm the Friend You Need has some 90's style Disney elements to go along with Taye Diggs smooth voice. People are going to pick up on that and feel it's familiarity. For me it is reminiscent of Friends on the Other Side at times due to the singer. Time To Be Awesome was hot fun and I suspect will be the fan favorite here. For a song that appears to be a motivational song pushing the Pirates to betray the Storm King ... it was unfortunately a bit on the short side (and I hope the sudden change of heart isn't just tied to this song because brevity is not a good thing with shifting allegiances) but the song is great and Rainbow's best song period. One Small Thing is a duet between Pinkie and Skystar. I'm biased as all hell because Chenoweth is a Broadway goddess to me. This is my second favorite song just for that, though it is probably going to be everyone's least favorite. I don't care ... It's Glinda singing in Pony. Open You Eyes ... Tempest's song ... ok. This was the highlight outside of Sia and Lukas. Emily Blunt sings about her rage, disappointed, and disillusionment from being an outcast among her own kind. Her motivation seems powerful and likely what sells this song. The two huge songs are Rainbow and Off to See The World. Both are rock solid, and my thoughts about Rainbow have already been shared ... the other songs are fine fluff. Rachel Platten does well enough. Anyway, this is a solid Soundtrack and worth the price. It needed some more orchestra pieces though. Most of the songs minus Off to See The World (album purchase exclusive) are available on Hasbro's official YouTube channel.
  2. MidnightDawn

    Spoiler Do you read the MLP comics?

    Just read the most recent one and it has such a good twist. Just see for yourself
  3. PurpleWonderPower

