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Found 277 results

  1. One of my favourite episodes from the First Season, ‘The Cutie Mark Chronicles’, as you all know, individually goes through the stories of how our six favourite ponies got their cutie marks. Each of the stories varied from heartwarming (Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy) to humorous, (Rarity) to downright awesome! (Twilight, Rainbow Dash who kind of gave them all theirs so she definitely has an advantage) Me personally, I can’t decide but I’d love to know what was your favourite Cutie Mark Story? Which one left you in as much awe as the CMC? (Well, except Scootaloo) Let me know below!
  2. In the spirit of Friendship Is Magic, I was wondering if anyone here has some stories about friendship that they're fond of, and if they would share it. For example, I have one that I'm very fond of telling. It's about how I met one of my best mates, the strangest but nicest friend I've ever had: He came to the same school as me in grade 11, one day. He seemed a bit quiet at first, and then we got on really well, and I found out that he had a weird but awesome sense of humour. He eventually told me that he got expelled from this other school, which is why he came to mine. I won't go into detail about how he got expelled, but by Celestia's light, it is an expelled-from-school story that I could almost guarantee would put any you have heard to shame. It was a prank that he and his friend did that spiralled out of control, and RUINED the honeymoon of a couple from overseas, to the point where they had to spend a week in quarantine before they could go home. Yeah, that bad. They got in trouble with the police, and my mate got expelled. He said that he's never been so ashamed in his life. He's not a bad guy, he's super cool, but yeah that was his biggest mistake ever. So he's crashing at my place for the night one time, and he said "but dude, if I had the opportunity to go back and stop myself from doing it, I wouldn't take it. I would let myself do it." So I said "…I dunno, it was pretty bad, dude." "No dude, honestly I would let myself do it. For one simple reason. And do you what that reason is?" "…'Cause that's how you met me?" "'Cause that's how I met you."
  3. Write a story about a time something freaked you out as a kid. I will start! As a six year old kid I had a big crush on Raven Symone; the girl how acted as Raven in the show "That's So Raven". I liked the show a lot, and thought it had an interesting premise, with her having the ability to see into the future, so i watched it whenever I could. One night, I was watching the show with my mother, sister, and brother in the living room. The episode started off normal, Raven having to babysit some girl as I recall...and it interfering with some guy she liked. Raven had a "flash forward" sequence pop into her head of her in a big pink room, as she screamed, and fell down, before the sequence ended. I remember finding that funny as a kid, but not for long. As the episode went along, and "That's So Raven" shenanigans ensued, Raven, the guy she liked, and the girl she was baby sitting went to a museum. Raven somehow fell into this giant model of the human stomach....and it just turned from funny to way too strange super fast. I remember getting up and leaving the room because of just how uncomfortable I was, and went to my room and flipped to something else. I could still hear the sequence with Raven in the stomach happening in the next room, so I shut the door and turned the TV on, it was on the Discovery Channel; a documentary about giraffes giving birth, if i recall correctly. xD I never have watched That's So Raven since then, and I don't plan to. That episode just kind of ruined it for me.
  4. Sooooo I'm writing my(A story for THE GODS) an iv come opon a wall in my path I'm writing the story an it's just getting so good that Im runing out of idios for it now iv been remaking it sometime an the story has took a 180 turn on how it looked from spelling misspelled words bad story plotting an just a bad starting story at most I think it was my grandfathers death durining the story that just crushed the story...... But I want to know what you all do to get your a game going I personally listen to music it's a pashon I adore an love
  5. I got bucked off of my horse and kicked by her as we ended a gallop. As you can imagine I flew a bit, or felt like I did anyways. I was in a daze for a bit. Ended up having to go to the hospital where I found out I had a broken collar bone. Funny enough it did not really hurt at first, but got much worse later on. I had to get 30 stitches too, and I got my shirt ruined as well. That was a few years ago and I am fine now, and I am still riding the same horse.
  6. I'm going to make a story about somebody ending up in Equestria, but I can't decide whether a human will be there, or a Kálena. The Kálena are a race of two-tailed carnivores from my Spore game(I'm Splooshie123 there). I really can't decide. I hope you can give some suggestions on which is better. If you don't know about the Kálena, go here: If this is in the wrong subforum, then I'm sorry. I'm new here. I think I should do it with the Kálena. Many people already wrote something like that with a human. I still want to here your suggestions on that.
