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Found 51 results

  1. I made these two on the iPhone Photos app and I’m kinda proud of them! The first time I drew Granite the app crashed and I had to start over after 40 min of drawing . Thankfully I was able to recreate him afterwards. Thorns was pretty easy to make cause all I had to do was color over Granite. Critique is always welcome!
  2. Has anyone else ever wondered why some stallions, such as Big Macintosh and Shining Armor, have hooves coloured differently to the rest of their bodies, yet most others don't? And even more strangely, Big Mac's hooves were the same colour as the rest of his body as a colt, yet Trouble Shoes' were even whiter than they are today? Theory 1: Blood Pressure The reason that some heavy stallions have coloured hooves may be their higher level of blood pressure. This may also explain why Trouble Shoes had whiter hooves when he was shown as a colt in the rodeo, as his apparent higher level of activity would have increased his blood pressure, thus increasing the whiteness of his hooves. Big Mac, on the other hoof (literally), grew up with much slower-paced activity. But what about ponies like Gladmane, who appear the same weight as the likes of Big Mac, you may ask? They're just a different type. Then again, I'm no scientist. Maybe Trouble Shoes' hooves simply got browner the same way my Converse shoes have (even though they're only two weeks old). They didn't get much whiter when he came back into the rodeo as a stallion. Or maybe it just differs from pony to pony. Theory 2: Skin Loss This theory suggests that while all stallions are born with furry skin around their hooves, there is one kind that loses that skin with weight. The reason Trouble Shoes lost his hoof skin at an earlier age than Big Macintosh may simply be that he had weaker skin. As for if mares can have coloured hooves, I just can't say.
  3. Who's your favorite and why? I guess mine are Breaburn Big Mac and Shining Armour dunno why. Just curious
  4. Astral Flame is a ten year old batpony filly who has spent half a year searching for her missing parents, as such she has decided to settle down in a dark area of the Everfree Forest near the Ponyville central park. There she has the privacy to live in peace without the xenophobia of the other races and she has the privacy and space to train so that she can achieve her dream of one day getting accepted into the night Guard and serving under Luna... However, there comes a time when she gets found out...but the pony (Your OC or a canon character of your choice) who finds her out, isn't xenophobic or superstitious like most others, instead he or she will take her in, help her in any way they can to search for her parents and to even help her train and achieve her dream. This is primarily going to be a mixture of slice of life and adventure, but perhaps as Astral gets older, a romance is possible. Rules: 1. Obviously both the RP section and the Forum rules apply, so please keep everything to a maximum of PG 13+ (meaning coarse language, violence (if any), romantic sort of things...) 2. No Mary Sue or Gary Stu OCs 3. All races/species allowed, but Alicorns must have limitations 4. If unsure about anything, ask me about it 5. Please try to post as often as possible 6. Also please try to type at least one paragraph per reply, but no fillers 7. Above all else, have fun!
  5. I have a few questions. Why do most ponies have round faces and some have square faces? Some say that the mares have round faces and the stallions have square faces but is that true? I mean Zecora is a female with a square face and so are Celestia, Luna and Cadence but not Twilight or Flurry Heart. Also, some colts have round faces. Are colts born with round faces and they go square when they grow up? Why are Flurry Heart's wings bigger than her body and is it because she's an Alicorn? Speaking of wings, why are Bulk Biceps's wings smaller than the rest of his otherwise large body? (Like they're the same size as a foal's wings) Why are Celestia, Luna and Cadence much taller and thinner than most other ponies? Why are Big Mac, Shining Armour and the Cake parents taller and chubbier than most other ponies? Why do adult pegasi fold their wings to their bodies but I've never seen a pegasus foal do that?
  6. I honestly hope there's never a male Alicorn in the show because there is already enough Alicorns in the show and the idea of a male Alicorn just doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
  7. Can someone help me make this into a male/ stallion
  8. In "Too Many Pinkie Pies," Pinkie feels there are not enough Pinkie Pies to go around, and so she clones herself. In order to do so, she visits a mystical pond known as the Mirror Pool, and recites a poem that ends in something along the lines of "I won't be scared at the idea of being doubly mared." A mare is a female horse, a male is a stallion. Pinkie Pie is a mare, but what if a stallion wanted to clone himself. Would he have to say "doubly stallioned."? This may not work very well, because "stallioned" doesn't scan in terms of poetry, and it doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination, rhyme with "scared". Is it possible the Mirror Pool only works on mares, and if so, why? What do you guys think?
