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Found 2 results

  1. 3 new fighters, 4 new stages, and 8 new Mii costumes. All of this new Smash Bros. DLC is out..... Today! Yes, Nintendo has confirmed that starting today, you can download all of this new DLC for Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. So get those Hadukens ready.
  2. Ice Fox


    Welcome to Prism Studios! This is a blog about the projects of a currently one man company-me-and I'd like to show you the inside scoop of exactly what I am doing and creating. So buckle your seat belts: this may be a crazy ride. Multiverse (name not final) Story: You play the role of a young woman who is down on her luck. With no home and no money, she is in a very difficult position. While walking the streets of a dirty town, she spies a news program for a newly discovered ruin; one that may have boundless riches within. A slow smile creeping across her face, our heroine rushes to the ancient ruin, hoping that she will finally get her life out of the rut it is in. She has everything to gain, and nothing to perhaps her life. Gameplay: Once in a level, gameplay will be in 2D platformer style. Your character can jump, shoot a gun, and move left and right. The screen will often be very zoomed out, giving you awareness of your surroundings. Your character's unique skill is her jetpack. This jetpack will allow you to fly in one of the 4 compass directions at high speed, and direction can be changed while flying. However, it runs off of fuel, which recharges instantly upon touching the ground. So don't get too carried away jetting around! Also, your gun has another feature: a vacuum. This vacuum will allow you to pull certain objects to you and hold them at the front of your gun. How you can use these objects varies-there may be rubber balls you can shoot off at enemies, or dangerous swords that you can swing at foes! Perhaps the vacuum can also be used to move certain parts of a level. Your goal in a level will be to reach the magical key and return with it to the start of the level. However, that is no easy task; once you grab the key, a timer will begin counting down to your doom. If you don't escape quickly enough, you will have to restart. Also, the level will be changed once you grab the key-the kind of change depends on the level you're in. Some levels may have certain parts freeze in place; some may have the entire level flip upside down! Be sure to keep your wits about you. I plan for this game to be quite hard. One hit will kill you. Fortunately, you have no limit of lives. Progression: Within the ruins are numerous crystal shrines. When one ventures too near, he or she will be sucked into the unique but small world the crystal contains. On the game map, you will have access to 4 worlds at once, and may switch between them at any time. Within each world are several levels(crystals), which must be cleared progressively in their specific world. Each world will have a loose theme. For example, one world may have primarily machinery based levels, and once you reach the key, the mechanical parts will lock up. This world would have a more of a puzzle element than other worlds. Atmosphere and Inspiration: I really want this game to have an eerie and supernatural atmosphere. The game is inspired by titles such as Wario Land 4 and 1001 spikes. One last note: I plan for this game to have a long boss fight at the end of each world. I'm thinking it would be a good idea for you to get 3 hits on a boss in place of the usual one. I'll have to see. So what do you think of these ideas? Think this game should be killed at the start line? Would you like to see more of this game? Do you have ideas of your own? Make your voice heard below!