  7. Awhile back I had the pleasure of running a one-on-one tabletop game with an online friend I made half way through 2019. I had messaged him after seeing some of his stories and art, and interacting with him in the typical way that a consumer interacts with a content creator. Telling him how good his art was, or making a funny quip about a joke in the comments of his story. I had seen several things in his work that indicated he liked tabletop games, so I invited him to a game I was trying to set up. After a bit of talking we hit it off real well, and are in the middle of a joint RP/story writing set up, as well as playing tabletop games when our schedules allow. One thing that started this tale was the fact he and I started doing one-on-one tabletop sessions. We'd spend a few hours, time permitting, every few weeks or so, and just play out a story. Largely improvised, we would have a blast voice chatting and going through a much more story focused tabletop experience. He led the first session by GMing for me. My tomboyish mare, Ivory Fire hunted down a disguised evil necromancer in Celestia's magic school, and proceeded to bully him until the royal guard arrived to cart him to jail. I returned the favor by GMing a session for him, were in a griffin named Raven had to help Princess Luna steal a magical present for her sister on their 100th Gift Giving celebration. After that he offered to GM a multi session game were I play as Ruby Aurora, my usernamesake, as she tried to go on the high seas with pirate ponies. I knew I had to plan a special session for him, as his own schedule made it tough for him to plan out a full game. Enter in, Derpy's Reunion. With Derpy being a favorite pony of his, I constructed an entire oneshot for him. The plot focused on Derpy going to an anniversary back at her old high school. Given her less than fond memories of the place, she requested that his character attend with her, as we'd already established Raven was a character that could get things done. Raven agreed to Derpy's request, since the mailmare had gotten caught up in the gift heist, and Raven felt a little bit of guilt. Just a smidge, I swear. Entering into the school, and then the gymnasium proper, a cast around 15 NPCs could be seen milling about chatting, browsing the snack table, and catching up on old times. I had music playing ambiantly as the scene unfolded, the event DJ playing songs from when Derpy and her fellow classmates had still been in school. The tracks were partially taken from Messer Chups - The Incredible Crocotiger album, with the bass and synth really nailed that prom/yesteryear party vibe. The entire feel was aimed at evoking a sense of nostalgia, and that was only a part of it. When he started figuring out what the problem parts were, "That's Gilda, we should steer clear of her" and "Hmm anypony seen Rockerhopper? I heard she's supposed to be here, and I know that Gilda would want to hang out with her old chum." Derpy's wellbeing was the primary goal, though the ditzy mare seemed to let her guard down a little bit upon seeing some of her old friends, one from the drama club, and the other from her math classes. That was when prong two of my nostalgia trip hit my player. I revealed a side quest that involved helping out the old school photographer find some photos he'd misplaced upon arriving back in town. Scattered throughout the school were polaroid pictures like this. Made with some edits, the pictures of things that happened in the background of Derpy's school days was put into full view. And the fun didn't stop there. For you see, there was more than just nostalgia in the air. There was also a hint of love. Now, Raven's player is a CheerileeXBigMAc fan. With that I wove a drama of a most devious sort. Cheerilee, busy with her studies to become a teacher, had neglected the stallion she'd loved during their school days. Her introduction at the reunion was Raven finding her having a bit of an existential breakdown as she saw Big Mac, as well as Sugar Belle. With Big Mac seemingly having moved on, the school teacher was sure there was no chance for her to even say hello to the farmer without losing her composure. Raven stepped forward, and did the only sensible thing her chaotic good griffin personality knew how. She called Cheerilee a nerd, belittled her a bit, and told her to mare up. Giving her a pep talk, she helped Cherrilee look a bit more presentable by helping her redo her mane, and helping her find a better dress from the drama department. But, as it seemed that Cheerilee had found the perfect wing mare (alright, wing Griffin if you wanna be pedantic about it) she remembered Gilda. Not seeing sight of Derpy, Raven raced out to find her. And find her