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Found 19 results

  1. The person above you will list the name of a company, and you must write a policy that would totally ruin that company if they were to put it in place. I will give you an example and you guys can continue from there. Person 1: Chuck E. Cheese Person 2: No kids allowed Starbucks
  2. Good morning, afternoon and evening to all the netizens of this wonderful forum! I come to offer my services as a digital artist with the following prices and examples of my work shown below. My SHOP is here price per sketch: $ 15 price for illustation with flat colors and white / transparent background: $ 20 price for illustation with plain colors and simple background: $ 25 price for full color 1: 40 $ price for full color 2: 60 $ price per comic strip full color with funds (1 page): $ 100 for each additional character they are $ 15 (the price of additional characters are not added to the comics) _____________________________________ NEW! Price for Stickers Chibi: 10$ Price for Normal Sticker Full color: 40$ Price for PonyLife Style 10$ SKETCH (15$) FLAT COLORS (25$) FULL COLOR 1 (40$) FULL COLOR 2 (60$) STICKER CHIBI (10$) STICKER NORMAL - FULL COLOR (40$) PONY LIFE STYLE ($10) What should you provide? - reference image of the character (or characters) to illustrate, if you do not have one please give me a detailed description of the characters. - character's name - cutie mark (assuming you have one) - If you want a personalized background, be specific with it. - If you want your character to do something in particular please be specific. What can I draw? - almost everything, from sweet things to more adult themes .. but nothing too explicit - I can draw people too - I can draw any type of pairs (hetero, yuri or yaoi) note that: - I'm a university student, if I'm late in a drawing it's due to academic occupations. - These will always be published on my deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr mod blog, Twitter and possibly Instagram. If you want to remain anonymous when you add credits, you will have to tell me.
  3. MTX (microtransactions) typically exist in games in form of purchasable in-game currency, skins, boosts, items and so on, for real money. To not search far for a reference, the Gameloft's MLP game is filled with these, so you might be familiar with that type of system. So, we'd like to introduce on-site microtransactions here, on MLP Forums, in the store. It will be a great way to support the site, while receiving awesome rewards. That's true we already have the subscription system, but we'd like to give you more options to choose from, as we're listening to your needs. Please note, that the system is still a work in progress and will become available soon. So let's talk about products, shall we? We know, that you like scoring brohooves and not everypony has the time to farm these, so after listening to your feedback, we decided to give you more options of obtaining them. These packs will boost your COMMUNITY REPUTATION, simply known as brohooves or brohoofs. - receive an instant, permanent boost to your brohoof count - the brohooves WILL count towards the leaderboards, allowing you to win the day more easily - no limit, purchase as much as you like We also know, that some users are quite shy. Users, who post less because of that, but they'd still love to get the ranks they'd like to have. We have a solution to that! These packs will boost your CONTENT COUNT. - receive an instant, permanent boost to your content count - "upgrade" your rank by raising your content count - no limit, purchase as much as you like Eventually, if you're far away from your desired rank, consider unlocking them all at once! This pack will unlock ALL RANKS and allow you to switch between these at any time in your profile settings. - instantly unlock all available ranks - this skips the post requirement for ranks - ability to select your favorite rank and switch at any time in the profile settings - permanent account upgrade Oh we know you LOVE to give brohooves! What would you say to a RAINBOW BROHOOF? This purchase permanently adds an animated rainbow brohoof to your reaction pool. - animated reaction for you to use - preview: - your brohoof will stand out more than the others'! - show everyone how filled with magic you are! - permanent account upgrade We also have something for active members! This purchase grants you the GOLDEN PONY STATUS for one month! - GOLDEN PONIES raise content count twice as fast! - GOLDEN PONIES receive double amount of brohooves! - GOLDEN PONIES receive a lootbox every month! The lootbox may contain: 35% chance for brohoof boost (25 - 250) 35% chance for post boost (10 - 100) 15% for a common Post Skin[1] 5% for an uncommon Post Skin[1] 3% for a rare Post Skin[1] 2% for an EPIC Post Skin[1] 5% for a free ONE-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION (THE SUBSCRIBER for 10.00 USD) - GOLDEN PONIES are immune to the laugh reaction! [1]post skin - a colorful outline around your posts, similarly to what cast characters have for example, Rainbow Dash has a gold outline, see the first post in this thread Post Skins are tradeable. More will come in the future, so stay tuned!
  4. Have you ever stolen anything from a store. I have never stolen anything, but my little brother has stolen 2 minecraft figures from Walmart. That happened a year ago. He never did it again. What's surprising is that he got away with it. He went in there, put the minecraft figures in his pocket, and left like nothing happened. I will never shoplift, ever.
  5. The google chrome web store would be a great place to put a sort of notification app for the My Little Pony forums
  6. Hello I was reading a few days ago and i got this idea to try and make MLP inspired clothing but without it being super obvious. The thing I really want to do is get with someone who can help make this a real thing, I don't want just a boring shirt with a big logo or face slapped in the middle screw that that's boreing and to standard, no I want something different, more specifically I want a collard button up shirt with for example spitfires cutie mark on both shoulders or something of that nature. I was thinking what is a good way to say you like this fandom and this series, and I think the best incognito way to do is is to use background characters features or cutie marks Ponies like spitfire and the wonder bolts or Bon Bon and Lyra, characters like that I think this could be a popular thing but everywhere I have tried can't seem to make t happen. If anyone have any suggestions I would love to hear them Thank you for your time
  7. How do I make a store because all I can find is Rules for Commissions. Thanks in Advance -Civvy
  8. So as the title explains what are your feelings towards store brand products, do you think it's the same as branded products or do you believe it's cheap crap?
