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Found 23 results

  1. Note: Some content from Season 8 was leaked near the end of last year. While much of it is officially revealed, much isn't. So, please keep leaked content under the tag and don't post or link leaked assets. Zap2It first announced the episode's title and date, and Hasbro released their August lineup on July 20. Episode synopsis C&P'd from the linked PDF. Title: Friendship University Airtime: Boomerang/Australia: August 5, 8:30am AU Time. Disc. Fam./U.S.: August 11, 11:30am EST Writers: Chris "Doc" Wyatt & Kevin Burke Synopsis: When Twilight Sparkle discovers there's another School of Friendship, she and Rarity go to investigate and are shocked to discover that Twilight's idol and Pillar of Old Equestria, Starswirl the Bearded, is enrolled at the school. Episode Link:
  2. Think about it. Campfire Tales showed us that Mistmane was an incredibly powerful and skilled sorceress in her own right. She used a flower to revitalize an entire land and sacrificed seemingly a lot of her own life. And then she ended up in a team alongside Starswirl. Probably the most gifted unicorn in many MANY generations, and she wound up being overshadowed. I dunno, I just always felt a bit bad for her. Like, she never got the recognition she probably deserved. Kinda like Stygian in a way, though his fate was far worse until Shadow Play. I do wonder who'd win in a fight though, Mist or Star.
  3. I was just thinking could it be possible that Trixie could be a descendent of Starswirl? I know there's no evidence of this but it could be possible, right? I don't know why I started thinking about this it just kinda popped into my head and I thought it would be interested. What do you guys think? Could it be possible or am I just crazy? IMO this would be interesting to see in the show. I would like to see what Twilight thinks about it. I also think it would make for a good lesson that I think is kind of important. "Just because someone is related to an important pony it dosen't mean you should treat them differently then your other friends." I don't know maybe I'm over thinking this.
  4. After watching Shadow Play and A Health of Information, I just realized something. Cattail is said to be a descendant of Meadowbrook, and there's this gardener from the finale who says that the garden that includes Mistmane's flower has been in her family for generations: So here's a wild theory...does that mean that these two Pillars got married and had children? Granted, Cattail could be a several-times-removed descendant of Meadowbrook, and this gardener never actually says that she's part of Mistmane's family, but that obviously doesn't rule out the possibilities. What are your thoughts? EDIT: Apparently, "removed" isn't quite the word I'm looking for...maybe a distant nephew.
  5. So, this idea needs a lot of work and any plot holes or anything like that are because this is only starting to form. So, I was thinking, I really want the show to end with a big, game-changing finale in a similar vein to shows like Gravity Falls and Avatar: The Last Airbender, so me and my 8-year old sister have been discussing what the last ever MLP episode would be if it were up to us. It would be a three-parter, because there really is a lot to our idea. It would take too long to explain the plot, so I'm gonna go over each featured character and explain their arc. However, I will say the basic plot is that it is revealed that Celestia and Luna actually have a brother (let's call him TBA because we don't have a name tbh), who was meant to return from his banishment at the same time as Nightmare Moon (there's a twist - it's revealed that Luna turned evil because of TBA's power to do so and NOT because of jealousy). It has been four years at the time of this finale since Luna returned, so everyone is on red alert. Well, of course he does so (he's an allicorn and harbors extremely powerful magic and manipulation powers) and it's up to all these characters to stop him. Twilight Sparkle: - Helps to defeat TBA. Her and the rest of the Mane Six attempt to use the Elements of Harmony but they are useless against him At the end of Part 3, she becomes the new Princess of the Moon, taking Luna's place (read on and it'll make sense). Applejack: - It is revealed that there is an afterlife in the MLP universe and in that scene, she gets to finally see Pear Butter and Bright McIntosh again. Rainbow Dash: - Has been giving Scootaloo flying lessons for several months and with the help of Tirek (more of that later), she performs a sonic rainboom with her at one point. Fluttershy: - When TBA announces his plans to enslave other dimensions as well as Equestria (there may be an Equestria Girls link!!), Fluttershy immediately heads to Discord's and a romance between the pair is developed across the parts. Discord helps defeat TBA. Pinkie Pie: Don't know really. Rarity: She is forced to reject Spike when he finally confesses to her, but they remain friends. The CMC: We finally see them fight alongside The Mane Six They are the ones who fetch the Elements and there is a possible Timberwolf fight scene in the Everfree Forest when they do so. Princess Celestia: Is killed by TBA. Now, this sounds CRAZY, but hear me out: we see both Luna (who is also killed) and Celestia in the afterlife sequence, so they aren't completely gone. Princess Cadance: Becomes the new Princess of the Sun. Flurry Heart: All I'm gonna say is she is the key to defeating TBA. Tirek: Queen Chrysalis helps him break out of prison and they go to exact revenge on both Starlight Glimmer and the Mane Six; however, after Chrysalis is enslaved by TBA, he decides to join forces with the Mane Six. His power is what enables Cadance and Twilight to take Luna and Celestia's places, and enable Scootaloo to finally be equal to Rainbow Dash in flying!! Starlight Glimmer: Becomes the new Princess of Friendship!!! OTHER NOTES: Starswirl the Bearded is also the KEY to defeating TBA. I don't know how yet but there has to be something about him in there. G1 and G2 characters like the Seaponies Wavedancer and Seawinkle will make appearances.
