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Found 13 results

  1. Stages: 1 (No evolution, Legendary) Type: Psychic/Water Abilities: Madness* Base Stats: (Total- 600) Max HP: 140 Attack: 60 Defense: 100 Sp Atk: 120 Sp Def: 140 Speed: 40 Learnset: Lv. 01- Confuse Ray Lv. 01- Confusion Lv. 01- Whirlpool Lv. 09- Bubble Beam Lv. 16- Rain Dance Lv. 22- Water Pulse Lv. 28- Nasty Plot Lv. 34- Calm Mind Lv. 40- Stored Power Lv. 47- Psychic Lv. 55- Hydro Pump Lv. 62- Psyshock Lv. 70- Sanity’s End* Lv. 79- Future Sight ABILITY: Madness- Makes moves of the same type have a chance of applying confusion based on power (1% per 5 power), up to a cap of 30% added confuse chance. Moves that already have a chance have that percentage added to their current chance. "Whenever the Pokemon uses a move of its own type, it gains an added chance to confuse the opponent." UNIQUE MOVE: Sanity’s End- PP: 5 Power: 90 Accuracy: 90% Attacks the opponent with a mental onslaught of dread, has a high chance to inflict confusion (30%).
  2. Do you like stats, browsing them, looking the all the graphs and totally wasting hours of time to achieve something so you can just get the graphs and look them I enjoy making stats I always made stats and graphs almost everything and it gives me very happy feeling and pleasure when I make them I enjoy browsing them I've spent countless hours on excel just looking the statsheets and browsing all the stuff I once made stats on MLP Forums too dont ask me
  3. I have heard the number 7-12.4 million bronies thrown around. I think that it's kind of a high estimate, and I think that there are more around 2-3 million bronies, a vast majority of which being located in the United States. What do you think?
  4. The title speaks for itself. What are some of the stranger, more outlandish character builds you've gotten away with in RPGs without rendering your character unusable? Currently, I'm about 20 hours into Kotor II using a duel-blaster Jedi Consular. I have low strength and reasonable dexterity, and a series of feats and powers that specialize my character in this ranged combat. Mainly, he's a support/DPS character, and has very low health. I'll have to pick up toughness next chance I get. Overall, though, I'm having fun with this build. If I stay the course, I should be able to take him through to the endgame without too much trouble.
  5. Alright lets compare these 7 characters with some of these stats: Press images to view full size Lines said in total Twilight Sparkle 3 029 Pinkie Pie 2 096 Rainbow Dash 1 981 Applejack 1 842 Rarity 1 707 Fluttershy 1 453 Spike 1 357 Words said in total Twilight Sparkle 36 768 Pinkie Pie 22 740 Rarity 21 413 Rainbow Dash 21 207 Applejack 20 572 Fluttershy 15 364 Spike 14 923 Episodes where spoke Applejack 91 Twilight Sparkle 90 Pinkie Pie 84 Rainbow Dash 83 Rarity 82 Fluttershy 78 Spike 70 Episodes where spoke over 100 words Twilight Sparkle 80 Applejack 58 Rainbow Dash 58 Rarity 54 Pinkie Pie 49 Fluttershy 42 Spike 33 Sentences said in total Twilight Sparkle 5 376 Pinkie Pie 3 706 Rainbow Dash 3 560 Rarity 3 160 Applejack 3 086 Spike 2 747 Fluttershy 2 454
  6. There are some video games out there that just hook us. Games that make us love and adore them to the point of playing them for countless hours. This can lead to some very high stats in a game, whether it be a lot of play hours or tons of enemies vanquished or what have you. I love seeing these stats for games I really enjoy. What are some of your highest stats ever in certain games? Share them here!