    Spoiler My Top Ten Most Hated MLP Episodes

    1 - Friendship University Friendship University is an episode I just LOVE to hate. I could write an entire essay on all the reasons I hate this episode. For starters, Flim and Flam are completely out of character. They act so mean and nasty and cruel, and even blackmail Twilight, which is something Flim and Flam would never do. Flim and Flam, despite being con artists, are actually really nice and friendly, and they would never be so cruel. Also, their vocabulary is are tacky as can be. Flim and Flam are professional showponies with elaborate speech and fancy vocabulary ranges. In this episode, their speech is so messy and teenager style, which is not how Flim and Flam talk. Also, Flim and Flam running a School of Friendship, and teaching friendship lessons to ponies!? Who the heck came up with that mad, ridiculous, twisted idea!? And their scam was just so pathetic and simple compared to the genius masterminded schemes they have previously performed, making them seem like a pair of idiots instead of mastermind tricksters. Starswirl and Neighsay made me absolutely furious, too, and to top it off, where the heck is Applejack!? Since when do Flim and Flam appear without Applejack? And not only is Twilight in AJ's place, but Twilight and the FlimFlam Brothers somehow seem to know each other perfectly, even though they've never even met each other, they've only ever seen each other once, years ago at cider season, and hearing Twilight speak directly to Flim and Flam just sounds so wrong. It just makes me so mad to see the best characters in the show ruined like that. 99% of the stuff Flim and Flam do in this episode is stuff Flim and Flam would never do. The other 1% would probably be the bit where they do those dramatic gasps and start overdramatically pouting. That's literally it. 2 - Shadow Play Shadow Play was absolutely awful. The first half had absolutely appalling execution, it was WAY too rushed. Finding mysterious artefacts scattered and hidden by ancient ponies should take ages! They basically did it in a heartbeat, and there was absolutely no substance to it whatsoever! I kind of liked seeing Garble again, but even that was way too rushed. And as for the second half, I have an ENORMOUS complaint about the backstories. Apparently Starswirl the Bearded planted the Tree of Harmony? No! I'm not standing for that! The Tree of Harmony is the root of all Equestria's friendship, and we all know that Starswirl didn't DO friendship, so he couldn't have possibly planted the Tree. And Celestia and Luna being Starswirl's pupils was just an outrage. I did like the flashback of the Pillars battling the Dazzlings, but even that was rushed. Also, Starswirl. He was a massive disappointment. All throughout the series, he is proclaimed as the wisest wizard there ever was, but he turned out to be an arrogant, stuck-up jerk who doesn't have an ounce of kindness, or ever listen to anypony but himself. Bad episode. Bad characters. Bad backstories. 3 - Horse Play Horse Play was one of the most mortifying and OOC episodes in the series. Seriously, what was the point of it? To see Celestia make a fool of herself onstage in a little kid's performance, and is apparantly too dumb to know she is a bad actress!? Seriously? That's just SO not the Princess Celestia she is! Celestia used to be a wise, regal teacher who is caring and knows what's right, but in this episode, she acts like an immature little kid who doesn't know anything! No! I'm not having that! 4 - Somepony To Watch Over Me Somepony To Watch Over Me was the abomination of Season 4, and I was absolutely disgusted at what the makers did to Applejack. She was SO out of character it was awful. Applejack is the most mature and together pony in the Mane 6, she would never act like such a brainless idiot, mollycoddling Apple Bloom so ridiculously. Sure, she's always been protective of Apple Bloom, and that's good, because that's what big sisters are for, but this was just outrageous. She treated Apple Bloom like a baby, what with pillows on rakes and baby cot sides to her bed. Absolutely ridiculous, and Applejack is way too smart and mature to be so ridiculously overprotective. It's like she doesn't even have a brain. 5 - Father Knows Beast This was another of Season 8's abominations. For starters, it was just Dragon Quest all over again, what with Spike thinking that just because he is a dragon, he has to act like one, and for some reason, it's like Dragon Quest never even happened. Spike learned at the end of Dragon Quest: "Seeing the great dragon migration made me wonder what it meant to be a dragon. But now I realize that who I am is not the same as what I am. I may have been born a dragon, but Equestria and my pony friends have taught me how to be kind, loyal, and true! I'm proud to call Ponyville my home, and to have my pony friends as my family." Which seems to have been completely forgotten. Sludge was one of the worst characters ever, too, in fact, probably the worst character since Zesty Gourmand. And why the heck do Spike and the Mane 6 believe him just like that, when it is so clearly a badly-thought-out ruse? And one thing that really got on my nerves was when Twilight said Spike isn't supposed to be any different than who he is, and Spike says "Perhaps you just don't like how I have a REAL parent now." How DARE Spike say something like that!? Twilight raised him like a son, and is responsible for making him who he is today! Either he's got a very bad case of amnesia, or the episode was just a barrelful of copycat plots and errors. The latter, definitely. 