she did. With Gilda and her cohorts having another crack at the mare by verbally taunting her and threatening to do some rather mean things. Not letting that happen, Raven thoroughly kicked flank, and dispatched the bullies, sending Gilda with her tail between her legs. One of the bullies, which Raven recognized as Rockhopper, a wanted small time thief thanks to her own dubious background, was placed into the one room that no troublemaker had ever been able to escape. Detention. Leaving the criminal there, she gave Cheerilee another pep talk. she then got Sugar out of the picture by locking her in a broom closet (hey, I said she was chaotic good. She does what her gut tells her to). After a completely improvised exchange between Big Mac and Cheerilee, my player was satisfied in seeing them sit down and chat. Cheerilee just barely managed to not die of nervousness while Big Mac was his usual talkative self. With everything looking like the day was saved, what more could there be to worry about? Right? Well, remember how Gilda had fled after getting beat up? She had returned, with a single challenge. Meet her in the restroom, or Derpy would be humiliated like she'd been during their senior field trip to the royal castle. Raven quickly accepted, and met the bully at the designated place. The muffled music of the gym was ever so slightly audible as they faced off. The whimpers of Vapor Trail, another reunion goer who Raven had left in a rather uncomfortable arrangement, i.e. with underpants on a hook, was the only thing they heard as they stood with bated breath. The fight was fairly one sided. Though Raven was quite the tough griffin, she was no match for the experienced talons of a bully such as Gilda. It wasn't until she received a swirly that Raven was able to at least try and fight back once more. Just as it seemed Gilda was about to dunk her head once more, Raven could hear a certain mare sneaking up behind the bully. With a quick yell from Raven to spur her to action, the cross eyed mare that had been belittled by the griffin did the one thing on pony would have ever expected her too. She wedgied Gilda. This act earned a meme worthy reaction expression of surprise/pain from the eagle faced assailant. That surprise was then leverage by Raven to beat the bully at her own game, and best her in their showdown. And thus, with the day saved by the power of friendship and bullying the bullies, Raven got to finally put her feet up, and enjoy the final slide show that played the session to a close. All the while the photos she'd found around the school were put on the projector, and she got the hear the NPCs recall all those fond memories. By the end the lights all flipped on, and Raven said a final goodbye to all those that she'd met at the reunion, as well as gloat a bit to the bested Griffin and Rockhopper. As Raven left Yakford, the session drew to a close, and a tale full of memories, regrets, hopes and the prospect of many more stories yet to be told came to a close. By the end, my player said he was shedding a little bit of a tear at how well the tone had gotten to him. He himself had never experienced a high school reunion, and felt it'd given him a second hand sense of what one might feel like (and I didn't point out a normal one probably would not have been as action packed). So there you have it. Using a combination of characters, music, and visuals, I was able to lay that sense of far off nostalgia of yesteryear upon someone that I am happy to call a friend, and who I hope to have many more stories told with in the years to come. If you have any questions about stuff I might have glossed over, or want to share your thoughts on this whole wacky session we ran, feel free to reply. I always enjoy sharing my tabletop experiences with others (the reason why I wrote out all of this to begin with) and love to hear what others think of the insanity and hilarity I and my players get up to. Also, I apologize if I posted this is the wrong section, I spent ten minutes trying to decide which one was best, before settling on this one, as it is a story, and the RP section is more for people searching for an RP.
  8. I have done it quite a few times... mostly from being distracted. It doesn't feel to good either. So how about everybody else here? Storys? Did it happen to you alot or does it still happen? Yeah xD ^-^
  9. What has been the most (physically) painful experience of your life?
  10. Once there was a pony... continue the story! Rules : Only comment one event per comment You may comment again only if the previous comment is not yours, in other words don't comment twice in a row keep the story consistent if someone else adds to the story it is now part of the story HAVE FUN!!!
