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Found 12 results

  1. Just as the titles says. To be frank, crying in my opinion may make you feel weak, but in reality it's only making you wiser and more invulnerable to certain situations.
  2. I've come across the MLP forums many times and I even abandoned my old account and hadn't planned to return until recently when I made this new account. My point being, I've seen a lot of depressed people on these forums. Sure there are some positive folks roaming around these parts but the depressed ones stick out like a sore thumb to me. This is part of the reason as to why I'm making this thread and is what will lead to my question which is the title of this thread. What fills you with inner strength? What makes you feel strong, determined, brave, focused, good? I don't care how depressed some of you may be, we all have moments when we experience something that lifts our spirits even if it's temporary. For me it's music, I'm easily effected by it. If I'm feeling sad or angry, music can lift my spirits and make me feel epic. It can even calm me if I'm really in a bad place. Here's an example of a current song that I'm listening to (hope it shows up in my post. lol) : This song always makes me feel epic and gets me out of a rut pretty quick. So yeah, What gives you strength when you're at your worst? Maybe this thread can become a place where we can find some strength when moods are low so share what you got!
  3. It's one thing to have unicorn magic and/or pegasus wings. But having built muscle and physical strength can go a long way, especially if you're an Earth Pony. It can be used for any purpose, for work, for carrying things, for sports. and especially for combat purposes. I mean how awesome would it be to see a powerful pony just plain SMASH through an evil army. So who are the most powerful ponies in terms of physical strength in all of Equestria?
  4. A calm topic, nothing mindblowing But.... i have a burning question Did you ever saw a movie that made you so interested in a certain domain or path , and you took that path with great confidence ? A path like a doctor , or a pilot or a cook, or a writer, or an journalist or anything that made you feel like ``this is me``. BTW ~check the tags ~
  5. How often do you exercise, and what exercises do you do? I personally work on cardio, speed and strength as much as possible. I'm young, but my family doesn't really have the best history when it comes to health. I'd like to become healthier, so I exercise. What about you guys?
  6. So, what is the final deciding factor in a fight? Agility or power? Why? No, this isn't asking who would win in a fight between the characters of MLP. This is just a general question.
  7. The basic " Pony Style" fighting stance (pictured). A stance is the foundation of all defense arts. This style is very easy, it mimics the trots, and rhythmic patterns of the pony ( a back and forth motion ), It is mainly a blocking style with a power approach. Short, strong strikes are used to jab and keep your opponent on his or her toes. As well a use of the legs are important, mainly used to trip and get your opponent on the ground so they have no choice but to retreat.
  8. Hey guys, I highly apologize and hope that you forgive me for the delay of daily quotes. I will try my best to keep up with it as much as possible. Here is a really good one I found to make up for it.
  9. It's for something i'm kind of working on as a pet project of mine; If you had been thrust into a deadly game of life and death where the game is rigged to provide you some sort of advantage based on your greatest trait, your strength, what would it be, and how would it translate? EDIT: The game is simple. You're sent into an exact copy of our world, There are at least 10 other people somewhere there - and the game will send you home only once the last player dies. Everything seems to be in working order, electricity seems to be running, water pumps, everything. You can even see animals around, but there are no other humans around (except perhaps the other players).
  10. As I've watched MLP: FiM, and as they've introduced (and technically taken away) alicorns, I've been wondering . . . Does an alicorn's physical build reflect their accrued abilites and powers? Let's take a look at what's triggered this thought process. Princess Celestia: Celestia is revered as one of the strongest ponies in Equestria as we know it. Though we do not see her do much fighting - as she is focusing more on training Twilight and taking care of the kingdom- we know she's rather powerful. She raises the sun - and at one time, both the sun and the moon - and she was able to banish Nightmare Moon once she came into existence. She's very tall and slender. Princess Luna - "Normal:" This particular picture features Luna once she has gone back to "normal" in season two. She's similar to Celestia now in stature and . . . that cool thing they do with their hair. We know Luna is rather powerful as well, as she once raised - and, I assume now that she's returned - and currently is raising the moon. Probably has the same range of power as Celestia, although, I'm certain they have varying abilities. Now, when Luna was consumed by negativity, she became Nightmare Moon. After the EoH defeated NMM and returned Luna to, well, Luna, we see this: Princess Luna - "Down-Powered:" I say that this Luna is "down-powered" because NMM was pretty much overpowered, to an extent. I'm sure that after being consumed by all that corrupt power, Luna would be somewhat drained. That, or she reverted to her appearance from when she was banished 1,000 years ago. A plausible argument, in my opinion, as one can grow exponentially stronger over the course of 1,000 years, at least if they're a royal alicorn. Here's a size-comparison between D-P Luna and Celestia. They're crouching, so they're essentially at the same height, you just can't see their full legs here: If we assume that physical state corresponds with power and ability, and that Luna was under-powered in season one for some reason, then this begins to make sense. Also, here's a size-comparison between Celestia and the Mane 6 to give everyone a better idea of how tall Celestia is: Celestia is approximately twice the size of an average mare, counting the horn. If not, it looks like a mare is two-thirds the size of Celestia. But this craziness does not end here! Oh no. Let's delve into what the season two finale brought us. Princess Cadence: We didn't know much about Cadence during season two, other than she has the ability to mend relationships/spread love, was Twilight's foalsitter, and is marrying Shining Armour. In season 3, we know Aside from all that, we can see Cadence is notably taller than Twilight, being about equal height with Shining Armour, who is a full-grown stallion. However, Cadence's horn is longer than his. Cadence is also still shorter than Celestia. This may suggest that she is stronger than Shining Armour, but weaker than Celestia (in terms of accrued power/ability). Here they are during the wedding, all standing on level-ground: And here's a comparison between Twilight and Shining Armour to help with size comparisons: Queen Chrysalis: Chrysalis is about the same size as Celestia and was able to knock her down, suggesting that Chrysalis is rather powerful. That and she's even a Queen, not a Princess, leading an army of love-eating . . . pony-bug-Changling things. So, recap: Celestia and Luna are rather strong, probably both the strongest and tallest we know of right now. Luna seemed under-powered and shorter once she was transformed back from Nightmare Moon. Cadence is pretty strong, being an alicorn and all, but she's still shorter than Celestia. She is at equal height with Shining Armour, but her horn is longer than his, but shorter than Celestia's. Queen Chrysalis was about Celesta's size, and was able to defeat her (to an extent). So what do you think? Does an alicorn's size reflect its power?