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Found 138 results

  1. Penguinbrony2409

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    I've seen a noted lack of discussions for NASCAR and auto racing fans on here, so i'm starting one up just in time for the Daytona 500 next Sunday. We can talk about NASCAR, bur we can also talk about other forms, like Indy, F1, or any other you'd like to talk about.
  2. TheRockARooster

    Sports National Rugby League 2019

    Well, the NRL season of 2019 is almost here. This is a thread to discuss not only the NRL and the 2019 NRL season but anything related to Rugby League. Even if you’re not familiar with it and want to know about it, this is the place for you. Everybody and everypony is welcome. Round 1 will start on the 14th of March with the Melbourne Storm taking on the Brisbane Broncos.
  3. The results are in for the newest members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. There are four today. Firstly, five time World Series champion and all time leader in saves Mariano Rivera. By far one of the best closers of all time. Rivera became the first player to ever make it in with a unanimous "yes" vote. This was Rivera's first year on the ballot. Secondly, the late Roy Halladay, a pitching legend with two Cy Young awards and a perfect game who was tragically killed in a plane accident in late 2017, was voted in. This was his first year of eligibility. Thirdly, Pitcher Mike Mussina who played for the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees and won seven Gold Gloves made the cut. Mussina had been on the ballot since 2014. Lastly, Mariners fans can finally take a breath. Edgar Martinez is finally in. The 5 time Silver Slugger was on his final year of eligibility. That's about it! Larry Walker is still alive, and will participate in his tenth and final year of eligibility, so hopefully he gets into the hall in 2020. Todd Helton could have received a hell of a lot more votes than he actually did, I'm disappointed. Andy Pettitte did not even get ten percent of the votes, which is fine. And as usual, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are not in, which is a good thing. Fred McGriff was also on the ballot for his last year of eligibility, but did not get in. Anypony have thoughts on today's election?
  4. Hello Everypony! This past weekend was pretty eventful for football fans. We saw some good plays, but we are down to eight teams left, and the four teams that clinched the first round byes now have their opponents confirmed. After an emotional Saturday Afternoon for the Houston Texans, Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts have advanced. They will be traveling to take on Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday January 12th at Arrowhead Stadium. Next up for fans in Dallas, the wait for Dak Prescott's first career playoff win is over. Having taken out the Seattle Seakawks, the Cowboys will take on Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday January 12th at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Then of course, we have the Los Angeles Chargers, led by veteran Phillip Rivers, advancing with the win against the Baltimore Ravens. They will take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday January 13th. And finally, following a rather painful-to-watch missed field goal by Cody Parkey of the Chicago Bears, they could not make the comeback against Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles, who move on to face Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints at the Superdome on Sunday January 13th. Who do you think will win these match-ups?
  5. Hello everypony! Seems as if the regular season in the National Football League has come to a close. We are down to twelve teams who all want to be this years Super Bowl Winner, but there can only be one. The Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, and New England Patriots, all have the first round bye. Here's the current situation in the AFC. This Saturday, the AFC South champion Houston Texans (3rd Seed) will host the Indianapolis Colts (6th Seed) at Reliant Stadium in Houston at 4:35 PM Eastern Time. On Sunday, the AFC North champion Baltimore Ravens (4th Seed) will host the Los Angeles Chargers (5th Seed) at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore at 1:05 PM Eastern Time. The Chiefs will host the lowest winning seed on January 12th at Arrowhead Stadium, while the Patriots will host the highest winning seed on January 13th at Gillette Stadium. Now the NFC This Saturday, the NFC East Champion Dallas Cowboys (4th Seed) will host the Seattle Seahawks (5th Seed) at AT&T Stadium in Arlington at 8:15 PM Eastern Time. On Sunday the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears (3rd Seed) will host the Philadelphia Eagles (6th Seed) at Soldier Field in Chicago at 4:40 PM Eastern Time. The Saints will host the lowest winning seed on January 13th at the Superdome, while the Rams will host the highest winning seed on January 12th at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Who do you think will still be on their feet at the end of this round?
  6. Which two teams do you think will play in the 2019 Super Bowl?
  7. I used to play Soccer and Baseball. How about you?
  8. Inspired to make this thread from @Baby Dashie's here. Every offseason, the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) votes for former players into the Hall of Fame. Starting in mid-November, the writers fill out a ballot presented to them by the Hall and can fill up to ten. Anyone who doesn't eclipse the 5% threshold falls off, but anyone who crosses 75% will get The Call and be elected into Cooperstown, where the celebration occurs every July. The writers have until December 31 to submit, and the announcement of inductees will be on January 22. Earlier this month, the Veterans Committee elected two former players: Harold Baines and Lee Smith. Now out of a possible 35 players on this year's ballot, only a select few will be elected. Here's the sample blank ballot, from this link: To make the ballot, the player must play at least ten seasons, not play five consecutive seasons following their last game, and be chosen by a committee to be approved. Like in Baby Dashie's thread, who do you think will make it? Also, if you had a ballot, who would you select (remember, only up to ten)? Two first-ballot shoo-ins: Halladay and Rivera. The former for being a major workhorse for about a decade (the last to pitch 260 regular-season innings) and one of th best pitchers in the game at the time. The ladder for being the all-time best reliever, period. At 70.4%, Edgar Martinez missed it by 20 votes, but with this being his tenth and final year on the ballot, he has an outside shot. Mussina was second-closest at 49. Follow Ryan Thibodaux's HoF Tracker for up-to-date public ballots. My hypothetical ballot ain't complete yet, but if I had one, it'd be as follows: Barry Bonds Roger Clemens Roy Halladay Andruw Jones (+1) Edgar Martinez Mike Mussina Mariano Rivera Scott Rolen Billy Wagner The tenth spot will be either Walker or McGriff, but because this year's McGriff's last, I'll likely pick him. Walker has one more year after this.
  9. How competitive are you when it comes to something you care about? It can be a game that you enjoy playing, trying to be the best in your class, pretty much anything competitive. Hmm I'd say I'm pretty competitive, but I'm not as hardcore about winning as much as some people I know. If I tried my best and put up a good fight but lost in the end, that's not too bad. I mainly hate losing at something when I know I could've won if I hadn't made some stupid mistake. So what about you guys?
  10. Little Baby Dashie

