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Found 6 results

  1. King of Canterlot

    Science Ever been through a tornado?

    I was watching some storm-chasing vids on YouTube when this question popped into my head, have any of you guys been through, or at least seen a tornado? I haven't but there was one time a tornado passed within a few miles of my grandparents house, it was dark though so we never actually were able to see it, only the damage done by it in the morning when we went driving around the country side.
  2. A miniature supercell to my southwest gets a Tornado Warning issued on it, right after passing over Kalamazoo. This thunderstorm did not produce any tornadoes, but it did produce a fantastic cloud show for many in the area, along with some cloud to cloud lightning too. You can find pictures of this at: Not long after the Tornado Warning is issued, the EAS bulletin makes an appearance. This time however, it appears a second time, with a much more automated voice. Barry County is where Hastings is, and Eaton County is the county between Hastings and Lansing. Also notice the buzzing appears to have returned, occurring during several segments in the local forecast. The song is "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" by Isaac Hayes. Found here, my favorite weather videos: The other one:
  3. Ah, yes. Song of Storms. I apologize for any weather disturbance. So yah Pretty easy to learn, just got to have a bit of practice (switching from High E to High C to High A on 12 hole ocarina). Fun song and one of many songs that I can play at the top of my head Oh, and keep spinning the music box, bro ~wink~
  4. Vemillia Nightshade

    Summer 2015

    Summer. Whether you love it or hate it, it's a active season in many ways. The days are longer and we are in the heart of severe storm season for most in the plains and the mid-west. Thank you Double D. We all have our reasons for liking or disliking the season of heat. Do you look forward to summer or do you hate it with a burning passion? Let me know what you think!
  5. Secret Person

    Big arse storm season.

    So, there have been lots of tornadoes since winter finally subsided, what do you think? Yesterday, we had a big severe thunderstorm come from due west, and made me stay up late. Now today, we just had a thunderstorm hit, and watched a funnel cloud almost from a tornado nearby. It was very cool to look at, until it deformed and all that... But I do have a cell three times bigger coming directly at us that has active tornado warnings. It is coming from the south-west... so, wish me luck! *Put's on helmet and prepares utility flashlight.*
  6. Shardikku

    FIC UPDATE...Finally..

    As said- The update is complete! Finally! It took a fair while, and is a bit on the short side, but now my field is set, and I'm back in the flow after dealing with several problems, both Fic-related, and personal. the next chapter will be longer and will be out a little faster than this one. Suggestions ARE taken into consideration, so, y'know, leave 'em if you have 'em. Let's see what happens next..