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Found 7 results

  1. How did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself to save Twilight from turning into a statue? All things that happened was unexpected for me. First Princess Cadance, then Princess Celestia Princess and Luna and finally Twilig-nope Derpy with her horn hat. She sure fooled Grubber though. I felt both honored and sad when Derpy was the one that turned into a statue. At the same time, I was also in quite a shock and had chills all over my body when that quick chaos happened. I knew if Discord was here (not the balloon version that Pinkie Pie made), he would snap all the villains but what Derpy did, was amazing. Finally, MLP movie gave a very special role to Derpy, although she is not from mane 6. I, myself do not love Derpy the most but I was too emotional on that part. Also, I was sad when we only see cutie mark crusaders only in one scene with no dialogue. Fluttershy's dialogues were so few too and she was my favorite out of mane six. Afterall, I loved the movie, it was more than I expected and it was sure surprising and amazing. So, how did you feel when Derpy sacrificed herself?
  2. What would be good names for a pony whose special talent lies in making statues and other stone-related art?
  3. Hi I was hoping to get some help getting some more Discord merchandise. I have a mine key chain statue, the vinyl figure and the funko pop figure. But i'm having alot of trouble finding other things.
  4. Hi guys, A few months ago i started work on a Princess Luna plushie, after having that in progress for months I felt I needed to start something that's a little more in my wheelhouse. (i still intend to finish it but it takes a bit of a time commitment to sit down and finish it) So with season 4 just days away and my hype meter is off the charts at the moment so i needed an outlet. I'm big into 3d printing as a hobby so I figured why not make a statue of the best princess and best pony. I've searched around the web for statue's that others have done and found many great pieces which I've taken inspiration from (people like VIIStar and Clawed-Nyasu on deviant art among others) I'm going for a show accurate look, i know that a more realistic style is also quite populair but i felt that show accurate would be more fun and also a little more challanging. So without further a due Princess luna's base 3d model. This figure in this pose will stand at 21cm tall. but I intend to give her a much more elaborate and dynamic pose once I finish the base model and rig it for posing. so the model will most likely be a bit taller than 21cm (yes I will be able to re-pose the figure to anything I want once its rigged. So i might take commisions once its done and if i'm happy with the result) I intend to print her blank and hand paint her. i know 3d color printing is available but i feel the results from those machines can be a little disappointing. i'm looking for a smooth finish with good clear colors. so once i receive the model back from the printers, its going to be Me, Luna and lots and lots of sandpaper. (there's some fanfic fuel ) Also the moon on her regalia will be sterling silver. I'm also going to give her a cool and elaborate base to stand on but i've yet to design it although i have some idea's stay tuned for more progress updates over the coming weeks Lets me know what you guys think. also if you have idea's for a pose or for the base please feel free to post them. I appreciate anything that can make this more awesome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've done a bit more work on the wings What I often see other sculptors do with the wings is make them completely flat so i'm breaking with that solution and making them a little curved. as if she's flapping them. So tomorrow I'm going finish the mane and hopefully get some good inspiration from the season premiere for the base What do you guys think?
  5. Hello there! First i want to say that i am artist who has opened commissions here. I am doing digital and traditional art. But some time ago i was thinking about opening also sculpture commissions. I created this thread to find out if there would be any interest at buying sculptures from me. (because if yes i should make more examples of my work that i have right now) I made some statues that was sold at ebay, also i am auctioning one right now, at this time i am running raffle at my tumblr where participants have chance to win one for free and also i was asked to do one statue for auction for good (statue of Kiki Havivy). So i guess there will be more examples in near future, but for now, here are examples i already have : Statues which were sold : Princess Luna Princess Cadance Statues that are not for sale : Princess Celestia Dilarus Statue that is currently at sale : Derpy the mail mare Thanks for any feedback!
  6. Hey guys... I got some polymer clay for birthday. So I made this Pinkie. Before I added the stand from cheap clay and old ballpoint pen... The baloons don't have the right color, but I couldn't mix two clays right...
  7. Hey there, fellow bronies and pegasisters! I made this Rarity statue out of polymer clay! :3 I hope you like her! Feel free to comment and tell me what you think! :3 (That tin foil is... because she doesn't stand xD) I managed to make her unbalanced. Easy to do-ponies can't stand until they are baked since the material is too soft. I also got a clay that was hay to work with-very icky and didn't hold shape.