    Sports National Football League 2018

    Hello everypony. So seven months ago, the Philadelphia Eagles overcame the New England Patriots for their first Super Bowl title ever. On this coming Thursday, the National Football League returns as the defending champions kick off the season against the Atlanta Falcons. And this year, many teams who have yet to acquire their first championship, the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Carolina Panthers seem to be heading into the right direction. If you follow the NFL, which team is your favorite? Do you think your team has a shot at the Super Bowl in Atlanta this season?
  11. It can be from ANY type of motorsport. My faves would have to the Ford FGX Falcon V8 Supercar, the modern Ford GT that races at Le Mans and the Bentley Continental GT3
  12. Before I start I want it to be known that while there were a few others threads like this one, I decided to make a new as those were quite old and lacked the "why" factor that I am gunning for here. To start I never really considered myself a hardcore sports fan, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some sports AND that I had some teams that I followed. Over the years I mainly considered myself a racing fan, but grew to like the more traditional team and individual sports out there. That said, what I want to know is this: Over the entire spectrum of sports from team sports like football, individual sports like archery, and even teams from various auto-racing series; which teams do you consider your favorite, and WHY do you consider them your favorite? Are they your hometown team? If not was there something that attracted them to you like a specific performance, a specific athlete, or something deeper? To start off I'll give my main favorite teams, as well as a few runner-ups. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) - The funny thing here is that the Penguins were not the first team that I followed in the NHL. When I decided to look into the sport it was the Montreal Canadiens that got me in, and the Anaheim Ducks that allowed me to experience what it was like for a team to win the Stanley Cup. However, being in the eastern US is was difficult to attempt to follow the Ducks' regular season so I was beginning to tune out. However, due to the region I live in I was able to catch a few Pittsburgh Penguins games, and they eventually caught my heart. I followed them to the Stanley Cup finals; which they lost to the Detroit Red Wings. However the team won me over enough that I followed their regular season and celebrated when they exacted revenge on the Red Wings to win the Cup. As such, you could say it was a dash of geography and genuine love for a team that I watched fall into despair, only to climb the mountain and reach the proverbial peak. Amazing stuff. Baltimore Orioles (MLB) - This one is a tad tricky to explain. It hasn't even been a year ago that I followed baseball, and even though logic told me to follow the Pirates due to my love for the Penguins, I was actually more interested in following another team, and it was that team that taught me to appreciate and enjoy the game of baseball. While the Orioles aren't the most successful of teams, nor the most popular, they have a lot of heart to them, and when it comes to cities, Baltimore is one that I can say my heart resides in. It was the very first BIG city I ever set foot in back in 1997, it hosted my favorite sport of IndyCar (and American Le Mans) on the streets of the Inner Harbor, and, of course, the first ever convention I ever attended was there last year. As such I have a certain connection to that city and as much as I enjoy the Ravens, it was the Orioles that really won me over, and I just want to support them as much as possible. McLaren Honda (Formula 1) - This one was a little tricky for a few reasons; amongst them being a lack of interest in F1 until mid-last year, Mclaren's ongoing struggles since 2014, and the fact that the American Haas F1 competes with some limited success. That said McLaren was a team I started paying serious attention to as a favorite team back when the driver lineup consisted of Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen; of which the former was my favorite driver at the time. They were fun to follow, though they were inconsistent due to either crashes or mechanical failures. In the end my interest in F1 faded, but returned last year. I still looked for a team and while McLaren was still my de-facto fav, it wasn't until the VERY recent announcement of Fernando Alonso attempting this year's Indy 500 with