6 - Uncommon Bond Uncommon Bond was pointless, substanceless and terrible. I hated the idea of Sunburst getting along better with Twilight, Trixie and Maud better than Starlight, which not only ruined Starlight's bond with Sunburst for me, but also Starlight's bond with Trixie and Maud. The "real life" board game was terrible too. There was absolutely no point to this episode other than to ruin friendships for the viewers. 7 - Honest Apple Honest Apple was absolutely terrible, and I can't stand how they made it out that Applejack was the one in the wrong. Rarity never should have chosen Applejack as a fashion judge just because she is honest, and it was not fair how she accused Applejack of ruining her show. I know that "Honesty can be hurtful" is a common moral in TV shows, but that is when people are just brutally honest all the time, not thinking about anyone's feelings, whethers Applejack was a fashion judge, so she didn't have the CHOICE to keep quiet and protect their feelings. She HAD to make her opinion, and all she did was do EXACTLY what Rarity asked her to do, and it's perfectly understandable that she would focus on function rather than fashion, because that is what Applejack does and knows how to do. She doesn't know anything about fashion, or how to judge it, or what to judge it on, or what you're supposed to judge as good or bad. Maybe she shouldn't have said fashion was ridiculous in front of the ponies, but to be honest, if I was stuck doing something I didn't understand one bit, and had gotten as confused and frustrated as Applejack had, I'd probably blow my fuse and say it was ridiculous, too. Honestly, if someone said to me "Does this outfit capture not so much the bird's song, but how the wind carries the tune of the bird's song? ", I'd just think "WHAT!?". Also, I didn't think Strawberry Sundae mirrored Applejack at all. All Applejack did was criticize the function of the outfits (which was exactly what Rarity asked her to do, need I remind), whethers Strawberry Sundae was just flat out insulting her, acting cocky, sarcastic and just downright rude, which is most certainly not anything close to what Applejack did. 8 - The School Daze The School Daze was absolutely awful. There was next to nothing in it that was worth watching. A School of Friendship is just about the worst idea in all the history of worst ideas, and it made it even worse with Twilight ruining it by following the EEA rule book and not letting anypony have fun or be themselves. Chancellor Neighsay was just the jerkiest jerk of all the jerkiest jerks too, and the only pony who seemed to have an ounce of intelligence was Starlight Glimmer. Not even Princess Celestia. The songs were utterly tacky, too. The only part I liked was the clip where Ocellus disguised herself as Rarity and fooled Fluttershy. That was literally it. The only thing I liked about that boring, meaningless, not-even-worth-watching episode. 9 - Simple Ways Simple Ways was cringy and sickening, and Trenderhoof was just one of the worst characters ever. The way he just latched onto Applejack and followed her everywhere, constantly flirting her up when she was SO CLEARLY not interested in him just made me throw up. He just wouldn't seem to take no for an answer. And it makes me furious to see someone flirting up Applejack who isn't Flim. And that part when he says that poem and cups Applejack's chin just made me go "Oh, GAGGG! " Plus, the episode completely ruined Sparity for me, Rarity having a crush on such a sickening character and being completely oblivious to Spike's feelings. Apple Jewel was rather pretty, but that was the only thing I liked in the whole episode. 10 - A Royal Problem A Royal Problem was terrible. For starters, I didn't like how Starlight got called on by the Cutie Map. I liked how the Cutie Map was a thing shared between the Mane 6. Also, don't get me started on how OOC Celestia and Luna were, how they would bicker an snipe at each other like a pair of spoiled brats, even doing the whole "Hah! I was right and she was wrong! " thing. They're princesses! Princesses! They act like arrogant and immature brats who don't even know how to behave! Twilight was a total jerk in it too, and Twilight used to be one of my favourite characters. Plus, the entire episode revolves around mistakes, the main one being: Celestia already knows what it's like to be Luna! I mean, what about Luna's thousand-year banishment, and Celestia took on Luna's duties herself? Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, that's all this episode is.
  4. Title: No Second Prances Air Date: April 30, 2016 Written by: Nick Confalone Synopsis: When Starlight Glimmer becomes friends with Sethisto's waifu, Twilight Sparkle gets uber jealous. (Come on, Trixie is back ... you know Seth jokes are so going to be a thing, right?) Remember to watch with us live at the CMC Clubhouse on 11:30 AM EST/8:30 AM PST
  5. Rikifive