  6. Since both age and transformation spells exist, could Starswirl be in retirement somewhere, perhaps in some other form? Personally, I doubt it, but is it possible?
  7. Is there anything in canon/B-canon (comics, Journal of the Two Sisters, etc.) that contradicts the idea? It seems odd that neither Celestia or Luna have ever been married, that we can see, and if any stallion were worthy of marrying an alicorn, it would be the greatest wizard in Equestrian history. Maybe he was the reason Celestia started the School for Gifted Unicorns in the first place.
  8. (So sorry if this question has been brought up before, not the type of person that goes through 1 billion pages to find similar threads. Actually should of used the search bar coming to think of it actually) Do you think Starswirl will make some form of physical appearance in the show anytime soon or distant in something like season 21 or season 100? (If the show is still going that is) With the amount of time spells Starswirl made, (I think so... haven't really paid attention to the episode where twilight tries to complete the uncompleted spell) there is a possibility that Starswirl could travel forward in time to Equestria, possibly to have battle with some evil threat. What makes me think this will be VERY distant is the fact that starswirl is depicted as a legend in FIM and it would sorta be very shocking to see him just suddenly pop out of thin air to aid the mane 6 in someway or another.
  9. -Redirected from my Elements of Chaos thread- WARNING: this is very much not entirely mine; this fanfic is largely based on the video game Shadow of Mordor, but (obviously), completely pony-fied! No copyright infringement intended. Enjoy! Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria: A famed unicorn mage, legendary in his own lifetime, is approached by the ruler of a distant land to the north, a land of crystal and ice. This king, this unicorn king, brings a gift for our mage: a hat. A hat of the finest materials, fitting only for a king. In exchange for 'so fine a gift', the celebrated spellcaster grants Sombra an audience. The two sit and talk for many long hours, until they can reach an agreement: the mage will craft for Sombra a heart, a Crystal Heart, which will be used to defend his empire and keep it safe from the ravages of the north. The two meet in secret, in the crystal caverns beneath where Canterlot would eventually be built, and there, the Crystal Heart is carved. The two part as friends, Sombra headed home with his new treasure, and Starswirl the Bearded off on another adventure. When he returns from his latest exploits, Starswirl has possesses something new, something completely unheard of in all the lands: the Black Book. The book is evil, he knows this, and so to keep it from falling into the wrong hooves, he hides it away where nopony will ever find it, until he can safely find a way to destroy the thing. When he gets back to his castle, Starswirl discovers the Two Sisters waiting there for him, with horrific news: Sombra, once thought to be an ally, has revealed himself to be evil, and has found a heretofore unknown source of arcane power, which is allowing him to bend not only his own Crystal Empire, but also the greater part of Equestria to his twisted will. Mortified, Starswirl confesses to his two closest friends that he had helped Sombra to create the Crystal Heart, in an effort to help cleanse the land and make it safe for everypony. Just then, Sombra bursts into the castle, and in an unimaginable display of power, throws the Sisters to opposite ends of the Great Hall, rendering them unconcious, and grabs Starswirl, kidnapping him back to the Crystal empire. There, Sombra uses the power of the Crystal Heart to read Starswirl's mind, and forces him to teach the power-mad tyrant everything he knows. Among other things, Sombra learns of the Black Book, and forces the poor mage to reveal its location. Starswirl does this, but in a very roundabout way, causing Sombra to be gone for more than a week, searching for it 'National Treasure' style. While the king is absent, Starswirl breaks free of his prison and begins teaching the Crystal Ponies how to properly use the Crystal Heart. Sadly, just as they are going to truly purge the land, Sombra returns, full of dark magic, his eyes burning with flames, possessed by the power he learned from the Black Book. Outraged at what he sees, Sombra kills Starswirl right there on the spot, and then, using his newfound power, he hides the Crystal Heart where nopony would ever find it. -cut to the video 'The Fall of the Crystal Empire'- End part 1
