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Found 14 results

  1. On a scale from 1 to 10..... Rules: You must Judge something about the pony above you. No mean things. Low rating is allowed, but don't make fun of them in anyway possible. You must put 4 things about you for them to judge you with. Have sprinkles fun!! Also, the judgement can be about anything. Like if they are a 10 because they love Derpy, or 1 because they hate muffins! I can't judge the forums, but I can put 4 things about me! I love chocolate cake I hate insects I love fantasy and sci-fi novels I have no girlfriend at the moment GO!!
  2. Well, alot of people are talking on the "Will Sparity ever happen?" post, and a majority of you say it ain't happening. Well, how about this? Do you think Spike's crush on Rarity is ever going to END on the show? Or, do you think something else will happen like Spike will become a pony and grow older for a day to finally date her? I think the former is the logical choice. It's gotta happen sooner or later. It's been 3 years in-show time, and the crush is STILL going on, and Rarity is still taking advantage over it to make him do stuff he might not actually wanna do! Would give Spike some much-needed development on the matter, and I dunno if their relationship can grow any higher than just agreeing to be the best of friends! Whether Spike gets a new crush or not, Spike decides to let Rarity down, she decides to let him down, I don't care how they do it! I just know this subject will be mentioned! What do you think is gonna happen, and if you don't think Sparity is happening, do you think it's gonna end eventually?
  3. Ever since the times of old, we shippers have been a proud race. Passing our ancestral knowledge from generation to generation, we have stood strong against any threat, no matter how strong or powerful it was. From the holy capital of Canterlot, we have protected both the forums and the ships, and we have never relented from that. That said, I have been alone for far too long. But there is one person, one person that has proven to me that has the capabilities to be a shipper, and after putting him through many trials, he has proven to be the person I wanted to make my acolyte. But why am I making you wait? @Totally Lyra, present yourself! He makes me so proud ;') Totally Lyra will be our newest addition to the staff team. He has shown to be what Canterlot needed for so long, and now he will have the difficult yet rewarding position of being a sectional staff member. I'm pretty sure that you have interacted with Lyra before, as he has shown to be a friendly, active and helpful member of our community, and he will for sure continue to be so and give us a forum that everyone can be proud to be part of.
  4. Starlight Glimmer’s existance does not negate Sunset Shimmers success or popularity and the same goes the other way. Sunset is not going anywhere and glimmers good fortune is not sunsets misfortune. Constantly pitting the two against each other is getting tiresome and they both have their own speciel place in the franchise. I am a fan of Starlight and i am okay if other people are against her. But don't criticize her, just because your favorite character isn't in the show, because that is just a baseless argument.
  5. I'm sorry to bring some bad news to you guys, but I don't think I can really continue any of my pony art anymore. It all started when I published a comic involving Fluttershy and Tree Hugger...I apparently made a weed joke in there, and I received an uproar from several concerned watchers of the show on deviantART- they said they were shocked to see me put that joke in a comic featuring these "innocent characters" and said I should be ashamed of using the show to make a joke about drug use. I just feel like with so much potential for such backlash, it just won't be a good idea to continue drawing MLP. So while I may continue to watch the show, posting fanart just isn't a good idea anymore. This is a real bummer, I seriously wish this wasn't an issue, but what can you do, you know. Cheers, PG.
  6. I've noticed a lot of posts about anti-bronies on this forum and I find they are all about the same thing (why are anti-bronies so stupid etc) and get the same replies. This is exactly what they want us to do. I suggest we just accept them and ignore them. For me they are just like school bullies: I don't find them insulting and offensive at all. They are human too, guys. I hope you see anti-bronies like this too. This way we can keep our reputation up and love and tolerate for real Edit: I'm kinda contradicting myself here but I can't make my point any other way
  7. Okay, there has been one thing on my mind for a duration of my time being active on MLPForums again. Overanalyzing of the TV Show. For goodness sake, people! What kind of idiots would think these things of a CHILDREN'S TV SHOW? No. Just, no. What kind of sick imaginations do you people have? Why the hell would you call it an observation, or even make a topic about it if you have no backing evidence or proof. Honestly, these are the same types of people that call out every music artist's videos for supporting Illuminati. Just because they use simple 2D shapes does not mean they're working with Satan. It's the same people that are quick to judge everything and thinks it's all related to Satan. This pisses me off. It honestly does. All of these unnecessary and dumb topics on MLPForums that do not need to exist. It annoys me how you're trying to start a discussion or a debate without any backing evidence to support your theory. It's like going to a science laboratory and calling Science "fake" just because you don't believe in it. It's like buying a lamborghini without paying for it at the dealership's because you say you're a millionaire. It makes no sense, and you wouldn't do it without proof. Sorry for this crappy blog post, I just wanted to state my opinion on almost 50% of the topics being posted on MLPForums that aren't RP, art, or something related to the media.
  8. When you hear "Stop!" which of these three iconic song lyrics do you think of?
  9. I think MLPForums is a fat guy with a neck beard *shrug*
  10. Yeah, seeing how it's already a big success, why not add to the fun? Advertise, boi!
  11. So guys, I just realized.... if Paper is strong enough to cut a person's finger.... who knows if they're strong enough to dominate over humans D: I for one welcome our new recycled overlords o3o
  12. You've probably seen the characters depicted in this thread (the only thing I do in that board after centuries of ignoring it and all of its topics) Thing is, I'm trying to practice personalities, and also looking for ideas to make their backstories. And what's the best way to do that? To make my agents answer questions, of course! Your questions may be directed at one or more agents, and even the whole team. Whoever is the most qualified in a certain field, will tend to answer inquiries about it first. There, that's all I have on them for now. Ask away!
  13. You've seen them before. You would just be minding your businesses in Gmod or TF2 or even on other forums when you're all like But wait! Don't pull out that spray can! They just feed the silly parasprites. Not like Feldilian-Style Parasprites, with 100+ posts. I mean those little bitches that eat all of your crap and get stronger when you get angry. Useful ways to deal with these little things can be found below, for only 19,367,536,785 Bits! Now, for an unlimited time, you will receive a FREE 100% discount. Just sign your soul over to my undying army of the undead! Tip #1: "You're so cute when you think you know what you're saying!" This one is really simple. Most trolls will use terms such as "fake and gay" or "get off the interns, u ass." To pull this one off, just pretend to be the English Teacher. Half-Assed Example below: Tip #2: Rule 12 of the Internet: everything you say can and will be used against you. This is a very real rule of the Internet. Trolls have some sort of strange mental function that lets them instantly take advantage of this rule. To pull this one off, use their previous statements to pull off a Counter-Troll. Example Below: Tip #3: CAPSLOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL (even with cruise control, you still have to steer) I guarantee that all of you have experienced a Caps-Lock troll. They press the big button and start typing, to make it look like they're "yelling." To do this, simply turn on Caps-Lock yourself. This will make the troll harder to recognize if there are more than 1 of you (NOTE - This method is not very effective) Example below: Tip #4: If all else fails, resort to Rule 20 of the Internet: Nothing is to be taken seriously Just ignore trolls. This is the most effective way to deal with them, but also the most boring. Do I really need an example for this one? There you have it! Now that you know how to deal with trolls, you'll be dying to find another one. Remember that some are harder to deal with than others, but all tend to give up after a short period. TL;DR: DEAL WITH TROLLS BY IGNORING THEM OR COUNTER-TROLLING THEM WITH THESE CRAPPY TECHNIQUES.