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Found 32 results

  1. heavens-champion

    Music Songs and music that Suit steampunk

    What music and songs would suit steampunk?
  2. Chip Circuit

    Cosplay My creations: Steampunk

    Steam punk Cosplay. So here are more of my creations. This is some of the steam punk stuff which will involve my whole outfit eventually, but I'm putting it all together for a friend's themed wedding. Now I don't feel to creative with my stuff with this but I still decided to share it. I don't know if the bracer will stay, I wish I had a large watch to throw on it
  3. So I'm assuming this goes in the media discussion section, it seems the most fitting. And I couldn't find any threads relevant to this topic, soooo!! I'm sure most us are aware of what steampunk and cyberpunk are, right? In short, steampunk being 1800s-early 1900s fashion and cultural attitudes mixed with supertech and high adventure and cyberpunk being mostly dark and gritty 80s/90s cybertechnology taken to extreme levels and mixed in with enormous megacorporations. Somebody else could do a better job at explaining than me and those descriptions leave out a lot of the underlying tones and messages of steampunk and cyberpunk stories, but I think they'll do. What a LOT ( not everyone, but a lot) of folks aren't aware of is that there are -punk genres beyond those two! And that's what this thread is for. Discussion and commentary on punk settings outside of the two big ones!! There's a TVTropes page with overviews, for the curious! Personally, my favorites at the moment are dieselpunk and stonepunk. There's something compelling about the idea of stonepunk in particular, taking Flintstones-type technology and using it for adventure and action rather than domestic comedy. Giant stone and rope mecha, powered by fire that does all the incredible things steam can do in steampunk.... yeah. What does everyone else think? Any of the other -punk genres in that link stand out to you? Do you think any of them will ever get as much recognition as the big two? This is just a general thread for these things.
  4. So, I'm just being a bit curious here, but is anyone else on the forums going to conventions later on this year? And I don't just mean things like Bronycon and the such, but also stuff like ComiCon and things like that. I currently am looking forward to attending Midwest Brony Fest and the Anime Festival that we have in my hometown. How about you guys? Anything cool you want to or are going to attend?
  5. So, here's a question. What's the limit of both technology and Magi-technology that you want the show to have at its fingertips? Both In a mundane sense and in a High fantasy sense: remember the inverse moores law of Magic being indistinguishable from technology when its reliable. Like, for example, we have airships: Do you want these to just be balls of hot air or to be akin to high fantasy ships that are magically enchanted to have high speeds and maneuverability? Or for that matter technologically run airships with mundane engines for moving them? Guns and tanks? Magic Electricity and mundane electricity that we've seen? What of the prosthetics that dash had in the finale? Ect. What do you think should be the limit to the technology the ponies have achieved and what's the limit to the Magi-tech the ponies have achieved?
  6. This was a fun challenge. I was requested to make a steampunk arrangement of an MLP song, though this might not be so much "steampunk" as it is a tribute to Danny Elfman. Maybe it's a little bit of both. You decide!

    MMmmh yes crystals~

    mmmh yes i like BONUS PIC my little head canon, so when somebra gets his crystal power thingy to make shining's horn all spiky it slowly turns him to the second sombra! so like you can say he planted a virus inside of him to take over his mind then take princess cadence down and ect ect... i know this theory is impossible but meh, just a little idea i had
  8. Taviscratch

    Does Anyone Steampunk?

    So I have just purchased the last few things to finish off my steampunk outfit. The last few things were some leather Mauser magazine pouches and a Fair Trade South American poncho. It's not your typical steampunk gear and is much more airship pirate or survivalist than Victorian. I have no reason whatsoever to wear it but I love steampunk and dieselpunk. I'll be posting pictures once it's all put together. What about you guys and gals? Do you like Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Clockpunk or any other kind of punk? Have you made outfits and would you want to share pictures?
  9. The first few posts here are gonna look a bit weird now that I ain't asking for feedback. Thanks for the input, guys! And thanks for pointing out the weird gear shadow problem, @. I wanted to give a little shine to Derpy's mane without making it look like a balloon like artists sometimes do. I think I was successful. Oh, and Deviantart. And Tumblr. What Citrus Was Listening To While Making This:
  10. The second part of my epic MLP fanfic is finally done and over with. Yay! You can read the fanfic on, titled Premonitionist. This is the chapter where I established the Mane 6. Much of the problem writing it was foreshadowing things that everypony would do later in the story after I was past the prologue, but it proved a lengthy read. I trimmed out a lot of content I otherwise would have enjoyed including; but it's still there and I've still got plans for everypony later in the book. It will be by the next chapter I feel the real conflict shall start to unfold.
  11. Treble Bolt

    Technology Steam Engines

    This past month has filled me up with a great deal of knowledge, and I have now decided that I want to operate (and eventually own) a steam engine. I know the extreme basics of steam mechanics but I am hoping to gain more information through books (yey Lindsay publications) and a steam engine class I will be taking next summer near Fargo North Dakota. With my husband collecting tools to start a small scale foundry setup, his lathe, shaper, and other machining tools, I eventually hope to create small scale steam engines from scratch (but that's like 10 years down the road). The problem I see with this new dream of mine is how little I know. I did not grow up going the threshing shows and having the opportunity to see and experience a world that is gone, but since meeting my husband 3 years ago, I feel like my mind has been blown away by the amount of knowledge I cannot yet grasp. I am a complete noob in this realm, and I know in order for me to do anything that I desire to do, to need to increase what I understand. Don't get me wrong, I HAVE learned a great deal, but comparing what I know of the world to the world I never knew even existed until a few years ago is light years of distance. So why am i writing all this? I want to find other bronies who participate, know about, and in general have more knowledge about REAL (not steampunk stuff) steam engines, threshing machines, machining, foundry, blacksmith, tractors, engines, and even CNC! I really want to learn so I can eventually create. This is a massive, mind breaking, undertaking I want to get myself into, but other than my husband, I have no friends that understand any of this (sounds similar to my brony experience) and really are not interested in helping me. So I am reaching out to you guys, and where this topic will go.
  12. Stancet