  10. this is what I hope happens in season 6. there is no inside knowledge on what will happen as I have no connections in Hasbro or anything. its just my idea. FIRST TWO EPISODES. starlight and twily go to the place where starlight found starswirls time spell and a bunch of other spells. upon arriving they see a huge portal ripping apart time and space. twilight and starlight close the portal but not before starswirl leaps out and teleports away. the mane six and starlight glimmer try to reason with starswirl, but he is completely insane and cant be reasoned with, he then starts laying waste to ponyville. the mane 6 decide to use the rainbow power to defeat him, but for the first time ever it fails! starswirl uses a shield of powerful dark magic to block the blast then starts slowly disintegrating the mane 5 and starlight. in anger twilight suddenly powers up and channels a huge surge of magic through her, knocking out starswirl and saving the mane 6. before twilight disintegrates starswirl, princess celestia steps in and stops her from killing him. celestia then takes starswirl to canterlot to mend his fractured mind. twilight then goes back to the cave and finds a hidden library full of old forbidden magic. she seals it and leaves. SHOWS UP TO MID SEASON we see that twilight has become more powerful after her fight with starswirl and we see some more slice of life episodes, friendship problems being solved and the like.twilight teaches starlight the magic of friendship, and they both work together on figuring out what happened with the rainbow power. twilight consults with starswirl who has been healed somewhat by celestia though he still cant remember where he was before he appeared in ponyville ,on what he thinks about the rainbow power. starswirl says he knows not what to do about the rainbow power, but that perhaps twilight should study other magic. starswirl tells twilight that she defeated him when she was enraged and perhaps she should study this more. twilight, who has been thinking the same thing, returns to starswirls cave and enters the secret library. SECOND HALF OF SEASON SHOWS more slice of life episodes and starlight glimmer and starswirl the bearded become friends. the mane 5 start to notice that twily isn't herself lately, though its mostly little things, like being overly organized and studying more than usual. one day twilight is late for her training with starlight.starlight over reacts and tracks her down finding twilight in the library doing a dark magical ritual. starlight teleports them both out and tells her to stay away from such books. twilight agrees but continues to go anyways. SHOW RIGHT BEFORE THE FINALE twilight tells princess celestia that the only way to fix the tree of harmony and the rainbow power is to make all disharmony, and evil creatures disappear with a spell she learned. celestia tells twilight that she will not allow it, that it is evil to take away peoples free will and that it is not true friendship. twilight sets out to use the spell but celestia, cadence, luna and discord stand against her. celestia tells twilight there is no way she can win and that she is outnumbered, but twilight just laughs and shows them her true power. while in the library twilight had been harnessing untold amounts of dark magic and infusing it into herself. with this new power, twilight defeats the princesses and discord in a battle that shakes the very roots of equestrian, she then binds them in tartarus and wipes the memory of the battle from everyones minds except for starlight, starswirl and the mane 5 who were protected by starlight. SHOW FINALE equestria is now ruled by twilight, and all unhappy, angry or sad thoughts are gone, the only person whos free will twilight didn't try to take was spike, who rules as prince of equestria. one day while spike is riding around equestria overseeing his kindom, he is kidnapped by starlight glimmer and the mane 5. spike is scared, believing, like everyone else, that starlight glimmer and the mane 5 are traitors to equestria. but after hearing there story of how twilight forcefully conquered equestria and that everyones memories and free will was taken, spike isn't sure what to believe. starlight gives spike memories of how twilight was before she ruled and then spike is released. spike watches twilight and comes to the conclusion that starlight and the mane 5 are right because friendship no longer matters to twilight. spike sneaks starlight and the mane 5 into queen twilights castle then the battle begins. twilight easily defeats there feeble attemptys to harm her and imprisons the six of them in tartarus. spike pleads with twilight to free them but twilight whirls on him in a rage. twilight screams at spike, saying she trusted him, then she takes his free will. realizing what she did twilight weeps and cries, finally seeing the error of her ways. twilight unbinds the evil magic from her which turns out to be alive. though it cannot speak it attacks her, but without a host twilight defeats it. realizing the solution to the rainbow problem, with the last of her power twilight travels back in time and seperates twilight from the dark magic before she can defeat the princesses and discord. queen twilight instructs twilight never to use dark magic again and then leaves. twilight later realizes that the source of the problems cannot be fixed as the problem comes from the alternate universes created in her battle with starlight. the map stretches acrossed time and space, even other universes, and since more universe were full of disharmony than harmony the trees power had faded. twilight calls everyone that there is no way to stop it now, they must simply wait to see what happens next! plz post thoughts. thank you
  11. so In the journal of the two sisters it is stated that starswirl can travel through time, sometimes appearing younger when he returns.. is it possible that starswirl never died - he just traveled through time and never came back? Or perhaps when he returns from his last time travel it will be 1000 years later by accident? If so this would provide a great opportunity to return sometime in the series.. your thoughts?