McLaren backing, as well as rumors of McLaren's possible participation in IndyCar full time in the future. Just the sheer thought of McLaren in both F1 and IndyCar has me giddy, and brings a new found respect and passion for them, and I hope they overcome their current troubles to climb the top of the podium once again. Oh yeah; they also have a basketball team. x3 FC Bayern Munich (Bundesliga, UEFA) - Just because I cheer for the most successful team in German football makes me a glory-hunter; eh? Well, no, that's not why I chose this team over all others; including any from the English league, as well as the Spanish giants in Madrid and Barcelona. No; Bayern attracted for a few reason. For starters, I caught the 2010 UEFA Champions League between Inter Milan and Bayern on broadcast TV, and even though Bayern lost, their style of play caught me, and I wanted to see more of them. While my access to German football is a tad lacking, I followed the best I could and found a team that not only had success, they also had a smart business sense. Whereas many other European teams spent themselves into debt, I appreciated Bayern's attempts to stay strong financially as such. Yeah, it's a silly reason, but it's an approach I appreciate. That said, I would be lying if I didn't enjoy that success; the highest of which came in 2013 at the UEFA Champion's League final against Dortmund in Wembley, and BOY was it a dramatic game, and one that I will NEVER forget. Like with the Penguins, Bayern's ability to come back from a stinging Finals loss against Chelsea the previous year to ascend new heights was amazing. Of course they have struggled in Europe recently, but I still love to follow them. Andretti Autosport (IndyCar, GRC, Formula E) - This one will be the most difficult to explain as I can't really pin down any one reason why I follow them with passion. They are owned and ran by IndyCar legend Michael Andretti, have some great drivers like Hunter-Reay in their stable, and have expanded to Global Rallycross and Formula E in recent years, but it's hard for me to really say what attracted me to them. However, that said, even if I can't explain it I can still say they have been a fun team to follow. They won the Indianapolis 500 last year, and will have Alonso in one of their cars this year with McLaren, so that is a plus. In the end maybe it's a combination of all of these factors. Whatever the case I can say that out of all IndyCar teams, this is only one that holds my heart to this day. Honorable Mentions: Baltimore Ravens, New York City FC, Flying Lizard Motorsports, Corvette Racing Favorite Sports with no favorite team: MotoGP, World Rally, Cricket So; anyone else?
  13. BrawnyCharger

    Sports 2018 World Series

    It's that time again. The Fall Classic. Who are you going for?
  14. Hachiroku

    Sports Post Season Baseball

    There's seriously no post season baseball thread? Sad! Guess I'll make it then. So far: NLCS: Dodgers vs Brewers ALCS: Red Sox vs Astros
  15. VG_Addict

    Sports NBA's lack of parity.

    What do you think has contributed to the NBA's lack of parity? The Warriors and the Cavs have played each other in the finals for 4 years in a row.
  16. My one and only favorite team is the Red Sox, and I'm very proud of them this year! They have come so far. My dad watches them a lot because we used to live in Maine, and I grew up being around them more. Even living in Arizona means that I would choose the Red Sox over our state NL team as well. Not that I don't LIKE the D-Backs. I do... it's just that much of my life has been supporting the Sox more than any other team. So yeah. :3 What are your favorite sports teams?
  17. Hello everypony! It turns out Game 163 was enforced not one but twice this regular season in order to determine what teams would be in the National League Wild Card championship game. But now we have our answer. The Chicago Cubs will host the Colorado Rockies 5 PM Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday at Wrigley Field. The winner moves on to face the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLDS, who have accomplished the National League's best record. The loser goes home. The Rockies have not named a starter yet. Their last appearance in the postseason was in last years NL Wildcard game against Arizona where they took a loss. The Cubs starter will be Jon Lester. Who are you supporting in this one game playoff to face Milwaukee?
  18. A new spring football league will launch a week after Super Bowl LIII. Check it out for yourself: Does it have a chance to succeed?
  19. Cheesy G Nacho