    Mirror Magic

    Magic, villains, destruction and ponies! - Yes, ponies! Mirrors or science - which one went too far? Seriously though, it wasn't bad, don't get me wrong. That's true there was one of the 'clichiest' (don't question that word) cliche stories, that could happen, but that's what this show is all about, so personally I can't really complain, what's more, I like how it usually goes. I can see why the 'happy endings' can be getting too obvious, thus boring for some people, but for the bad endings and stuff, real life is enough, so let's keep that balance. Literally, the first thing I was thinking of, when I saw where the plot is going was this one- Well, that went quickly! It seemed so obvious, yet I kinda thought it will not happen. Who would guess she'll get the magic to her hands and cause troubles? Oh right, that's what always happens. Oh those flashbacks... Once again we see somebody, who wants more power (fame in this case) then becomes a villain, destroys few things, gets defeated (-from some point of view) and receives a second chance in the end. A lovely well-known ending, that reminds me of the very first pony-content I ever saw - the first Equestria Girls movie. It brings back some memories... Personally I really love to see things getting better like this, so I think I got all I needed. Maaaybe Juniper's motives weren't super serious, but what we can expect from a normal human? She's not from the magical world with ponies, so while being that young and unaware of magic - could she really want to rule over the whole world already? For me it was good enough, what's more - pretty realistic to our world I can't deny. I know lack of all that magic can be quite boring, but I think I prefer this, than complete science, that doesn't make any sense. Though still, we got some, because where the magic came from in the first place? I don't think mirrors can do that. Just a random flow of magic randomly getting into the mirror at not random time? This is pretty suspicious! But well, if not that, then what this all would be about? Let's pretend it's a totally normal thing. Sunset Shimmer coming back to Equestria was something that made me interested - many people were waiting for that aaaaand while it's not really what they would like to get, it's still close enough! It was just a moment, but I agree I would love to see more of this. There's a whole story to tell about Sunset. I'd like to see her talking with Princess Celestia once again and stuff like this- that itself could be a nice episode or even a whole movie. The ending was cliche, that's true, but that's the ending I like, as I have mentioned before. I'm happy it ended up like this, not gonna complain. I don't mind how many times I'll get to see that kind of ending - it's always nice. So, generally - I think I really liked that episode. The more I think of all of those, the more I like them. At first I was kinda unsure of how it will go, but in my opinion it's going pretty well. I still feel the lack of normal Twilight Sparkle - for some reason I don't like Sci-Twi along with the whole Crystal Prep Academy from the very beginning (namely "Friendship Games"). That 'new' Twilight is absolutely different and more.. helpless? ~ unlike other characters, that are similar to their pony reflections. That's probably just me, I'm not going to judge anything, I just really can't get used to her. Anyway, that was a really nice episode in my opinion. Totally looked like the first Equestria Girls Movie, but with different characters and much shorter length. PLOT : Juniper Montage acquires a magical mirror and seeks revenge on Twilight and her friends for ruining her chances to play as Daring Do in a movie and become a star. Sunset Shimmer makes a quick visit in Equestria and brings Starlight Glimmer to the human world. Juniper imprisons girls in her magical mirror, which later grants her more power and complete obsession on being a star. Starlight tries to convince her, that there are other ways and revenging is something she may regret. She offers her friendship and shares her experience with similar desires in the past, which makes Juniper fix mistakes she made and release Twilight along with her friends. She receives a 'second chance' and becomes friends with the others in the end. FOCUS : Sunset Shimmer; Starlight Glimmer; Juniper Montage (as villain; later- friend) SONGS : None
  6. Sunset asking that Starlight is Twilight's student in "Mirror Magic" and Starlight saying yes indicates that this takes place before season 7. Do to the fact that Starlight was not in "Dungeons and Discord" could say after the mane 6 left to Yakyakistan Starlight went with Sunset to the EQG world and might have been a little confused about the difference between a friendship mission and a "overnight goodwill tour", and after returning being there for a few days she might have gotten a habit of using the EQG dialog such as hand which would explain why Starlight used the word hand twice in "Every Little Thing She Does". Which would make sense having "Mirror Magic" take place between "Dungeons and Discord" and "Every Little Thing She Does".
  7. Having Starlight and Trixie together in the movie means it has to take pace after "No Second Prances" sense that's the first time they met. Not having the Royal Guard would explain why Celestia had Flash Magnus be the new drill sargent after season 7. Having it take place then would also explain why the changelings and the Pillers of Equestria were not in the movie but I'm not sure about the yaks but if the movie takes place after "No Second Prances" the mane 6 haven't been to Yakyakistan yet, unless you count Pinkie kinda. But griffins probably wouldn't want to help, and sense Ember just became Dragon Lord she probably needs to impose her rule, and that I don't think the ponies would trust all the dragons yet to listen to Ember. As for the map expanding, remember the map was broken after "The Cutie Re-Mark", which would also explain why it took so long and that Mount Aris needed to be repaired and the new train station there. Why Sandbar mentioned The Storm King but not Queen Chrysalis nor the Pony of Shadows is that no pony would probably know that Chrysalis replaced the mane 6, the princesses, etc and that the Pony of Shadows never appeared in public, and why Apple Bloom was recapping the movie in "surf and/or Turf" was because The Storm King was what directly affected the hippogriffs. This I the best I can do saying it takes place between season 6 episodes 6-7 and explaining how.
  8. Before the movie came out, I asked if it would be considered cannon with the series. Now over a year later I ask, should the movie have been cannon? There are more than a few reasons this film seems, shall we say, off compared to the show. Twi's meltdown in the second act, when she's maintained some composure in more dire situations prior. The lack of any allies made during the last 7 seasons. No changelings, dragons, gryphons, yaks or crystal ponies. No shining armor or royal guard. No involvement from Discord, Starlight or Trixie. Princesses didn't learn fro any of the past attempts on their lives. The first time the Hippogrifs are mentioned, and it just so happens to be during the attack by the very forces that subjugated them. So either: Celestia only just thought of the hippogrifs at that moment, but made no attempts at contact prior. Celestia knew the hippogriffs were subjugated by the Storm King but did nothing till now. Every pony seems either uncharacteristically timid or uncharacteristically oblivious to danger. The mane 6 were on more dangerous missions and have seen threats before, but they're either more scared than usual or taking a lot less caution than normal. Nopony in the Southern half of Equestria noticed the ominous fleet and bothered to send warning to any of the princesses. Celestia sends the ponies south to do, what exactly? it was never made clear what they were supposed to accomplish and whatever it was, they apparently didn't need it to take back Canterlot. There are so many OOC moments, so many logic gaps, so many missing characters and so much of the already established lore being ignored, that does it really make sense for this movie to be cannon?
  9. Note: Do not post anything that is from a leak if a leak has been discovered. Wait until it airs officially either in Australia, Sweden, or the USA. Title: A Rockhoof and a Hard Place Synopsis: "When Rockhoof, heroic Pillar of the past, is having trouble fitting into the modern world, Twilight Sparkle and her friends strive to help him find a new purpose." Airtime: This episode is scheduled to air on August 22, 2018, on Nickelodeon in Sweden,twenty-four days ahead of its scheduled premiere on Discovery Family and on Boomerang in Australia on August 25, 2018. Episode link:
  10. FlareGun45