  9. I'm thinking of purchasing the show on iTunes. I bought a season pass consisting of thirteen episodes a few months ago for a similar show (Littlest Pet Shop), and I figure MLPFiM would be priced the same. ...I'm wondering if anyone else has purchased whole volumes of it, via the known digital stores, (I currenly know of it being available on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube-which I think is functionally like purchasing it for Google Play since YouTube is owned by Google) ... Does anyone have any clues as to why a Season Pass is not currently available on iTunes or Google Play? When I purchased a Season Pass for my other show, the first two or three episodes had already aired and became available to purchase individually. so maybe that Season Pass availability doesn't kick in until the episode after the premiere. How do you like the visual quality or sound quality, or the way the show is presented in the files? Do you wish the show was more widely available on digital media stores and stuff on other places and services?
  10. Since they were released just previously I checked now several stores in Spokane and in Seattle and can't find them anywhere. Has anybody found any cards anywhere else?
  11. So, I recently bought 3 decks of the CCG (my little sister stole 1 1/3 a deck) and i have nowhere to put it. How do yall store your CCG? Do you have any suggestions for how I can store mine? What are some other ideas you have for storing your cards. Get creative!!!
  12. Hello, Everypony I saw some blind bag Carebears at Target I didn't get any yet ! So instead I got the awesome How to train your Dragon toy from 2013 on sale for 10 dollars plus tax with sheep launching action they we're almost out of TOOTHLESS nightfury I glad I got him at Target !
  13. So like the title says where do u get your merch? Usually I go to walmart for some stuff Sentry box for ccg booster packs. And some random places for shirts.
  14. Where can i buy MLP merch in store in Australia (Not figurines or shirts) more like wallets and accessories and such. Because i would rather not have to pay for shipping etc.
  15. Well this comic store sounds interesting. I personally would like more done on it :3 Hasbro left another cliff hanger at the end when the Comic disappeared. Anyway, what are your ideas on the history of this "Enchanted" comic store? Will this store come up in another episode? how? I personally have no idea XD Other thoughts?
  16. You see I've had this problem for quite a while. Being a Collector, I buy a LOT of Pony Merch. It's okay in Hottopic, because I usually meet a lot of other brony friends there, so It doesn't really matter. However at Target and Walmart and Kmart, I get the Look: Especially with the little girls also buying stuff, and they're saying: Oh Look Pinkie Pie! I love Pinkie Pie! And they're Moms are like Oh right, yeah she's the blue one right? And then I say (Out of habit) No that's Rainbow Dash, Y'know, the one with Rainbow hair? And that's When this happens < The Mom < The Kid < And me... Then I run to the counter. Any suggestions of how to tackle this better?
  17. According to that article, Toys Я Us will be getting rid of the gender labeling on their toys, as a part of the Let Toys Be Toys campaign many toy stores are taking part in. Possibly FiM and the fandom had something to do with this? I think this is a pretty big deal, especially for bronies out there like myself who feel a tad uncomfortable walking into aisles covered in pink.
  18. Im asking this because the only store in the area i live that i know of that sells them would be k0-mart and they mostly carry the giant plushie baby toy ones. anystores out there i should know of that sells good toys?
  19. So I'm in a business class at Arizona State, and I'm working in a group that was relatively randomly put together, but surprise! There's another brony in my group, so while we were all brainstorming business ideas in the group he and I threw out some pony ideas, the rest of the group wasn't into it. We broke off and are now doing our very own pony stuff! So, I'd like to run this by some fellow bronies, because if at the end of this class we end up feeling like this is actually a strong idea, chances are good we'll make it into a real thing. So for the sake of bronydom, tell us what you would like to see in an online retailer oriented towards bronies but inevitably also including some non-brony parts of the my little pony community. What we're thinking at this point is that the site will be an online retailer who works with Hasbro (similar to, but more specifically oriented towards the mlp community). We're interested in bringing merch made internationally to one central location (our online store) and keeping it in large quantities, buying all of the international pony merch we can find so that we can resell it to bronies worldwide. We're interested in buying quantities of custom-made merch from craftsponies and helping them sell it on our site, and we're considering doing a brony-to-brony and commissions section of the site, though at that point we run into copyright issues. All merch would be similarly priced to the prices seen in physical locations (Target, Walmart), if not less expensive because we're looking into buying wholesale directly from Hasbro. We're thinking of calling it, but since paraphernalia is kind of hard to spell we're still considering other names. What do y'all think? Do you like this idea? Would you use a site like this? What part of the site would be most useful for you or are you most excited about? Do you think this is stupid? What would you like to see in an online retailer who markets pony products? We're interested in building the site specifically to meet the community's needs so hearing from everypony would only help us more to create something that we would all enjoy and be able to use!