    Sports NFL Week 3 Thread

    NFL WEEK 3 THREAD What's up everyone? Just trying to get a gathering to post back and forth about the goings on in this week of the NFL! I'm personally a huge football fan and love talking sports with people. While I will focus on Pick Em's and Fantasy Football, feel free to discuss whatever you feel! So let's get to those games! Thursday night game: Jets @ Browns I think the Browns get their first win of the season tonight, it's wierd to think the Browns are only a kicker away from being 2-0 right now... but now that they've addressed it, I think they pull it off tonight! Sunday games Bills @ Vikings I think the Vikings respond with a win here, I think the Bills have too much to overcome with a broken Shady and shaky QB situation. Giants @ Texans I give the Texans the win, I'm a believer of Deshaun Watson! Packers @ Redskins I take the Pack, a young and improving defense gets the better of the Skins. 49ers @ Chiefs Give this one to the Chiefs, I'll jump on the Mahomes band wagon! Raiders @ Dolphins I'm taking Gruden and the Raiders here, the offense looked great last week against the Broncos Colts @ Eagles Eagles, Eagles, Eagles! The return of Wentz is a big boost! Titans @ Jaguars Jaaaaags! I'm putting my money on them already to be the AFC Champs! Bengals @ Panthers I'm picking the Panthers in this match, but I believe this could be one of the better games of the week! Broncos @ Ravens Broncos win this one after a high energy game from last week! Saints @ Falcons Division rivals... Great teams, I'm taking the Falcons, but this one should be a shootout. Chargers @ Rams Todd Gurley is too much for the Chargers to bottle up, Rams take it. Bears @ Cardinals Bears all day... Cards haven't shown much promise so far. Cowboys @ Seahawks Cowboys run all day long, too much for the Seahawks this week. Patriots @ Lions Lions woes continue, Patricia loses to Papa Belichick Monday night game: Steelers @ Bucs Do you believe in Fitzmagic? I do! Bucs win here in a shootout. So those are my picks for this upcoming week, post your picks and tell me why you agree or disagree with my picks! Thanks everyone! Bonus Topic: Roughing the Passer controversy? What are your opinions from the call against Clay Matthew's for his hit on Kirk Cousins?
  20. Well, the football season has officially begun. I've been a Carolina Panthers fan for a long time, and we were so close to getting into the playoffs last year. That motivated me to finish up a project I had laying Carolina Panthers Theme Song. So...I present to you: Keep Pounding (We Will Return): The Official 2018 Carolina Panthers Theme Song!
  21. lyrabetes3939

    Sports Most overrated sport?

    Some people are really into sports, while others can't see what all the fuss is about. So, in your opinion, what sport is the most overrated? I personally would say basketball, virtually everyone in my town is obsessed with it and I have no idea why
  22. I was thinking back to my days as a kid when I took karate classes at the local mall. I was influenced to do it by my being a fan of Power Rangers and Street Fighter. I really had fun with it and made it to blue belt. The school was very well structured, and the instructors were very good. It had classes based on belt level. I didn't partake in the tournaments. I did it just for fun. Although I never made it to black belt, I'm pretty proud of how I did there. Have you ever taken karate or any other martial arts? If so, what were some of your experiences doing it?
  23. BrawnyCharger

    Sports 2018 Stanley Cup Finals

    This is one of those instances in which no matter who wins, a franchise is going to win their first championship ever. So who would you like to win the Stanley Cup, The Washington Capitals, or the Vegas Golden Knights?
  24. Many of us like various different sports teams. And no matter who we root for, I'm sure that your favorite team has had various levels of success regardless of whether or not they have any championship banners. So how about this. List a top 10 of what you feel are the greatest games of all time of your favorite team(s). It can be NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. etc. It can be regular season, playoffs or championships. Here's my top ten greatest Kansas City Chiefs Games of All Time: Super Bowl IV Chiefs VS Vikings 01/11/70 AFC Wildcard Steelers @ Chiefs 01/08/94 AFC Divisional Chiefs @ Oilers 01/16/94 Chiefs @ Broncos 10/17/94 AFL Championship Texans @ Oilers 12/23/62 Chiefs @ Packers 10/12/03 Broncos @ Chiefs 10/05/03 Chiefs @ Steelers 09/06/81 Chargers @ Chiefs 10/09/95 Broncos @ Chiefs 11/16/97 What's your top 10 greatest games of your team(s).
  25. After eight long series, we are now on the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs. Who are you supporting?