  11. Sometimes less is more. A proper description in the right spot can help make a story. Too much description, however, can cost you. Oddly enough, it can really cost you in a horror story. The trap beginners fall into is the idea that gore = fear. That’s not necessarily true. The right amount of blood, the right amount of description, and the right amount of direct action can make a horror story. The wrong amount can leave you with something like Jeff the Killer. Why does less tend to be more in a horror story? Well, the reason boils down to the psyche of the person. Meaning derived is meaning described. For the average person, the things the mind comes up with tend to be scarier than whatever you actively describe. Consider, for instance, the famous shower scene of Psycho. Each shot is deliberately cut such that we rarely, if at all, see the victim being stabbed: Additionally, there’s far less blood here. This has the effect of keeping us in the dark as to the extent of the injuries. Less blood can bring us more alarm. Too much blood and too much gore, however, has the opposite effect. Take a story like Jeff the Killer. You get more a feel of something written by an edgy 12-year old. The story becomes satire and loses its horror element. It becomes something that you may fear or take seriously as a child but does not age. As a writer, you’re constantly striving for what you can’t quite achieve: ageless. In many cases, the less blood and gore you use, the better off you’re going to be. The exception tends to be satire. Generally speaking, using less blood is better enjoyed because blood has become almost a cliche these days. This by no means is to say you should never use a drop of the stuff. But toe the line. It will help you greatly. Lay the ground work, but let your reader’s mind do the rest.
  12. Grammar is mad important and u need 2 tak it srsly cuz no1 wants 2 reed a story when it looks like dis. We’ve talked about plot lines, we’ve talked about characterization, and we have talked about Writers Block. Now we should talk about the thing everyone loves to make fun of, and that’s grammar. You could have a great idea for a plot, but it means nothing if you can not convey it properly. If the plot is the life of everything you’re doing, the grammar is the frame work. It should not hurt my eyes to read what you’re writing. That means no walls of text (like above), proper spelling and punctuation, and the knowledge of how to write dialogue. That seems to be a main issue for a lot of new writers. It takes some getting used to but it is fairly straightforward. So let’s go over examples of how NOT to write dialogue: SCRIPTWRITING FORMAT A story is a story. A script is a script. There is no middle ground. Bob: I relli luv tis blog Bill: I h8 it it sux nd so duz the guy writing it Bob shoves Bill, Bill shoves Bob, and tempers rise. This is an excerpt from the story How To Lose A Reader In Three Lines. You will not get far with this format. It’s not the correct way to write dialogue and were you to use it in school or a major publication you would fail or be embarrassed. This is not even the correct scriptwriting format either, poor grammar aside. SENTENCE FRAGMENTS AND RUN-ONS “I really love apples” said ted “That nice but we should see other people” said teds friend apples We’re getting closer now. We see some quotation marks which is a good sign, but we are still missing a few fairly important punctuation marks. As is we have run on sentences galore. These become confusing and annoying. Sooner or later your reader may throw in the towel here, but you will probably get a few pointers from some critics which will be good. ”I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bulls%#@! I did not hit her! I did not! Oh, hi Mark.” said Johnny. ”Oh hey Johnny, what’s happening?” asked Mark. We almost have it. Here we see much better grammar for the most part but we still have a few mistakes. First of all, you don’t censor or bleep out a curse word in a story. It’s not reality tv. Just write out the fucking thing you’re trying to say. Second is one of the most common errors I see in dialogue: the period ending a character’s spoken words. “Oh hi Mark.” said Johnny. Here we have two incomplete thoughts thanks to the period in the middle: ‘Oh hi Mark’ and ‘said Johnny’. To fix this is simple: replace the period with a comma: ”Oh hi Mark,” said Johnny. The comma tells us to pause a moment but not for a full stop like a period. Therefore we have a complete thought. But what about Mark’s response? He got it right. There’s nothing wrong there. The question mark is excused because we need it to help understand that the statement is really a question. THE WRITE WAY “Oh my God!” exclaimed Malory. “What shade is that?” ”You have metal shards in your hand and you’re gushing arterial blood. I’m the only guy here who can save your hand, and probably your life,” said Michael. ”I like you just the way you are.” ”Did you know that the foam remembers me?” asked Tobias. “That’s why they call it ‘memory foam!’” If you’re not sure of how to proceed, look at a book you may have lying around. Otherwise, these will usually get you through what you’re trying to write. A well polished story always looks nicer than a story that forsakes grammar and spelling.