  9. Did you ever had some loving thoughts for a male character in the show like Big mac or Braeburn?
  10. Do you think there should be a male character centered episode?, one which only centered around and featured a male cast. For example characters like: Spike, Big Mac, Discord, Shining Armor, Doctor Whooves, Bulk Biceps ect. It would be a good change from the usual female heavy cast and give the series alittle variety. What's your opinion and views on this?
  11. this is my OC, he needs a name but i have not been able to come up with anything. Any suggestions appreciated thanks
  12. It sounds like somehting from the South, but im not sure, certainly not the Los Angeles tone. Just wondering
  13. Name: Habanero Nicknames: None Gender: Stallion Age: Adult Species: Earth Pony Height: Average Weight: Average Hometown: Mexicolt Current Residence: Mexicolt Occupation: Pepper grower Mane Color/Style/Length: black, messy, short Coat Description: brown Eye Shape/Color: circular, brown Accessories: mustache Allegiance: None Cutie Mark: Three habaneros Special Talent: Growing peppers Family: Jalapeno, Cayenne Personality: charismatic, ambitious, cunning Flaws: arrogant, rude, obsessive, narcissistic, [Character History] (In this, try to include these things: Habanero grew up in Mexicolt to a family of pepper growers. Like the rest of his family, he often grows peppers. He got his cutie mark after making his first sale in the family business. His dream is to grow the hottest pepper. [Current Home] He currently lives in Mexicolt working for the family business. [Powers List] Earth Pony magic (strength, ability to grow food.) Increase the heat of peppers
  14. Name: Brush Stroke Nicknames: None Gender: Stallion Age: 19 Sexuality: Straight Martial Status: Single Pony Type: Earth Pony Height: Average Weight: Average Mane Color/Style/Length: Brown, short, somewhat wavy Coat Description: Light blue Eye Shape/Color: circular, turquoise Accessories: None Alliance: None Cutie Mark: Paint brush and palette Special Talent: Art Personality: Good: Creative, Friendly, respectful. Bad: Atychiphobia, melodramatic, sensitive. Type: ENFP Bio: Brush Stroke grew up in Canterlot in a typical family. As a colt, he loved to paint, but his parents wanted him to do something more practical. He tried practical stuff, but he wasn't able to push away his creativity. He often painting pictures of his friends when his parents weren't looking. After winning his first art show, he earned his cutie mark and could no longer hide his secret from his parents. When he became an adult, he proved to his parents that he could be successful in art by opening up a shop where he sold his art. He even took requests from other ponies. He has placed in every art show that he has entered after getting his cutie mark except the Royal Art Show. Family: His mother and sister are unicorns, his father is an earth pony, and his brother is a pegasus. His brother was the only other creative one, but he moved to Las Pegasus. Extra Information: Brush Stroke is based off of me. If you are fine with self inserted fanfictions: Bio template: Note; All my OCs are hand drawn meaning there is no base.
  15. He's another OC I made. He's Gleaming Gem's cousin. Gleaming Gem is another OC I recently created. He is supposed to be wearing a monocle, but I am not great at drawing accessories on ponies. He'd look fancier with a monocle if I could draw one on him.
  16. I thought it would a be fun thing experimenting on faces and expressions and stuff, so I made a batch of smile shots for two of my OCs, and two canon characters. I chose them because, aside that I included my OCs, those two stallions are one of my most favorites, even though they're just background characters. Yeah, it was loads of fun doing these, as well as spending lots of effort on trying to maintain the quality I wanted for these icons. I wanted to make more, but these took me like a week to finish just four, and I had to move onto newer projects eventually. However if you're interested, in my Deviantart account ( I will be opening pony commissions, and these icons will be available to choose for commissions, either you want me to draw your OC or somepony from the canon series. So anyways, I hope you enjoyed what I made so far, and probably I'll be making more soon. You can only probably recognize Thunderlane from the entire four, but still, I hope you like the rest. Lightning Rider (OC) Thunderlane Mercury (a.k.a. Starry Eyes according to the official MLP cards) SwiftDust (OC)
  17. I just want to know why people do it. Is it because the head doesn't look right or what? I just want to know. It does look better than the stallion heads. But I want your opinion.