    Adventure Premonitionist

    Dear Everypony, I’m excited to report that the first chapter of my MLP fanfiction (a million years in the making) is finally ready for public viewing. Premonitionist is my latest attempt at an epic-scale adventure for the Mane Six, and the one I feel most proud of. If fate permits, I hope I can complete everything I have in mind for this story and make it everything it was meant to be. It’s posted on, and will come with a soundtrack to listen to on YouTube. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Slitherpon

    Twily by Slitherpon

    I just love it when people draw steampunk ponies, so I drew a steampunk Twilight! Hope you like it, I appreciate any feedback! ^^ Made using Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop
  14. Doctor Steel was a fella whose music I infrequently kept my eye on for several years. He was an experimental/industrial/hip-hop/rock musician who, according to Doctor Steel lore, was a mad scientist looking to make the world a more whimsical place. Unfortunately he retired a couple years ago. However, we can still bask in his villainous heroic glory! I've always enjoyed the Doc's odd mix of cabaret styles with industrial and rock-based music. This is a prime example of that style. (some songs veer off in different directions than this)
  15. I just found this discord picture while involving myself in a Spitfire vs Dashie prettiness contest. I don't know about you, but the longer I look at it, the better it gets. It just screams utter insanity; the eyes, the just stares into your soul! Do you concur? If not, post a Discord you find better!
  16. So I finally got around to creating my OC. His name is Orion Skies and basically, he's a steampunk engineer whose industrialized ideas about flight make him seem like a pony version of Orville Wright. And he's an Earth Pony who can fly! So yeah, I sketched him with a pencil and he's like the first pony I have ever drawn. So don't laugh lol So here is a link. And his bio
  17. eightbithoof

    Steam Powered Tophat

    Yet another weird idea that's been stuck in my head for a while now: a Steam Powered Top-hat. As cool as it sounds, somehow I don't think it would be all that comfortable....
  18. Blackcat

    Gaming Guns of Icarus

    Guns of Icarus online is a new game that came out in the midst of the hurricane yesterday. It's all about team based, airship gunplay! The game has been featured both by the Yogscast, and TotalBiscuit. Videos here: And here: Any gamer pony fans up for joining me aboard the SAA Big Macintosh to go blow up some no good red or blue painted airships?
  19. Hey, it's us Rainbow Cloud, we decided to end our last Pony game project Tales Of Equestria because we realised we would not be able to escape copyrights So now most of the team's regrouped to start a new Steampunk Pirate RPG with lovely airships and landscapes and the lot. It's a top down 2D RPG. We're moving along quite well, all we need is a sprite artist mainly to get some actual material into our build and somepony who's pretty darn good at graphics design and who's willing to stay dedicated. We're situated over here and you'll probably know a bunch of the guys from the team already, mostly from here (Kolth, Rainbow Dashey, SteampunkNinja...) And now here's some stuff Story teaser (will definitely change quite a bit by the time we're finished with it ^-^) Feel free to ask any questions P: Whoops, forgot to mention that it's going to be a 2D top down RPG, if we can, we'll want to mix both 3D and 2D elements into the game.
  20. Rivet Canterlot Mechanic

    Grimdark OC

    I've always been a fan of the whole "Grimdark world for MLP". The characters in that world seem much more interesting my favorite being little Miss Rarity for her personality alone (I'm not into any of that creepy stuff.) So Basically I imagined how my mane OC Rivet would look in the Grimdark universe and this is what I came up with.
  21. Rivet Canterlot Mechanic

    Rivet the Equine Gunner

    I recently drew my first OC Rivet as one of her inspirations A Yordle in League of Legends named Tristana, The Megling Gunner. Unfortently my camera isn't very good but I did what I could to improve the quality. Here's a comparison of Rivet as Tristana and Tristana herself.
  22. Archi the Atmomancer

    Steampunk Story Pitch

    Hi all, I recently came up with an idea for a Steampunk/Alternate History-esque story and wanted to run it by some people to see if I'm on the right track here. Synopsis and backstory are in the spoiler below: So, any good? I'd love any feedback you can give me on general outline and I can provide with more details regarding character and plot if you wish, just say so.
  23. Archi the Atmomancer

    Anyone else into steampunk?

    I came across the steampunk movement not too long ago (maybe a couple of years ago, not entirely sure). Anyways, I recently decided to have another look at it and it's really starting to interest me again, especially since my brother bought me the Steampunk Bible for christmas. Does anyone else here have any enthusiasm for steampunk? What do you like about it? Do you make any artwork to express your interest? Personally I like it for the machinery. Big gears turning and steam hissing have an appeal to me because of their intricacy and the craftsmanship that goes into those parts. I'm also trying to write a steampunk-themed novel based around Japan but I'm having trouble thinking of a storyline.
  24. In addition to studying death, dying and bereavement. I also sometimes play video games on camera. This time, i'm playing Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.
  25. Dj Manjaro

    The Inventor

    My ponysona in a Steampunk style. Being on the brighter side of average, Sylenth is quite the inventor. Being a perfectionist has its perks, nearly everything he completes is a work of art. However, not a whole lot is completed, as much is scrapped for bigger and better projects. Sylenth also has a fairly low tolerance for closed-minded ignorance. But, show a desire and an ability to learn and he will take you under his wing, sometimes literally.