  13. Who could ever forget writers block? It’s the unseen phantom that plagues us as writers and drains us of our ability to progress our stories because we can’t think of how to proceed. It’s a real story killer that has ended more than a few really promising works of fiction. It’s just too bad writers block does not exist. What do I mean by that? Well, is there really a faceless phantom out there actively hunting down writers and keeping them from proceeding with a story? No, of course not! It’s a state of mind. It’s self defeat. It’s boredom and disinterest all rolled into one. Writers block is procrastination. That’s all it ever was and all it ever will be. The problem is, most people do not like to admit that they procrastinate. We are all guilty of it from time to time. Writers especially tend not to like admitting they are procrastinating because it adds pressure. They begin to jump down their own throats by telling themselves those who read their work are waiting and they wind up tapping themselves out. So they say they’re having trouble coming up with more to write. This turns into a hiatus more often than not. Usually this type of hiatus is followed with the writer promising he or she will not let the story go unfinished. “I will come back to it. I promise. I will not let this story go until I complete it!” When I see a promising writer go on hiatus and/or see a message like that, I don’t believe that the writer will come back. I am right almost every time, if you’ll pardon my cynical boasting. 8 times out of 10 they don’t return and the story remains unfinished. This is because procrastination gets harder to escape the longer you let it go on. 1 time out of 10 you WILL hear from the hiatus writer again in the form of an update. This update is usually just an apology message and a formal cancellation of said story. Every so often in lieu of a notification, the writer quietly deletes the story. Very rarely do people who go on these hiatuses return to complete the work. Those that do are the disciplined ones who recognize that there really was nothing stopping them from continuing their work. So is there a way to prevent procrastination? Well, yes and no. You can make things become part of a routine. If you make a goal for yourself, the story as a whole becomes less looming. Outline the plot of your story first so you know what to do in which chapter. Maybe make yourself a goal based on word count: 1000 words per day, 500 words per day... even 100 if you’re really struggling and then just build up over time. If you outline your story and set goals for yourself “Writers block” is no excuse. Does every hiatus mean procrastination? Of course not. Your life comes first and you never know what will happen. Be it an illness or death, vacation or celebration, some things pull you away from the keyboard or paper longer than you would like. In those cases make sure you outlined the story so you can get back in as soon as you’re able. Finally, the cure for writers block. I’ve found it, you guys. I had to go through a jungle, over the sea, through a swamp and I had to ride through a desert on a horse with no name but six warrants in three different countries. But damn it I found the cure! All you have to do is take a glass of cold water, and drink it. Then, go sit down and write. Force it if you have to. It doesn’t sound much fun does it? Well, when you’re writing through procrastination it isn’t fun. You’re going to keep looking back and you will want to redo what you have written. Nothing will be good enough. Fortunately that’s why you re read your draft three times before you do anything with it. Don’t get into your own head. Just let the words flow and when it’s time to reread you can make corrections along the way. The only way to beat “writers block” is to just write. Everyone procrastinates every now and again, but it does not have to define you. Work through it and don’t let your work fall into the graveyard of unfinished stories.
  14. Dear Professor Charles Xia Xavior, That is horrid to know but explains too much. I assure you now he is jailed now. If he starts with any of his shenanigans, I will deal with him swiftly. I will be honest, there isn't much I have done. I am afraid No poni really wants to talk to me. They have many and I mean MANY prejudice against dragons. Worst of all I ate some ham I purchased from a griffon and the ponies around me gave me nasty looks. There was no away to escape them. No matter where I went, the store, the library- truely a horror. They even had a few unchoicely words for me and for no particular reason. If any thing pops ups, I'll let you know.
