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Found 2 results

  1. While people are seething on Spike being a "static" character and having to relearn lessons he's been through already, I personally, find it ironic that no one seems to notice that Twilight repeats the lessons she's learned, but also, has taught to others. The importance of asking for help? Anyone? Does no one remember her teaching it to Apple Jack, back in "Applebuck season"? And then learning to rely on her friends to help her, in "The Crystal Empire", "magic Duel", "Twilight's Kingdom", AND "Rainbow Rocks"? All these times she's tried to do things on her own, but eventually needed to turn to her friends to help her out. And we see NONE of this in "Princess Spike"; Twilight's past lessons of asking for help completely dismissed, when she runs herself ragged, staying up for three days straight. And no one blames Twilight for it, apparently; in spite of her being a Princess, who should be more responsible than that by now; in spite of her having Celestia, Luna, and Cadance right there, to ask for help, if she needed it, which she clearly did; in spite of calling on the rest of the mane 6 to assist, even). But nope, nope, nope, it's Spike who;s in the wrong and gets torn apart, and the one who has to re-learn previous lessons. Certainly not Twilight, because main character, and look, she's a PRINCESS! That MUST mean she's responsible. Ok, I see how it is. =_= Character stagnation in Twilight? Should she be more mature than she is, now that she's a flippin Alicorn princess? Should Spike coup de'tat?
  2. This is in terms of the show's quality, not if the show will survive or be canceled, since its continued success on that part is almost guaranteed. So, by now, everyone has heard the news from last year that Hasbro has a plan to continue the show for another five years. A lot could happen in five years. MLP has been known to avoid stagnation by changing things up. They threw us Twilicorn and a story arc for Season 4, and character development lasts rather than being reverted. However, there are many things that could endanger the consistency of the show's writing. The ever-changing nature of the writing staff is one possible gamble. Another could be Hasbro forcing another thing in the show that would harm the dynamic that has been built up. A possibility is the fact that most of the possible morals and character development could be used up before the end. Though you can change to stave off the effects of time, there is only so much that can change without sacrificing what a show like MLP is all about. So, what do you see for this show? Do you believe it really is strong enough to continue to give us 5-6 more seasons like the 4 it already has, or will something go wrong before they get there?