    S08:E20 - The Washouts

    Title: The Washouts Release Dates: September 8, 2018 (official US Discovery Family airdate) Writer: Nick Confalone (my mane man) Synopsis: "When Scootaloo becomes enamored with The Washouts, a touring group of stunt ponies, Rainbow Dash is concerned for her safety and worries that Scoot's days as her number one fan are over." Could be alot of feels in this episode, I presume! This is the only episode where Discovery Family hasn't released any sneak peek sketch footage, so we're probably in for a real treat! Episode Link
  11. I mean being a dragon living in a pony world would have it's disadvantages, and knowing how uptight and discriminal the Canterlot ponies would be, so I would say he did struggle in his younger years, and only Twilight would stand up for him. Could that be why he's connected with Twilight and not wanting to leave her side, cause of that? I mean I would think they'd do a story like this sometime soon, which could lead to how Spike can reform Cozy Glow, if she has a similar problem - orphaned and outcasted. Only difference is, one had someone to defend them and the other had nopony.
  12. PoisonClaw

    Spoiler Ocellus Fanclub

    A new season means new characters and that means new fan clubs! So why not have one about the adorable little Changeling Ocellus? I mean, what's not to love about her? She's adorable, shy, a huge bookworm, and did I mention adorable?
  13. darkwingmare