  15. Dear Kendroth, What?! That poni you confronted was a poni by the name of St. John Allerdyce. He is a nasty poni who have been giving my students and I a hard time for years! Ithought he was in jail but I thought wrong. I am sorry for my ignorance and should have known. Did you really have a speak prepared? How long was he out and how long did it take you to make and memorize it? Most likely not long, but still, an hour or two is still something that could have been used for much else. I am still glad you were able to deal with him but still sorry you had to. The Business Poni you got that IOU from is a poni by the name of Filthy Rich. He is one of the biggest and best known in our town. The reason you don't know him is because you have been with me until recent and I have yet to do business with him. I don't know what you can use that IOU for but it can be handy in the future. IOUs are used to signify someone wanting to pay you back for something kind you did. It isn't rare but isn't extremely common either. Just don't be surprized when someone give you one and don't expect it from everyone. I hope that helps, please write back soon. Charles XiaXavior
  16. Dear Professor Charles Xia Xavior, Today is 12/10/2018 and at the start of writing this, it is 18:12. Today was a very strange day. I knew something was off the moment I left the X Mansion, I just couldn't tell why- that was until later! It was horrible! There is this pyrokentic poni, I believe his name was Pyro- so unoriginal BUT point is, he went around burning things! Such an hooligan! I had to put him i his place. I confronted him a 12:30 sharp with a whole lecture ready and he goes head and burns it! Luckily I had it memorized, the only reason I had it written out was so he can take the copy home and evaluate it when ever he felt necessary or felt when he was going to slip, clearly he didn't care for the written work but soon I realized he didn't care at all! As I go on about my lecture he began mocking me. I tried to go on but he was laughing so hard on some points that I had to repeat myself a few times. After he settled down, I finally finished and I thought that was the end of that BUT HE TRIED TO BURN MY FACE! When I appropriately freaked out, he laughed some more and went off. I may not have gotten burned but heavens forbid I did! He would have to have lived with that! I went after, I let no fool cross my path and NOT learn their lesson after all and I caught him threatening a business poni! I could not believe it but I saw it with my own two eyes! I huffed over there and noticed even the business poni couldn't talk sense into him. I got in Pyro's face and he had the nerve to say I was no threat. I felt a boiling fire but I kept my cool and took his gadgets! He maybe able to control fight but he can't make it. I was stern but he got physical. I will not lie, this was a terrifying first but I got physical with him in the public square! I wanted to call forth a talliman but he didn't give me a chance. For a solid five minutes he got really nasty to me, even said words only the jailed would say. Honestly, I got sick of him and like Icemon, I ended our battle with a swift hit to the Breast plate to knock his air out. The business poni thanked me and gave me a specialized "IOU" card. Said I can redeem it any time. I tried to give it back and explain but he insited that I keep it.
  17. It has been two whole years since I've found Kendroth. I know he has been a pain but he has a good heart, better than expected given how I found him. You'd think if he is such a traditionalist, he would burn down villages and eat ponies off the bat but he is far from that dipiction. Made everyone realize those stories were either exaggerations, purely fiction or the exceptions to dragon culture. No one is truly sure. Kendroth is the only dragon we have seen and I am hoping I can talk to Thor or, if it comes to it, Loki, to see what they know. After all the good Kndroth has done for me these past two years, I have to send him away. Not as a punishment, despite what SOME of my students ignorantly believe, but as a way to teach him about friendship. You can only do oh so much when you're tied to the hip to a paralyzed stallion. I won't leave him blind sided, he will have access to my accounts to be able to buy food and such, I'll even keep contact with him via connected Grimoires and I do plan to visit him- no matter where- every now and again. I hope he understands and will some day appreciate it.
