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Found 7 results

  1. Got this idea from a weird dream I had, so I figured I should make a topic about it. If given the chance, would you start your life over right from the beginning? You would be able to relive your greatest memories and do things differently, but at the cost of having to grow up again. Would you do it?
  2. This fandom is renowned for it's amazing fan made animations. Ever since I joined this community way back in 2012, I vowed to make something worth while to share with the internet... And... Well, aside from a couple shoddy PMV's and Gmod animations, my creative touch has eluded me I've always been fascinated with animation, YouTube has taught me that all you need is a copy of Flash and some talent and you'll have something to work with, but every time I've attempted to get into animation, I've either lost motivation due to abysmal results or simply a lack of creativity. I guess what I'm asking for is anyone with even minor experience with animation could perhaps offer some tips or guidance on how to get into animation as a hobby. I'm currently thinking about working with Source Filmmaker as a starting point, but in the future I would love to get into Flash animation... As long as my drawing skills do not let me down Thanks!
  3. Hi guys. First off, it's great to be back. Secondly, how do I start a blog? It's actually a question I was going to ask, but things happened and it had to be put on hold. Anyway, how do I open a blog?
  4. We've all started somewhere, when we watched the show and wanted to draw a character with no rhyme or reason. What is your first pony picture you've ever drawn? And if you started drawing very recently it's ok! This first picture will become a stable in your art career Rainbow Dash drawn 2 years ago. Oh god
  5. Well, what do ya know? Yet another pony with computer issues. Before I get started, I'll just say that my computer is running Windows 7. Lately, (and by lately, I mean for the past few months because I was always too lazy to figure out how to fix this) my computer has been starting up to nothing but a blank white screen and the mouse pointer. It goes through the boot screens nicely, and even shows the login screen with the two user accounts I have. I select mine, and after the "Welcome" screen is done, a blank white screen and the cursor show up. Within around 30 seconds or so, the taskbar shows up, and then the background loads and some silly startup programs open. Now, this isn't really a huge problem, but I die a little every time I start up my computer because I know that it isn't normal, and my computer has something wrong with it. As I said, it isn't a big problem, but I'd like to be able to start up my computer and see a glorious background and a custom start orb and other stuffs that all these other ponies have, and not have to go through an ugly blank white screen to get there. Now, this started happening, as I said, a few months back, not long after I switched out my Start orb for a custom pony one. I disregarded the warnings and didn't create a backup first. Even so, there should be a way to fix this. If any of you know how to remedy this, it would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
  6. Here's what I did once... So should I? I've debated drawing them before, but I don't consider myself a good artist... *Correction* I don't consider myself an artist because I think I can't draw. Please be honest. On the left is someone based of off me, and on the right is a LEGO minifigure slightly based of off me... So...
  7. hello everypony, i just finished season 2 for the secound time and i was wondering if anyone here had some info on when season 3 starts