  12. A bunch of questions on twilight becoming princess episode. What was the original purpose of starswirl's spell? What new magic did twilight create? What comes first, being alicorn or princess? What was going on when twilight was with celestia in the space void? The end of this episode made very little sense to me!
  13. So we know that luna was banished to the moon 1000 years ago, and we know events which transpired before this - like sombra being banished and tirek being cast into tartarus, but what ACTUALLY happened after luna was banished? There is no mention that I can see of when the new palace was built, or when ponyville came to be.. there just seems to be a big general 1000 year gap. Any thoughts? If nothing else this can help to bring some needed references to find such info, if it exists.
  14. This post may spoil the possible season 5 finale for you, so read at your own risk. Y'all know about the fake season six episode list that was posted on 4chan, right? Well, yesterday I thought just for fun, I wanted to make some fake summaries of each of those fake episodes. Oh, and did I mention this is all fake? Because it is. Not real. Not canon. This was all made by my cleverness mind. I might've just made these pathetic attempts to trick us a little less pathetic. There was a fake season six episode list that was posted on 4chan, and since it wouldn't hurt, I decided to make a few fake summaries for the fake episodes. Also, did I mention this is all fake? Because it is. Not real. Not canon. This was all made by my cleverness mind. S6E1: The Cutie Castle - Part 1: Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's new foal Princess Skyla has been born, which has brought happiness between the duo, and Twilight and her friends. But after finding out that a newborn alicorn's magic may be too unstable, the Mane 6 travel out to locate the castle where Starswirl the Bearded has trained Princesses Celestia and Luna to find the key to controlling her magic. S6E2: The Cutie Castle - Part 2: With Skyla's magic becoming too unstable, the Mane 6 are having a hard time locating the answer at Star Swirl's castle on how Skyla could control her magic. S6E3: Starlight Express: Starlight Glimmer wants to make amends to all the ponies she has wronged during her life as a dictator. So with the help of Twilight and her friends, she makes a list of ponies she wants to redeem herself to and they travel around Equestria to locate these ponies so Starlight can make it up to them. (This is kind of like a My Name is Earl type episode. If you seen that show, you'll know what I'm talking about.) S6E4: Cutie Marks the Spot!: Students in the Ponyville School keep going to the Cutie Mark Crusaders for advice on what their cutie marks might mean, or to help them get their cutie marks. After days of trying to help them out, the CMCs realize that helping other ponies find their destinies is even harder than their past occupation in finding their own special talents. S6E5: Rainbow Rescued: When Fluttershy saves Rainbow Dash's life, Rainbow thinks that she may lose her ego and think she might be losing her edge - so she makes up a tale in saying that she was the one that rescued Fluttershy. S6E6: Most Excellent Princess: When Princess Celestia gets overworked in her royal duties, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Discord try to convince her to take a vacation. But with her being gone, she gets too paranoid that they may not know how to take care of the kingdom themselves. S6E7: Runway Success: Rarity's employee Sassy Saddles gets a job as a model which means she has to leave Rarity's business. When she finds out that Rarity is becoming overworked running two boutiques by herself, she must choose between her dreams or her friend. S6E8: Apple Family Recipe: Granny Smith gets kidnapped by Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings once they find out that Apple family recipes are made of love. AppleJack and her friends must journey out to the outskirts of Equestria to rescue her. S6E9: Fall for the Cutie: When the Cutie Mark Crusaders to go to Manehattan to visit their old friend Babs, they find out that her cutie mark is not what they expected it to be. S6E10: Flutterspy: Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are assigned by a secret agent to go under cover and investigate a disturbance in Canterlot. S6E11: Out of this World: Twilight wants to learn about Starswirl the Bearded]s many secrets, so she and Rarity travel back to Starswirl's old castle for research. But to learn about his secrets, Twilight might need to travel to beyond the universe and ask him herself, which may be too much for her to handle. S6E12: Royal Guard: Fluttershy gets a visit from her little brother Pop Fly whose a royal guard cadet at Canterlot Academy. When Fluttershy's friends meet him, they see that he and Fluttershy are two very different ponies. S6E13: Wonderbolts Premiere: Rainbow Dash officially gets accepted to become a part of the Wonderbolts, but during the first few shows, she