  18. but I want to touch the fancy beaker Professor never lets me do anything fun
  19. I got this character, but I don't know what I'm going to do with him, Chaos Flame doesn't have a backstory or anything like that yet, but I think I just want him to be an art character, nothing really more...
  20. This topic is going be gallery of the bases i made. That am giving out for people to use. My way doing something nice for the community. Any one my use them for there OC. Be sure seek back one in a while Cause will be adding bases here as make them. Sexy Stallion Base Handsome Stallion Base Fablous Mare Base Sea Pony Base More coming soon...
  21. Hey Everypony! Here is the same guy who created the "Brazilian Mare"! I promised that I would create an EUA flag stallion, but... Was not a pinkie promise. I created an Canadian modern stallion (because I could make an interesting maple mane). Check it out: --Yup. Yeah, he is pretty cool. My used base were Big McIntosh (No sh*t, Sherlock), so here is a pic of him with his XXI-Century Canadian clone: And finally, to close that with a gold key, the Leafy Couple! (Yeah, they're very cute, man) Another thing: Please, suggest names! I want your help to put names to those two ponies! Constructive criticism is helpful too, it will motivate me to continue doing that. Pre-Thanks!!!! I have one idea about the name of The American Stallion: Big MapleTosh
  22. What am I saying? I draw stallions a lot anyways. I love stallions because I find them cute. But I guess I can say this because I usually draw my own stallion OCs a lot, and drawing other stallions OCs and background ponies give me new things to practice on. I find it fun to be able to experiment different styles of them. Primarily it's about their looks. Anyways, down below are all of my recent drawings of stallions I've been doing, mostly thanks to DA point commissions. I've been kinda inactive here because I was lazy updating, so thanks to that, there will be lots of art I have to show for you guys. Hope you all like it all~ And I'm pretty sure it would be hard to pick a favorite. I really love all of these myself. X3 AppleFlip (NickyVMLP's OC) Lightning Rider (My own OC) CloudZapper as a little colt (CloudZapper8's OC) Spark Feather (South-Fur's OC) Lucky Clover (Background Pony) Noxy *left* (Equinox-art's OC) & Windy Dripper *right* (Echorilec's OC)
  23. Hi guys, so I'm planning a new fanfiction where there will be a couple of new OCs and I'm struggling to think of a good name for this stallion. He and his sister live in this beautiful little kingdom and he works alongside her in a library. When he was a colt, he and Rainbow Dash were very close friends though they don't have a lot in common. He's very polite, kind, and loves anything to do with novels, particularly Daring Do (which is something he and Dash DO have in common). He has an ambition to become a writer and often drafts his ideas when he has some spare time in the library or at home. I've been using the pony name generator on deviantART to decide a name for him, but I'm still stuck because I like some of the words but a lot of them don't sound right together. Because he has a red coloured mane and a peachy body, I wanted to give him a name that has something to do with red, possibly. But my favourite name up to now is Topaz; I'm thinking of just having that on its own but I feel like he needs another word. XD But Topaz is short and simple and I like it. It's apparently a girl's name but... mehh. I can make it a guy's name when it's the My Little Pony universe. XD I also like the words Golden, Storm, Bronze, and Viridian (though Viridian wouldn't work because that means green), ans I also might like to use Rhyme, Story, or Poetic because he loves writing. Have you guys got any ideas? What should I choose?
  24. It's been a really long while since the last time I did some traditional drawings, so here you go guys! Have a smiling Thunderlane sketch portrait~ Thunderlane © My Little Pony:FiM HASBRO Artwork © BuizelCream
  25. Been wanting to draw Soarin for quite sometime, and I really wanted to bring this out. Soarin during the time when his wing got clipped during the practice for the tryouts in Rainbow Falls. -Based on the "Rainbow Falls" episode Artwork © BuizelCream Soarin © My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (HASBRO)