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Found 37 results

  1. You know what’s really strange? None of the ponies have brown eyes. I mean it. None of them. Ever. No mane characters, no background ponies, no good guys, no bad guys, NOPONY has brown eyes. It seems like it would be a fairly common color, wouldn’t you think? Edit 04/13/2020: Nevermind I was wrong; there are ponies in the show with brown eyes.
  2. Well, if you've had a pet and gave it a name, have you ever given your pets strange or unusual names? When we had our first cat, we named her "Cuca". The name didn't have any meaning, we thought it just fit her. Much later, when she had her second litter of cubs, one of them resembled a blue Russian cat (her mate was a purebred one) and my aunt named him "Bear" because she thought he looked like a tiny little bear with all that fur. Yeah, Mexico is a country where people often give their pets interesting names. Bonifacio, Capulin, Chamuco, are some of the most unique I've heard.
  3. So out of all the dreams and what not we experience during sleep, what is one of the stranger dreams or occurrences you have experienced. (from dreams to sleep walking or talking) I'll start One time when I was young, perhaps six years old, I had a race car bed that had a large spolier on the back that you could use as a bookshelf. So it stood about a foot and a half from the mattress. One night I had a dream where I was walking up to the ledge of a cliff and below I could see a river, from what I could tell I was maybe 500 feet up. As I inched up to the edge of the cliff, it turns out I had actually sleep walked on top of my bed's spoiler. In my dream as I jumped off the cliff I did so in real life as. I quickly found this out when I hit my mattress and bounced. I actually woke up in mid air right after the bounce, I knew this because I felt the force on my neck. Before I could get out a "what is happening" I landed face first in my sheets confused as to what had just happened lol So that's mine, let's see what the rest of you got
  4. Hello Bronies! once again, here i am showing some of the dark parts going in Youtube, some of the videos i'll share are creepy, others strange, i suggest discretion m mommi aabit was a Finland TV show for kids notice the faces of the characters, they are absolute horryfing indeed.. Kraina Grzybow, one of the most disturbing TV show ever made. From Poland it seems that this show is particulary creepy because it doesn't have any clear purpose and nobody knows who did the show, if it was any. At this times who doesn't know The Simpsons? one of the things i like the most of the show are it's openings but this time i show you one of the most WTF entrances ever What's better than ballons and a nice suit? well.... here. this is just.... weird... you like bananas? don't watch it.
  5. What is this? A pony sneezing. Why have I put it here? Because It's rather entertaining. You're Welcome.
  6. Hello guys and gals me again with the another story of a strange out of this planet being named Xenas. He was brought here by some unknown man to a certain town. Then is quickly abandoned. The town he ventured aimlessly from landscapes until he stumbled along at the sight of a town. It is populated by many people, even he never seen such a being that is not his kind. Yet he is unsure of what events will unfold as here enters this town. Will he make alleys or enemies? Don't know. Let get into it. *Strange whirling sounds* "I am sorry son, but our leader cannot have you in our home land." Mystery man said. "D--dad, don't--lea-ve me....please. I'm sorry and I won't do that again." Xenas said as the doors of a certain spaceship closes quickly. Xenas gathered his strength to get run towards the spacecraft, but to no avail. Xenas looked in disbelief as he have never been anyone to someone. Not even the mystery man wanted him no more. Xenas then kept himself from being sad and pushed himself in any direction. He is not certain on where he is going, but he determined to find. "Maybe someone would care for me. Why did you abandoned me. My kind....I didn't mean to hurt them. I am so sorry." Xenas said to himself as a tear dropped from his face. He later on managed to suck in his tears, but still felt very bad for what he did to his people. His regret gets worse as he continues venturing off into the unknown landscape. As time passes by him and the land takes its toll on Xenas. He then try to find a spot to where he could get some rest for now. He looked around and found some trees. He snapped some branches for sticks and found a used blue tarp in the garbage can that was right near him. It smelled very foul, but it will have to do. Now he wondered why still they can't simply forgive him and let him go back. He then said to himself while making the tent. "Why me? Do I always have to suffer like this? I just wonder if the next area I find. I hope the people that live there let me prove that I am not a threat to them. Please let that be." After that Xenas completed the tent and made a fire with extra sticks he had left and concentrated his power into anger. His hands glowed orange as if fire came from within him. He then aimed at the center of the campfire. He shoots a short burst of energy at it and the campfire lit. "I still got it. Though I need to work on my energy even more. I still don't what other kinds of powers I can do." Xenas said while looking at his hands. He then sat down in his tent, warming up to the fire. "I'm so very lonely and I know no one cares about me, but I can't lose faith now." He said to himself. He looked out at the far and said. "The people there in the next area. I hope you like me and accept me. Please, I have nowhere to go and no one to look up to. So I beg for you." Xenas then went to bed and closed his eyes. He went fast asleep. The next morning. Xenas woke up and just realizing while looking around. That tent was missing. He just wondered maybe some strong gust of wind must of did this as he was asleep in his tent. He stood up and then looked for the tent in the woods. "Oh no where could it have went? I knew that tent should have been secured. I just used the rest of my sticks for the campfire." Xenas said while having regret. Xenas went further and further into the woods, yet he couldn't just find that tent. "Are you serious right now? Thats it I am out of he--" Xenas said when just looked very far away. He saw lights and buildings. His hopes build up inside him and with excitment said"My-my word a town. Shelter.....people....warmth. Wait up every one cause here comes a new member here!" As he ran as fast that he could. Then his mind he wondered. Could this be too good to be true? What if I'm wrong and they are like them that abandoned me? Just quit your whining and go there, yes I will." He then continued on. Not knowing what to expect from these town people. Will they accept him as their own. Only time will tell. So guys this the first part. I will come up with more content in this story. Don't you guys worry. Anyways what do you think about Xenas the unknown being? Is he good or bad? Will the town accept him or reject him and please explain why? So that is all for now. I will be waiting for your opinions.