keeps messing up. While her new squad believes that the flight shows might be too much for her, Rainbow actually believes that it could be sabotage. (It's an episode where Wind Rider and Lightning Dust team up against Rainbow as revenge for getting demoted.) S6E14: Everfree Caverns: A legendary ruby that symbolizes the noble dragon has been found within the caves of Everfree Forest, so Spike journeys out to locate the ruby; but before he could get the ruby, he must pass a set of challenges within the caves, as well as race other Dragons to get to it - including a a gang of dragons from Spike's past. S6E15: Lesson Hero: Discord gets jealous when the Mane 6 keep getting praised for being heroes of Equestria, so Discord decides to keep watch over Equestria for any trouble so he too could get praised. S6E16: Fear and Clothing in Las Pegasus: The Apple family wins a free trip to Las Pegasus, but when Big Mac gets a little out of control with the gambling, they find out that their ownership of Sweet Apple Acres is at risk. S6E17: Holder's Boulder: Pinkie Pie and Applejack are asked to watch over the [[Pie family]] farm while her family goes to a Rock Convention, but things get a little out of control when Holder's Boulder goes missing. S6E18: Scoot Over: When Scootaloo gets desperate to fly, Rainbow Dash signs her up for the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp in hoping she would be able to successfully learn how to. S6E19: Starswirl Society: Twilight discovers that there is a community organization of unicorns that want to learn about Starswirl the Bearded's magic, so she and Starlight Glimmer try to find out how to earn them a seat in the club and use their help to unlock Starswirl's secrets. Meanwhile, Twilight runs into some old friends in the club that too wants to learn about it. (The two friends are Moondancer and Trixie.) S6E20: Uncle Spike: (I got two different descriptions for this episode) Number 1: When Spike finds out Princess Skyla is afraid of him, he tries to desperately attempt to earn her love. Number 2: When Spike gets lonely when the Mane 6 leave town to assist Starlight Glimmer with her list, he decides to make friends with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. But Spike finds out that hanging out with ponies more his age is much more different than hanging with ponies older than him, so Spike decides to take charge. S6E21: Darling Little Angel: When Fluttershy snaps after Angel's stubbornness pushes her to the limit, Fluttershy gets advice and thinks the best way for Angel to behave is to show discipline. That is when Angel decides to change his ways and become a good bunny. S6E22: Jokes on You: When Pinkie Pie plays a prank on Sweetie Belle that goes terribly wrong, Sweetie Belle disbands her friendship with her. So, Pinkie starts to desperately earn her respect back by doing whatever she asks. (It's kinda like that Hey Arnold episode with the bunny PJs.) S6E23: Cakewalk: When Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake finally reach the age to attend school, Mr. and Mrs. Cake receive a letter saying that Pumpkin is accepted for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and Pumpkin is accepted to the Cloudsdale Flight School, but the Cakes fears that their foals may not be ready yet to attend the schools. The Mane 6 try to knock some sense into them. S6E24: Big Trouble in Little Equestria: As Spike gets troubled when he thinks his life just being Twilight Sparkle's assistant is wasting his life, an army of dragons led by the legendary Alphadragon attacks Equestria. (Musical episode) S6E25: Element of Courage - Part 1: After Twilight's experiment with Starswirl the Bearded's secrets, the magical balance of Equestria starts to go horribly wrong, so the Mane 6 as well as the Starswirl Community Club must find a way to stop the leak. S6E26: Element of Courage - Part 2: Starswirl the Bearded's magical spirit as been unleashed upon Equestria, causing havoc. When Twilight loses hope in trying to stop it, Starlight Glimmer volunteers to help out. Well, that's my list! I must say though, I even impress myself when I make these! They get better and better every time! Now I'm not saying any of these will happen; in fact, I'm probably wrong on most of them. But these summaries you have to admit are pretty realistic theories on what might happen on the show... well some of them. When I make these lists, I want to make sure all the important characters have a chance to shine, just like in season four. Plus since Starlight Glimmer is most likely reforming after the finale, she might be considered a Mane 7 and become the main hero this season, and I have this strange theory that Star Swirl might play a role too as the story arc. Also you can see with these Spike episodes I made that this season might be a big season for Spike as season five was for the CMCs. I kinda liked the second theory on Uncle Spike better than the first one to be honest. :3 Anyways, let me know how you think of this! Also I'd love to hear your theories!
