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Found 3 results

  1. String Input Scene Author: Rikifive For: RPG Maker VX Ace v 1.0 // 26.05.2018 ( Introduction A fellow developer was looking for something, so I've decided to make that silly, small script. It doesn't add much, but hopefully does its job. I was thinking, that it may come in handy for some ponies here, so why not sharing it? Description In this scene you can input a string into a variable, similarly to name input. Features Allow players to input a string and store it in a variable. Can be used to say something in message box, can be used to change names etc., can be used to ask for password codes and so on... Instructions - Paste below materials; above main. - Assign [ 5 ] variables to settings in the configuration section. - To call the input scene, use the [ script call ] from 3rd page. Example > Event Commands \ 3rd Page \ Advanced \ Script... $game_variables[21] = "What's your name?" # desc $game_variables[22] =,125,60) # desc color $game_variables[23] = "Eric" # string suggested by default $game_variables[24] = 30 # length (max 30); Color is in [ RGB ] format; from [ 0 ] to [ 255 ] for each color. Maximum supported length is [ 30 ] characters. Putting more won't have effect. You can modify each settings as you wish, you DON'T have to include all of them each time you want to bring the input menu; for example: $game_variables[21] = "What's your name?" # desc; Will call a scene with the description specified above. The rest of settings will remain the same as they were set last time OR reset to defaults; see more in the configuration section in the script. /!\ WARNING HOWEVER, you HAVE TO to configure ALL settings when calling the input menu for the FIRST TIME. Otherwise it will crash, due to lack of values, or rather, them not being formatted correctly. Screenshots Terms of Use Can be used in commercial projects Can be modified to your needs Cannot be reposted without permission Credit me, { Rikifive } in your project Script... PASTEBIN or Certificates Egghead stuff confirmed. This script was tested by Eric. He didn't complain.
  2. Hello! So I have been learning c++ for a bit now and I have a few questions regarding string(s) and char(s) I know how to get a string or char input but I am wondering how to separate a sentence into words without using multiple strings. For example: string example; cin >> example; If I input "Hello World" as the example string is there a way to tell the computer to separate the example string into two words, "Hello" and "World"? I would think that this would be done by detecting spaces somehow but I am not quite sure how. I am also wondering if there is a way to make the string ignore if the example string has uppercase and lowercase. And one last thing which is not about strings, how would I make a float or int random, for example: if(example == "hello") { cout << randomInt; } I would really appreciate any help, THANKS!
  3. What's your favourite instrument category? Do you prefer string instruments? Or perhaps percussion? Maybe brass or woodwind? What do you guys like? _________________________ My personal favourite is percussion, that's why I'm learning the piano. My second favourite would be woodwind then brass then string.