  18. (repost due moving from blog to another) Now, just so you know, I'm not a writer, so don't expect a masterpiece, only thing I do related to writing is RPs, thus next story is written almost like a roleplay. Is there mistakes, grammar or otherwise? probably, will I fix them? probably not, I made this mostly for myself. Story about Magic Potion and his sister meeting for the first time. Characters: Magic Potion "Dialogue" Thinking. Wild Bellflower "Dialogue" "Also dialogue" 'She' "Dialogue" It was calm evening in Everfree forest, Potion was just finishing up his notes for a day when he heard sound of magic and single grunt of frustration from outside. He immediately left his notes and looked out from the only window his house had, and saw a mare who looked oddly similar to him, in fact, she looked just like Potion, light blue coat, blonde short mane, and blue eyes, a perfect clone, except for being a mare. She's stuck outside the barrier, that's not a good sign. Potion had created a magical barrier around his home to keep out a certain pain in a flank, a ghost that had swore to haunt the stallions of his family until end of time, something about his ancestor from little over 300 years ago poisoning her, that aside, said barrier also kept any other magical threat outside it, meaning that this lookalike had something in her she didn't let to show outside. Potion was just going to ignore the mare but then she called for him "Hey, you in the window!" "Do you happen to know somepony called Magic Potion around here?!" and potion froze, that voice, it sounded just like his mother's, he shook his head, impossible, he had to be just imagining it, but the mare continued "I have been searching for a week now, and your house is only house around here!" and only sounded more and more familiar by every word. Potion grunted as he walked to the door, he had to see what this mare had to say, if nothing else, he wanted to know why she looked like him and sounded like his mother. He opened the door and walked face to face with the mare, still staying inside the protective barrier just in case. Now that he had a closer look, Potion noticed few odd details about this mare, first was her broken horn, she seemed to be missing a piece from tip of her horn, not big enough to interfere with her magic usage, but still noticeable chunk. But what quickly took his attention, were the several marks on the mares body, from which one was red and rest were blue, they looked almost like open wounds, but they were shut and like said, blue. "So, what do you want?" Potion's voice was cold, he wasn't known for being the kindest pony around, not that there was too many ponies in the Everfree forest. The mare looked almost stunned when she realized that Potion was who she had been looking for, her voice was now careful but excited "Potion?!" she reached her hoof slowly towards Potion, but it was stopped by the barrier, which made her visibly sad. "Who are you, and what do you want?" the mare pulled her hoof away and spoke with lot less excitement "My name is Wild Bellflower, and I'm your twin sister..." she sighed "...and I assume our parents never talked about me." Potion was shocked, a twin sister? 'She' had mentioned something about a sister, but he had figured it was just one of its usual lies, he didn't want to believe Bellflower, not that he was against the idea of having a sister, but this mare, there was something wrong with her, this could easily be a trap, Potion had quite a list of enemies after all. "No, they haven't, though somepony else has mentioned that being a possibility." he looked Bellflower in the eye "But why would I believe you're her?" "Why would my sister be stopped by a barrier made specially to block threat's?" "What are you hiding?" Bellflower looked heartbroken at Potion's words "T-threat..." "What do you mean?" she was tearing up, but before she could continue, another voice echoed around her.... "It's simple really..." fog started building around Bellflower, only area clear from fog being inside the barrier where Potion was "....Potion has made a barrier to stop me from bothering him by stopping any creatures of powerful magic entering without his permission..." a light blue mare formed from the fog and walked next to Bellflower, pulling her head with her ice cold hooves towards herself until their snouts touched, causing Bellflower to try pull herself away from the mare, unsuccessfully, as her tears froze solid on her cheek from the cold ".....And you....the unwanted failure of the Potion family tree....there's something you're not showing."Bellflower was terrified, and she tried to push the painfully-cold mare away, but her hooves only went through her foggy body and she could feel the frostbites forming as they passed the most outer layer of the mare. "Aright, that's enough." Potion's voice came through and the mare let Bellflower go, who collapsed sitting, holding her painfully-cold snout with her hooves "So you suddenly care about your sister?" Bellflower too looked towards potion with mixture of hearthbroke and fear "So you're saying she is my sister?" the fog had started forming tighter around Bellflower, and it started forming hooves that wrapped their ice-cold form around the blue mare, she tried to get away but this time the barrier blocked her only escape route,"Answer me!" Bellflower pleaded Potion to let her through, she would have cried, but her tears froze before they could formed "Please Potion, I beg you, please..." she went silent for a bit, then new voice came out of her mouth "Get off me!" and wave of magic was sent around her, it caused the ghostly mare and her fog to disappear completely, and