  7. Ok guys, so something happened to my friend and I back in March, and I thought I'd share it with you, just because it was so utterly bizarre, I'm not even sure what to make of it. It was around 1 AM one night, I was playing games with my headset on, and I started hearing something that wasn't in my game. I took my headset off, realizing then that the noise was coming from outside my apartment. I went out on the balcony, and heard the most creepy and unexplainable sounds I'd ever witnessed. They were loud enough to get my attention through sound proof glass, and over my headset. They also woke my friend up, who had his window open, and was listening from his room. The sounds soon died off, but we were both kind of spooked by it, because of how strange it was, so we stayed up watching TV for a while. Around 3AM, the sounds started up again. This time my friend had his phone ready to record it, and we captured a minute and twenty seconds of it from our balcony. Let me know what you think. There's a brief description on the soundcloud page.
  8. Hello! I don't know why I like dreams so much, but it is something that I like talking about! The last dream I had was about me and a cat running through the forrest, and there was a faire, so our lives were in danger. Hmm. I really don't care how blunt your dream was. You can go into a full explanation or you can just say: CAT. FORREST. FIRE. RUN. Have fun!
  9. Title says it all, what do you guts think is the weirdest TV show? I think some of the strangest I've seen are Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go!, and, ultimately, Uncle Grandpa. So not only is Uncle Grandpa weird as hell, it's also really, really, impossibly bad. To me, Adventure Time and Teen Titans Go! don't interest me much either, but they sure are weird.
  10. Yeah... Let's say that i do some reaction some times here is the link if you wanna see for yourself O_o:
  11. So today in one of my many visits to the forum i like to look at avatar icons and what not, but this one time how icons got assemble was both weird and coincidental i guess xD post your own weird things while browsing on mlp forums Hey baby, I'm you're hero
  12. I have been completely obsessed with this game for the past couple months. Has anyone played it? It's one of those episodic "choose your own adventure games", like the kind Telltale makes. At first glance the story didn't appeal to me but I gave it a chance because I love this genre of game. Basically, It's about a teenage girl with time traveling powers. I won't spoil anything, but the story is actually incredibly deep and there's a lot of mystery behind it. The soundtrack is also fantastic, and the game is so incredibly immersive. It gives off a calm atmosphere with shots of excitement every once in a while. I would suggest this game to anyone who enjoys Telltale's games, it's far better than anything Telltale has made, in my opinion.
  13. If this has already been posted, I apologize. You know when you're just surfing the web, minding your own business, and suddenly you look around and realize... I'm in the weird/scary part of the Internet, aren't I? It's happened to me before, mostly with the scary and disturbing stuff. Sadly. I get easily disturbed. There's always where you scroll too far down in Google. And then there's when you hear about something (Cupcakes? What's that?) and make the mistake of looking it up. For me, it was the said "Cupcakes" and also Luna Game... *shudder* I couldn't sleep for days after that. (That is also why I learned not to look up Five Nights at Freddy's. Once I learned it was a horror game, that was enough.) Share your stories! But no pictures or videos, all forum rules apply, of course.
  14. Warning, If you are easilly offended with the Occult or other such subjects, read no further. As the title says, what subjects are you interested in that others may find disturbing? For me, i am interested in strange or mysterious religions. More specifically, Cults. I find Neo-Pagan and other Cults such as the Warlocks very interesting. The Occult and the Satanic Church are all so fascinating. I am an atheist myself and don't actually practice or believe the religions I study, I just find them interesting. Anyway, what are you people interested in.
  15. I drew this using the program Art Academy: Sketchpad for Wii U. I think it's terrifyingly adorable. Or adorably terrifying; one of those. Just consider the pony an OC named Elda Sign xD.
