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Found 11 results

  1. Please try not to offend anyone in this topic How do you feel? I know not every status update needs a reply and stuff, but what if it's constant? What if you ask an important question but no one replies? As I have said before, and a lot of you may know how I feel about it, I don't know why, but I feel sort of upset when I post a status update, asking how is everyone, or goodmorning, or goodnight, no one replies, and when another person posts the same status update, asking how is everyone, ect, like 20 people reply.. I just don't get it, I know it is probably because you have more friends, or your just 'popular' but still, makes me feel sort of upset, maybe even ignored.. What do you guys think?
  2. When browsing the status updates on the page with them (), it's not always possible to submit a reply, because it simply stops responding. Things tend to glitch on the older statuses; Basically the more I scroll down, the bigger the chance, that something wrong will happen. For now though, let's focus on the most common issue I keep experiencing: As you can see, I can click [ Submit Reply ] over and over again and it doesn't do anything. And the problem is, that it's not just them not appearing there - these literally aren't posted, because there's nothing after refreshing. At that point the best solution is to click on the timestamp of the status or any reply, which will take me to the user profile with that status update, from where I'll be able to reply properly. It happens quite often - almost every single time I browse & reply to statuses from there. First few replies to ones at the top will work fine, then at some point it's no longer stable. ..And it always was like this since V4 upgrade I believe.
  3. I've noticed we don't seem to have a direct link to the Status Updates wall, and was thinking we should have something like that in the navigation ribbon. Basically, you know how we have links in the navigation ribbon for blogs, calender, all the network sites, etc? Well I was thinking one that takes us straight to the Status Update wall (Where every status update is made goes), that way it'll be way easier and quickly to check out what's new on there. For now I have to click on my profile > click "Profile Feed" > then scroll to the bottom and click "View all updates" > and finally, click on "All updates" at the top in order to see the actual Status wall where all the updates members have made appears on.
  4. Me, HailTrixie and creepypastaeater just had a 93 comment thread going on in one of my status updates What's your record?
  5. Hello It appears that I can't delete my comments in status updates. When I click on "Delete", the comment disappears, but I just have to refresh the page to see it's still here... (I'm not talking about status updates, I know that when we delete them they turn red and only I and the MLPF staff can see them. It's not the case for comments.)
  6. Why is it when i delete a status update i posted, It doesn't go away. It disappears but when i refresh the page, It's back?
  7. So here I am trying to make a status update when typing more than 45 characters, the text after disappears. This doesn't affect the post, but here's how it goes: I type an example status update. Here's what I typed: "Something strange is going on with the status report." Here's what's happening: "Something strange is going on with the statu" When I try to type the "s report," this gets cut off. It doesn't get cut off when I click "update", but it does so when I'm typing. Any ideas?
  8. Hello, It seems that i cannot delete a status update. Whenever I click on my profile, then on my profile feed, which I believe is where the status updates are, I can see my status updates. I click on delete and the updates disappear. However, when I refresh the page, the status update reappears. Is there something I'm doing wrong ? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I recently discovered that MLP Forums has an issue with the status updates when using the Firefox browser. I attempted to delete a status and it said it had failed, and it still showed up on the profile although when I entered the comments, it was red. Creating a new status update also caused a pop up window to say the action failed. Now that I switched to Chrome it works just perfectly.
  10. My suggestion is as simple as this: I only have a phone, so I find it a big hassle to go to the actual site because my fingers are to big for clicking on the status update thing without clicking on something else. I would find it easier to update my status though the moble site.