  15. John Noble (Walter from Fringe or Scarecrow from Batman Arkham Knight) was at a convention signing autographs. I presented him with a fan vector rendering of Starswirl the Bearded. I asked if he was interested in doing some voice acting for MLP and I showed him the picture. I was trying to be passive and said "it's up to you sir, it's cool if you're not interested". His handlers got him up to speed about the show in one sentence. In the end he said he would consider it so it's more 50/50 rather than a "I'd rather not" so I'm happy with that. I have no proof other than the signature I got from Mr. Noble.
  16. Hey guys, I've noticed that each season before season 5 has followed a set formula for character episodes/ Season 2 and 4 all basically have: 1) 4 two part episodes 2) 2 episodes for each of the mane six 3) Two CMC episodes 4) Two Spike episodes 5) Two mane six full cast episodes It appears they are trying to break this mold now in season 5, but there are still many SECONDARY characters that deserve their own episodes. I repeat, this is not for your own dime a dozen "Background characters and LUNA need more episodes", but actual characters that deserve more time. Here are some ideas of mine... 1) Big Mac DESPERATELY needs an episode, as so far we have seen little from him as a character. 2) Shining Armor/Cadence needs more time focusing on their relationship, or they could go another route and show Shining Armor's history with Twilight, and their deeper relationship. 3) Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon need focus on their relationship, and I for one would live for Silver Spoon to at least be redeemed. 4) Princess Celestia also NEEDS an episode. All we have seen so far is the blank, perfect princess and the occasionally bit of fun. We need deeper insight to her character. Give her an episode on her day off, or her struggling to cope with her duties. Just SOMETHING. 5) I would love to see an episode clearing up what exactly happened 1000 years ago. I would love to see something of the REAL Starswirl, in addition to clearing up Sombra some more. He seriously needs fleshing out. 6) Whilst this is already being touched upon slowly, I want to see more PARENTS. We have only had small glimpses at the parents of Rarity, Twilight and Pinkie, but I want to see an actual parental relationship episode, preferably with Rainbow Dash, Twilight or Fluttershy, or just clearing up what happened to Applejack's parents. Do you guys have any ideas? Which characters would you like to see? We could get an awesome thread going here, and I would love to hear your ideas on both what you want to see, and what you don't...
  17. Where did the mirror come from? Does only lead to the human world? Does Starswirl have something to do with the mirror? These are the many questions to do with the mirror that have been unaswered when it was brought up in EQG... and dont you find it a happenstance in 'Magical Mystery Cure' Celstia gives Twilight a spell (unfinished) to do with Starswirl and then in EQG isnt it a coincidence that Twilight goes through the mirror. I think Starswirl is in connection with the mirror, recall the flashback that when he banished the Dazzlings to the 'other world'. Which begs the question does Starswirl the Bearded have something to do with the mirror. But that just a theory a MLP theory a thanks for reading!
  18. It's finally here: My Discord video! A look at Discord and his origins, which are likely tied closely to the Tree of Harmony.