  16. Wanted to start a topic for Tomodachi Life on 3DS; I intend to post screens from this, thus far, amusing and "different" game lol. My main Mii (Ziggy) learned to sing Opera, but I changed all the lyrics to something pony-related (and he actually sings them - in his custom robot-like voice). During my performance, my neighbor Howard Lovecraft joined in as a dancer: I'll post screens when I can of our female neighbor... Rainbow Dash lol. Who immediately developed a crush on Ziggy. But, when I encouraged her to tell him and be "cute" about it, HE rejected her! I've never wanted so badly to punch my Mii in the face. She was down about the whole thing, so I gave her a ticket to Peru. Really. This is RD; this was as close as I could get to pony. xD Here she is on vacation... Which I sent her on after my [insert expletive here] of a Mii rejected her.
  17. I have a sleep paralysis episode every so often, and I had another just this morning. Just sharing / curious whether other people experience them. This morning's episode involved staring down a dark, forbidding corridor or hallway. As is always the case with sleep paralysis, I couldn't move. I could kinda sorta wiggle (or attempt to wiggle - not sure if there was any actual movement) one of my legs, but that was about it. I think there was some motion ahead of me... Perhaps a curtain-like undulation. And there's usually a sense of dread; this was no different. I was SURE something terrible was waiting ahead of me, obscured by the darkness, and - being at least somewhat lucid - I egged on whatever the hay it was. I imagined that I would be confronted by a disembodied, skull-faced head... But none appeared. I encouraged my sub-conscious (or whatever was in control) to throw whatever it had at me. Nothing. Then, the dream faded away... And I realized that my eyes had in fact been open. I had been staring ahead of me / angled somewhat towards the ceiling; this was where the hallucinatory episode had played out. I've had several others. One accompanied by an auditory hallucination (loud banging, as if someone were banging two metal objects together), one with a shadowy, vaguely-defined creature squatting at the end of where I slept (may have been the same one, don't recall), etc. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  18. (A brief convo between my mom and myself; with some slight embellishment to improve the "flow" lol.) Mom: *whilst looking at my Rainbow Dash screensaver* Aww, she's so sleepy. Look at the little sleepy baby. (RD was napping on a cloud, as she is wont to do.) Me: Ummm, you know I'm physically attracted to Rainbow Dash, right? Mom: You're physically attracted to her? Me: Yes. Mom: ...Well I was attracted to... You know him... He was green. Me: Oscar the Grouch. Mom: Piccolo! (from Dragon Ball Z lol) ^ That's how cool my mom is. Feel free to share any borderline awkward pony-conversations you had with your parent(s) lol.
  19. Drawn entirely in Sketchpad for Wii U. Was on the fence about posting this one lol. My pony-drawing skills are limited (and not long developed), and I draw them mostly in my own weirdo style. You'll have to settle for the acronym version of her name, only: PLSV xD. The crazy eyelashes and hair, I think, come from my frequently drawing tentacles.
  20. I recon there are some strange habits that people may have out there. So I just wanna know some of your straaaange habits that you have or that you know someone has. So everypony can come here to see how strange we are in our strange little minds of mindyness and uncontrollableness. One is my habits is forgetting to that normal? Sometimes I just forget to breath, like, yeah. And one REALLY ANNOYING habit of mine is that I constantly tap on things ALL THE TIME!! I can't even stop myself from doing it, in fact I probably do it in my sleep. sooooooooooo TELL ME WHAT YOU GUYS'S HABITS ARE ow my brain hurts. i need to get a life. -_-
  21. This fandom has inspired a lot of internet memes, but let's face it, some of them are a bit out there. What do you think are some of the weirdest you've seen? For my money, it's the "Rarity Fighting a Giant Crab" meme. All the time on derpibooru and deviantart you see fan art of, well, Rarity fighting a giant crab. And I'm like, "Why Rarity? And why is she fighting a crab? And why is it a *giant* crab?"
  22. I dunno what I have creted here but here she is in all her glory Buttershy(she is dissapointed btw)
  23. It's one thing to carry around a song you don't like much because it's on an album that's mostly good, but there are some that you'll listen to and just ask yourself "Why is this even here?" So, what are the most weird, unusual, or embarrassing songs that can be found on your favorite MP3 player? I'm not saying that you yourself have to hate the song, but this should be a song that would make people borrowing your device reconsider your mental state. Without very much searching, this is the weirdest I have: And the most embarrassing would probably be this: The main reason I still have the latter is because it's so cheesy, it's fun to laugh at.
  24. Welp... I thought about a vacuum somewhere along the lines as I was cleaning my room. Then suddenly I started singing this...
  25. Simple game. Rate the user's weirdness above you from a scale of 0-10. By weirdness, I mean how strange the forum member is by means of things they've said or the way they act. There is no one above me. So, I'll just wait until someone rates me.