    Spoiler Autumn Blaze Fan Club

    I just have to say, Autumn Blaze is the sweetest Kirin out there, with so much depth and also a great voice! Kirins are the best creatures in the MLP universe.. In my opinion! I'm in love. Autumn Blaze deserves a Fan Club. <33 Give her all the love she deserves!
  14. The new holiday special, The Best Gift Ever, premieres October 27. Hasbro posted a trailer on their YouTube.
  15. Title: What Lies Beneath Release Dates: September 22, 2018 (official US Discovery Family airdate) Writer: Mike Vogel Synopsis: "The students at Twilight's School are cramming for a History of Magic in Equestria exam in the school library when they discover a part of the school that no pony else knows about. When they decide to do some exploring, they end up learning much more than they bargained for." I got the feeling we'll be getting some intense stuff here! Maybe some backstory for the Student 6 that even they don't know about! We shall see! Weeeeeeee shalllllllllllll seeeeeeeeee! Episode link:
  16. Rikifive

    Movie Magic

    The action, the suspense, the mystery and plot twists! That's what this episode was about. Okay, maybe not that much, but it totally felt like it was a Daring Doo Scooby Doo X Equestria Girls crossover. There even was a talking dog named ScooSpike, who likes to eat, duh! Seriously though, it was a nice episode, can't really complain. Plot: It really felt like it was an episode from Scooby Doo. Not sure if references were intended, but they were visible. Nevertheless it was good enough. There was action and tons of explosions! The whole volcano collapsed, duh!!! This episode was less focused on the Magic of Friendship - it was pretty generic. Equestrian magic still feels kinda out of place, but at least the science hasn't go too far. The ending was less obvious, though still cliche, but well, that's what MLP is all about, so can't complain! Episode focuses on: Each character had their moments and it all was nicely balanced. Songs: None So generally, I liked the episode.
  17. Rikifive

    Dance Magic

    I don't see a thread for this, so --- Yell at me if I did wrong. I really like Equestria Girls Series, because that's where my pony adventure began. That's why I was hyped for the EQG Episodes! What are your thoughts about Dance Magic? As for me~ It's kiiiinda not the same anymore. I really liked it, but it was... slightly empty? Things were kinda happening too fast. It was noticeable, that some events were forced, in order to introduce next scenes, though after rewatching it, I think it's generally not that bad. We've got some cliche ending and stuff, but well, that's the typical pony happy end, so that's nothing I could complain about. I really don't mind that. Rarity yelled, Rarity cried, she's so cute when she's angry. It's still hard to get used to Sci-Twi - it's just not the same. She's a totally different character and talks much less. I really miss the normal Twilight Sparkle. To be honest, it's hard to get used to all of those new characters from Crystal Prep, but I'll give them time. At first I was like 'nuuuu there will be problems', but I see, that they can be nice.. I hope. This episode wasn't filled with action, explosions, nor even pony magic, that's true. Well, there was a tiny little bit at the end, but nothing significant - only pony tails and ears. Maybe that's better, as there was too much science going in third and fourth movie. Anyway, I really liked the episode.
  18. Season 7 Episode 12: "Discordant Harmony" Synopsis: "Discord resorts to changing himself and his home realm when he invites Fluttershy over for tea." Writers: "Michael P. Fox and Wil Fox" Airdate: "August 5th 2017" Watch the episode here (will add HD when available):
  19. Coming over from MLPArena, which is a lot more focused on collecting and real ponies from what I've seen, I've so far only tended to see ponysona OCs, not vast amounts of OCs in general. I even made my own ponysona, Sabina! But thats it. So if you are either an avid OC maker, or just happy with your own little ponysona (or both!) what are you reasons behind it either way? Why do you create characters, and what do you use them for? Art, stories? And who is your ponysona, if you have one? Do they reflect you as a person, or just a bunch of things you like! I'll add my ponysona, Sabina! She's a Sparkle Pony from the G1 line (and Ive decided a G4 Crystal Pony).
  20. PathfinderCS