it was strong enough to visibly crack the magical barrier around Potion, and to throw him off balance. It took few seconds for Potion to clear regain his balance and thoughts after the blast, he got up and turned towards the direction where Bellflower had been when the wave of magic happened, and to his shock, it was totally different mare who was standing there, in place of Potion's lookalike, there was purple-gray pony with red flaming mane and white glowing eyes, her broken horn was in red flames and her hooves and and body were surrounded by blue flames, and finally, there were the wings, wings of blue flame. She was just standing there, staring at him with blank expression on her face, there was something too familiar about that expression, it was the soulless expression of his father. The magic flames were coming from the wound like marks. Suddenly, Bellflower slammed her hooves against the barrier "Why you do this to me!?" Potion had to back up few steps, he could feel the power from the slam, but that wasn't the only reason, her voice also made Potion feel tightening in his heart , it sounded just like his mother, but with great amount of feeling betrayed mixed in "I have been searching for you since I first heard you existed, and you cast me out?!" "Leave me to sadistic ghost to play with?!" she slammed again, the cracks grew bigger "Is this how you treat family?" "Who am I kidding, Of course it is! That's how father taught you! That's why we were separated in the first place!" she slammed the barrier again, this time with her whole body, it caused the ground next to it to crack, her hostile tone got hint of sadness mixed in "Is it too much to ask to have a family!?" next slam, this time she came through and started walking towards Potion, her horn getting lit with magic, Potion backed up until his house came in the way, he closed his eyes, he found it funny, he had more enemies he could count, yet he would meet his doom in hoofs of his sister, only because he didn't want to listen what she had to say....such a fitting fate..... Suddenly Bellflower let out a scream and Potion opened his eyes, she was back to normal, though she was full on tears "No...that's not me..." she looked Potion into his eyes, and he saw his mother's eyes pleading to him "Please me." The end.
  19. So...played this gem of a song from the Pixar classic "Toy Story". It was a very fun piece to play yet emotional at the same time. Hope you all enjoy!
  20. So this is the an idea just came to me now. You've to make a ponified version of any special event in your life. For example ponified version of my early childhood. "My names is Phonix Feather. I live in a small town named Ponyville. My mother is an Earth Pony, and my father is a Unicorn only not with very strong magic. I have two more brothers, my younger brother is a unicorn just like my father. But most different of all is my baby brother. He was born as a pegasus. And to be true, I was always a little jealous to him. He didn't like to spend time with his brothers, instead he liked to spend time with pegasus like himself. My younger brother remains always by my side whenever I need him." You got the idea. Let's see if that works.
  21. What's your favorite story genre? I like stories with Romantic fantasies, action, and adventure etc. I would like to know your favorite kind of stories.
  22. I almost didn't post this thread but I feel I've written enough of my epic fantasy series to post a promo about it. "Swords and Roses" is a medieval-napoleonic fantasy series about what would happen if napoleonic soldiers invaded a fantasy world. It's got love, torture, revenge, etc. I posted it on Tapas and Wattpad if you wanna check it out: Updates will be sporadic due to my job situation but there will eventually be 16 books in total. Happy reading! :-)
  23. Okay so the rules and ways to play this game are SUPER simple... I post the beginning of a story, and you add on. You can add anything as long as it follows the terms and conditions of mlp forums! There is no real plot, just be random, you can add pretty much anything you want. Anyway here I go! Make it as silly as possible! One time in sugarcube corner, Pinkie was super busy handling the store while Mr and Mrs Cake was away. She worked hard all day and began to get tired. She headed to her bedroom after turning all the ovens off, all orders made ready to go for the next day. She lays on her bed and closes her eyes, slowly sinking into a dream state. Luna only knows what she'd dream about tonight. *Your turn!*
  24. Note: If you don't like human related stories, please turn back now or only share your opinion without ranting about this. I hope you understand. I saw that there wasn't a single fan-club for this group which doesn't feel right to me, because it has been a well-known genre and despite all the hate this genre get, there are some excellent stories out there. Anyways this fanclub is for people who enjoy reading/writing well-made HiE (either ponified humans or not) stories or fan of this genre at all. I add Lyra to the topic because she's usually shown having an obsession with humans (obviously). As for me I love a well-written HiE story. I'd like to know your opinion. I will share some of my most favorite (SFW) stories here. Here is a beautiful fanart. These are only a few of those I has read. You can also share your own favorite (SFW) stories and fanart. Believe me: Only because a story has a human or humans in it, it doesn't mean that it has to be the worst. Rule regarding NSFW material applies here as well. Most important of all: Respect every other fanclub and members. Feel free to share your opinion on the topic.