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Found 5 results

  1. I'd figure I'd start showcasing some non pony artwork that I've made over the years from going to an art school. first i'll start off with a Cinema 4d still image of a classic steel cage around a wrestling ring. It was relatively easy to make. What do you think?
  2. Story (SPOILERS FOR EQUESTRIA GIRLS AND MOS): In a what if story that may never have passed, Sunset Shimmer was able to successfully defeat the Mane 6 before they were able to use the power of friendship, killing them in the process and eventually using her power to conquer Earth and Equestria with no problem, on another Earth in another time, General Zod has found a way to kill Superman before he can stop his plans to terraform Earth, and has finally made his New Krypton a reality. However a rip in the fabric of space and time has brought both of these powerful earths together. As Sunset Shimmer prepares to attack New Krypton, Zod and his soldiers confront her. Zod begins the assault on Sunset Shimmer and the fighting begins. Rules: Both have a full understanding of their powers and have trained with them for a period of one year, but no prep time as it is a spur of the moment fight. Scenario 1.) Zod is on his own and has access to no weapons or armor / Sunset Shimmer is on her own and no access to weapons or armor . 2.) Zod is on his own but has access to all of his on person weapons (Kryptonian Phaser Gun...thing) and armor / Same with Sunset Shimmer 3.) Zod is backed up by all his men and women and the power of the Phantom Zone Drive / Sunset Shimmer is backed by Demonic Snips and Snails, and her Highschool Zombie Army plus the Element of Magic. Who wins?
  3. Pen drawn comic depicting Hasbro's C&D against Fighting is Magic. Depicted by parodying the launch scene from Man of Steel.
  4. I just found this discord picture while involving myself in a Spitfire vs Dashie prettiness contest. I don't know about you, but the longer I look at it, the better it gets. It just screams utter insanity; the eyes, the just stares into your soul! Do you concur? If not, post a Discord you find better!
  5. The Battle of Canterlot REMIX! This time, it's all on FL studio, so it has maximum sound quality Hope everypony likes it!