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Found 10 results

  1. Ok this game has 2 months before changing anything and i would have to say i am loving it so much ! i am super happy they are making this , i never wouldve thought there would be another spyro , after crash remake i though ohh ok thats it then i guess but once they announced this i thought yep day one no questions asked i would get it on digital and get the cover disc version for the cover art. So i made this topic for anyone wants to talk about spyro or or other spyro games , or post any new announcements for the trilogy , videos , new screenshots , comic con live feed (which is coming up soon ).
  2. Hello ponies! some fan of spyro around here? hope so! as fans of the saga we know that they will make a remake of the first trilogy in playstation 1, knowing this ... what levels do you expect to see with new graphics? personally I'm dying to see levels like ''magic crafters'', ''Tree Tops'' , ''dark passage'', ''autumn plains'', ''Fracture Hills'', ''Spike's Arena'' and ''Midnight Mountain'' -image so that the post looks flashy- (?
  3. Who would win in a deathbattle, twilight or spyro. And please don't bring up starscream vs rainbow dash those guys screw up there facts. I like spyro more than mlp but I am not going to be biased or vote for him because I like him more. you have to answer with a real answer and facts. and don't just flat out say twilight or spyro. I need proof that one can beat the other.
  4. And then I had random inspiration. Random inspiration sure is fun.
  5. So, I got bored last night and did some quick sketches before I had to go to bed. Cyndurrrr 8D Literally the only ref I needed for this was for her markings xD THIS. IS JUST. THE CUTEST SHIP EVER I SWEAR TO GOD. And finally, a birthday gift for a friend of mine over on dA :3
  6. So over the holiday weekend I got Skylanders Swap Force, and a few figures. One of the ones I got, it was called Flashwing, and I played with her first because she had sort of an mlp art style I guess you could call it. I plugged her into the game only to here a familiar voice. She sounded exactly, and I mean EXACTLY like Twilight Sparkle, the connection was to funny to be a coincidence, Twilight's voice on a character that looks like something out of mlp, so I got on the Spyro wiki, looked it up and apparently she is voiced by Tara Strong, I wonder if they told her, "just to the same voice you do for Twilight" because that's how similar they sound. Either way do you think that it was an intentional reference, to pair Tara Strongs, Twilight voice with a character that is a light based Alicorn looking thing?
  7. So, I recently have gotten back into the Spyro the dragon series. Im talking about the older ones. back on the Playstation 1. Tis a very fun and amazing game, with a great story, some humor, some challenges. It is basically the perfect game. My question is, is what was the most FRUSTRATING and challenging challenge you had to do in the first 3 Spyro games??? For me, I would have to say...those "Flight" levels in the first Spyro game. Yes, the first and ever Spyro game was, however, not challenging at all, BESIDES THOSE DARN FLIGHT CHALLENGES!!!! To refresh the memory.
  8. Okay, one more Ember pic. This little dragon needs more lurve 8c As you can see, I kind of went RAAARGH LIGHTING! SHADOWS! ERMERGERD LIGHTING It was very fun to work with though xD
  9. It seems that every time I look up rainbow dash or sonic I always run into at least one picture of the two, either in a romantic pairing or freindly rivalry, at first I thought it was just because they were both fast and blue, but after awhile I began to notice how similar they are to one anoather, their both cocky, arrogant, and full of themselvs at times, but other times their brave, selfless, and daring in the face of danger. I found this crossover pairing quite interesting, so I no longer questioned it, but a few months later, I came across a few pictures and fanfictions that paired twilight sparkle with spyro the dragon, I found this very odd at first, seeing no similarities between the two besides the fact that their both purple, I merely facehoofed and carried on, but again, I compared the two, their both smart, brave, strongwilled, will do anything for their freinds, and have great respect for their worlds leaders. Finally after some thought, I decided to ask anypony who's interested on their opinion of spyro and twilight, would they be freinds or lovers? do they have anything in common in your opinion? Do you like their pairing (plutonic or romantic) better than dash and sonic's pairing? Would this make a great spyro and sonic and mlp crossover fanfic? Whatever the case, you decide.
  10. Just some of my artwork I drew critic would be greatly appreciated there are six drawings here: I work on Drawing manly video game characters as you can see here but at times I will draw other things such as Dragons.