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Found 5 results

  1. Just as the topic says above, would you tune into a brony radio station? I'm seriously thinking in getting my degree in journalism/communication and hosting a brony radio station. That's just one of three career options that I've laid out for myself. Please let me know if you would listen to my station, whether it be a podcast or a normal music station were I play songs from the fandom/show. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon!
  2. whats yours? this is mine, Its called "The Edge" my favorite bands on there are Coldplay, The Babysitters circus and the red hot chili peppers Listen Here: http://www.theedge.c...e.aspx#popup_np
  3. Hi, so to keep this hsort I have one simple question as followed, Is it legal to start an free internet radio using spotify as an music library? I can´t get my head around this question. I just had an idea, that I could start a internet radio station and becuase spotify has all the music you can ask for it would be an easy way. But I´m not talking about just streaming music, I´m talking about playing a few songs and then chat a little bit and then play som more song, pretty much normal radio station style, Then I begun thinking is this even legal, I mean your not allowed to upload any copyrated material on any website, if you not have premission. What about streaming. It´s live so the can really claim I´m uploading anything but is this really okay?? Any help is much aprritiated, I just thought this was a fun project.
  4. Has anybody (or 'any-pony') seen this article ( on Equestria Daily? Everybody give a cheer (and 'every-pony' give a neigh), Luna is headed to the International Space Station. Where else would you like to see Ponies go? A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame perhaps, maybe a Pony topiary garden in the center of a Roundabout or in Central Park of NYC, or perhaps naming a strip of Route 66 after one of the Ponies (or at least decorating it to "Pony" it up). Be certain to give Congraduations for this outstanding achievement in "Pony-dom". "Stay 'Pony' My Friends."
  5. Hello everyone, those that have been paying attention then awesome! otherwise let me fill you in. Alicornradio acquired a 100 slot shoutcast stream thanks to ponyvillelive and since of such I am looking for music... Music that artists want me to play when I am DJing or my Dj's are playing. I am also seeking out DJs Music Artists: You can submit your links for files to (Or reply here and I will look at it)I will review them. Its preferred to be in mp3 format or wave. I also like that the file to be formatted with all the details in it IE the artist forms on the file so when the music plays your name will be displayed. Understand, If I don't like the music I will not play it on the stream... Most likely the melody or tune is off. WIP is allowed to be submitted. I will reject any music that it outright to be offensive, harrassing a group or isn't original. DJs: I am seeking Djs to fill 2 to 3 hour slots. Only use music you have permission to use or is your own original work. You must contact me IE skype "drakeal" or I will give you a trial run to see how you do as a DJ if I have the time.