  7. The rules of this game are... You first state who'd win the death battle mentioned by the user above you. Than you come up with a new death battle. As long as you choose a canon pony, you shouldn't need to explain them. However, if you choose to have an OC in a death battle, make sure to describe the OC's stats. I hope you guys have fun with this. First Death Battle Queen Chrysalis VS King Sombra
  8. To any and all gamers out there, here is a thread for you to share any of your stats in any games that you wish to share it for! If the game has any kind of stat tracking that is. It can be for anything; time played, multiplayer wins, enemies defeated, anything that has a stat to it! I for one love stats in a game. Consider me weird but I love the feeling of accumulation. They don't have to be the best stats for anything, this is just for sharing games and your random statistics for them. Here are a couple of random ones for me: Forza Motorsport 5 Time played: 104 hours Total miles driven: 9,206 Perfect Turns on Nuburgring (Nordschliefe + GP): 2,398 Minecraft (Xbox One edition) Time played: 55 hours Distance traveled: 263,008 Blocks broken: 19,387 Mobs killed: 922 Those are some random examples for me and I will add more over time. What are some for you? I think it would be neat to see stats of others in different games. :3
  9. What Pokemon would you be? Just kidding! This isn't one of those boring topics. If you were a pokemon, what would be your type, what moves could you learn, what would your ability be, and what stats would you specialize in? This was if you possessed powers like the Pokemon can, so you can get a little crazy with it. Using my Ponysona as a source for this, he would be a Dark or Ice type. He could learn: Frustration, Return, Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Attract, Mimic, Astonish, Night Shade, Scary Face, Confuse Ray, Horn Attack, Bite, Aurora Beam, Signal Beam, Flash, Teleport, Stockpile, Swallow, Stomp, Shadow Sneak, Revenge, Payback, and Calm Mind. His ability would be Illusion He would specialize in either Special Attack or Defense. As for my real self, I would be a Dark or Normal type. I could learn: Frustration, Bite, Crunch, Shadow Punch, Scratch, Calm Mind, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Scary Face, Revenge, Payback, Arm Thrust, Bulk Up, Endure, and Beat Up My Ability would be Thick Fat I would specialize in either Health or Defense.
  10. Title says it all, post your stats + desktop. Rate the above if you want to. Here's mine to get started. Stats: 2.6 i7 Quad-core, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD
  11. Hey there everypony! Yup... another Thread. I figured out how to finally view my stats on black ops without actually having to be in-game. If you play Black ops on the PC, Xbox, PS3, Wii. Why not show your stats? Here are mine... Just don't look at my side-arm statistics. You'll yell at me. XD Also! You must rate between 1 - 10 to the user above you. Stating what it is you like about their emblem, weapons used, streaks and etc. This isn't meant to be a forum game, but a way to express every-ponies gaming capabilities. Hope you all enjoy! > w<
  12. These are for dungeons and dragons. So I was reading my monster manuals, Wich I do alot, so I thought why not make stats for the ponies? They will all be lv. 20 because I feel like it. (except for Luna, parasprites, Celestia and Discord) Done: Twilightsparkle Fluttershy Parasprites Rainbow dash Royal Guard (Unicorn) Yet to be done: Applejack Pinkie pie Rarity Discord Luna Celestia Royal guard (Pegasus) Diamond dogs Timber wolves Zecora Queen Chrysalis Shining Armor Changeling Cadence ---- Twilightsparkle Rainbow dash Fluttershy Parasprites Royal Guard (Unicorn)
  13. Self explanatory title. Here's mine: Twilight HP: 100 Attack: 60 Defense: 95 Special Attack: 120 Special Defense: 110 Speed: 85 Applejack HP: 95 Attack: 120 Defense: 100 Special Attack: 60 Special Defense: 85 Speed: 110 Fluttershy HP: 120 Attack: 85 Defense: 110 Special Attack: 60 Special Defense: 100 Speed: 95 Rarity HP: 100 Attack: 85 Defense: 110 Special Attack: 95 Special Defense: 120 Speed: 60 Pinkie Pie HP: 110 Attack: 85 Defense: 120 Special Attack: 60 Special Defense: 95 Speed: 100 Rainbow Dash HP: 95 Attack: 100 Defense: 85 Special Attack: 60 Special Defense: 110 Speed: 120 Base stat totals are 570 each for mine. Create your own, but make sure they have equal totals! Patterns are suggested, but not mandatory.