    S07:E23 - Secrets and Pies

    Title: Secrets and Pies Air Date: October 14, 2017 Written by: Josh Hamilton Synopsis: When Pinkie Pie thinks she sees Rainbow Dash throw away one of her pies, she suspects the worst. Pinkie Pie attempts to catch Rainbow Dash in her web of lies...using pies. Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on!
  21. PurpleWonderPower

    Spoiler My Top Ten MLP Episodes

    1 - Viva Las Pegasus Viva Las Pegasus is my top episode in the entire series. I love everything about it, especially how Applejack and Fluttershy teamed up with Flim and Flam. I love Flim and Flam so much, and getting to see them as the good guys for once was great. Gladmane was a great character too, I loved his voice and signature "Uh-huh-huh!", and I loved the FlimFlam Brothers' scheme of getting him to confess, how we all thought they had failed, but it was actually part of the plan. I love hidden twists like that. And the bit at the end when Flim and Flam take ownership of the resort and Applejack shouts "FLIM AND FLAM!" was awesome. Also, Applejack and Fluttershy are also my favourite Map mission twosome. 2 - To Where And Back Again To Where And Back Again was my favourite two-parter. I loved how it was the Motley Crew episode, where all the main characters are helpless and it's up to the embarrassing secondary character squad to save the day. Starlight, Trixie, Thorax and Discord were just the best Motley Crew ever. Discord and Trixie's bickering and Discord's stand-up comedy were hilarious, and I loved the new changeling designs when they metamorphosed at the end, they were SO much cooler than the black designs. And the part when Starlight was reasoning with the changelings was great. I'm also glad that Chrysalis denied Starlight's friendship, as I love Chrysalis as a villain. 3 - Keep Calm And Flutter On Keep Calm And Flutter On was my favourite Season 3 episode, and I literally screamed with delight when I found out Discord was returning. Definitely one of the most hilarious, entertaining and heartwarming episodes in the series. All Discord's antics were priceless, especially when he uses his tongue as a red carpet and welcomes the ponies to his chaotic dinner party, and when he water skis and ice skates near the end. And the bit where he was sad to lose Fluttershy's friendship was so heartwarming. I've loved Discord and Fluttershy's special friendship ever since. It's just so cute. 4 - My Little Pony Best Gift Ever My Little Pony Best Gift Ever absolutely blew me away. After Season 8, the worst season of all times, I had a lot of doubts about Best Gift Ever, but boy, was I wrong! I could go on for hours about all the things I love about this episode, especially how they included not only Discord, but Flim and Flam! They even remembered to have Applejack and Fluttershy take on Flim and Flam, and to put everypony back in character. I absolutely loved how they made Discord part of the "family" again, like back in Season 4, and all the hugs and the song at the end was absolutely adorable. Pistachio and the Winterzilla were both adorable, and I loved all the disaster with the shopping. Also, I do love Starlight Glimmer, but it was awesome to have a Mane 6 episode without her, since I've really missed having those, and this was exactly what I was hoping for. And to top it off, they don't even mention the School of Friendship or any of the Season 8 characters at all! Best! Gift! Ever! 5 - Discordant Harmony Discordant Harmony was my favourite Season 7 episode, and also an episode filled to the brim with Discord! I loved everything about it, especially how he kept making clones of himself to talk to and help fix his house, and all the Discord jokes he made, what with ginseng that can actually sing, and where he imitated the tea pony "Are you sure you're friends with Fluttershy? " That was priceless. And the bit at the end was so heartwarming, how Fluttershy likes him for who he is, and when they hugged and laughed at the end. Absolutely terrific episode. 6 - Rock Solid Friendship I absolutely loved Rock Solid Friendship. Maud Pie is my third favourite character after Discord and the FlimFlam Brothers, and I loved how she and Starlight made friends. It was wonderful to see Maud smile so much, and the time they spent looking at the rocks and talking to each other was really sweet. I also loved the kite-flying, and how Maud would make Starlight laugh. It was so sweet how Starlight and Maud just seemed to understand each other, and it's really great to see Maud make a friend. 