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Found 10 results

  1. It's been a long while since I've been on this site. Mostly been trying to avoid spoilers. (I'm only 2/3 way through "A Heart's Warming Tale"!) Anyways guys, as some of you are aware, I'm a Muslim. I'd like to know, what experience(s) have you all had, if any, with Muslims? (NOT over the internet, in real life) What impact did it leave you with about Muslims and the religion of Islam in general? Did the experience(s) make you think highly or less of Islam? How did you respond/react? How did the Muslim behave towards you? Please share! This is a serious topic I've wanted to have for a long time with the fandom.
  2. Some people say that "Pinkie fans are annoying, Twilight fans are intellectuals or loners, and Fluttershy fans will hurt you for making her cry". What do you think would be the typical behaviour of any fan of each pony of the Mane 6.
  3. While many people view bronies as "strange and quirky men who are obsessed with a girl's show about magical horses", how does society think of the average pegasister, any woman who loves MLP:FiM? Would they, for being grown women who outgrew the targeted audience of little girls and tweens, be treated like grown men who watch shows like Ben 10 and Adventure Time?
  4. I would like a list of stereotypes involving: * their behaviour * their attitude, and * the stereotypical events in their career, from start to finish.
  5. Often in fanworks, Rarity the Unicorn Pony is associated with these: "FabulousFabulousFabulous" "Bend over, darling." "IMMA SNUGGLE YOU, DARLING!!1" "worst pony" (a serious lot of times) How did our beloved fashion designer end up like this, for each "trait"?
  6. Here is an example. According to this page (and manga and anime), pink-haired people (especially girls) tend to be friendly, happy, over-positive and (sometimes) over-romantic. With some exceptions, of course. What are some behaviors that you think other people think people with pink hair have? Do you know any stereotypes regarding pink-haired people, especially girls (e. g. they act like this, etc.)?
  7. I will be writing a story revolving around the cliche'd, stereotyped "mean girl" in high school flicks as the main character. Here are the key points: * What may have turned her into such a bully? * What would you think the "average girl", who battles her all the way to the prom, "and defeats the bully", should be like (you can change her into anything you like - even a villain who is nothing against the bully's own problems) * I need the "bully" to have some events after the prom and homecoming stuff - do you want her to have a happy or sad ending (but she should always improve herself nonetheless) Now, what's important is that you need to make it as "un-cliche'd" and "realistic" as possible: while being in a cliche'd-appearing surrounding, I want my characters' events to be as uncliche'd as possible. (Note: this question is inspired by EqG's Sunset Shimmer, and Stargirl's bully)
  8. Some people are so weird , they think of us Bronies as men with bearded necks who wear fedoras. How?
  9. I used to positively associate horses with the past or warfare. Nowadays, after MLP:FiM, I tend to make fun of horses and ponies, depicting them as disgusting or ridiculous. This is especially after I watched various GMod videos, and were influenced by those ideas. Here's an example of these influences: I sometimes imagine a fat Shetland Pony in place of the Heavy in the video. Do you make fun of horses? If so, how do you depict them as?
  10. I have had the flu and a fever the last two weeks and only just heard about the horrible gang rape in Ohio and watched the leaked Anonymous video. It's sad but I have heard stories exactly like this growing up, girls telling each other these stories as warnings, then in college. The video really got me thinking though, as well as this article a colleague posted on Facebook. One of the biggest reasons that bronys are made to feel ashamed of themselves is for the same reason this atrocity happened. In the video, one boy begins really trying to get the main kid on camera to stop making jokes about the passed-out drunk girl that is currently being raped outside (although why isn't he doing anything to actually stop the rape? Whatever, another story). The linked article points out that not only did he have NO empathy for the girl, but why should we have to ask questions like, "What if it was your daughter, or your sister?" to begin with? The article states "The idea that a woman would need a reminder on how to empathize with someone–as well as way of mentally replacing the object of empathy with someone else who is more personally valued to them–seems slightly ludicrous. " Yes, it is, isn't it? I hear bronies complain about stereotypes on this board but I'm beginning to think it actually is a really big deal for men to be so ashamed and so hateful of the "feminine" and "girly". Empathy is, in our society, very much directed as a woman's job. But if Bronies can accept that it is a male's responsibility to be empathetic as well, then you do deserve more support. (The sexism still is still against women and you are being punished for being in their territory where segregation is supposed to be upheld, because I guess we are dirty or something). The joking and fear about all that is supposed to be in a women's realm is so much more hateful than the casual observer realizes, because we are all so numbed to our everyday-lives. It's one thing to say, "Ignore what they say, they're just haters, Don't let it bother you, etc" -but when we see these atrocities and wonder why...Well do you still wonder why? These little annoying comments people make about you are really symptoms of a much bigger issue and problem, and it is important to talk about and work through with society. They really hate women. They don't even care about other people in general because empathy is designated a womanly trait. Now I'm too angry to even finish this post because of all the rage suppressed during watching that video!