  19. A finished drawing from my live stream! ^^ this is a fan art of a famous(?) head canon, that starswirl the bearded is actually discord and that he turned into him and stuff I recorded this drawing so for the one who missed my live stream and wants to watch me draw this, i will be making a speed paint video of this in a few days. i hope you guys like this art piece ^^ links. (click through) Deviant art tumblr
  20. Hey, guess what happens when one reads about plot structure of great movies all day long and then watches some pon3 before going to sleep ;-) Last night I had an interesting dream about ponies :-) I had several dreams about ponies in the past, but this time the dream was very story-driven, like a sci-fi/adventure movie. It seemed like a crossover of MLP with "Star Wars" with a little flavor of "Back To The Future" ;-D I very enjoyed it, so I decided to share it with y'all. Knowing the creative capability of this fandom, I thought it may inspire some new fanfics ;-) Actually, I started writing one myself, basing on the story from this dream (but extending it somewhat more), since who would know the dream scenery and its story better than the dreamer himself? ;-J If you're curious of how it turned out, I can post here my draft of the story I wrote around this dream. It's not finished yet, but it already evolved into something more elaborated and engaging than the original dream ;-) But let me start from the original dream, so that you could see how it evolved later. Here it is, as I originally dreamed it: I was dreaming that I am the Cutie Mark Crusaders (yes, all three of them at the same time: I could switch my points of view at will between all three). And with us there was Starswirl the Bearded. The thing was that we are on an alien planet and we need to infiltrate some underground installation of the Empire and find a switch which turns off the shields surrounding the planet, so that the forces of Rebellion could attack it. Supposedly Starswirl brought us there from Ponyville through a time travel. {This part of my dream was somewhat messed up, but nevertheless it inspired some parts of the story, so I leave it as it was. Bear with me.} I don't remember how exactly have we got there and what happened before {I filled this gap later when writing my story}, but we were in a forest, in an autumn scenery: lots of fallen leaves all around the place. I remember a scene where Starswirl the Bearded magically levitated a bunch of leaves into the air, and we flew upon them as on a flying carpet; somewhat similar to how Fluttershy flew upon butterflies when she fallen to the ground as a filly. I hadn't noticed when the scenery changed into winter, day into night, and the forest into a city. We were riding in a cart made of leaves along a road, between some cars (as if we were riding upstream), and we noticed that we're heading straight into a huge snowplough or something. Screaming aloud, we drove under it, between its wheels, and into its internal mechanisms. It was very scary when all these gears and shafts were rotating just above our heads, but thanks to Starswirl's protective spells we survived and managed to get into its back container, where it was more calm. We noticed that there is some exit leading up, and some bailer moves up and down, taking all these leaves and snow up. We jumped on it and get onto the upper level. We found ourselves in front of some glass doors with code locks. This doors lead into the installation, and we wanted to get in. We couldn't open the door, so Starswirl tried to unlock it with magic. Unfortunately someone noticed us and turned on the alarm. Then, Starswirl cast a Time Reversal spell. {And here, the oscar goes to my dreaming mind for visual effects :-) because the Time Reversal spell looked very mind-blowing! :-D Suddenly we could see four-dimensionally, and we could see our "spacetime pony tails": that is, our past and future bodies connected into a line, a single 4D object. As if one put all these animation frames on different layers in a graphics editing software, each layer with less and less opacity. All the world around us, including ourselves, started to go backwards: we were walking backwards, talking backwards, and we couldn't control our moves for a while, until the spell had decayed. But we retained all our memories, so we could use the knowledge we gained in our next attempt.} Starswirl was casting this spell everytime we got busted, so that we could start again, learning from our past (or future?) mistakes. This way we were getting deeper and deeper into the installation. We were sneaking around the installation and visiting different places. We've been in some storage room, some filthy restroom for storm-troopers (:-D), a room full of electronic hardware, and finally we get into a room where we found Granny Smith locked in a prison. She didn't seem to know what's going on around her, and we tried to help her get out of there. I don't remember exactly this part of the dream, but we had some headsets through which we were communicating with each other, and in order to free Granny Smith, we needed to use batteries from these headsets for something. I don't know why, but after taking out the batteries from the headsets I (as Sweetie Belle) become deaf for a moment. I couldn't even hear what my friends are speaking. This was very annoying, because it was limiting my senses, and I cannot hear if the guards are coming. {This could be an interesting plot device, so I'm trying to incorporate it into my story somehow.} There was some short episode where we came to a gate which was open only when some miniature train was passing through it, so we had to cause the train passing to make it open for us to pass through it too. We helped Granny Smith to pass through the gate so she was free, but our job here wasn't done yet. {Another interesting idea, but I don't know how to make use of it yet.} We were planning another attempt to get into the installation when we heard some noise coming from above. When we looked up, we saw several X-Wings taking off into the sky. Looks like the attack has already begun. {But why it was the Empire which had the X-Wings, and not the Rebellion? This confusion was an important part of this dream, because it inspired some interesting plot twist into my story ;-> } We were wondering if we should escape from the planet or try again to get into the installation and turn off the shield. After all, our allies might think that we already turned it off, and that's why they started the attack. When they fly through the shield, they will be all doomed. So we decided to get into the installation once again and try to find that damn switch to turn off these shields. When hiding somewhere inside the installation, we overheard a talk between two guards about the switch controlling the shields, and they said something about the Central Core, where the switch is supposedly located. This was it! Now we know where the switch is. But we still don't know where is that Central Core they were talking about. So we need to locate that part of the installation first. But then, when trying to pass through some door, we ultimately got caught, and Starswirl wasn't around to help us. The guards put us into a prison room and, after a while, there came Discord! :-P He was a security headmaster of the installation. He told us that he was trying to track us all that time since we get into the installation, and he finally did it, thanks to the sound monitoring (because we were talking with each other about the attack on the installation and about where we are). When we asked him about the Central Core, he told us that it doesn't exist at all. But we didn't believe him, so we oath to ourselves that we will get there next time, when Starswirl will come to rescue us and rewind the time once more. But now all our hope was in Starswirl's hooves, which was still free. We knew that he will come to set us free, because now only we know that the location of the power switch is in the Central Core. Unfortunately, this is where I woke up :-/ So I don't know what happened later, and I need to invent the rest of the story (including the ending) myself. I haven't done it yet, but I managed to use the pieces from this dream to develop it into some better story. If you're curious, next time I can share with you what I have written so far, what are my ideas to fill the gaps, and how the plot can be structured.