7 - Twilight's Kingdom Twilight's Kingdom was my second favourite two-parter after To Where And Back Again. Tirek was such an awesome supervillain, and Discord's scenes were hilarious, especially where he appears when the Mane 6 are by the Tree of Harmony, and the part when he apologizes to Fluttershy was so touching. And I absolutely adore how there was a whole hidden pattern throughout Season 4, with each pony facing their situations and living up to their Elements and getting their keys. That was an absolutely fantastic idea. The two songs You'll Play Your Part and Let The Rainbow Remind You were absolutely terrific, too, and the ponies' rainbow forms were absolutely beautiful. 8 - The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 This was a superb episode. Flim and Flam were such awesome characters, their appearances and charisma were just terrific, and the song The Flim Flam Cider Song was absolutely incredible. It was great how they would tease the Apple Family on the second day, and talk so quickly and back and forth. And I was so tense during the cider competition, as the stakes were so high. I also loved the parts where Flim kisses Apple Bloom, and when they dance with their hats before jumping onto the Squeezy and making a getaway. Flim and Flam are the best. 9 - Crusaders of the Lost Mark Crusaders of the Lost Mark was definitely one of Season 5's masterpieces, and my favourite CMC episode. I loved how it was a musical episode, with so many amazing songs, and it was amazing getting to see the other side of Diamond Tiara. The song The Pony I Want To Be completely melted my heart, and I still can't watch it without crying. After four and a half seasons of loathing Diamond Tiara to the bone, I just felt I wanted to give her a big hug. It was great how she stood up to her mother a the end, and reformed. And after all this time, the CMCs finally get their cutie marks! It was terrific! Their cutie marks just suit them so perfectly, and so do their talents. Fantastic episode. 10 - The Perfect Pear The Perfect Pear was one of the most heartwarming episodes in the series, and it was great to finally see Applejack's parents. Bright Mac and Pear Butter were so sweet, how they had a secret romance, and I like how they mirror Big Mac and Sugar Belle. You're In My Head Like A Catchy Song was absolutely beautiful, too, and the part when they married and stood up to Grand Pear was brilliant. Such a beautiful episode. Do you agree with my list? Either way, please respect my opinion. Please leave comments!
  22. Note: Please keep all content and discussion not officially published by Hasbro under the "spoiler" tag, and don't link to or paste leaked assets. The episode was first announced on Sweden's Nickelodeon (and will air in Denmark and Norway that same day), but will air in Australia in September and the U.S. in October. More to come in the coming weeks. Title: School Raze, Parts 1 & 2 Air Dates: Nickelodeon (Sweden, Denmark, Norway): August 28 (6:25pm EST, Part 1) August 29 (6:25pm EST, Part 2) Boomerang (Australia): September 7 (6:30pm EST, Part 1) September 8 (6:30pm EST, Part 2) Disc. Family (U.S.): October 13. Part 1: 11am EST Part 2: 11:30am EST Writers: Part 1: Nicole Dubuc Part 2: Josh Haber Synopsis: Part 1: When the magic of Equestria mysteriously begins to fail, Twilight leads her friends on a quest for answers, leaving the School of Friendship open to attack from a dangerous mastermind. Part 2: While Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six try to escape Tartarus, Cozy Glow furthers her plot to take over the School of Friendship with only Twilight's students and the CMC's to stop her! Extra Note: This is the Season 8 finale! A user on EQD, Kuco, is planning to stream the event. Also, from @Jeric: Video links (SendVid): Part 1: Part 2:
  23. MLP new episode! Link from Legend of Zelda is in the background! Not Lyra's butt.... xD
  24. Speculation on What Season 9 (The Last Season?) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Will Be Like: Speculations based on leaked information! Spoilers ahead. Anyway, those are just my speculations on what could happen/occur come Season 9 (should it be the last season of FIM). But what do you think, do you agree with my speculations? What are yours? Let me and everyone else know. 😊 God Bless and Take Care. Speculation on What Season 9.docx