  21. So, I was, a few minutes ago, contemplating the meaning of life, the universe and everything, decided on 42, and then I started thinking about random MLP plot holes. The one in particular I remembered for some inexplicable reason, was that in Hearth's Warming Eve, an event that happened long, long before Celestia and Luna's reign, Starswirl the Bearded already had Clover the Clever, an accomplished unicorn, as an apprentice. However, in Magical Mystery Cure, Celestia explicitly stated that Starswirl was her own pupil, which is impossible, because Starswirl is a unicorn, not an alicorn, much less a natural alicorn, and thus doesn't live forever. There are only two possibilities I could think of. The first is that Starswirl was casting age spells on himself to keep himself alive perpetually. The second comes from It's About Time; Starswirl invented time spells. Yes, the scroll Twilight used was a one-time thing, and only lasted for a few moments, but what if Starswirl found a better time spell that allowed him to exist way back before Celestia was ever a princess - and still be her apprentice? Perhaps I'm overthinking this and delving into headcanon territory, simply because I dislike excusing things as plot holes, but here are my two questions: Is there any evidence to dispute this? And is there any other way that Starswirl could have been both alive long before Celestia's reign and be her apprentice at the same time?
  22. So Twilight becomes An Alicorn just for finishing two lines from one of his spells? He did most of that spell. He did like 100 spells other than that spell. And yet nobody from ponyvill who was Twilights costume exept for Luna. He should change his name to starswirl the disrespected.
  23. I've seen a lot of threads about Starswirl the Bearded recently, many of them theorizing that he'll return either as a villian or an ally in season 4. At first, I was very skeptical of these theories; it just sounded improbable to me. However, with more thought, I think it makes perfect sense for Twilight to meet Starswirl. These are my thoughts on how that may come to pass in season 4. With her transformation and new Alicorn state, Twilight and her friends are bound to have endless questions about these things. Who better to answer them than the writer of the spell which transformed her in the first place? We already know that going back in time is possible as shown in It's About Time. I believe that Twilight (and possibly the Mane 6 + maybe Spike) will travel back many, many, many years to before the very founding of Equestria in order to speak to Starswirl. We do not know how much magic energy and skill it would take to travel back that far. It could be an amount beyond the levels of any living unicorn, perhaps any in history. However, Twilight was probably the most powerful unicorn in Equestria (that we know of, and besides The Great and Powerful Trixie of course) at the time of her transformation. That ability she already possessed plus her new Alicorn form would make her incredibly powerful when it comes to magic. If anyone could pull off a time travel spell to go back thousands of years, it would be Twilight (with possibly the help of Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and/or Shining Armor). So anyways, Twilight uses the time travel spell to go way back in time, speaks to Starswirl, and discovers the true nature and meaning of her transformation. This would answer many of the questions left behind from the season finale, as well as give us some insight into pre- or early Equestrian times. I think it would be an amazing way to explain things to both Twilight and the brony audience. Also, I noticed a potentially large flaw with this theory as I'm writing this, so I guess I'll point it out now. If Twilight did go back and speak to Starswirl, it's likely that it would've affected Twilight's present. This is because Starswirl's time travel spell does not seem to create alternate timelines with each use, but rather something of a loop like it did in It's About Time, where by the time the spell is used, the consequences of the time travel have already affected the user. If Twilight were to go back like I've suggested, her actions in the past would have to somehow lead to the present events without changing anything. It's possible to do, but it would take much more depth and thought from the writers. NOTE: Though I think (or rather hope) it's likely he'll return in some form in season 4 (likely in the parts 2 and 3 of Magical Mystery Cure), I think it's unlikely that Starswirl is Discord. Just personal opinion, it doesn't make much sense to me. tl:dr- Alicorn princess lady breaks physics and meets pony Gandalf.